Top 10 Tommy Bolin Songs

Tommy Bolin Songs

Our Top 10 Tommy Bolin Songs introduces us to an artist whose music is reputable despite quite a short career cut short by his death. Born in Iowa, Tommy Bolin started his music career by playing music with The Mysterious band. He would later join Denny and The Triumphs when he was thirteen years of age. Here, his major role was playing the lead guitar, proving how much of a talented soul he was at such a tender age. It is here that Tommy Bolin had his passion for rock, pop, and R&Bs. A successful beginning in his music art would follow when Denny and The Triumphs were inducted into the Iowa Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Tommy Bolin would later move to Colorado to join the band American Standard before he joined Ethereal Zephyr.

Later in 1972, Tommy Bolin would trust his skills and influence to start a band Energy. However, he failed to secure a record contract having the band release no album after its formation. Following this, he would join the band 4-Nikators, after which he took quite a break from music, taking this time to write tons of songs. Tommy Bolin would later sign with Nemperor Records in 1975, where he recorded his first solo album.

He was encouraged by The Beach Boys to try out his vocals rather than be on the guitars alone. After recording his solo album, he would be contacted by Deep Purple, where he would help the band compose songs for their album Taste the Band. After Deep Purple disbanded in 1976, Tommy Bolin would form the Tommy Bolin Band hitting the road to make a name for themselves. Sadly, he would pass away on December 4, 1976, after an overdose of drugs, only hours after he opened for Jeff Beck and Peter Frampton with a rendition of “Post Toastee.” Despite a short music career, the top 10 Tommy Bolin songs prove how much of a great composer and guitarist.

#10 – Homeward Strut

Ushering us in the top 10 Tommy Bolin songs is the ballad “Homeward Strut” from his album Teaser. The song’s instrumental brings to life Tommy Bolin’s guitar skills that tower over all instruments proving to be his trademark. You can almost doubt that Tommy is a self-made guitarist owing to the sublime guitar riffs he features in this song. His spectacular and magical skills are probably why Jeff Beck always wished to have him open for him in his tours!

#9 – Bustin’ Out for Rosey

“Bustin’ Out for Rosey” makes a perfect song to start his second album, Private Eyes. Released in September 1976, the song serves Tommy Bolin’s guitar skills right, blending in with the sublime vocals making the song one of the most reputable from the second and last album. The song makes references to Rosey, which in the 70s meant heroin. “Bustin’ Out for Rosey” is about getting ready to ‘great’ times on a sedated heroin ride.

#8 – Sweet Burgundy

We all have heard everyone curse a day, if not a lifetime. At such times, everyone has their escape from such moods and bad days. For Tommy Bolin, the only escape he has and probably the only friend he has on such days is burgundy which he wishes to sip to forget the pain life throws at him. It might be a self-destructive behavior therapist might quote, but hi, we all have our self-destructive behavior only that it is no mentioned in bold or out loud! The song serves as a perfect depiction of how people are reliant on drugs and alcohol to life miseries they get exposed to or go through to ‘numb’ or forget the pain.

#7 – Dreamer

Featured on his debut album Teaser, “Dreamer” is one of the best hope-giving songs you’ll ever listen to. The song visualizes a life of an enthusiastic person who gets stuck on the past and the hard life he or she must go through to reach his or her dreams. Tommy Bolin uses this song to encourage every dreamer that the future is much brighter than the past and the present. Go on, dreamer! Don’t stop and keep on dreaming!

#6 – Marching Powder

“Marching Powder” is one of the best Tommy Bolin songs that bring on quite a sublime performance on the instruments unmatched by most of his songs. While the song includes some of the best instrument acts in the album Teaser, it is Tommy Bolin’s guitar riffs that tower over all instruments to bring on the best of “Marching Powder.” Listening to the song will make you realize how much of an underrated guitarist Tommy Bolin happens to be.

#5 – People, People

Calm as it can be, the hit “People, People” is a sublime song that brings the best of Tommy Bolin’s vocals. Released in 1975, the song brought quite some personnel to work on the song’s instrumental, which appears to be one of the most unique amongst the best Tommy Bolin songs. “People, People” calls for understanding and support from people, as brought out by the lyrics to the song.

#4 – Shake the Devil

Featured in Tommy Bolin’s 1976 album, Private Eyes, “Shake the Devil” is one of the best compositions by Tommy Bolin and Jeff Beck. The song features some sublime vocals and awe-inspiring instrumentals, making it one of the best releases from the second album. You ought to love Tommy Bolin scream the words “Shake the Devil” in the chorus and as the song approaches the end.

#3 – Wild Dogs

Tommy Bolin’s music career would not have been reputable were it not for songs like “Wild Dogs” from his debut album Teaser. Even though he wasn’t able to promote his debut album through tours following linking up with Deep Purple, it is without a doubt that Tommy Bolin was a great songwriter of his times. You can’t help but love his guitar skills in this song which reminds us of how great a guitarist Tommy Bolin was.

#2 – Teaser

Featured on the debut album, the hit “Teaser” brings on yet some sublime songwriting skills by Tommy Bolin. The song is about a charming woman who Tommy Bolin feels might be more than the charm having her prove deceptive. In some way, this might relate highly to women men meet at the bars, who are gorgeous and irresistible but worth caution while interacting with!

#1 – Post Toastee

Number one in our top 10 Tommy Bolin songs list is “Post Toastee,” which is by far the best song he ever did. Tommy Bolin would perform this song many times as an opening act for other artists, including Jeff Beck, who was part of his success in his music career. The song is about how much his friends had immersed themselves in drugs and overdoses and how he could deliver himself from this trap. Sadly, it is the same bait that would lead him to his death. Nevertheless, the song’s instrumental is catchy, thanks to the sublime guitar skills by Tommy Bolin.

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