Top 10 Lou Ann Barton Songs

Lou Ann Barton Songs

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Our Top 10 Lou Ann Barton Songs list focuses on a blues singer with raw talent. Her grace and confidence make her one of the most respected female blues singers in music. The gifted singer was nicknamed the Queen of Texas Blues based on her vocal prowess. Lou Ann Barton maintained a devoted fan base and influenced several blues and rock singers. You hear her commanding vocals over loud instrumentation. During her career, she worked with a plethora of blues artists. She worked with Marcia Ball, W.C. Clark, Stevie Ray and Jimmie Vaughan, Sue Foley, Angela Strehli, Omar Kent Dykes, and Roomful of Blues. She may not have many albums, but blues fans enjoy her work.

You must see Lou Ann Barton live to appreciate her. Her Texas swag makes you feel like you’re at home with her. She gives performances of a lifetime. Lou Ann Barton projects confidence on stage like other blues singers. She proves blues music needs more female singers like her. Her appeal brings diversity to the genre.

The Queen of Texas Blues was born on February 17, 1954. She got her start performing in dance halls and clubs throughout Texas. In the 70s, she teamed up with W.C. Clark to form the W.C. Clark Blues Revue. It allowed her to embrace blues music and work with numerous artists. She joined the blues group Triple Threat Revue with W.C. Clark and Stevie Ray Vaughan in 1977. When W.C. Clark left the group, it was renamed Double Trouble. Working with Stevie Ray Vaughan helped hone her craft.

In the early 80s, she worked with the band Roomful of Blues. While working with the band, she caught the attention of legendary record producer Jerry Wexler. He was known for producing the biggest acts in music. In 1982, she released Old Enough. The album received positive reviews from critics and fans. Lou Ann Barton worked with Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, Jimmie Vaughan, Barry Beckett, Glen Frey, and Frankie Miller. It features the singles “The Sudden Stop,” “Stop These Teardrops,” “It Ain’t Right,” “Brand New Lover,” and “Maybe.”

Lou Ann Barton released the EP Forbidden Tones. She worked with Jimmie Vaughan, Jerry Marotta, David Grissom, David Mansfield, Dean Parks, and Richie Zito. Lou Ann Barton promoted the EP on the blues circuit. The legend returned to the studio to record her follow-up album, Read My Lips. It features talented musicians David “Fathead” Newman, Mel Brown, Derek O’Brien, and Reese Wynans. She recorded R&B, jump blues, rock and roll music. It features the singles “You’ll Lose a Good Thing,” “You Can Have My Husband,” “It’s Raining,” “Shake Your Hips,” “Good Lover,” and “Rocket in My Pocket.” In the 90s, she teamed up with Marcia Ball and Angela Strehli to record Dreams Come True. It features the singles “Bad Thing,” “It Hurts to Be in Love,” and “A Fool in Love.” Throughout her career, she made vocal appearances on other albums.

The singer works whenever she wants. She gets recognized for her work in blues music. Artists jump at the chance to work with her. Our Top 10 Lou Ann Barton Songs list allows longtime fans and casual listeners the opportunity to acknowledge a remarkable artist.

# 10 – It Hurts to Be in Love ft. Marcia Ball and Angela Strehli

The tenth track on our Top 10 Lou Ann Barton Songs list is “It Hurts to Be in Love” from the Dreams Come True album. It premiered in 1990. Lou Ann Barton recorded the tune with Marcia Ball and Angela Strehli. They talk about one-sided love and how hard it is for someone to see you as a friend. No matter how much you love someone, they see you as a friend.

The song depicts a story about being in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same way. They describe one-sided love perfectly. It resonates if you have loved someone who sees you as a friend. The trio takes listeners on an emotional journey of heartbreak. It hurts when the person you love doesn’t see you. People of all ages relate to the lyrics. The music blends blues, country, and soul to create the sound. It features upbeat music that defies the theme of the song. Lou Ann Barton, Marcia Ball, and Angela Strehil sound soulful as they tell their story. They sing the track like they know how it feels to have unrequited love. Their voices harmonize well together. They sound like one person.

# 9 – Power of Love Jimmie Vaughan ft. Lou Ann Barton

“Power of Love” is the ninth pick on our Top 10 Lou Ann Barton Songs list. The song appears on Jimmie Vaughan’s album Do You Get the Blues. He premiered the song in 1994. The song is about the hold her lover has over her. He has the power to make her cry, happy, or mad. Anytime he touches her, chills go up and down her spine. She gets thrilled when he kisses her. When he looks at her, she becomes hypnotized.

The tender lyrics talk about the emotional pull a person has over you. She describes the chemistry between couples. Anyone in love knows what she’s saying on the track. People in love go through a variety of emotions. We nodded in agreement as she talked about how her boyfriend makes her feel. Lou Ann Barton told a love story without making it sound sappy. Jimmie Vaughan’s soulful guitar melodies blow your mind. He keeps you invested throughout the song. Her heartfelt vocals tug at your heartstrings. Lou Ann Barton’s vocals come alive when she sings the chorus. Jimmie Vaughan does a great job supporting her in the background. They work well together to create an authentic blues sound.

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# 8 – You Can Have My Husband

“You Can Have My Husband” is the eighth track on our Top 10 Lou Ann Barton Songs list. Lou Ann Barton recorded the song on her Read My Lips album in 1989. The song describes a woman who moved on from a toxic relationship. Her ex treated her horribly, and she found someone new. The new man in her life treats her with respect. She puts women on notice not to steal her new man. If they want a man, they can have her ex.

The song is a bold anthem warning women to stay away from her man. Lou Ann Barton covered Irma Thomas’ song. She had big shoes to fill because the song is one of Irma Thomas’ signature songs. Lou Ann Barton changed the instrumentation and melody of the song. The newer version features blues and rock music, while the original infuses blues and soul music. Lou Ann Barton remained faithful to the essence of the song. She sings it with the sassiness needed to pull off the song. Her voice isn’t as powerful as Irma Thomas’, but she did what she needed for the tune. Lou Ann Barton’s stunning vocals nail the track. We can listen to her sing all day.

# 7 – The Sudden Stop

“The Sudden Stop” is from the Old Enough album. It hit the shelves in 1982. She talks about a man she let get away. He walked out on her because she betrayed him when she cheated. It didn’t surprise her that he walked away. Women take love for granted. She thought she was on top when they were together, but their breakup caused her downfall. He stopped loving her, and now she’s miserable.

The song talks about a relationship that ended. She details what happened when she cheated on her lover. We applaud her for taking responsibility for her role in their breakup. Most singers blame the other person, but she stepped up to the plate and took responsibility. The heartbreaking lyrics describe the aftermath of betrayal. It teaches you to appreciate your partner while you have them. The sobering music takes a back seat to her breathtaking vocals. We feel the pain in her voice as she recites each lyric. She takes her time building up the story. We love the pacing she uses throughout the track. Lou Ann Barton makes you take notice as she hits high notes in the song.

# 6 – Stop These Teardrops

“Stop These Teardrops” is from the Old Enough album. It debuted in 1982. The track is about a woman who cries because she can’t forget about her man. Whenever he holds her, she cries. She needs him when he’s not around. His touch drives her insane. She likes calling his name. If he leaves her, she will never recover.

The emotional song is about longing and dependency. She relies on her man to make her feel better. Her tears symbolize the pain she feels when he’s not around. We applaud Lou Ann Barton for depicting a story about vulnerability and dependence. The story describes a relationship with intense emotions. It infuses blues and rock music. The song opens with a stunning saxophone solo that reels you in the second you hear it. Lou Ann Barton’s raw and powerful vocals grab your attention instantly. She takes chances with her voice by growling and belting. If the wrong vocalist sang the song, the vocals might not work, but Lou Ann Barton pulls off the song beautifully.

# 5 – It Ain’t Right

The fifth song on our Top 10 Lou Ann Barton Songs list is “It Ain’t Right” from the Old Enough album. Lou Ann Barton recorded the single in 1982. It details a story about a woman fed up with her partner. She had enough of his behavior. Her feelings for him are gone. She decides to move on with her life. It feels wrong being with him. She can’t help how she feels. The singer gets tired of pretending to love him.

“It Ain’t Right” is a bittersweet track about walking away from a relationship. When a relationship loses its luster, you must walk away. The lyrics describe the imbalance of the relationship. It conveys the message of one-sided love. The message encourages you not to stay in a toxic situation. It reminds you to put your happiness first. Lou Ann Barton uses heart-wrenching music to tell her story. The instrumentation fits with the theme of the lyrics. We enjoy the musical pause before the bridge. It allows us to soak in the music. She gives a raw performance that makes an impact on listeners. Lou Ann Barton commands you to sing with her.

# 4 – Don’t Slander Me

“Don’t Slander Me” is from the Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye: A Tribute to Roky Erickson album. It hit the shelves in 1990. The song is about standing up against false accusations. She stresses the importance of not spreading gossip and lies about them. Spreading false information can bring negative consequences. It leads to trouble.

The soulful track depicts the consequences of slandering other people. No one likes gossip and lies spread about them, so she recorded a song we understood. It resonates with anyone suffering from slander. It’s a realistic story that works today. The song encourages you to stand up against people who slander you. Lou Ann Barton remade Roky Erickson’s tune as a tribute to the artist. The upbeat sound feels empowering as you listen to it. It makes you want to dance. Lou Ann Barton stayed faithful to the original version. Her raw and gritty vocals are on display throughout the track. Lou Ann Barton’s version is just as good as the original.

# 3 – Brand New Lover

Occupying the third spot on our Top 10 Lou Ann Barton Songs list is “Brand New Lover” from the Old Enough album. She released the track in 1982. The song tells a story about a woman who wants a new lover. She spent too many days crying and now wants love in her life. There’s no other cure for her pain but to find love again. She decides to make changes before the walls close in on her. Her plan involves going out at night and finding someone new. She works hard to find a new man.

“Brand New Lover” conveys a sense of determination. She paints a picture of a woman ready to move on with a new man. It has a positive message about moving on from loneliness. People need to hear songs with a positive message about moving on with their lives. It resonates with people looking for a change. The music features a bouncy blues and rock sound created to make you smile. Listening to this anthem makes you feel like you can take on the world. We dare you to listen to this without clapping your hands to the beat. Lou Ann Barton sings in a higher octave than our previous entries. It allows us to hear another side of her vocals.

# 2 – A Fool in Love ft. Marcia Ball and Angela Strehli

“A Fool in Love” is from the Dreams Come True album. They released the track in 1990. It describes loving someone who doesn’t treat you right, but walking away is hard. The woman finds it hard to leave him even though he never makes her feel appreciated. He makes her feel good at times, so she stays with him. Her loyalty to him confuses the people in her life. Everyone tells her to walk away, but she remains by her side.

They recorded a compelling song about a woman in a troubled relationship. The women talk about the complexities of relationships. Listeners dealing with complicated romances understand the meaning behind the single. It relates to anyone who loves someone they shouldn’t. The singers sang the song from a woman’s point of view, but men can relate to it. Walking away from someone you love is hard, and the trio nailed it on the head. The music has an old-school sound reminiscent of the 50s and 60s. It features an infusion of rock, blues, and soul music created to get you on the dance floor. Lou Ann Barton, Marcia Ball, and Angela Strehli sound incredible together. Their soulful vocals blend well with the music. They push themselves to hit high notes throughout the track. The infectious chorus makes the song come alive. It stays in your head long after you hear it.

# 1 – It’s Raining

The number one pick on our Top 10 Lou Ann Barton Songs list is “It’s Raining” from the Read My Lips album. It debuted in 1989. The lyrics tell a story about a woman missing her boyfriend on a rainy night. As the rain falls, she wishes her lover were there to hold her. She must accept that he’s not with her. It drives her crazy that she can’t see him. Memories of him flow through her mind as the rain falls. It makes her think of the happier times they shared. She has the blues because her man isn’t by her side.

“It’s Raining” is a soulful ballad that describes the pain of losing love. The lyrics utilize metaphors to describe the pain she feels. She uses rain to represent her tears. We applaud the poetic way she talked about losing her lover. It features soul-stirring instrumentation guaranteed to make you feel emotional. If you feel lonely, the song hits close to home. The track features beautiful blues and soul music. We must talk about the saxophone solo. The saxophonist appears during the bridge. It makes you stop and take notice of the tune. We must give Lou Ann Barton her flowers for her moving vocal performance. She takes listeners on a vocal journey we don’t want to end. The legend holds back during the quieter moments and belts when the song gets louder.

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