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Walk The Moon Songs

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Our Top 10 Walk the Moon Songs list will look at a pop/rock band that has been around since 2006. The band’s music is eclectic. They infuse pop rock, new wave, indie rock, hip hop, reggae and psychedelic music. The band is known for using 80s music. Their hit singles include “Shut Up and Dance,” “Anna Sun,” “One Foot,” “Tightrope,” “Timebomb,” as well as other hit songs. Three of their albums peaked in the Top 40 on the Billboard 200 charts. These albums are Walk the Moon, Talking Is Hard and What If Nothing. Walk the Moon has won four awards and has been nominated for several others to date. Like most bands, Walk the Moon has been through member changes. The current lineup is Nicholas Petricca (lead singer), Sean Waugaman (drums/percussion) and Eli Maiman (guitar/bass).

Nicholas Petricca started the band in 2006 while he was in college. The name of the band came from the Police’s song “Walking on the Moon. Walk the Moon was influenced by the Police, Talking Heads, Tears for Fears, David Bowie and Phil Collins. They chose to release their music independently. They released their album I Want! I Want! In November 2010. Their hit single “Anna Sun” helped put them on the map. The single was gaining airplay on alternative radio stations. They were named the band you need to know. The album features the singles “Anna Sun,” “I Want! I Want!,” “Lisa Baby,” “Jenny” and “Blue Dress.” After the release of this album, Walk the Moon was signed to RCA Records.

Walk the Moon was released in June 2012. The album peaked at number 36 on Billboard 200, eight on the alternative charts and 15 on rock charts. It features the singles “Quesadilla,” “Tightrope,” “Next in Line” and “I Can Lift a Car.” “Tightrope” was used in a commercial and a game. This album helped them open for Panic! at the Disco during the band’s This Is Gospel tour. Walk the Moon released the single “Shut Up and Dance” ahead of their album. The single was released in September 2014. They released “Different Colors” in November 2014.

They released the album Talking Is Hard in December 2014. The album peaked at number 14 on Billboard 200, one on the alternative charts and three on the rock charts. It features the singles “Shut Up and Dance,” “Different Colors,” “Work This Body” and “We Are the Kids.” The album sold over one million copies. What If Nothing was released in November 2017. The album peaked at number 40 on Billboard 200, three on the alternative charts and five on the rock charts. It features the singles “One Foot,” “Kamikaze,” “Surrender,” “Tiger Teeth,” “All I Want” and “All Night.” Heights was released in November 2021. It features the singles “Can You Handle My Love??,” “Fire in Your House,” “Rise Up” and “Giants.”

Walk the Moon is like the little engine that could. They didn’t achieve success overnight, but they did manage to make an impact in music. Their music will have you on the dance floor or in your feelings. They are an underrated band that deserve attention. Our Top 10 Walk the Moon Songs list will give us a chance to give them the attention they deserve.

# 10 – Kamikaze

The 10th song on our Top 10 Walk the Moon Songs list is “Kamikaze” from the What If Nothing album. “Kamikaze” was released in April 2018. The song tells the story about a man who thinks about his life. He wants to get rid of the demons in his mind. He tries to think of ways to get rid of them. He thanks her for healing him. He talks about his friends letting him get away with things, but she stayed by him. He considers himself to be like an aircraft that is about to crash. He is going down and his wings are on fire. The narrator believes nothing can stop what is going on in his life. He needs something to take the edge off his thoughts. He has an out of body experience and sees that he is crashing.

This is the type of song that will make you evaluate the people in your life. There are people who will ignore your demons while others will stay by your side and help you heal. It is hard to listen to this song and not be affected by it. Some people have dealt with demons and can relate to the lyrics. The music is catchy. It is upbeat considering what the song is about. It keeps the song from being depressing. Nicholas Petricca does a great job with his vocals. He sounds emotional as he is telling his story. Don’t let the title of the song fool you. This is not a novelty song. It is an emotional song about a man dealing with his personal demons and appreciating the person who stood by his side while others walked away or enabled him.

# 9 – Timebomb

The ninth song on our Top 10 Walk the Moon Songs list is “Timebomb.” “Timebomb” is a non-album single. “Timebomb” was released in January 2019. This song is about a man who is afraid of falling in love. Love can be risky, but it is worth it. Love is worth fighting for if you want it. He doesn’t want to push her away. He lets her know that being with him wouldn’t be easy. He has faults and warns her not to get close to him. He is afraid to fall in love because he doesn’t want to lose a friend. His heart is open and he is ready to fall in love again. He gets swept off his feet when he sees her. He wants to know if this is real love. His heart is going off like a timebomb. The more he looks at her the deeper he falls in love. He still wants to give her a chance to walk away.

This song will open your eyes to love. Some of us are afraid of love because we don’t want to get hurt. This song captures that feeling of being scared to fall in love with someone. It is even worse when you are someone who has issues. It will make falling in love even worse. This is a song that you will feel like you have heard even if it is the first time that you have listened to it. The music has an 80s feel to it that is reminiscent of the musicians they admire. The music combines old school with today’s music effortlessly. The music is energetic and vibrant. The stirring guitar beat will stay in your head. This song will have you on the dance floor. Nicholas Petricca vocals are amazing. His vocals are strong. His falsetto is on point. He can keep up with the loud music and still be heard. The performance, writing and production are the best. This is a song you will never get tired of hearing.

# 8 – Tiger Teeth

The eighth song on our Top 10 Walk the Moon Songs list is “Tiger Teeth” from the What If Nothing album. “Tiger Teeth” was released in 2018. The song talks about a man who tries to warn a woman not to come to him. If she does, he won’t be able to resist her. He uses tiger imagery to describe how falling in love can be scary. You are bound to get hurt. He can’t be friends with her because he fell for her right away. He admits that he wants her back. Love hurt him so deeply that he compares it to tiger teeth. Despite the pain he feels, he wants her back in his life. He doesn’t want her reaching out to him or his friends. He thinks it would be better if she leaves him alone because when she is around, he wants to be with her. He believes they could be intimate if she took one step closer to him.

This song will have you feeling different emotions while listening to it. The song will tug at your heart as you listen to him talking about trying to hold on to someone who wants to let go. This song is a reminder that love always hurts. This message will hit home if you have trouble letting go of someone in your life. The music is soft and poignant. It will make you nostalgic if you are a fan of 80s music. The synthesizer makes the music sound old school. The music has an old school vibe, but it still sounds like something that can be played on the radio today. The lyrics make the song sound updated. Walk the Moon cleverly uses imagery and metaphors to get their point across. This is another song with an unusual title, but it should be taken seriously. It has a deep message despite the title. Nicholas Petricca’s vocals are deeper in this song than on our previous entries. This song shows his versatility.

# 7 – Different Colors

The seventh pick on our list is “Different Colors” from the Talking Is Hard album. “Different Colors” was released in May 2015. This song is about discrimination. It is about equal rights. Walk the Moon wants everyone to be treated the same. They know that there are people who don’t respect different cultures and lifestyles, but they are hoping for a change. They know the sun will rise and they are hoping that people’s opinions will change too. They are willing to wait for as long as it takes for people to change how they feel about others. The band wants to be heard. They will go place to place to make sure that their message is heard. They know that there are people that don’t want to change their opinions about different cultures and lifestyles. The people don’t want to embrace change. Walk the Moon wants everyone to celebrate unity. They believe that music will keep them from picking sides.

This song has a good message about unity. The powerful message is powerful to listeners. “Different Colors” gives the band a chance to show their deep side. They want to bring awareness to discrimination of all kinds. They want this song to get through to people with narrow-minded thinking. It will open your eyes to what is going on in the world. The music is melancholy with tempo. It allows you the opportunity to dance if you want. The music is a little loud for Nicholas Petricca’s voice. He does his best to be heard over the music. He must shout to be heard over the music. With that said, he does a great job with his vocals. He gets a chance to belt in the song. He doesn’t sound as if he is straining his voice as he belts over the music. This track will remind listeners that you can come together regardless of your background.

# 6 – Can You Handle My Love??

“Can You Handle My Love??” is from the Heights album. “Can You Handle My Love??” was released in July 2021. The song is about a man who you wouldn’t describe as perfect. He solves his problems by escaping from them. He meets someone that he falls for and wants to know if she could handle his love. He hopes she will take a chance on him. His insecurities have him on his knees. He must feed his soul. He has made mistakes, but he has owned up to them. He is self-aware of what he has done. He is thankful to be alive even though he is hurting. He tries to fill the hole in his heart the best way he can. He doesn’t want to be difficult, but he has a crush on someone.

Walk the Moon keeps the song vague to keep you guessing. They use metaphors throughout the song. It could be about the love of a woman. It could also be about the love of a chemical substance. It is up to you to decide how you wish to interpret the song. No matter how you want to interpret the song, it is still enjoyable. The music has a 90s beat. It is reminiscent of something Maroon 5 would have sung. The music is hypnotic. The music starts off slowly and then picks up in the pre-chorus. The tempo changes throughout the song. The banging drumbeat will hold attention. Nicholas Petricca does an amazing job with his vocals. He sings the verses in his tenor voice while he sings the chorus in falsetto. His vocal changes are incredible. He holds a high note just before the bridge that you can’t miss.

# 5 – Work This Body

The next song on our Top 10 Walk the Moon Songs list is “Work This Body” from the Talking Is Hard album. “Work This Body” was released in February 2016. This is a song about what he will do when he succeeds. He goes down memory lane and talks about what happened when he was in school. He noticed people rolling their eyes at him when he thought he was cool. He wasn’t meant to be popular at the time. He knew his time was coming. He just had to wait for it. Once his time comes, he plans to work his body. He plans on working hard and promises to beat his naysayers fair and square. He challenges his naysayers to get on the dance floor with him. He promises his naysayers they will see him in magazines. They will be getting in line to see him. He is a workaholic, but he knows his hard work will pay off.

If you have ever been picked on by your peers, this is the song for you. This anthem will give you hope that things will get better. Walk the Moon lets you know that you can become successful if you work hard at it. If you have been bullied, this song is an inspiration to work hard to be successful. The lyrics feel like they are autobiographical. It wouldn’t surprise us if the band went through this at some point. The music is feel-good music. It sounds like something you can work out to. If you go by the title, it sounds like a workout song. The song is deeper than that. It will be impossible to be sad while you are listening to this track because it will pick up your mood. Nicholas Petricca sings this with a lot of energy. He sings it as if he has gone through this situation. He pours his heart out in the vocals. The only complaint about the song is it ends abruptly. Just when you are into the song, it is over.

# 4 – Tightrope

“Tightrope” is from the Walk the Moon album. “Tightrope” was released in September 2012. The song is about taking chances. This is about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. He compares the risks in his life to walking on a tightrope. He wants the woman in his life to be careful with his heart and head. He wants her to make up her mind about whether she wants him. He has been thinking about her, so he hasn’t been sleeping. He had been thinking about the night they met. He tells her once she speaks her mind, she won’t be able to take it back. He wants her to walk on the tightrope with him.

This is an anthem for anyone who is facing challenges in life. This song will motivate you to take a risk if you want to get what you want. The song has an infectious melody. The swelling guitar riffs and party dance beat are just what we need for this track. It is a fun song that will put a smile on your face. This song is great to sing along and dance to. The music is explosive. If you weren’t a fan of Walk the Moon before, this song may convince you to become a fan. Nicholas Petricca sings this in a deeper pitch. He sounds unrecognizable. He was able to compete with the loud music without being drowned out. The harmonies are smoking hot. Don’t let the title keep you from enjoying the song. The song will surprise you in a good way.

# 3 – One Foot

Coming in at number three on our list is “One Foot” from the What if Nothing album. “One Foot” was released in September 2017. The song is about the struggles he went through to get where he is today. Despite his obstacles, he intends to keep one foot in front of the other. He knows he is a mess, but he doesn’t want to give up. He assures her that he will have her back if she has his. It is his only defense against his obstacles. They have each other and they are going to take things one step at a time. He believes they are being tested in life, but no one can mess with them.

This is a deep song about dealing with struggles. We have all dealt with struggles throughout our lives so this is a timely subject that will never get old. The song has a good message about not giving up despite what is going on in your lives. This is a song we didn’t know we needed until they gave it to us. This is the type of song you can listen to on a road trip. The music has a chill vibe. The sound is crisp and uplifting. The music is energetic. Nicholas Petricca sings this in his lower register. You might not recognize him right away because he sounds different. He sounds soulful. The song might bring back good memories for you and put you in a happy place. This track gets overshadowed by “Shut Up and Dance,” but it is worth listening to.

# 2 – Anna Sun

“Anna Sun” is from the Walk the Moon album. “Anna Sun” was released in February 2012. This song is about the band’s life in college. Being in school is a difficult journey. They talk about how it feels to end their college career and go into the real world. They were partying and having fun. While he is partying, he hooks up with a girl. Her name was Anna Sun. They don’t have money right now, but they have heart. They want to rock the empty streets and shake things up. He wants to live his life by taking risks. He uses metaphors to talk about living carefree. As the song progresses, summer is over. He must grow up. He must start over. He wants people to have an exciting life and not wait around for it to happen.

This is an energetic song and is considered one of their most popular tracks. This is a song that might remind you about your carefree days of the summer. This is a track that is trying to recapture the feeling of freedom. The music has a 90s early 2000s indie rock sound. The engaging guitar riffs and banging drumbeat create a memorable beat. It sounds as if the band is having a good time in this jam. If they are having fun, you will have fun too. The energetic vibe is contagious. Nicholas Petricca’s vocals are phenomenal in this track. He sounds as if he has been in the business for a long time. This is an easy breezy carefree song that is impossible not to like. This captivating song will hook you and you may find yourself singing along with the band.

# 1 – Shut Up and Dance

The number one song on our Top 10 Walk the Moon Songs list is “Shut Up and Dance” from the Talking Is Hard album. “Shut Up and Dance” was released in September 2014. This is the song that helped catapult Walk the Moon into fame. This is their biggest hit to date. The popular party anthem is about a man who meets a woman at a club and falls in love with her. They have been dancing all night long and he falls in love with her. The song opens with the couple meeting at a club. They have an instant attraction between them. They couldn’t avoid what was building between them. He knew they were going to be together. She approached him and took him to the dance floor. She wants him to keep his eyes on her. He lets her know that she is holding back, but she wants him to stop talking and dance with her. He believes she is his destiny. He knew they were going to be together when she looked at him. He sees the future in her eyes. He realized it was his last chance. They continued to dance.

If you are a fan of Walk the Moon, we are pretty sure you knew this song was going to be number one on our list. There’s no way it couldn’t have been number one. This is a fantastic song. Once you hear the guitar kick off the song, you know what this song is. The handclapping beat invites you to clap with them. The musical production is fire. The beat will take you back to the 80s. The synthesizer has an 80s feel to it. It sounds like something U2 would have recorded. There is no way you will be able to resist moving around to the music. The melody is irresistible and will have you singing along with them. Everything about this works from Nicholas Petricca’s incredible vocals to the explosive music. We couldn’t think of a better song to top this list.

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