Top 10 Anthony Hamilton Songs

Anthony Hamilton Songs

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Our Top 10 Anthony Hamilton Songs list takes a look at an underrated r&b singer, songwriter and producer who because famous with the release of his second album Comin’ From Where I’m From. He has 17 Grammy nominations for his music. He won a Grammy for Best Traditional R&B Performance for his single “You’ve Got the Love I Need.” Anthony Hamilton sold more than 50 million albums. Some of his hits include “Comin’ From Where I’m From,” “Charlene,” “Best of Me,” “Woo,” “Pray For Me.” “Cornbread Fish & Collard Greens,” “As” as well as other hits. He made cameo appearances in the movies American Gangstar (2007) and The Best Man Holiday (2013).

Anthony Cornelius Hamilton was born on January 28, 1971. He got his start in the church like most artists. He met a music producer named Mark Sparks in 1992 who talked Anthony Hamilton into leaving his hometown to sign with Andre Harrell’s Uptown Records. He wrote Donell Jones’ song “U Know What’s Up.” He performed on tour with D’Angelo. He became a background singer for Donell Jones. He rose to fame in 2002 when he sang the hook to the background for “Po’ Folks” by Nappy Roots. He was starting to become known as a go-to backup singer for different artists. The rest was history.

XTC came out in 1996. Unfortunately, it didn’t chart and the album is out of print. It features the singles “Nobody Else,” “Spend Some Time,” “I Want to Be with You,” “Forgive Me” and “In the Mood.” Comin’ Where I’m Coming From came out in 2003. The album peaked at number six on the r&b charts and number 33 on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the singles “Comin’ From Where I’m From,” “Charlene,” “Cornbread Fish & Collard Greens,” “I’m a Mess,” “Better Days” and “Lucille.” The album sold over a million copies.

Ain’t Nobody Worryin’ came out in 2005. It peaked at number four on the r&b charts and number 19 on the Billboard charts. It features the singles “Can’t Let Go,” “Sister Big Bones, “ “Pass Me Over,” “Where Did It Go Wrong,” “Ain’t Nobody Worryin’” and “The Truth.” It sold over 500,000 copies. The Point of It All came out in 2008. The album peaked at number three on the r&b charts and number 12 on the Billboard 200 charts. It features singles “Cool,” “The Point of It All,” “The Day We Met,” “Diamond in the Rough,” “Hard to Breathe” and “Please Stay.” The album sold over 500,000 copies.

Back to Life came out in 2011. It peaked at number three on the r&b charts and number 12 on the Billboard 200 charts. The album features the singles “Woo,” “Pray for Me,” “Best of Me,” ‘Writing on the Wall,” “Never Let Go” and “Mad.” “What I’m Feelin’ came out in 2016. It peaked at number two on the r&b charts and number 15 on the Billboard 200 charts. The album features the singles “What I’m Feelin’,” “Amen,” “Never Letting Go.” “Grateful” “Walk in My Shoes” and “Take You Home.”

Anthony Hamilton is an underrated singer. He isn’t the first person you think of when you think of r&b singers. He may not be at the top of your list, but he deserves a spot on the list. He has enticing music that is designed for lovers. He writes about the ups and downs of relationships. He competed with Donell Jones, Jill Scott, Raheem DeVaughn, Jaheim, Kem and Musiq for fans. He is known for his raspy vocals and his fans couldn’t get enough of it. Our Top 10 Anthony Hamilton Songs list will feature his best songs.

# 10 – Cornbread Fish & Collard Greens

The first song on our Top 10 Anthony Hamilton Songs list is “Cornbread Fish & Collard Greens” from the Comin’ From Where I’m From album. The song has an r&b beat to it. The bittersweet song is about her knowing her place and staying in line. The lyrics contradict themselves because the verses makes it seem like it’s an angry while the chorus appears to be a love song. Some women may be offended by the idea that he wants his woman to “stay in line.”

It’s not one of those love songs where women would get excited to hear because he is ordering her to stay in her place. It doesn’t sound like your typical love song. He manages to add some humor to the lyrics, which helps keep the song from being too offensive. It has an original title because you would think it would be a novelty song about food. The title of the track might make you hungry since he mentions soul food. Despite the theme behind the song, it’s very enjoyable.

He could win an award for an original song. The music has a funky beat. It features the guitar, drums and claps. The music is good to listen to when you are chilling out and relaxing. Anthony Hamilton sounds soulful on this song. His baritone voice blended well with the laidback beat. The background singers did a good job supporting him. The background singers do sing louder than him when they sing the chorus. We’re not sure if that was done on purpose or not.

# 9  – Amen

The next song on our Anthony Hamilton Songs list is “Amen” from the What I’m Feelin’ album. It has an r&b sound to it. The touching song is about him paying tribute to women who make you feel good inside and out. She’s good for your heart, mind and soul. He thinks she’s worth praising because she means so much to him. He said he wasn’t looking for love, but it found him.

This song is the complete opposite of “Cornbread Fish & Collard Greens” because this song praises women while the other wants to “keep them in line.” Just like with our previous entry, this song has a unique and misleading title. You would think this song would be about religion, but it’s about praising a woman he loves. It’s sweet to hear him sing about being grateful for the woman he loves. The song is relatable to couples who are in love. If men want to get out of trouble with the women in their lives, they could play this song on repeat. The song might help get them out of trouble. The music sounds s like a combination of r&b and gospel music. It features the keyboard, organ and drums. It’s not everyday that you hear gospel and r&b music combined for a song about being in love.

Anthony Hamilton is right at home with this jam. He sings from the heart as he praises the woman he loves. He tells a convincing story about the woman in his life. He sticks with the story until the end. His rich and velvety voice will captivate you. He sounds similar to Bill Withers on this track. He sounds ready to take everyone to church as well as the bedroom.

# 8 – Woo

The celebratory song is from the Back to Love album. It has an r&b sound. The clever song is a dedication to sexy and seductive women. It’s the second song on our list that recognizes the sexiness of women. He wants to acknowledge how sexy and beautiful his woman is. He’s celebrating her thickness. “Woo” is his reaction to when he sees her. He is one of the artists who appreciate a woman who’s not a size zero. He is someone who appreciates a thick woman. Women will love a song like this one. This is the type of song that will make women scream in a good way.

This is a Babyface penned and produced track so it does feature his romantic style. Their collaboration gave Anthony Hamilton a chance to work with the legendary singer, songwriter and producer. The music is upbeat and engaging. The track gives him a chance to show off his versatile side. The song is outside of his comfort zone. This is not the typical r&b song that Babyface is known for writing and producing. This is the first entry on our list that they worked on together. They made a great team. The song is a representation of both of their styles of music. It has an old school flavor mixed with today’s music.

He started off the song in his higher register. It was nice to hear how high his voice could get. Once the song progressed, he came down an octave. His signature raspy vocals took over and he took off. He belted towards the end of the song. He has a deep voice so it could have been hard on the ear to listen to him belt, but he sounded good doing it.

# 7 – The Point of All

The alluring song is from the album of the same name. It has an r&b and soul sound. The romantic song is about the way he feels about the woman he loves. He thinks she’s the reason for everything. No matter what he goes through the point of it is that he loves her. Anthony Hamilton likes to create grown folks music. He is the heir apparent to Barry White and Luther Vandross. He may create songs that aren’t necessarily for the younger audience, but his music speaks to the hearts of r&b fans. His songs are underrated, but he proves that he’s got what it takes to be a mainstay in r&b music. The lyrics are guaranteed to make women feel emotional.

Men will feel something from this song as well. Anyone who has a ride or die love will be able to relate to this song. This beautiful song could be played at a wedding or played if you planned on getting engaged. The music will grab your attention as soon as you hear the first bars of the piano. The music is soothing and will touch a place in your heart. The melody sounds similar to Floetry’s song “Say Yes.” The song has a softer beat than Anthony Hamilton’s jam, but there are similarities between them. You will have to have a heart made of stone not to be moved by the touching lyrics.

We dare you not to be touched by this track. Anthony Hamilton’s raspy vocals can put you in a trance. His diction is flawless. It is easy to understand everything he says. This was the perfect song to use to represent the album.

# 6 – Do You Feel Me

The flirty song is from the American Gangster Soundtrack. The song has an r&b and soul sound. The inquisitive song is about a man wondering if the woman he has feelings for returns his feelings. He asked her if she is “feeling him.” If you are familiar with urban vernacular, then the term “feel me” would be self-explanatory. If you aren’t familiar with it, than it means that you are into the person. The lyrics are charming. He questions whether she cares about him.

This theme has been done several times before, but this seems like a fresh take on it. The song is from the movie American Gangster. Anthony Hamilton makes an appearance in the movie. The movie is about a gangster so the song doesn’t describe the movie at all. Since it’s not related to the movie, you don’t have to watch it to appreciate the lyrics. This is definitely grown folks music. It’s a song that will make you think about relationships and whether someone has feelings for you. This is a Diane Warren penned track. It might be a surprise to you because this song isn’t the type of song she would write. She writes songs that are pop and r&b friendly. She also writes power ballads. The song is a ballad, but it’s r&b and soul friendly.

The song matches Anthony Hamilton’s style more than it does hers. With that said, the song is hypnotic and a pleasure to hear. The song has a smooth flow and a catchy chorus. His voice is great on this track. The music caters to his vocal strength. He doesn’t turn the song into a power ballad, but he did an excellent job with his vocals. He soared as high as his voice could go and we loved it.

# 5 – Pray For Me

The next song on our Top 10 Anthony Hamilton Songs list is “Pray For Me” from the Back to Love album. The song has an r&b and soul sound. The poignant song is about a man who betrays his girlfriend by cheating on her. He wants God to help him get back the woman he loves. He realizes that he has to live the rest of his life without the woman he loves because of his mistake. This is another collaboration with Babyface. They worked on three songs together for the album and all of the songs could have made the list, but we had to narrow it down to the ones we picked.

The lyrics are heartfelt and speaks to your soul. Anthony Hamilton shows his vulnerable side as he accepts the blame for what he did to the woman he loves. The lyrics are filled with depth as he explains the way he betrayed his woman for someone who meant nothing to him. People who have betrayed the ones they love could relate to this jam. This song will touch your heart as he shows so much emotion on it. This song sounds more like a Babyface jam than “Woo.” The track has that classic Babyface sound. This jam is smooth r&b at its finest. Speaking of Babyface, he could be heard singing in the background. They harmonize well together while they sing the chorus.

Anthony Hamilton sings in his middle register and it was a great choice. He didn’t utilize his raspy tone, but he didn’t have to because he sounds great in this one. He should definitely work with Babyface on more songs because he brought out the best in him. You will want to put this track on repeat because you won’t want it to end.

# 4 – As ft. Marsha Ambrosius

This gentle song is from The Best Man Holiday Soundtrack. The track has an r&b sound. The emotional song is about loving someone until the end of time. They are comparing love to the elements of the earth as well as nature. It’s for a tearjerker scene in the movie. They make a cameo appearance in the movie singing the song. This is a cover of a Stevie Wonder song. It’s that time to ask the questions we ask when a hit song is covered. Did they make a mistake covering a popular song? Did they make it their own? The answer to the first question is yes.

Stevie Wonder has a huge catalogue of hits songs so it might be a risk to cover his tracks. The answer to the second question is that they did make it their own. Anthony Hamilton and Marsha Ambrosius’ version is a slowed down version of Stevie Wonder’s hit song. The song is also a duet instead of a track for a solo artist. Stevie Wonder’s songs get remade quite a bit, but they managed to make it their own. Anthony Hamilton and Marsha Ambrosius’ version is turned into a tear jerking ballad. Stevie Wonder’s version is energetic and sounds like a love song.

Their version is about a loving couple too, but there’s a sadness to it. The music is somber and might make you cry especially if the sadness of the song resonates with you. The lyrics are warm and sentimental. If you take the romantic element from the song, it can be about the love you feel for a family member. Their voices blended so well together. Their vocals make the song sound powerful. They both win the vocal battle.

# 3 – Charlene

They mysterious song is from the Comin’ From Where I Come From album. The song has an r&b beat. The brokenhearted song is about a man who betrayed his woman’s trust. He intends to sit at his home until she comes back to him. This is another song about Anthony Hamilton’s cheating. He wants his relationship to work out. The lyrics are magnificent. He tells the story about cheating on someone and how he would do anything to get her back. He has a couple of songs with this theme on our Top 10 Anthony Hamilton Songs list, but each one manages to be different.

“Charlene” stands out because he tells a very convincing story about Charlene. It’s mysterious because no one knows who Charlene is, but he’s pouring his heart out to her. This song will make you feel like crying as you listen to the lyrics. The song touches the hearts of anyone who is in a similar situation. He sings with a lot of raw emotion. His raspy tone makes the song sound even better.

You can feel the pain in his voice as he asks for Charlene to come back home to him. He sounds similar to Bobby Womack, Bill Withers and Charlie Wilson on this track. His vocals will touch your heart. His vocals are excellent. This is the song that helped put Anthony Hamilton on the music map. When you think of his jams, this is one of the songs that come to mind. It’s definitely worth a listen.

# 2 – Comin’ From Where I’m From

The reflective song is from the album of the same name. It has an r&b and soul beat. This melancholy song is about a man who is in jail and tries to figure out why his life has gone wrong. He talks about how a woman betrayed him. He said the bad things he’s done hasn’t worked out. He talks about the anger and pain he feels about being in jail. He was also afraid to have kids because he doesn’t want his kids to turn out the way he did. There’s a lot going on with this song. He’s touching a lot of deep subjects.

There aren’t too many songs that discuss what happens to a person who is in jail. Rappers usually cover topics like this. It’s not usually r&b singers who cover subjects like this. This is a different take on hard times. He gives you plenty to think about since he covered quite a few topics. You may not be able to relate to this track because of the subject, but it can still be respected. The music has a church feel to it. The moody piano gives the song a somber feel.

The drumbeat gives the song tempo. He does such a good job vocally that he convinces the listeners that he’s going through that situation. His raspy tone blends with the music. He doesn’t really sing in time with the beat, but it doesn’t hurt the song.

# 1 – The Best of Me

The number one song on our Top 10 Anthony Hamilton Songs list is “The Best of Me” from the Back to Love album. The song has an r&b beat. The classic song is about him falling in love. He wants to give the best of himself to the woman he love. The story of the song is about a day that a couple spends together. He vocalizes about how amazing the day is. He wants to give her the best. Couples in love could relate to the inspiring lyrics. The song would make a great song. The music is smooth and relaxing. There’s enough tempo to have you on the dance floor.

This hot jam has an old school feel to it. It feels like it was recorded in the late 70s or 80s. This gem would be great to hear during the summer. It would make a great jam for the barbecues. This song gave him a chance to sing a midtempo track. He is known for his ballads so he stepped outside of his comfort zone for this track. We dare you to sit still listening to the bouncy beat. This track is a bop. Let’s get to his sparkling vocals. Anthony Hamilton took risks vocally too. He sings the song in his upper register. He doesn’t sing this song with his raspy tone. He starts the song softly and then bursts into musical flames. He vocalizes and performs runs after the bridge. Everything about this song works from the outstanding music to the incredible singing. The song deserves its spot on our list.

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