25 Great Rock Groups & Artists That Released Only Two Studio Albums

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Our 25 Great Rock Groups And Artists That Released Only Two Albums article looks at bands and artists that only released two studio albums. It does not count EPs, live albums and compilations. Many of these bands on this list did release EPs, box sets and other forms of compilations. However, if they only released two studio albums they qualified for this list. These are not the only bands and artists that have released just two albums. Just the ones we really liked and thought played an important role in classic rock history. However, it was not that easy to come up with this list. Most musical artists either were one album bands or usually released more than two albums. In the end, this is just for fun with hopes to serve up some memories or open some eyes to all this great music.

# 25 – Walter Becker

We open up our 25 Great Rock Groups And Artists That Released Only Two Albums list with the great Walter Becker of Steely Dan. Mr Becker only released two solo albums during his long musical career. Walter Becker’s first solo album was released in 1994 entitled 11 Tracks of Whack. His second solo album was released in 2008 entitled Circus Money. 

# 24 – Yazoo

The great band Yazoo was a fantastic two album collaboration between Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet. Yazoo released two albums starting with Upstairs at Eric’s in 1982 and You and Me Both in 1983.

# 23 – Animal Logic

Animal Logic released two albums starting with Animal Logic in 1989 and Animal Logic II in 1991. The band consisted of Deborah Holland on vocals, Stanley Clarke on bass and Stewart Copeland on drums.

# 22 – Tin Machine

David Bowie’s great band with Soupy Sales sons and Reeves Gabrels was a fascinating period in David Bowie’s career. These were really good albums with a slight nod to the first one. The first Tin Machine album was released in 1989. Tin Machine II was released in 1991.

# 21 – Warhorse

Warhorse released two albums starting with Warhorse in 1970 and Red Sea in 1972. The band consisted of a revolving set of musicians over the course of their two albums. They included the musicians Ashley Holt on vocals, Ged Peck on guitar, Mac Poole on drums, Nick Simper on bass and Rick Wakeman & Frank Wilson on keyboards

# 20 – Spys

Spys released two albums starting with Spys in 1982 and Behind Enemy Lines in 1983. The band consisted of  John Blanco on vocals, John DiGaudio on guitar, Billy Mine on drums plus former Foreigner members Al Greenwood on keyboards and Ed Gagliardi on bass

# 19 – Alias

Alias released two albums starting with Alias in 1990 and Never Say Never in 2009. The band consisted of former members of the band Heart and the band Sheriff.

# 18 – Gordian Knot

Gordian Knot is a progressive rock supergroup that so far has only released two albums starting with Gordian Knot in 1999 and Emergent in 2003. The band consisted of members from Yes, Genesis, Dream Theater and Fates Warning.

# 17 -Voodoocult

Voodoocult released two albums starting with Jesus Killing Machine in 1994 and Voodoocult in 1995. This was a thrash metal supergroup. The band consisted of members from bands such as Faith No More, Slayer, Death, Kreator and Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub.

# 16 – Rossington Collins Band

The Rossington Collins Band released two albums starting with Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere in 1980 and This Is the Way in 1981. The band consisted of Lynyrd Skynyrd members Gary Rossington, Allen Collins, Leon Wilkeson, Billy Powell plus Dale Krantz-Rossington, Barry Lee Harwood and Derek Hess.

# 15 – Elastica

Elastica released two albums starting with Elastica in 1995 and The Menace in 2000.

# 14 – Danny Wilson

Its a shame so many people have never heard of this great band. They were fabulous and leaned towards the Steely Dan side of musical concepts with a sweeter edge to them. Danny Wilson released two albums starting with Meet Danny Wilson in 1987 and Bebop Moptop in 1989. The band consisted of Gary Clark, Kit Clark and Ged Grimes.

# 13 – Sugar

Bob Mould’s band Sugar released two albums starting with Copper Blue in 1992 and File Under: Easy Listening in 1994.

# 12 – Stone Roses

Stone Roses released two albums starting with The Stone Roses in 1989 and Second Coming in 1994.

# 11 – Ginger Baker’s Air Force

Ginger Baker’s Air Force released two albums starting with Ginger Baker’s Air Force, in 1970 and Ginger Baker’s Air Force 2 also released in 1970. The band consisted of Ginger Baker of Cream, Steve Winwood of Traffic, Ric Grech of Blind Faith, Denny Laine  of The Moody Blues and Graham Bond.

#  10 – Joy Division

Joy Division released two albums starting with Unknown Pleasures in (1979) and Closer (1980)

#  9 – The Waitresses

The Waitresses have always been one of our favorite bands. We wish they had put out more music. RIP Patty Donahue. The band released two albums starting with Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful? in 1982 and Bruiseology in 1983.

#  8 – Damm Yankees

Damm Yankees is one of a handful of supergroups on this list. They released two albums starting with Damn Yankees in 1990 and Don’t Tread in 1992. The band consisted of Tommy Shaw of Styx, Ted Nugent, Jack Blades of Night Ranger and Michael Cartellone.

#  7 – Bad English

When Journey met The Babys. Bad English released two albums starting with Bad English in 1989 and Backlash in 1991.

#  6 – The Power Station

The great band The Power Station released two albums starting with The Power Station in 1985 and Living In Fear in 1996.

#  5 – Chickenfoot

Chickenfoot is one of those bands that we hope to pull off this list because we would love to get another album from this great group starring Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Joe Satriani and Chad Smith. Chickenfoot released two albums starting with Chickenfoot in 2009 and Chickenfoot III in 2011.

#  4 – U.K

The great progressive rock band U.K. released two albums starting with U.K. in 1978 and Danger Money in 1979. This was a true supergroup that changed lineups pretty dramatically between the two albums. The first album featured the legendary guitar genius Allan Holdsworth on guitar, John Wetton on bass, Bill Bruford on drums and Eddie Jobson on keyboards. The second album saw the departure of Alan Holdsworth and Terry Bozzio replacing Bruford on drums.

#  3 – The Firm

The Firm released two albums starting with The Firm in 1985 and Mean Business in 1986. The band consisted of Paul Rogers, Jimmy Page, Tony Franklin and Chris Slade.

#  2 – Traveling Wilburys

The Traveling Wilburys were the greatest supergroup of all time at least from the perspective of their lineup. The songs were good, but not spectacular and didn’t come close to the materiel that their members had released during their own legendary careers. The Traveling Wilburys released two albums starting with Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 in 1988 and Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3 in 1990. There was no Volume 2. The band consisted of George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne.

# 1 – Amy Winehouse

We can only wonder what Amy Winehouse would have done if she had not passed away at such a young age. She was one of the greatest vocal talents to have come around in a very long time. Amy Winehouse only released two studio albums during her very brief career. Her first album entitled Frank was released in 2003. Her second album and also her breakthrough record entitled Back To Black was released in 2006.

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