Complete List Of 3 Doors Down Albums And Songs

3 Doors Down Songs

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Complete List Of 3 Doors Down Albums And Songs presents the entire studio album discography of the band 3 Doors Down. The group 3 Doors Down is one of the rare bands that have achieved great commercial success that have never released a live album. The group has released six studio albums, one greatest hits album that contained three new tracks and five EPs. 3 Doors Down released their first album in 2000 entitled The Better Life. That album sold extremely well as it was fueled by the sensational song “Kryptonite.” The band’s final studio album as of this writing was released in 2011 entitled Us and the Night. 

The Complete List Of 3 Doors Down Albums is listed in chronological order. All albums have been showcased with their original albums covers along with a complete track listing of all 3 Doors Songs that appeared on every 3 Doors Down album.

The Better Life

Released February 8, 2000

CD Track Listings:

Eleven songs

“Duck And Run”
“Not Enough”
“Be Like That”
“Life Of My Own”
“Better Life”
“Down Poison”
“By My Side”
“So I Need You”

Away from the Sun

Released November 12, 2002

CD Track Listings:

Twelve songs

“When I’m Gone”
“Away From The Sun”
“The Road I’m On”
“Ticket To Heaven”
“Running Out Of Days”
“Here Without You”
“I Feel You”
“Dangerous Game”
“Going Down In Flames”
“Sarah Yellin'”
“This Time”

Seventeen Days

Released February 8, 2005

CD Track Listings:

Fourteen Songs

“Right Where I Belong”
“It’s Not Me”
“Let Me Go”
“Be Somebody”
“Landing In London”
“The Real Life”
“Behind Those Eyes”
“Never Will I Break”
“Father’s Son”
“Live For Today”
“My World”
“Here By Me”
“Here Without You – Acoustic Version
“Away From The Sun (Bonus track)”

3 Doors Down

Released May 20, 2008

CD Track Listings:

Twelve Songs

“It’s Not My Time”
“Let Me Be Myself”
“It’s The Only One You’ve Got”
“Give It To Me”
“These Days”
“Your Arms Feel Like Home”
“When It’s Over”
“She Don’t Want The World”

Time of My Life

Released July 19, 2011

CD Track Listings:

Twelve Songs

“Time Of My Life”
“When You’re Young”
“Round And Round”
“Race For The Sun”
“Back To Me”
“Every Time You Go”
“What’s Left”
“On The Run”
“She Is Love”
“My Way”

Us And The Night

Released March 11, 2016

CD Track Listings:

Eleven songs

“The Broken”
“In The Dark”
“Still Alive”
“Believe It”
“Living In Your Hell”
“Inside Of Me”
“I Don’t Wanna Know”
“Pieces Of Me”
“Love Is A Lie”
“Us And The Night”
“Fell From The Moon”

3 Doors Down EP’s released on CD

Another 700 Miles

November 11, 2003

CD Track Listings:

Seven tracks

“Duck And Run”
“When I’m Gone” (Intro)
“When I’m Gone”
“Here Without You”
“It’s Not Me”
“That Smell” – famous Lynyrd Skynyrd songs

Acoustic EP

Released June 5, 2005

Five Tracks

CD Track Listings:

“Let Me Go”  – Acoustic
“Landing in London” – Acoustic
“Here Without You”  – Acoustic
“Be Somebody”  – Acoustic
“My World”  – Acoustic

A Six Pack of Hits

Released November 27, 2008

It’s Not My Time
Duck And Run
Away From The Sun
Let Me Go
Here Without You

Where My Christmas Lives EP

Released December 8, 2009

Available only as a Digital Download

“Where My Christmas Lives” – 3:55
“It’s Not My Time” – Acoustic version
“It’s the Only One You’ve Got”  – Acoustic version
“Your Arms Feel Like Home” – Acoustic version
“Let Me Be Myself”  – Acoustic version
“Pages”  – Acoustic version
“Where My Christmas Lives”

The Greatest Hits

Released November 19, 2012

Includes three new songs not released on previous studio albums

CD Track Listings:

“When I’m Gone”
“Here Without You”
“It’s Not My Time”
“Let Me Go”
“Be Like That”
“Away from the Sun”
“Duck and Run”
“One Light”
“There’s a Life”

Acoustic Back Porch Jam

Released February 6, 2019

Digital Download Release Only

Songs Listings

“When I’m Gone”
“Let Me Go”
“It’s Not My Time”
“The Real Life”
“Here Without You”

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