Top 10 Jackson Browne Songs

Jackson Browne Songs

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The Top 10 Jackson Browne songs list defines an artist that has sung and written songs like no other popular music artist of the 20th and 21st centuries. Jackson Browne’s distinctive voice has charmed fans for the past forty years. His lyrical ideas have touched every form of human existence from heartbreak, sorrow, joy and celebration. He has been one of the most consistent voices of rebellion against issues that have threatened the good of human society. From his contributions to the No Nukes movements in the 1970’s, to his most recent stand against gun violence, Jackson Browne has used his voice to combat issues the singer has viewed as socially and morally vital.

Jackson Browne ‘s first album was released in 1972 simply entitled Jackson Browne. Since the release of his first album,Jackson Browne has released thirteen more records. His last album as of this writing was released in 2104 entitled Standing in the Breach. In 2004, Jackson Browne was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. Bruce Springsteen’s speech was filled with stories that paid a fitting tribute to Jackson Browne’s appeal as a singer, songwriter and human being. Our list of the Top 10 Jackson Browne songs is just a small look into Jackson Browne’s career. We easily could have done a Top 100 Jackson Browne Songs List. However, we hope you enjoy our small tribute and look forward to hearing from you.

# 10 – Doctor My Eyes

Jackson Browne’s first big hit was released on his debut album Jackson Browne in 1972. The song “Doctor My Eyes,” was a top Top 10 hit peaking at the Number eight spot on the Billboard Top 100 singles charts in 1972. It was an album that featured an all-star cast of musicians including David Crosby and Graham Nash on backing vocals. If you were growing up in the 1970s, you could not turn on the radio without hearing this great song. It was a favorite on both am and fm radio.

# 9 – Late for the Sky

This beautiful Jackson Browne song was the opening track on his 1974 album Late For The Sky. The album was Jackson Browne’s third release. Once again Jackson Browne utilized an all-star cast of musicians on the record. The third time around Jackson Browne was supported by the background vocals of Don Henley, J.D Souther and Dan Fogelberg.

# 8 – The Load Out/Stay

The great track “The Load Out/ Stay,” was released on Jackson Browne’s 1977 Running On Empty LP. The album was the follow-up to his huge smash album The Pretender. The song “The Load Out,” was listed as the ninth song on the record, while “Stay,” was listed as the tenth track. However, the two songs were released together as a single that peaked at Number 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 music charts in 1977. Jackson Browne composed “The Load Out.” The song “Stay,” was a cover of the Maurice Williams song written in 1953. Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons has a huge hit with the song “Stay,” in 1964.

# 7 – The Fuse

In 1976, Jackson Browne released the greatest album of his career. Three of the songs on this Top 10 Jackson Browne songs list hail from The Pretender album. Just about every song from the album could have made this list, but we did not want to ignore Jackson Browne’s other wonderful work. “The Fuse,” was the opening track to the record. It is an often overlooked gem from the Jackson Browne catalog.

# 6 – Running On Empty

The great track “Running On Empty,” was the first single released from Jackson Browne’s follow-up album to the Pretender. The single Running On Empty,” just missed the Billboard Top 10 peaking at Number 11. The album Running on Empty was nominated for a Grammy in the Album of the Year category in 1977. Jackson Browne was also nominated for the Best Male Pop Vocal Grammy for his work on the song Running On Empty.”

# 5 – Somebody’s Baby

There is no better soundtrack song in the genre of teen movies than Jackson Browne’s “Somebody’s Baby.” The great film Fast Time At Ridgemont High was far more than just a teen comedy, as it served as a launching pad for the film careers of Sean Penn and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Jackson Browne’s “Somebody’s Baby,” world serves as the most pop-oriented hit of his career. However, it was pop music perfection that was all substance.

# 4 – Hold On Hold Out

Jackson Browne’s “Hold Out Hold On,” may be the sleeper song on the list to casual fans. However, Jackson Browne fans love this song. The beautiful piano introduction and spoken word middle section highlight one of Jackson Browne’s most romantic songs. The song was released on Jackson Browne’s 1980 album Hold Out.

# 3 – Here Come Those Tears Again

“Here Come Those Tears Again,” was the first single released from Jackson Browne’s terrific 1976 album The Pretender. It is perhaps Jackson Browne’s most poignant song of heartbreak he has ever written, not counting the entire I’m Alive album. The song  “Here Come Those Tears Again,” hit Number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in 1976.

# 2 – Take It Easy

Most music fans relate to the classic “Take It Easy,” track as an Eagles song. Well the truth is, it was written by an Eagle and Jackson Browne. The late Glenn Frey shared the writing credit with Jackson Browne on this memorable song. It really does not matter which version of the song one may like better, it’s such a classic track that it stands as one of the best Jackson Browne songs ever written.

# 1 – The Pretender

Our choice for the Number one song on this Top 10 Jackson Browne Songs list was an easy one. Jackson Browne released the album of his career in 1976 with The Pretender album. Every song on the album was a brilliantly written composition that showcased a songwriter at the top of his game. The highlight of the album was none other than the title track. It’s hard to find words to describe the song’s beauty and its impact on the singer-songwriter genre. “The Pretender,” was Jackson Browne’s masterpiece.

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