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After 7 Songs

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When you think of R&B groups from the late 80s, does After 7 come to mind? After 7 features Edmonds brothers Melvin and Kevon and their friend Keith Mitchell. They gained fans because of their remarkable harmonies and extraordinary melodies. Their smooth vocal delivery and timeless music gain loyal fans. Melvin and Kevon Edmonds weren’t strangers to the music industry. They have a connection in the music business. Melvin and Kevon Edmonds are the older brothers of legendary singer, songwriter, and producer Babyface. In fact, Babyface named the group and helped them get a record deal. He didn’t stop at getting them signed to a label. The legend helped write some of their biggest hits. Babyfaces penned the hits “Heat of the Moment,” “Ready or Not,” “Can’t Stop,” “One Night,” “’Til You Do Me Right,” “Runnin’ Out,” “Let Me Know,” “I Want You” as well as others.

After 7 rose to fame with the release of their platinum-selling debut album. The eponymous album dropped in August 1989. LA Reid, Babyface, and Daryl Simmons played roles in the success of this album. After 7 includes the hit singles “Heat of the Moment,” “Ready or Not,” “One Night,” “My Only Woman,” and “Can’t Stop.” They followed up their platinum-selling debut with the release of the second album Takin’ My Time, which came out in August 1992. This album didn’t feature production from LA Reid and Babyface. The duo worked with other artists. They have songwriting credits on the album. Takin’ My Time produced the singles “Baby, I’m for Real/Natural High,” “Kickin’ It,” “Can He Love U Like This,” and “Truly Something Special.” The album sold over one million copies. Less than three years later, they released the album Reflections. They released it in July 1995. The group re-teamed with Babyface on this project. It includes the singles “’Til You Do Me Right,” “How Do You Tell the One,” and “I Like It Like That.” The album went gold.

After 7 took a break from recording new music after the release of Reflections. During their hiatus, Kevon Edmonds released two solo albums. The group reunited to record another album. Melvin Edmonds struggled with personal problems during their hiatus. His son, Jason Edmonds, joined the group. After a 20-year hiatus, they released Timeless. It dropped in October 2016. The album features the R&B Top 10 hits “I Want You,” “Let Me Know,” “Runnin’ Out,” “Too Late,” and “If I.” After 7 suffered a blow when founding member Melvin Edmonds passed away. He died on May 18, 2019. Jason Edmonds left the group shortly after his father passed away. Danny McClain joined the group. They released Unfinished Business in August 2021. Unfinished Business spawned the singles “Bittersweet,” “No Place Like You,” and “Tomorrow Can Wait.”

Their music solidified their position in the R&B community. They bring style and sophistication to their music. Even if you’re not a fan of R&B and soul music, After 7’s songs are worth checking out. Our Top 10 After 7 Songs list gives you some of their best songs worth checking out.

# 10 – Not Enough Hours in the Night

The 10th song on our Top 10 After 7 Songs list is “Not Enough Hours in the Night.” It appears on the Beverly Hills 90210: The College Years soundtrack. It premiered in 1994. It features After 7’s “Not Enough Hours in the Night.” The tender love song is about a man who wants more time with the woman he loves. It frustrates him when he doesn’t have time with the woman he loves. The love he has for her overwhelms him. He wants more time to express how he feels about her. Despite the time they spend together, something is missing. When morning comes, their time is over. He looks forward to holding and kissing her again.

“Not Enough Hours in the Night” portrays a man longing for more time with someone he loves. The lyrics highlight the struggle you go through trying to spend time with someone you love. The soulful ballad is an excellent choice if you want to spend time with your lover. Couples struggling to spend time with each other understand the lyrics. It’s a realistic story featuring a couple needing more time together. What’s good about the song is that you don’t need to watch it. It stands on its own. Diane Warren wrote a soulful ballad for After 7. Kevon Edmonds showcases his exceptional vocal range in this song. He holds powerful notes towards the end of the song. Kevon Edmonds’ sweet vocals dazzle listeners, especially when he hits high notes. His solid notes turn this song into a power ballad. The group recorded the song a cappella. Kevon Edmonds held his notes without music. It’s hard to sing on key without music, but Kevon Edmonds made it look effortless. After 7 recorded two versions of this song. One features music, and the other is a cappella.

# 9 – Tomorrow Can Wait

“Tomorrow Can Wait” is the ninth song on our list. It’s the third single from the Unfinished Business album. It hit shelves in 2021. The song is about the fear of losing out on a romantic connection. He hopes the universe listens to him because he wants more time with the woman he loves. Time races by when they are together. His goal is to make time last forever.

“Tomorrow Can Wait” is a romantic song about wanting more time with the woman he loves. The theme is like our previous entry. These heartfelt lyrics capture the feeling of longing for the one you love. Couples understand that time flies when they are together. It’s a song you listen to when you want time with your loved one. The melodic beat makes it perfect for dancing with the one you love. “Tomorrow Can Wait” is excellent bedroom music. The track has a great R&B beat. This single gives listeners a chance to hear Danny McClain sing lead. He opens the song with his silky vocals. His low-tenor vocals blend well with the melodic beat. Kevon Edmonds comes in for the second verse. His top-notch vocals are what the doctor ordered. Danny McClain and Kevon Edmonds’ voices fit together like a hand and glove. We picked this song because the chorus is infectious, and the vocals blow your mind.

# 8 – I Want You – Babyface ft. After 7

“I Want You” is the eighth song on our list. It appears on After 7’s Timeless album. It also appears on Babyface’s album Return of the Tender Lover. The hit single premiered in 2015. It’s a passionate song about wanting to be with someone. Babyface and After 7 take turns explaining their love for the women in their lives. No other woman compares to the women in their lives. Their love for the women is deep, and they can’t wait any longer to be with them. They refuse to wait any longer. Babyface and After 7 vow to do whatever it takes for their women.

“I Want You” is a beautiful love song that showcases the passion someone feels for their lover. They depict an attraction between two people. The song speaks to the sweeping desire to be with the one you love. This song is for anyone who does what it takes to get the one they want. “I Want You” is a classic Babyface R&B jam. He is an expert with love songs. After 7 made the right decision by singing this song with Babyface. Who better than the maestro to sing this song with? Fans of both acts receive a treat listening to them sing together. Babyface and Kevon Edmonds sound like each other. It’s obvious where Babyface gets his talented vocals. The Edmonds brothers work well together. We want to hear Babyface and Kevon Edmonds work together on more songs. This song has sentimental value since it’s the last track the Edmonds brothers appeared on together before Melvin Edmonds passed away. “I Want You” is R&B music at its finest. We couldn’t pick a better song to occupy the eighth spot.

# 7 – Let Me Know

Continuing this list is our seventh pick, “Let Me Know.” “Let Me Know” is the second single from the Timeless album. The song appeared on the charts in 2016. It’s about a couple getting talked about by other people. He expresses how much he values her. The rumors about them don’t concern him. If they are open and honest, their relationship will work out. Their love is the only thing that matters. No one will come between them.

“Let Me Know” is an honest look at a relationship getting judged. This song depicts a couple overcoming obstacles and staying together, no matter what. The heartfelt lyrics are relatable to couples who get judged by others. This song teaches you that people can’t affect your relationship. If your relationship is worth fighting for, nothing can come between you. The stirring ballad gives chills as you listen to it. After 7’s emotional vocals strike a chord with listeners. Their pacing is impeccable as they tell the story. They start the song softly and vocally explode throughout the song. The group turns the song into a power ballad. After 7 takes you to church with their outstanding vocal delivery. They sing the relatable lyrics with all their hearts. Their astonishing vocals won’t surprise longtime fans. Casual listeners get a treat hearing the group’s incredible vocals. We love this song because the music and vocals are a perfect marriage.

# 6 – Runnin’ Out

“Runnin’ Out” appears on the Timeless album. The single premiered in 2017. It’s about a romantic relationship challenged by outside forces. He believes their love will last despite obstacles. The song details how a man fell for the love of his life. Relationships have difficult moments, but perseverance leads to improvement. He promises not to give up on her and wants her to do the same. Their story is far from over. The couple’s love won’t diminish or run out.

This poignant song is a plea for lovers not to give up on each other. The song encourages listeners to reconsider any doubts they have about their relationships. After 7 wants listeners to focus on making their relationships work despite the odds against them. “Runnin’ Out” illustrates that love endures everything if you put in the work. After 7 shines on songs like this one. They sound like experts talking about the complexities of love. Their songs advise on how to make relationships last forever. Babyface wrote a spectacular song for the soulful group. The song caters to their vocal abilities. They sing the song with the right emotion needed to convey the message of love. Their powerhouse vocals leave a lasting impression on listeners. The sensual music puts you in the mood for romance. This song is perfect for a romantic evening with your significant other.

# 5 – Kickin’ It

We reached the halfway point on our Top 10 After 7 Songs list. “Kickin’ It” is the first single from their album Takin’ My Time. The single debuted in 1992. It’s about a man committed to the woman he loves. His emotional connection to her is as deep as a river. She means everything to him. Her love is a dream come true. He promises never to leave her alone and confused. She never has to doubt his feelings for her. His heart belongs to her.

“Kickin’ It” is an enthusiastic declaration of love and commitment. The song teaches listeners about unconditional love. These profound lyrics relate to anyone seeking unconditional love and loyalty from someone they love. After 7 experiments with a different musical style for this song. They took a risk changing their style because their fanbase might prefer the ballads to the up-tempo songs. The risk paid off because they recorded an irresistible track. The infectious beat sets the stage for creating a New Jack Swing sound. “Kickin’ It” has a youthful sound. We love how this beat gets you on the dance floor. The musical style differs from their other songs, but their commanding vocals remain the same. They sing the song like it’s a ballad. Melvin Edmonds and Kevon Edmonds’ lustrous vocals touch your soul. They take you on a vocal journey, and you don’t want it to end.

# 4 – Til You Do Me Right

“’Til You Do Me Right” is the first single from the Reflections album. It came out in June 1995. The song is about a frustrated man in a one-sided relationship. He is tired of her not treating him right. She takes his love for granted and never reciprocates it. He treats her with love and respect, but she never returns his love. Instead of praising him for what he’s done, she criticizes him. Until she treats him better, he refuses to see her. Karma is inevitable until she treats him right.

“’Til You Do Me Right” embraces the theme of unrequited love. The lyrics explore the end of a relationship. It teaches listeners to appreciate the love they have before they lose it. The enraged lyrics relate to anyone getting taken advantage of in a relationship. Loving gestures being unappreciated happens more times than we realize. They hit a home run with these deeply felt lyrics. This song gives the group a chance to take on a bitter song. Fans expect to hear romantic songs, but they switched things up. This change proves After 7 can sing about anything. Melvin Edmonds and Kevon Edmonds give performances of a lifetime with their vocals. You can’t help feeling their pain while they’re singing. Their vocals complement each other. Melvin Edmonds’ baritone vocals blend well with Kevon Edmonds’ tenor voice. They gave each other room to shine in the song.

# 3 – Heat of the Moment

“Heat of the Moment” is ranked third on our list. This song is the first single from their eponymous album. The single dropped in 1989. This song is about a man who cheats on his girlfriend. He betrayed the love of his life. He is determined to do whatever he can to keep her because losing her would devastate him. The man pledges to be a better person despite being tempted by another woman.

“Heat of the Moment” depicts a story of a man suffering from a lapse in judgment. He regrets cheating on his girlfriend. The song teaches you what happens when you cheat on someone you love. You risk losing the person you love for a momentary lapse in judgment. He tries changing, but temptation clouds his judgment. We give the group credit for putting a spotlight on adultery. After 7 put a unique spin on adultery. He regrets his affair, but his lover still tempts him. This creative spin makes the song realistic. We commend them for discussing a flawed character instead of one too good to be true. “Heat of the Moment” is the song that introduced the world to the group. This timeless classic remains relevant because of unique storytelling and realistic characters. The irresistible music blows your mind. It always gets the party started. It continues to get airplay on R&B radio stations.

# 2 – Can’t Stop

“Can’t Stop” is ranked second on our list. It is the third single from After 7’s eponymous album. The song debuted in May 1990. This single is a declaration of love. After 7 describe what it feels like to fall in love for the first time. He reminisces about spending an exciting night with the woman he loves. They made love for the first time. This noteworthy moment brings them joy. He never felt loved until she came into his life. Their special night brings them closer together.

“Can’t Stop” is a passionate message of love. The song celebrates the connection between two people falling in love for the first time. It teaches you not to give up on love. When you think love has given up on you, someone appears and changes your mind. The heartfelt lyrics make you believe in love. Each verse displays the emotions between two people in love. It features an enchanting chorus that pleads with listeners to sing along with it. Kevon Edmonds takes the lead on this song, and he delivers. His moving vocals captivate listeners. He soars throughout the song with his dynamic vocals. His vocals seduce you as he serenades you. “Can’t Stop” is one song that helped put After 7 on the map. The song came out in the early 90s but remains flawless. This song could have been number one on our list, but we went in another direction. “Can’t Stop” is an infectious earworm that you won’t want out of your head. We can’t stop listening to it.

# 1 – Ready or Not

The number one song on our Top 10 After 7 Songs list is “Ready or Not.” “Ready or Not” appears on their eponymous album. Their hit single premiered in February 1990. This affectionate song describes a man’s unwavering love for a woman in his life. He emphasizes how far he would go to prove his love for her. The man wants to provide the world for her. His devotion to her knows no limits. His goal is to fulfill all her needs and wants.

“Ready or Not” is the ultimate love song. The fairy tale lyrics speak to couples in love. This song is ideal for weddings and anniversaries. If you love sensual songs, “Ready or Not” is a fantastic choice. The sparkling song makes you a believer in love. This song is so beautiful that it thaws even the coldest of hearts. LA Reid and Babyface penned a breathtaking love song that resonates with fans. Everything about this song works, from the electrifying vocals to the enchanting music. Melvin and Kevon Edmonds sing their hearts out in the song. Kevon Edmonds turns the song into a power ballad with his spectacular runs. This song remains a classic. Fans recognize this song immediately. Once the chords begin, you know what song is coming.

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