The Raconteurs Songs Ranked

The Raconteurs Songs

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With yet another band from Detroit, Michigan, The Raconteurs proves that there is quite something about Detroit and rock music. The Raconteurs was formed back in 2005 thanks to the collaboration of vocalists and guitarists Jack White and Brendan Benson, alongside bass guitarist Jack Lawrence and drummer Patrick Keeler. From the band’s official website, Jack White and Brendan met in a hot summer where they wrote a song that inspired the creation of a band and a full album. The song would be “Steady, As She Goes,” which is one of The Raconteurs’ best songs. With some of the members dining in the success of bands they were in previously, The Raconteurs were destined to become a big name in rock music. However, to the band, their success results from a pre-planned move to make a new band made up of old friends. Notably, the band’s fame went beyond the US, with their name reaching the Australian market. And with their name already taken by an Australian band, The Raconteurs are known as The Saboteurs in the continent nation. Here are the top 10 The Raconteurs songs you might wish to add to your rock music playlist.

# 10 – Many Shades of Black

Ushering us to the top 10 The Raconteurs songs is the song “Many Shades of Black” from the band’s second album, Consolers of the Lonely. Thanks to the band’s vocalist Brendan Benson and Jack White for their lyrical prowess, this song got quite a positive reception. Its release contains a version of the song performed by famous British artist Adele, who has performed it live severally. With the song peaking at number 37 on the US Hot Modern Rock Tracks Chart, we can definitely agree that the song was a hit!

# 9 – Top Yourself

Also, from The Raconteurs’ 2008 album Consolers of the Lonely is the song “Top Yourself,” which is one of the best songs from the album. The song relates to Welles in Citizen Kane as well as Kane’s relationship with his wife, Susan. Kane offers Susan everything she could ever need and figures that materialism is enough. And when Susan tells him that she wants to hit the road, he turns it around, trying to make her feel guilty for everything. Kane eventually loses his temper, hitting her but still in denial and still unwilling to apologize.

# 8 – Carolina Drama

The song “Caroline Drama” is a Southern gothic song that tells of a kid, Billy, his mother, and brother. Their mother witnesses her loser ex-fiancée attack a priest with a hammer. Jack White would be quite reluctant to name Billy the main character in the song since the name is featured in tons of songs. You ought to love Jack White’s beautiful voice that towers over the instrumentals to bring out the short narrative.

# 7 – Old Enough

Whatever version of the song “Old Enough” proves that The Raconteurs band has more to give to its fans in terms of entertainment. Featuring some deep lyrics such as “You look pretty in your fancy dress, but I detect unhappiness,” you can tell that the band is more than just hitting the studio to release ordinary music. And when they decided to turn the song into a bluegrass number, they didn’t have to make tons of calls. Instead, the Raconteurs had Ashley Monroe and Ricky Skaggs join them in the song.

# 6 – Level

Released as a US radio single, the song “Level” is featured in the band’s album Broken Boy Soldiers. The song would go ahead to peak at number 7 in the Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks Chart, asserting its greatness. And again, thanks to the vocalists Jack White and Brendan Benson for the song’s great lyrics. The pounding rhythm of this son also matches the incredible vocals, making it one of the band’s most underrated great songs.

# 5 – Broken Boy Soldier

The song “Broken Boy Soldier” comes out strong as one of the greatest of The Raconteurs, with the song reaching a peak position of number 22 on the UK Singles Chart. Its music video features a toy soldier getting built by going through an adventurous journey that leads to a boy receiving the toy on his birthday. But, sadly, he destroys it! And thanks to Jack White’s vocals that the song towers over most in the Broken Boy Soldier album.

# 4 – Steady, As She Goes

Credit to a song like “Steady, As She Goes” that we take pride in The Raconteurs band. The song “Steady, As She Goes” has a long history, inspiring the band’s first album to have it become the band’s greatest song on the radio. And the guitar chords in the song can never be better than they were in this song. It is songs like “Steady, As She Goes” in Broken Boy Soldier that had the album nominated for the Best Rock Album at the 49th Grammy Awards. In the UK Singles Chart, the song would achieve a peak position of number 4. The song would also peak at number one in the US Alternative Airplay and number 54 in the US Billboard Hot 100.

# 3 – Now That You’re Gone

Featured in the band’s recent album Help Us Stranger is the song “Now that You’re Gone,” which is a favorite for many. The major selling point for this song is its tune which feels so magical. You ought to love its bass as it pounds hard, having it descend with the narrative’s disappointment. The guitars offer quite some remarkable decant to the vocals making the song quite a ballad.

# 2 – Help Me Stranger

Infectious is the only word that describes the song “Help Me Stranger” best! Thanks to the band members’ reunion, the song became quite a banger in the album Help Me Stranger. A strange subplot sees Jack White’s locating an abandoned baby in front of a store, with Benson making a call in a green-lit room. Credit to the producers of the song for the top-notch harmonies throughout the song. And if that’s not all, you will definitely love the song’s addictive and memorable chorus.

# 1 – Salute Your Solution

And now to the best song by The Raconteurs, here we usher in the song “Salute Your Solution.” Featured in the band’s second and probably most successful album, Consolers of the Lonely, the song achieved great commercial success. It featured in the comedy film Zombieland, film Premium Rush, and Power Rangers, to name a few. The song peaked at number 4 in the Billboards Hot Modern Rock Tracks Chart, having it be the second-highest charting song only after “Steady, As She Goes.” You ought to love the monster guitar riffs that have the song assert its dominance among the best rock songs in 2008.

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