10 Best Covers Of Jackson Browne Songs

Covers Of Jackson Browne songs

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Our Top 10 Best Covers Of Jackson Browne Songs list presents the best recordings of Jackson Browne songs performed by other artists. It’s got to be a challenge to cover a Jackson Browne song because Browne’s original versions are already done so well and have become so iconic over the years. As you will see while scrolling through this list. most of the cover versions of Jackson Browne songs with a few exceptions were released at around the same time Jackson Browne released his own original versions. As one of our favorite artists of all time, we can definitely say that it was a great joy in putting this list together. There were so many covers songs to choose from especially with the double  tribute cd of Jackson Browne covers that was released in 2014. However, we only took two songs from that set as the Jackson Browne songs done in the early 197os were just too good not to present on this list.

# 10 – Take It Easy – The Eagles

Let’s just get this one out of the way as it’s probably the most famous and commercially successful Jackson Browne songs performed by another band of all time.The Eagles owe their first big hit of their career to Mister Jackson Browne. Yet, of course the song was also co-written with Glenn Frey who came in after the song had just about been done and added a few verses, at least that what we have been told.  So it’s not a 100% covered song since it was co-written, but in the end since they both released their own versions we think it qualifies for this list.

# 9 – Doctor My Eyes – Jackson 5

Continuing with our 10 Best Covers Of Jackson Browne Songs list we take a listen to the great song entitled “Doctor My Eyes.” It may be a surprise to many that the Jackson 5 covered a Jackson Browne song because they were such different artists. Yet, a great song is a great song and The Jackson 5 delivered a fun energetic soulful version of this song in their own legendary way. The Jackson 5 recorded the song for their 1972 album entitled Lookin’ Through the Windows. The song got lost in the United States, but in the United Kingdom it was a top 10 smash.

# 8 – Rock Me On The Water – Johnny Rivers

In the number eight spot on our 10 Best Covers Of Jackson Browne Songs list we present the song entitled “Rock Me On The Water.” This phenomenal Jackson Browne song makes two appearances on this list in two very different versions from two remarkable artists. The first one up is Johnny Rivers stunning version. The song appeared on the Johnny Rivers album entitled Home Grown. The album was released in 1971. Johnny Rivers version starts out with a solo piano that wraps itself around Johnny Rivers‘ soulful vocals in a sparse arrangement that builds throughout the song as a great team of female backing singers join him on the chorus. We couldn’t leave this one out. Johnny Rivers just had that magical voice that was so unique.

# 7 – Somebody’s Baby – Andru Donalds

In the number seven position on our 10 Best Covers Of Jackson Browne Songs list is the song entitled “Somebody’s Baby.” Jackson Browne wrote this song for the movie Fast Times At Ridgemont High. It was perfectly placed in the movie around Jennifer Jason Leigh. The unique reggae cover version presented here was done by Andru Donalds. This very cool remake was also placed in a motion picture we all loved entitled Good Will Hunting. That film was released about seventeen years later in 1997 from Fast Times.

# 6 – The Pretender – Lucinda Williams

Landing in the number six spot on our 10 Best Covers Of Jackson Browne Songs list we present the song “The Pretender.” One of our favorite musical artists of all time has always been the brilliant Lucinda Williams. Her songwriting skills are on a Neil Young type level. Aligned with Lucinda Williams‘ deep songwriting skill set has been her passionate performances of her own music as well as some stirring covers including her astonishing remake of Jackson Browne’s “The Pretender.” Lucinda Williams‘ cover was released on the 2014 Jackson Browne tribute album entitled Looking Into You: A Tribute to Jackson Browne. 

# 5 – Sleep’s Dark and Silent Gate – Bonnie Raitt

Every songwriter would love to have one of their songs covered by the wonderful Bonnie Raitt. She stands as one of the greatest voices in classic rock history. She has covered so many songs by brilliant songwriters and turned them into big hits. At the halfway point on our 10 Best Covers Of Jackson Browne Songs list is the song entitled “Sleep’s Dark and Silent Gate.” Bonnie Raitt’s version of this great song from The Pretender album is simply stunning. Bonnie Raitt released her version on the album The Glow.  The album was released in 1979.

# 4 – These Days – Nico

At the number four spot on our 10 Best Covers Of Jackson Browne Songs list we present the song entitled “These Days.” This warm version in the number four spot was recorded by the great artist Nico. She released the song on her 1967 album entitled Chelsea Girl. It was Nico’s debut album. Listen to how those strings just carry Nico’s accented vocals into the heavens. Simply mesmerising.

# 3 – Redneck Friend – Dave Alvin

Moving along on our 10 Best Covers Of Jackson Browne Songs list we present the song entitled “Redneck Friend.” Dave Alvin does rip rockin blues versions of this old Jackson Browne song and just blasts the roof off. The former lead singer of The Blasters released this version on the album West of the West. The song was released  in 2006. Don’t miss this one

# 2 – These Days – Gregg Allman

As we close in on the top spot on our 10 Best Covers Of Jackson Browne Songs list we celebrate the song entitled “These Days,” one more time. We will never get tired of listening to the sound of Gregg Allman’s voice. It was one in a million. This version of These Days just works so well. It’s as soulful and spiritual as it gets. The song was released on Gregg Allman’s solo album entitled Laid Back. The album was released in 1973.

# 1 – Rock Me On The Water – Linda Ronstadt

We close out our 10 Best Covers Of Jackson Browne Songs list with the second appearance on this list of the monumental song entitled “Rock Me On The Water.” Linda Ronstadt’s performance of this classic song stands out as our favorite cover version of a Jackson Browne song. Linda Ronstadt recorded the song in 1972 and released it on her third studio album simply entitled Linda Ronstadt. She actually released the song about a half year before Jackson Browne released his own version of the song. Linda Ronstadt just tears it up with a vocal performance to die for on this amazing recording.


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