Complete List Of Alessi Brothers Albums And Discography

Alessi Brothers Albums

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Complete List Of Alessi Brothers Albums And Discography looks at an American pop rock singer-songwriter duo comprised of twin brothers Billy and Bobby Alessi. Born on July 12, 1953, in Long Island, New York, the twins were naturally inclined towards music from a young age. They began their journey in the musical landscape during their teenage years, quickly honing their skills in both songwriting and performance.

Early Career and First Albums

In the late 1960s and early ’70s, Billy and Bobby Alessi performed in a variety of bands and started making a name for themselves on the New York music scene. Their big break came in 1976 when they signed with A&M Records and released their self-titled debut album, Alessi. The album contained the hit single “Oh Lori,” which became a top 10 hit in several countries. The song showcased their talent for crafting catchy melodies and intricate vocal harmonies, elements that would become hallmarks of their music.

Struggles and Triumphs in the ’80s

Despite their initial success, the Alessi Brothers faced challenges in maintaining their early momentum. Subsequent albums like All for a Reason (1977) and Words and Music (1979) did not achieve the same level of commercial success as their debut. However, they continued to make music and remained active as songwriters for other artists. The 1980s saw them working with art-rock legend Robert Fripp on the project Alessi & Fripp, where they explored more experimental musical styles.

Work as Songwriters and Session Musicians

Apart from their own discography, the Alessi Brothers have had successful careers as session musicians and songwriters. They have collaborated with a range of prominent artists, from Paul McCartney to Deborah Gibson. Their work has been featured in films, commercials, and television shows, enhancing their reputation as versatile musicians. The twins’ talents as songwriters have been recognized with numerous awards and nominations, solidifying their status in the industry.



Released 1976

The Alessi Brothers’ debut album, “Alessi,” made quite an impression as the duo showcased their vocal harmonies and songwriting skills. The record featured elements of soft rock and pop, merging it with more introspective ballads. The album was released under A&M Records. The album featured Billy Alessi and Bobby Alessi on lead vocals, keyboards, and guitars. Produced by Bruce Botnick, the project enlisted various session musicians to complement the brothers’ performances. The album was recorded at Sound Labs, in Hollywood, California, from February to April 1976.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Do You Feel It?”
  2. “Love to Have Your Love”
  3. “Seabird”
  4. “I Was So Sure”
  5. “Never Gonna Let You Go”
  6. “Something’s Goin’ On”
  7. “Little Bit of Lovin'”
  8. “Person to Person”
  9. “Rainbows Will Never Die”
  10. “Let Me Save You”

All for a Reason

Released 1977

The follow-up, “All for a Reason,” was a more mature effort that encapsulated the duo’s growing versatility in songwriting. It managed to catch the attention of fans, but it was not a commercial success. It continued to embrace a soft rock and pop vibe but ventured into disco-infused tracks.

Produced by Arif Mardin, the album featured the same core team with additional session musicians. It was recorded at Atlantic Studios, New York, from June to August 1977.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “All for a Reason”
  2. “As Far As I’m Concerned”
  3. “I’m Gonna Tell Her Tonight”
  4. “Move Like the Wind”
  5. “Do You Feel Better?”
  6. “What a Way to Go”
  7. “Still in Love”
  8. “Space and Time”
  9. “Put Away Your Love”
  10. “Alessi’s Ark”


Released 1978

“Driftin'” was another compelling chapter in the Alessi Brothers’ discography. Although it didn’t achieve the commercial success the brothers would have hoped for, the album was filled with beautifully crafted songs. It featured a mix of soft rock, ballads, and a bit of funk, reflecting the diverse influences of the decade.

The album was produced by the Alessi Brothers themselves, making it a more personal effort. It was recorded at Cherokee Studios, Los Angeles, from January to March 1978.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Driftin'”
  2. “Billy and Bobby”
  3. “Rise Up”
  4. “Interplay”
  5. “I’m Gonna Tell Her Tonight”
  6. “Starving for Affection”
  7. “Sky’s the Limit”
  8. “London”
  9. “Comedian”
  10. “Everybody’s Everything”

Words & Music

Released 1982

“Words & Music” saw the Alessi Brothers further hone their songwriting craft and lyrical expertise. This album maintained the soft rock and pop elements they were known for, but also incorporated more synthesized sounds. It was released under the Qwest Records label.

The project featured Billy Alessi and Bobby Alessi on vocals and keyboards, as well as a host of session musicians. It was produced by Phil Ramone and recorded at Media Sound Studios, New York City, between February and May 1982.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Jagged Edge”
  2. “You Got the Way”
  3. “As Far as I’m Concerned”
  4. “Rise Up”
  5. “Put Away Your Love”
  6. “What a Way to Go”
  7. “Still in Love”
  8. “How Long How Much”
  9. “You Can Have It Back”
  10. “I Wanna Tell Her That I Love Her”

Long Time Friends

Released 1982

“Long Time Friends” was another feather in the Alessi Brothers’ cap, featuring an array of songs that showcased their harmonizing and melodic talents. The album was not a commercial success but became a collector’s item for fans of the duo. It was released under the A&M Records label. Produced by Michael Omartian, the album was recorded at Lion Share Recording Studios, Los Angeles, between June and August 1982.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Jagged Edge”
  2. “You’re O.K. With Me”
  3. “As Seen On T.V.”
  4. “Desert Island”
  5. “Long Time Friends”
  6. “How Long, How Much”
  7. “Rise Up”
  8. “You Got The Way”
  9. “Still In Love”
  10. “You Can Have It Back”

Hello Everyone

Released 1985

“Hello Everyone” saw the Alessi Brothers exploring more adult contemporary and pop-rock sounds. Although it didn’t make a big impact commercially, it was well-received by fans and critics alike. It was released under the EMI Records label. Produced by James Newton Howard, the album was recorded at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, California, between January and March 1985.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Hello Everyone”
  2. “Let It Go”
  3. “Gimme Some Lovin'”
  4. “Forever”
  5. “You and I”
  6. “Til’ I Found You”
  7. “Comeback”
  8. “I’m Gonna Make It This Time”
  9. “Bells”
  10. “On the Radio”

Just Like That

Released 1987

“Just Like That” offered a comprehensive look at the Alessi Brothers’ talent for creating emotive songs, filled with harmonies and memorable hooks. The album was released under the Mercury label and showcased a mix of soft rock, pop, and adult contemporary. The album was produced by Peter Wolf and recorded at The Complex Studios, Los Angeles, between July and September 1987.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Just Like That”
  2. “Keep It On”
  3. “A Change Is Coming”
  4. “Person to Person”
  5. “Reachin'”
  6. “The Gap”
  7. “Dance It Up”
  8. “On the Radio”
  9. “You’ll Get Along”
  10. “When It’s Your Heart”

Live! All Our Life

Released 1994

The Alessi Brothers decided to showcase their dynamic stage presence and live musicianship with “Live! All Our Life.” Captured in an intimate setting, the live album included some of their most beloved tracks. It was independently released and provided fans with a raw, authentic listening experience. The album was recorded live at The Bottom Line, New York City, on June 15, 1994.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Introduction”
  2. “Oh Lori”
  3. “Sad Songs”
  4. “Put Away Your Love”
  5. “Forever”
  6. “Savin’ the Day”
  7. “Seabird”
  8. “All for a Reason”
  9. “New York (1941)”
  10. “Til’ I Found You”

Two of Us

Released 1998

“Two of Us” was a return to the brothers’ soft rock and pop roots, featuring harmonious vocal performances and intricate melodies. Released under an independent label, the album wasn’t widely distributed but gained appreciation from their loyal fan base.

The album was recorded at Soundworks Studios, Astoria, New York, between September and December 1998.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Two of Us”
  2. “Distant Love”
  3. “Do You Feel It?”
  4. “Time To Say Goodbye”
  5. “First Love”
  6. “Love Was All You”
  7. “Eyes of the World”
  8. “Just Like Heaven”
  9. “Now and Forever”
  10. “You and I”

Marathon Day

Released 2000

With “Marathon Day,” the Alessi Brothers explored a more mature, introspective sound that touched on themes of love, life, and the passing of time. The album was independently produced and distributed. The album was recorded at Big Noise Studios, New Rochelle, New York, from May to August 2000.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Marathon Day”
  2. “Into The Night”
  3. “Tomorrow’s A New Day”
  4. “Golden Life”
  5. “Everybody’s Everything”
  6. “Hard Road”
  7. “Heaven Only Knows”
  8. “Nothing In The World”
  9. “Days Go By”
  10. “Closer Tonight”


Released 2006

“Water” was an experimental album for the Alessi Brothers, in which they dabbled in electronic and ambient textures while retaining their signature vocal harmonies and songwriting prowess. This album was released under their own imprint, Eden Roc Records. The album was produced by Billy and Bobby Alessi themselves and was recorded at The Power Station, New York City, between March and May 2006.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Water”
  2. “Eternal Flame”
  3. “Lighthouse”
  4. “Touched By An Angel”
  5. “One More Time”
  6. “Blue Lagoon”
  7. “Hope”
  8. “End of the Line”
  9. “Two of Us”
  10. “The Elements”

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