Top 10 Taylor Swift Love Songs

Taylor Swift Love Songs

Our Top 10 Taylor Swift Love Songs list looks at some of Taylor Swift’s love songs. As Swifties know, Taylor Swift likes to give her fans an inside look into her personal diary. She likes to give the fans something to think about when it comes to her songs. She keeps everyone guessing with her lyrics. Most of her songs are bitter and angry tracks. You can have your fun trying to figure out who she’s singing about in her songs. Are the songs pointed to one of her famous ex-boyfriends? Taylor Swift writes love songs too. She doesn’t just take jabs at her ex-boyfriends. She knows how to celebrate love. Some of the songs can be used for weddings because she does an amazing job celebrating love. Our Top 10 Taylor Swift Love Songs list will feature her best love songs.

# 10 – Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)

The first song on our Top 10 Taylor Swift Love Songs list is “Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)” from her eponymous album. The song has a country and pop beat. It tells the story about a couple who meet each other for the first time. The song is about the journey a couple goes through when they first meet until they get married. Their road wasn’t always easy, but they made it work. Taylor Swift wrote a story about a couple who met when they were kids. They remained in love with each other throughout their lives. She wants her fans to know that true love can last forever.

The song is about her neighbors. They used to come to her house and talk about their relationship. Taylor Swift loved the idea of a couple loving each other for their lives. The music is upbeat and fits the theme. The guitar riffs drive the beat throughout the song. It gives the song a rock edge. Taylor Swift was an up-and-coming singer and songwriter when this song was released. She proved that she had a good head for love songs when she was a teenager. She didn’t have a boyfriend so she didn’t know much about love when she wrote this song. She was able to capture the essence of a long love affair even though she was a teenager. “Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)” is a track for childhood sweethearts who never stopped loving each other.

# 9 – Our Song

The next song on our Top 10 Taylor Swift Love Songs list is “Our Song” from her eponymous album. The song has a country sound. “Our Song” tells a story about a couple who are in love. While they are out driving, they realize they don’t have a song of their own. Other couples dedicate songs to each other. Any time they hear it on the radio they get in a sentimental mood. She lets him know they don’t have a song for themselves. He tells her their song is about their daily lives together. Their song is about the things that go on throughout their relationship. Their music is things they take for granted every day.

The deep song will make you think. You don’t need to have a song playing on the radio to have a song dedicated to you. Every little thing you do is the equivalent to music. This song is for couples who don’t have a love song of their own. They may not be able to find a track on the radio that best describes their love. “Our Song” is the track for couples who want a song but can’t pick the right one for them. Taylor Swift has an old soul because she was able to come up with this thought-provoking banger while she was in high school. She had an epiphany about love at a young age. Songwriters twice her age wouldn’t have come up with an idea like this to celebrate a couple finding the right song for them.

# 8 – Begin Again

“Begin Again” is from the Red album and has country beat. The song is about a couple who fall in love with each other again. She talks about a woman who was able to find love again after a bad breakup. She proves that you can move on after you have had your heart broken. In the song, she tells her new love that he’s not like her old love. He appreciates things about her that her old love didn’t like. Most men wouldn’t want to be compared to a former lover, but it’s okay in this case. She makes the comparisons, but they are in her new love’s favor.

She appreciates everything her new love does for her. He sees the side that her former boyfriend didn’t want to see. Her new boyfriend loves her for who she is and not for who he wants her to be. “Begin Again” is for people who need hope they will find love again after a bad breakup. It will restore your faith in love. You don’t have to settle for less because you will always find something better. If you hold out hope, the right person will come along and sweep you off your feet. Taylor Swift wrote a beautiful ballad about not giving up on true love.

# 7 – Sparks Fly

“Sparks Fly” appears on the album Speak Now and has a country, pop and rock beat. Taylor Swift talks about what happens when you think about your love. It’s a song about falling in love with someone you shouldn’t. You can’t help yourself because the chemistry is too strong to resist. They are attracted to each other and can’t control their feelings for each other. She talks about how she’s obsessed with kissing a guy with green eyes. She wants to kiss him in the rain. Kissing in the rain is a sweet fantasy that a lot of us have had in the past.

She wants to spend time alone with him. She wants him to stop what he’s doing and meet with her. She thinks about him when he’s not around. This song will hit home for people who are attracted to people who they shouldn’t love. You can’t help who you fall for because “sparks fly” all the time. Taylor Swift was 16 when she wrote the chemistry filled song, but she was able to tell a story about how attraction can take over you. Taylor Swift is intuitive when it comes to love as well as anger. This is the type of track you can dance to at a reception. The music is upbeat and will command you to dance. Taylor Swift’s sweet voice will hold your attention until the song ends.

# 6 – That’s When ft. Keith Urban

“That’s When” is from the album Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and has a country beat. It’s a song that talks about a couple who break up and get back together. When the song starts you might think it doesn’t belong on the list, but it does. The song opens with the female narrator talking about leaving him. She wanted space from him. He understood what she wanted and let her go. He didn’t fight her on her decision. She regretted her decision and wanted to be back together with him. She calls him up and asks him for another chance. He gives her a second chance because he didn’t want to break up with her.

This love song is different. This song is about a couple who break up and get back together and go on to live a great life together. If you are in a similar situation and you break up with someone, there’s no guarantee that you won’t get back together. There’s always a chance that you will reunite and be happier than ever. Taylor Swift and Keith Urban tell an interesting story about a couple who are meant to be together. This track is for anyone who walks away from someone, but has doubts about leaving. The reconciliatory song will give you hope that you can rekindle an old flame.

# 5 – Ours

The next song on our Top 10 Taylor Swift Love Songs list is “Ours” from the album Speak Now Deluxe Edition. The track has a country and pop beat. This is a story about unconditional love. She doesn’t care about his imperfections. She doesn’t care if no one approves of her relationship with her man. She loves him anyway. She thinks it’s funny how people stare at them while they are together. They don’t care if people are shocked by their union. She loves him anyway. She wants to think of her happiness. She refuses to lose someone she loves because people don’t approve of it.

The thought-provoking song will make you think about your relationship and whether people think the person you’re with is good enough for you. Do people judge your relationship? Are people overly critical about the person you’re dating? If you can answer yes to these questions, this refreshing song is for you. She proves that she won’t let anyone stand in the way of her happiness. She wants the man she loves and there’s nothing anyone can say or do about it. Taylor Swift wrote this song because people judged the relationships she was in, and she refused to let that happen to her again. This track is for people who want to take a stand against the naysayers when it concerns relationships.

# 4 – Lover

“Lover” is a track from the album of the same name. The song has a country and folk sound. This emotional track is a celebration to her boyfriend. She wants to pay a tribute to her boyfriend. He makes her happy and she wants to talk about being in a joyful relationship. She talks about what happens to a couple who live together. They enjoy spending time together. She wants to be committed to him. She wants to spend her life with him. Taylor Swift talked about what happened in her past relationships. Swifties know that she has had bad relationships in the past. She wants him to stay his silly self and she will always have a seat ready for him.

She was hurt in the past so it helps that she’s in a healthy relationship now. She wants to talk about her man and how he makes her feel. She has never felt this way before. She wants to always feel this way about him. She asks him if they could always be as close as they are now. These lyrics would be ideal to use as wedding vows. You can recite these words to your lover. You can walk down the aisle to these tender lyrics. Taylor Swift can serenade you as you dance the first dance together to celebrate your lives together.

# 3 – Everything Has Changed ft. Ed Sheeran

“Everything Has Changed” is from the album Red (Taylor’s Version). The song has a folk and pop sound. The lyrics tell a story about a couple who have fallen in love for the first time. Once you fall in love everything changes. You no longer think about yourself. Now you think about the other person. You put someone else first before your needs and wants. Your perspective on life has changed because you see the world through loving eyes. You have strong feelings for your lover and the feelings take over your life. You were used to thinking about yourself, but now your thoughts are consumed with the person you love.

This song will make you think about how your behavior is different from how it was when you weren’t in love. You no longer have selfish needs because you are putting someone else’s feelings before your own. If you love someone, you will think of the other person. Your needs aren’t the only ones that are important. This song will give you an inside look on putting someone else first. If you didn’t do it before, it will teach you to put someone else’s needs first. Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran knew what to say to make you think about other people. This song is for people who are in love and want to think about their partners before they say or do anything in life. The music is great to dance to with your lover. You can get the chance to get close with your lover and think about your relationship. You can leave your cares behind because you are with the person you love.

# 2 – Mine

“Mine” is from the album Speak Now. The song has a country and pop sound. “Mine” is about her having a habit of running away from love. She had opportunities to fall in love, but she ran from it. She was afraid to put her heart on the line. Her relationships didn’t work out because she didn’t want to take the risk and put her heart out there to be broken. Her heart was broken anyway. Taylor Swift talks about taking another risk and having it pay off. She finally found someone who was worth putting her heart on the line. She was happy to find the right man to call hers.

This is a track that is ideal for people who are afraid to commit. She had the same problem when she was looking for love. She was scared to put her heart out there until she found the right one. If you have trouble committing to someone, you have hope that you will find the right one. Taylor Swift went through different relationships and was able to find the right person to love. She’s letting you know that it’s possible for you to find love too. This is just what you need to hear to honor the person that you love.

# 1 – Love Story

The number one song on our Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs list is “Love Story” from the album Fearless (Taylor Swift’s Version). The song has a country and pop beat. “Love Story” is about a girl who has to take a stand against her parents and friends because of the guy she likes. Her parents don’t approve of their relationship. They don’t think he’s good enough for her. She chose her heart instead of listening to her parents’ and friends’ objections. The track has a spin on the story of Romeo and Juliet. Instead of the song having a tragic ending, she gave it a happy ending. The track ends with her getting a proposal instead of the way the story ends.

Taylor Swift wanted to talk about how love feels especially when other people don’t approve of it. She was willing to risk her heart by choosing to be with the person she loves. She wasn’t concerned with the consequences when she went with her heart. This song will appeal to anyone who is a believer in love. Taylor Swift’s target audience is mostly young females, but anyone can relate to the lyrics. As long as you have someone in your life who doesn’t approve of your relationship, you know what she means. Taylor Swift wanted to put a positive and romantic spin on the song. The romantic song will make you believe in love with a happy ending.

It’s hard to pick just ten Taylor Swift Love songs. So below is an alternate list of even more Taylor Swift Love songs that did not make the original list. What’s important to remember is that love songs don’t always have to be about romantic relationships, they can be about so much more that deals with the beautiful concept of love. 

Taylor Swift Love Songs Alternate List

Do you like this one better? Let us know

# 10 – Jump Then Fall

This interesting song was released on the Platinum edition of  Taylor Swift’s 2008 album Fearless. It was the first song on the second CD. The version below is from the re-recording of the album known as Taylor’s version which was released in 2021.

#9 – Starlight

A beautiful song released on the Red album. The record was released in 2012. The song Starlight was placed as the next to last song on the record.

#8 – I’m Only Me When I’m With You

This cool song which is as honest as it gets, was released on Taylor Swift’s debut album entitled Taylor Swift. It was released on the deluxe edition of the album.

#7 – Out Of The Woods

This is a really interesting one. Love isn’t always about someone else……its about the love of finding oneself and the power of looking forward.

#6 – “Lavender Haze

A song about staying in love no matter what anyone else thinks or says. Released on the grand album Midnights in 2022. Love this one.

#5 – Snow on the Beach

This makes it two in a row from the Midnights album. A song about two people falling in love. This one also features Lana Del Rey. This is such a great album with a stunningly modern sound that defines an artist that just keeps on growing.

#4 – Willow

Another tender beautiful song with a mysterious vibe about the spell of love. This one has a bit of a Stevie Nicks vibe to it.

#3 – When Emma Falls in Love

Love doesn’t always have to be about yourself. This song presents the story of watching a friend fall in and out of love. This was released on Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) issued in 2023.

#2 – You Belong With Me

Such a classic Taylor Swift song, we had to include this one. You know we have all thought this about someone in our lives.

#1 –  Enchanted

There is just something really special about this one. The song was released on the Speak Now album released in 2010. The version below is Taylor’s Version from the re-recording of the album released in 2023.

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