Top 10 Zach Bryan Songs

Zach Bryan Songs

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Our Top 10 Zach Bryan Songs list looks at a talented singer, songwriter and musician. He writes music that’s true to himself. He’s known for his raspy voice. His music is a mix of folk and country. Zach Bryan’s music has an edge to it. Before he became a singer, Zach Bryan was in the navy. He recorded his first album DeAnn while he was in the navy. Some of his hits include “Something in the Orange,” “Heading South,” “From Austin,” “Dawns,” “Burn, Burn, Burn,” “Letting Someone Go,” “November Air,” “Happy Instead,” “Sun to Me,” “Oklahoma Smokeshow” as well as others.

Zachery Lane Bryan was on born April 2, 1996. He started writing songs when he was 14. While he was in the navy, he wrote music to pass the time. In 2017, Zach Bryan uploaded music to YouTube. His song “Heading South,” went viral. Zach Bryan released DeAnn in August 2019. It peaked at number 31 on the Rock charts. It features the songs “Letting Someone Go” and “Condemned.”

He released Elisabeth in May 2020 and it peaked at number 148 on the Billboard 200 charts. The album features the singles “Heading South,” “From a Lover’s Point of View” and “Come as You Are.” American Heartbreak came out in May 2022 and peaked at number five on the Billboard 200 charts and number one on the Country charts. It features the singles “Oklahoma City,” “From Austin,” “Highway Boys,” “Late July,” “Something in the Orange” and “Open the Gate.” The album sold one million copies.

Zach Bryan is a talented singer and songwriter whose songs tell a story. His songs will hold your interest no matter what the subject matter is. He will have a long career with the type of songs he likes to write. Our Top 10 Zach Bryan Songs list features songs that should be on your playlist.

#10 – Mine Again

The 10th song on our Top 10 Zach Bryan Songs list is “Mine Again.” The song appears on the album American Heartbreak. It came out in May 2020. Zach Bryan sings this song from the third person narrative. He talks about his struggles in life. Our singer has helped people even though he struggled. During his life, he was more concerned about helping others instead of himself. He didn’t focus on his life because he was concerned about making sure everyone else was okay. In the process, he lost himself. Our singer is happy that he’s back. He had to go through a journey to get back to himself. He questions what made him see the light. What made him want to go back to the way he used to be? In the chorus, he asks himself where he has been. He’s been struggling to get back to his old self.

“Mine Again” is a song about redemption. This is a unique song about a man who wanted to find himself. At first glance, it sounds like he’s talking about losing a loved one. If you pay attention, you will see that he’s talking about himself. He goes into detail about his past struggles. The song is a conversation to himself about himself. We applaud Zach Bryan for letting the fans in on his journey to normalcy. It makes the song feel more authentic since he’s writing about his personal struggles.

This track may help anyone struggling with their personal demons. This song will hit close to home if you are struggling with your sobriety. The song is stripped down. The acoustic guitar dominates the music. We like that he didn’t use too much instrumentation because the message of the song might have been lost if he did. Zach Bryan’s vocals sound pure and true. You can tell through his vocals that he’s been through a lot.

# 9 – November Air

The ninth song on our Top 10 Zach Bryan Songs list is “November Air” from the Quiet, Heavy Dreams EP. The single was released in November 2020. It’s a song about a man reminiscing about his mother. He thinks about a conversation he had with his mother. She talks to him about her past. She tells him about the time she felt invincible. His mother tells him that she used to be a dancer. She told him that her life took much of her. Despite what she went through in life, she thought it was fair. In verse three, he talks about losing his mother. He talks about the things his mother never got to see. Zach Bryan expresses how much she means to him and what he would say to her if he got the chance.

“November Air” is a beautiful dedication to his mother. This is a different type of love song. It talks about the love between a man and his mother. He reflects on her past and what she never got to do. She embraced a new life, and he was grateful to her. It warms our hearts to hear his touching lyrics to the most important woman in his life. The song teaches you to value the important people in your life. We like how he wrote a powerful song with a message.

The track is for people who lost loved ones in their lives. If you haven’t lost a loved one, it will make you appreciate the fact that you still have them in your life. “November Air” is a reminder that you should cherish the moments you spend with the people you love. The melancholy beat may have you thinking about the person or people you have lost. Zach Bryan’s vocals are somber and match the theme of the song. Hearing him sing this song may bring tears to your eyes. He touches all the feelings with his vocals. The track should come with a tissue warning.

# 8 – The Greatest Day of My Life

The eighth song on our Top 10 Zach Bryan Songs list is “The Greatest Day of My Life.” The non album single came out in November 2022. We switch things up from sad memories to good memories. The song is about finding joy in the simple things in life. The singer talks about finding happiness in the little things. Everyone can be happy with big things, but he appreciates the small things.

The singer is grateful for the things he has. The song is told from the point of view of a singer. He travels and tours with his band. They go through different experiences throughout their travels. Zach Bryan appreciates spending time with his friends and bandmates. Throughout the song, he touches on learning to forgive and letting go of things that don’t matter. Despite the good and bad things he’s gone through, he is grateful and appreciative of what he has.

“The Greatest Day of My Life” is a lesson to listeners to appreciate the little things in life. It teaches you to find joy in what you have and cherish the people you have in your life. It encourages listeners that grand gestures aren’t the key to happiness. Happiness is the everyday moments that mean something to you. Zach Bryan did an excellent job writing a song about appreciating the little things.

There are so many artists who boast about the big things they have in their lives that it’s refreshing to hear someone appreciate the simple things in life. The music is soothing and relaxing. The music will give you a chance to reflect on the good things you have in your life. Zach Bryan’s vocals are soothing. His voice is easy on the ear. He sings with his heart and soul. His raspy vocals shine on the song. The singer sounds humble and that works with the song. You don’t have to be a fan of country music to like this song. The message transcends the genre.

# 7 – All the Time

The seventh song on our list is “All the Time” from the Summertime Blues EP. The single came out in July 2022. It’s about a one-sided relationship. He feels as if his partner doesn’t love him the way he needs to be loved. He understands that he’s broken and needs to be fixed. The singer is the same person she fell for when they were younger. He can’t seem to please her anymore.

The singer feels like a nuisance in his mind, and he’s frustrated that she doesn’t understand him. She gives him the impression that he can never make her happy. In the chorus, he tells her not to call him because he’s going to be gone. Love isn’t supposed to make you lose your mind. Love has to be more than being mad all the time. In verse two, he talks about not loving her the way she needs to be loved. They are at a crossroads, so he goes to a bar until it closes.

“All the Time” is a song about a relationship that can’t be fixed. He and his partner aren’t fulfilling each other’s needs and they can’t keep living that way. The message in the song is that love is supposed to make you feel better. It’s not supposed to make you feel upset. He doesn’t just focus on his issues. He found a way to tell the song from both points of view. He could’ve written it from his point of view and focused on his feelings.

He chose to include her feelings too. The lyrics are relatable to couples in toxic relationships. They can understand what he’s talking about in the song. It will make you question if you are being loved the way you need to be. The music is pretty, and you may find yourself bopping your head to it. The guitar riffs are a little similar to Smashing Pumpkins song “Disarm.” The similarity is subtle, but you may pick up on it. Zach Bryan’s vocals have his famous raspiness to them. His vocals are heartfelt. He sounds like a man who is at the end of his rope when it concerns his relationship.

# 6 – The Good I’ll Do

“The Good I’ll Do” appears on the American Heartbreak album. The song was released in May 2022. It’s about a man who is in love. He talks about finding the right person and how it can make you a better person. The woman in his life brought out the best in him and gave him a new sense of purpose. The singer feels like true love can make you a better person. He describes her eyes and thinks they are beautiful. She’s proud of our singer even though his hands are callused. He talks about the good and bad things about their relationship. He will do anything to make her happy. He wants her to need him as much as he needs her. The singer loves and desires her and will always want to be with her.

“The Good I’ll Do” is a tender song about love changing you. It’s a deep and powerful look at how grateful someone can be when they find the person they love. The song teaches you that love can motivate you to be a better person. Zach Bryan doesn’t just write songs. He tells stories. He uses clever imagery to describe love. He doesn’t just write cookie cutter love songs. He writes love songs that make you think. He writes songs that come from the heart. We love that he isn’t ashamed to express his emotions in his songs. As soon as the song starts, you know it will affect you.

The melody carries the song to another level. It sounds like a classic country song. Zach Bryan takes vocal risks in the song. He does very good runs in the song. He has a raspy voice so the runs could have been rough, but he did a remarkable job on them. This song may make you a fan of his work.

# 5 – Dawns ft Maggie Rogers

The next song on or Top 10 Zach Bryan Songs list is “Dawns.” The non-album single came out in January 2023. The heartbreaking song is about a couple dealing with problems. The song opens with him talking about wasting his time with the wrong person. He wishes he could get the days back that he wasted on her. The singer doesn’t know what he should do now because he wasted his time. In his mind, love is another drug and he’s become a victim of it. He doesn’t know what to do. The singer questions why they are fighting. He wants his “dawns” back. He wants his belongings back because he’s done. Maggie Rogers verse talks about being gone by the time he wakes up. She realizes she wasted her time with him. She believes in something bigger than them. She misses the good times they used to share together.

“Dawns” is an emotional song about dealing with love and regret. The artists are trying to find ways to move forward from their mistakes. The song tackles love, loss and moving on. You will learn from this song that you have to let go of the past to move on with your life. Zach Bryan and Maggie Rogers used a creative way to describe getting their time back. “Dawns” represents time they’ve lost. If you have found yourself in a relationship where you feel that you have wasted your time and energy, this song will resonate with you.

At some point in our lives, we’ve felt like we’ve wasted our time when it comes to love. Zach Bryan and Maggie Rogers found a haunting way to tell this story. This song will hit you hard if you are heartbroken. The music is dynamic. It goes through different changes. It starts slowly and picks up the pace. We love the simplicity of the music. The music will give you chills. Zach Bryan delivers on this track. His gritty vocals are perfect for the instrumentation. Maggie Rogers vocals are superb. She sounds like Stevie Nicks. She does disappear when they sing together, but her vocals are good too.

# 4 – Letting Someone Go

“Letting Someone Go” is from the DeAnn album. The single was released in August 2019. The song is about losing someone you love and struggling to move on from it. The song opens with our singer talking about not being together with his partner anymore. Even though they aren’t together anymore, the love they shared was real. They knew how real their love was. He had a deep love for the woman in his life.

Their differences and struggles to make their relationship work inevitably caused them to break up. This change caused a rift between them. In the second verse, he talks about the things he misses about his partner and the things they did together. It’s hard for him to see things clearly because the pain of losing his former lover is consuming. He doesn’t want her to move on with someone else. “Letting someone go” will hurt you more than anything.

“Letting Someone Go” is a heartbreaking song about a man who is struggling to move on from a past relationship. The song paints a picture of the pain the singer is going through trying to move on from his former lover. The lyrics will break your heart because we feel his pain. It’s sad to know that he is still in love with her and can’t be with her. You can’t help feeling sorry for him as he expresses the pain he feels over losing her.

If you have broken up with someone and find it hard to move on, Zach Bryan is telling your story. “Letting Someone Go” is the ultimate breakup song. The melody complements the lyrics. Zach Bryan made the right call not to make the song upbeat. The song is more vulnerable because it’s not too fast. Zach Bryan shows his vulnerable side in the song. You might not recognize him because he doesn’t use his signature raspy voice. He trades his raspy voice for a melancholy one.

# 3 – From Austin

Coming in at number three is “From Austin” from the American Heartbreak album. The song dropped in February 2022. “From Austin” is about a man who is leaving Austin and wishes his lover were with him. He ended up leaving Austin alone. In verse two, he talks about the times they spent together. In the chorus, the singer talks about being ready to leave Austin.

It was time for her to settle down with someone who wants a commitment. It’s time for him to face the music about what he let go. The singer needs to realize the problems he faced to move on with someone new. He gave her his all, but he still let her down. The people he loved in the past have left or died. He wishes he was able to make a commitment. The song concludes with him leaving Austin and his former lover settling down with someone new.

“From Austin” is a poignant song about a man who realizes he’s not good enough for his lover. He decides to leave so she can have a better life with someone else. It takes a brave person to walk away from someone they love. His love for her was so strong that he was willing to sacrifice his happiness so she could move on with someone different from him. This story may break your heart. There aren’t too many people who would put their happiness on the backburner for someone else.

The song teaches you about the art of letting go. Letting someone go can be painful and a necessary evil. It’s an enjoyable song that is well written. He uses imagery to set the scene for the song. The music is soft and sweet. The acoustic and electric guitars are the standout instruments. Zach Bryan’s gives a stellar vocal performance on this song. His vocals are sincere. He sings in a higher pitch than our previous entries. Zach Bryan has excellent vocal timing because he sings in time with the beat changes.

# 2 – Heading South

“Heading South” appears on the Elisabeth album. The song came out in September 2019. It’s about a dreamer who has been judged and criticized by the people around him. He was able to persevere despite his naysayers criticizing him. The singer decides to leave town and pursue his music career. He believes people in the south won’t judge him. They will accept him as well as his talent. There are people waiting for him to fail, but he’s determined to prove them wrong. He will make a name for himself. We learn that he’s taken control over his life and career. He won’t let naysayers ruin his life.

“Heading South” tells a story about someone who has been judged because of his dreams. The song teaches listeners to follow their dreams no matter what anyone says. Zach Bryan doesn’t want listeners to give up on what they want just because people don’t approve of it. This is a powerful message that many of us can understand. You don’t have to be a singer to understand what he’s talking about in the song.

The lyrics can apply to anyone with a dream. This is the perfect song to listen to if you’re trying to achieve your goals. It may inspire you to achieve them. It has a traditional country beat. The guitar driven song is soft which will give you a chance to focus on the lyrics and vocals. He utilizes his raspy voice to the best of his ability. He never misses a vocal beat. He sings the song as if this situation happened to him. His soulful vocals shine through in the song. His voice may send chills up and down your spine.

# 1 – Something in the Orange

The number one song on our Top 10 Zach Bryan Songs list is “Something in the Orange” is from the American Heartbreak album. The song came out in April 2022. It’s a song about a lost love. He’s still in love with his former girlfriend, but he knows their relationship is over. He believes she won’t miss him as much as he misses her.

“The orange” represents the sunset. The singer sees hope in the sunset. He refuses to believe it’s over. In verse two, he’s in a no-win situation. If he says he misses her, she won’t miss him. The singer misses her in the mornings when he sees the sun. “Something in the Orange” tells him they aren’t done. In the chorus, he talks about how much she means to him. He doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do. He’s foolish to believe that she’s coming back when she’s not. As the song continues, he longs for her to come back to him.

“Something in the Orange” is about a man who must come to grips with the fact that his relationship is over. It’s hard to accept the end of a relationship when you’re in love. There may be times when you’re optimistic that you can get your love back only to realize they’re never coming back. We feel his pain as he’s holding on to his faith that she will come back to him.

He puts his heart on the line even though he knows he can’t get her back. We love how Zach Bryan has an expressive way of telling a story. He will have you invested in the song from beginning to end. The music is stripped. It features the acoustic guitar and harmonica. It’s a blend of folk, country and rock music. It will please fans of the genres. The music coincides with the subject. There is a musical pause that will give you a chance to embrace the music. The music brings out the vulnerability of his voice. It’s easy to see why this is one of his most recognizable hits. He does everything right in the song.

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