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Rock and Roll Quiz

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Everybody loves lists, making them, using them for more than just a shopping list.   Scavenger hunt lists, lists of really bad jokes that should probably never seen the time of day depending on the response of the listener/victim who hears it, and of course, all things social, including sports, and here, classic rock music.

The thing is, they are always 100% correct to the author. That means 100% incorrect to those who read it and respond.  But done with humor and the caveat that it’s just a way to spur on conversation, we can have a blast. Old books like The Guinness Book Of  World Records and the original Book Of Lists were and in the case of The Book of World Records are still popular. David Letterman infamously had his “Top Ten” lists on his show to mixed results depending on the subject, but that some of the items bombed was part of the fun.

Now we have lists everywhere and my list of some quiz questions isn’t original by a long shot.  But you might like wrapping your cerebral cortex around a few of these, and I warn you, I’m not “giving” away any soft answers. A few will be easy depending on how much you already know but have a go at it just the same.

1. When was the first record (or cylinder, there’s a hint for you) ever made that used the words “rock” and “roll” in the title, although not as “rock and roll”?   Bonus useless points if you can tell the year.

2. The Tridents in the early ’60’s were the band that released a few singles and gave the world which guitarist?

3. As a doff of the fedora to my home state of Arkansas, who was born in Delight? The companion piece is Dyess.

4. Robert Plant regrouped and released an album about a decade ago with his band he was part of prior to Led Zeppelin.  What was the band’s name?

5. Which of these five psychedelic bands from the ’60’s did not actually exist?   

Uncut Balloon

The Only Alternative And His Other Possibilities

Sod Hogan

13th Floor Elevators

It’s A Beautiful Day

6. What do the bands The Guess Who, Neil Young, Rush, Bachman Turner Overdrive, FM and Voivod all have in common?

7. Who is Nanker Phelge?

8. These bands all call this city home, or did when they were still active:  The Cars, Aerosmith, The Neighborhoods, Scruffy The Cat, and one whose name is the same as the city itself.

9. Steely Dan introduced the rock world to jazz. Name three guitarists who were instrumental (pun intended) in helping the band achieve its enormous success.

10, The term “death metal” is attributed to what band that is still playing today?




You have to grade these yourselves and give yourselves lavish gifts for answers you get correct. Example:  three in a row means a New York strip steak dinner. Five correct answers is an afternoon nap while the neighbor kid mows your lawn.

1. The song “My Daddy Rocks Me With One Steady Roll” was recorded in 1910 by the Dinwiddie Quartet.   For the record, the first song simply titled “Rock and Roll” was by the famous Boswell sisters of the early 1930’s, who had an incredible mastery of three part extremely intricate harmonies. Thanks to the book Rock Book Of Lists by Dave Marsh for the use of the item.

2. The Tridents were the first band with Jeff Beck. He’d get more attention with The Yardbirds and then the Jeff Beck Group.

3.  Arkansas, for its size and remoteness has a plethora of musicians to be proud of.   Glen Campbell was born in Delight, southwest of Little Rock. Johnny Cash was born in Dyess, east of Jonesboro.

4. Plant revived The Band Of Joy for an album, who was his band before Zeppelin.

5. The correct fake psychedelic band name was “Sod Hogan”.   At least as far as I know unless there was a large hippie commune out in west Nebraska somewhere, which could have happened.

6. This bands and members are all Canadian. Lots of others, too.

7. Mick Jagger and Keith RIchards, whom actually knew a guy named Nanker Phelge.  They thought it would be a good pseudonym but didn’t use it very much.

8.  Bawston, or Boston, depending on if you’re a local. Massachusetts also spawned the metalcore movement that had nothing musically to do with general metalcore music with screeching voices and really really bad haircuts.  This stuff was metal with early ’80’s hardcore influence, making them heavy and raw but being able to play skillfully, the most notable Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall.

9. Steely Dan was always a two man band, namely Walter Becker and Donald Fagen, although in the earlier years when they did tour, before taking a touring hiatus, had luminaries like Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, who did double time with The Doobie Brothers, Elliot Roberts and Rick Derringer. Drummers included Steve Gadd, who gave us that phenomenal drum performance on “Aja” and Jeff Porcaro before he joined Toto.

10. “Death metal” was more attitude in its first incarnation. The band Possessed, on their debut album 7 Churches titled a song “Death Metal”, although the album itself was on the fast heavy end of thrash, and death would take that ferocity and add the now infamous cookie monster grunting for maximum turnoff to parents who might otherwise like metal along with their kids like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden or even Metallica before the “Black Album” came out and set a storm afire between those who preferred the older more brutal stuff and those who liked the more hook laden alternative approach.   So kids couldn’t deal with that. Good thing they weren’t mine because I love extreme metal as well as so much more.  Anyway, the band Death from Tampa, Florida would be considered the first “death” band with Chuck Shuldiner’s raspy voice but also containing a level of musicianship that would embarrass anybody who had not really really worked hard at their skills.   So death metal today can be doom laden, but in the progressive end, as musically ambitious and demanding as any form of music out there.   Possessed, by the way, released a new album recently, and singer Jeff Becerra, who was shot in the back during a convenience store robbery and is confined to a wheelchair, still rolls out or did until COVID-19 hit and rocked the house down.

This quiz is courtesy of the man my friends have called, after a Johnny Carson jab at Howard Cosell, “The World’s Foremost Authority On Useless Information”.    That would be yours truly.

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