Top 10 Sammy Hagar Albums

Sammy Hagar Albums

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Sammy Hagar can be labelled as one of the greatest singers in Classic Rock History. After seeing Sammy Hagar open for the band Boston in 1977, I have followed the red rocker’s career ever since. The Top 10 list here only looks at Sammy solos albums. Sammy’s material written and recorded with Van Halen, Montrose, and Chickenfoot have been exempted from this particular list. In 1986, many Sammy Hagar fans were thrilled when Sammy joined Van Halen. At the same time, some were a little disappointed because it meant an end to Sammy Hagar releasing solo albums for the time being.

Sammy Hagar’s first five albums were recorded while under contract at Capitol records. After the Capitol contract expired, the singer moved on to Geffen records where he enjoyed even greater success as a solo artist. While recording for Geffen Records, Hagar released some of his strongest and biggest selling material of his career, including his anthem “I Can’t Drive 55,”

In 2014, Sammy Hagar formed the band “Circle,” with bassist Michael Anthony, guitarist Vic Johnson, and drummer Jason Bonham. In 2015, the singer still hits those high A’s and continues to produce spirited, high energy rock music of substance.

# 10 – Cosmic Universal Fashion

(Released November 18, 2008)

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Starting out the Top 10 is Sammy’s 2008 release “Cosmic Universal Fashion.” The CD was released just before Sammy formed his fabulous band Chickenfoot. The album featured an onslaught of guest appearances featuring Neil Schon of Journey, Matt Sorum of Guns ‘N’ Roses, Michael Anthony of Van Halen, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top and legendary funkmaster Bootsy Collins. With that stellar lineup of rock legends, and a well written lot of Sammy Hagar tunes,”Cosmic Universal Fashion.” is a great starting point to the Top 10 Sammy Hagar albums.

# 9 – Danger Zone

(Released June 21, 1980)

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Many Sammy Hagar fans did not even realize this album was released in 1980. Since this was Sammy fifth and last album for the Capitol Records label, it seemed that Capitol records did not spend much money promoting Sammy’s final release for the label. Furthermore, in 1980, new wave music was heavily dominating the airwaves. Somehow the album seemed to have gotten lost along the way. However, the album featured many standout tracks, most notably,” Love or Money,” which featured Steve Perry and Neil Schon of Journey

# 8 – Marching To Mars

(Released May 20, 1997)

Sammy’s first solo album after he left Van Halen. The album contained the hit “Little White Lies.” It was great to have Sammy Hagar back recording solo albums and Marching To Mars did not disappoint. The album also featured well know musicians such as Huey Lewis, Mickey Hart, Bootsy Collins, and Mr. Slash.

# 7- Musical Chairs

(Released October 1977)

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The Sammy Hagar album Musical Chairs was released after Sammy’s “Red,” album. The album opened with the blistering party anthem”Turn Up The Music.” Sammy used former band-mates from the group Montrose, on the album that helped define Sammy Hagar’s raw organic true rock and roll sensibility.

# 6 – Street Machine

(Released September 1979)

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Another great Sammy Hagar album that got lost among the punk and new wave scenes of the late 1970s. The Sammy Hagar album Street Machine album contained two of Sammy’s greatest rock and roll tracks; “Plain Jane;” and the killer cut “Trans Am.” Don’t miss this one. Long out of print, it was reissued by One Way Records in 1996 and once again by Rock Candy Records in 2009. Both issues contained bonus tracks.

# 5 – VOA

(Released July 23, 1984)

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How could you not love the cover art to Sammy Hagar’s VOA album? The album contained what some fans may define as Sammy’s most famous song,”i Can’t Drive 55.” Another great Sammy Hagar album, it was also the last solo album he released before he joined the band Van Halen. The album was  produced by Ted Templeman who is one of the most legendary rock producers in the business.

# 4 – I Never Said Goodbye

(Released June 23, 1987)

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The album entitled Sammy Hagar was Sammy Hagar’s only solo album released while he was a member of Van Halen. However, defining it as a solo album may be inaccurate since Eddie Van Halen played on every track as the bass player. The album contained some great material including ” Eagles Fly,”  and “Give To Live.” Both of those songs were performed by Van Halen during their concert tours.

# 3 – Sammy Hagar (Red)

(Released January 1977)

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In 1977, Capitol Records heavily promoted Sammy’s third album entitled Sammy Hagar. This writer does not need to reference record company budgets or statistical information pertaining to artist promotion. While walking into New York’s Sam Goody’s record store in the fall of 1977, I was greeted by a large poster hanging in the front window displaying the cover of Sammy Hagar’s, “Red,” album. The record racks in the front of the store all showcased the singer’s new vinyl release. Circus and Cream magazines had full page ads promoting Sammy Hagar’s album. Fortunately for Sammy, Capitol records booked Sammy to open for the band Boston’s 1977 tour. Unfortunately for the band Boston, Sammy Hagar’s live show was blowing the band Boston off the stage on a nightly basis.

# 2 – Three Lock Box

(Released November 30,1982)

Sammy Hagar’s album Three Lock Box was the follow up to his very successful Geffen records debut, “Standing Hampton.” The album contained a top 20 hit,”Your Love is Driving Me Crazy.” Appearing on the album was also Loverboy’s Mike Reno and Journey’s Jonathan Cain.

# 1 – Standing Hampton

(Released January 1982)

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Sammy’s best album featured the hits,” I’ll Fall in Love Again,” Heavy Metal,” “Baby’s on Fire and the classic “There’s Only One Way To Rock.  Standing Hampton was Sammy’s Geffen records debut and it ushered in a new era of radio friendly Sammy Hagar music. It also became Sammy’s first time that he sold a million copies of an album.

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