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Our Top 10 The Calling Songs list takes a look one of music’s controversial rock bands. The group may not have many albums, but they left an impact on music. They are known for their hits songs as well as their controversy behind the scenes. The band originally started with Alex Band (lead singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist), Aaron Kamin (lead guitarist and songwriter), Sean Woolstenhulme (rhythm guitarist and background vocalist), Billy Mohler (bass player) and Nate Wood (drummer, percussionist and background vocalist). The band is best known for their monster hit single “Wherever You Will Go.” The song topped the Adult Top 40 charts for 23 weeks. It is one of the longest running number one songs in the chart’s history. It was awarded song of the decade for the 2000s by Billboard Magazine. Let’s get to know the band a little better.

Alex Band and Aaron Kamin formed the band in 1996. Kamin was dating Band’s sister when they decided to form a band. They started writing songs together in 1996. They named their band Generation Gap because they had a drummer who was much older than them. They ended up changing their name to Next Door after a music exec named Ron Fair. Fair was one of Band’s neighbors at the time. Fair ended up signing them to RCA Records. They ended up changing their name again. They changed it to “The Calling,” because it was the band’s purpose in life. They weren’t a known band so Fair had to take his time with them to build up their fan base. It took two years to work on their first album. They started recording the album in 1999 and didn’t finish it until 2001.

The Calling released their first album Camino Palmero in 2001. The album became a hit because of the lead single “Wherever You Will Go.” The album peaked at number 36 on Billboard 200. It sold more than 50,000 copies in its first week. The album features the singles “Wherever You Will Go,” “Adrienne” and “Could It Be Any Harder.” The critics weren’t too fond of the album when it was released. The fans made up their own minds about it and continued to buy it anyway. It went on to sell over two million copies.

In 2002, The Calling went through band changes. Sean Woolstenhulme was the first to leave the band. He was replaced with Dino Meneghin. He became the new rhythm guitarist. Nate Wood and Billy Mohler also left the band in 2002. Wood and Mohler ended up suing the band and the manager because of mismanagement and fraud. They wanted to know how the money was being spent. They didn’t get the money they were promised while they were touring. Band and Kamin said that Wood and Mohler were not entitled to any of the royalties.

In 2004, The Calling went back to the studio to record their second album. The second album Two was released in 2004. The project didn’t get the promotion that their previous album received. This album only featured Band and Kamin as well as session musicians. The album peaked at 54 on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the singles “Our Lives,” “Things Will Go My Way” and “Anything.” The album went on to sell over one million copies.

The band went on a tour to support the Two album. Once the tour was over, Band and Kamin decided to break up the band. Band ended up pursuing a solo career. He did sporadic shows. In 2013, Band reunited The Calling with new members. Band went through personal issues when he was kidnapped and robbed by two men. They also attacked the singer and left him on train tracks. The problems didn’t stop there for the band. The Calling broke up again after they performed a few shows together. In 2016, The Calling gave it another shot. They decided to get back together once again.

The Calling doesn’t have that many albums, but they did manage to make their mark in rock music. They rose to fame with their big hit single “Wherever You Will Go”. They were able to become successful in a crowded genre. They were able to compete with the likes of Third Eye Blind, Train, and Matchbox Twenty. They are just as known for their music as they are for their drama. This Top 10 The Calling Songs list will feature their best songs. Do you think you know what will be number one?

# 10 – We’re Forgiven

The first song on our Top 10 The Calling Songs list is “We’re Forgiven” from the hit Camino Palmero album. The song has a post grunge sound. The empathetic track is about expecting forgiveness despite what you have done to people. The band wants listeners to accept responsibility for what they are doing to people. It’s a great message to spread because it teaches you how to be a better person. Most of the band members were pretty young when they wrote this song so it’s impressive to know that young people believe in social issues.

It’s a very beautiful rock ballad. The guitars are soothing and are the stars of the instruments. The guitarists do an excellent job and it’s impossible not to be captivated by them. Alex Band has an old soul. He sounds more mature than his age. He was young when he performed the song, but he sounds much older. His baritone vocals are soothing. He belts in the chorus of the song. He also manages to hold notes. It was as pleasant surprise to hear him hold notes towards the end of the song.

# 9 – Final Answer

The next song on or Top 10 The Calling Songs list is “Final Answer” from the Camino Palmero album. It has a post grunge sound to it. This is a regretful song about Band wanting the woman in his life back. He pours his heart out in the emotional song as he pleads for her to come back to him. The track utilizes the guitars very well. They are the showstoppers of the song. The music is loud and is sure to please fans of post grunge as well as rock music.

They sound as if they were playing for years. It’s hard to believe that this track is from their debut album. The music is beautiful and compliments the story as well as Alex Band’s voice. Speaking of Band, his rich voice sounds amazing. He captures your heart as he expresses the pain he feels about wanting his girlfriend back in his life. He sounds determined to get her back. He starts the song off softly and then vocally explodes in the chorus. His vocals are similar to Chad Kroeger from Nickelback.

# 8 – Things Will Go My Way

This sorrowful song is from the Two album. The single has an alternative rock sound to it. This is a heartbreaking song about things working against him. The second half of this emotional track discusses how Band wants things to go his way. The music is energetic. The guitarists play softly and rhythmically in the beginning of the track. They really get into playing during the chorus and the second verse. The drummer created a thumping beat. They managed to turn the song into a power ballad.

There aren’t enough compliments in the world to describe how good the music is. Band does a superb job on vocals. He sings in a higher key for this song, which was a nice change of pace. It shows he has versatility. He was able to keep up with the music and matched it note for note. He soared vocally after the second verse. His vocals are powerful and strong. He proved a rock singer could hold notes just like a pop star could.

# 7  – Our Lives

This uplifting song is from the Two album. The song has an alternative rock sound. The social song is about making a difference in the world. It has a positive message about living life to the fullest. The band wants the listeners to appreciate life and live it while you still have the chance. The music is melodic and soothing. The band members create music that will send chills up and down your spine. The music is sure to please rock fans. It will also please pop fans. It has an alternative rock sound, but it can appeal to fans of pop rock as well.

This song definitely has crossover appeal. It makes you want to play air guitar. There’s an amazing guitar solo after the last chorus that is not to be missed. Band sings in his upper register for this track. His timing is impeccable. He’s able to keep up with the beat changes. He blesses the listener by holding notes towards the end of the song. Everything about the song works. The song features outstanding music, a catchy chorus, and amazing singing. It’s not their signature song, but it’s definitely a good one.

# 6 – Anything

The heart-on-your-sleeve track is from the Two album. The track has an alternative rock sound to it. This sincere song is about Band doing whatever it takes for the woman he loves. The lyrics may appear as if he’s stalking the woman he loves. He describes watching her in ways he shouldn’t. He may sound a little obsessed over her, but it comes off romantic. He’s expressing his deep connection for the woman he loves. It makes you want someone to love you the way he loves the woman in the song. They kept the music simple. The guitars, bass and drums were all that were needed to make the song sound great. The musical arrangement was exquisite. They weren’t playing around when they created this magnificent sound. The music is fire. Alex Band’s voice is seductive and strong. His deep vocals are perfect for the music. He sounds smooth like butter.

# 5 – One By One

The next song on our Top 10 The Calling Songs list is “One By One” from the Two album. The song has an alternative rock sound. This is a sympathetic song about the Columbine shootings. This melancholy song is told in two parts. One half of the song talks about the Columbine shootings and how Band has sympathy for the shooters. The second half of the song talks about the impact the shootings had on the victims as well as the survivors.

This deep and meaningful song is told from everyone’s point of view. There aren’t too many songs where the shooter is given sympathy. Band cleverly manages to open your eyes and see things from the shooters’ point of view. This is a relevant song because the song came out in early 2000s and this is still happening today. People are still shooting others so this issue is still important. The music is soft and melodic to match the subject of the song. The band members don’t overdo it with the music so the message won’t be lost on the listener. You can enjoy the music as well as the lyrics. Band sounds soft and mellow to open the song and reaches for the stars towards the end of the song. He sounds passionate while he’s singing about this touching subject.

# 4 – Could It Be Any Harder

The dramatic song is from the Camino Palmero album. The single has an alternative rock sound. This is a longing song about losing the woman he loves while he’s still in love with her. The song can have different meanings. It could be about a relationship ending over a break up or it could be about him losing the love of his life to death. The message is moving regardless of how you interpret the song. The band turns pain into art with this song. While you are listening to the lyrics, you can tell the pain feels fresh. This is a common subject for most people.

Most of us have dealt with heartbreak through a relationship or death. This tearjerker is immaculate. It will send chills up and down your spine while you listen to Band express the pain he feels over losing the love of his life. It’s hard to believe he is a younger guy singing about such a painful experience. He sounds very mature while he talks about his heartbreaking experience.

# 3 – Adrienne

The anthemic track is from the Camino Palmero album. The song has a post grunge sound. This rage filled song is about a woman who isn’t worth your time. The woman spends up his money and uses him. For some reason, he can’t seem to get over her. Here’s some trivia about the song. “Adrienne” isn’t about a real person. Band says the song is about people who are gold diggers. This song is targeted towards men, but women can relate to it as well. You can change the “she’s” to “he’s” and it can be something women can relate to as well. The music is sensational and expressive. It’s loud and enjoyable and gives Band a chance to get out his frustrations. The song is catchy and has a hypnotic chorus. The chorus will stay in your head long after the song is done. Band sings the song very passionately. It’s hard to believe “Adrienne” doesn’t exist.

# 2 –  Stigmatized

The controversial song is from the Camino Palmero album. The song has a alternative rock sound. The heartfelt song is about acceptance. The lyrics allude to the song being about controversial relationships. It’s also about being labeled an outcast or any other derogatory remark. Most rock bands don’t tackle this type of song, but The Calling went there. They took on the tough task and they pulled it off brilliantly. People who have been stigmatized for one reason or another can relate to this melody.

The music is emotional and will captivate you as you listen to it. It takes you on a musical journey of self-discovery. The song is therapeutic and can help people who are in a similar situation. Alex Band tried something different vocally. He sang parts of the song in falsetto. He took a risk because he has a baritone voice, but he was able to pull it off. This beautiful song could have easily been number one if it weren’t for the one that was picked for our list.

# 1 – Wherever You Will Go

We have reached the number one song on our Top 10 The Calling Songs list. Were you surprised by what we chose as the number one song? There’s no way this track couldn’t be number one when it’s their biggest hit single. “Wherever You Will Go” is from the Camino Palmero album. The song has a post grunge sound. This tearjerker is about unconditional love. The lyrics are about losing the love of your life and wanting to do whatever it takes to be back with them. It has a sad and morbid theme because he’s even willing to die to join the love of his life. Most people have a hard time getting over someone they love dying.

This song will make you feel better about the situation. The upbeat music keeps the song from being melancholy. The message will bring tears to your eyes so the music will give you a chance to smile as you listen to the sad lyrics. This song is timeless and can resonate with a lot of people. Alex Band’s deep vocals are through the roof. He vocally soars towards the end of the song. He holds phenomenal notes in the bridge and towards the fade out of the song. This song is definitely worth a listen and deserved its place in the number one spot.

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