Complete List Of Asia Albums And Discography

Asia Albums

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Our Complete List Of Asia Albums And Discography presents a list of all The Asia Studio albums the band ever released. We also have compiled a list of all the groups live albums. Asia was first formed in the early 1980s as a progressive rock supergroup born out of the 1970s bands Emerson Lake & Palmer, Yes and King Crimson. With the help of MTV and a viral video called “Heat Of The Moment,” the group found immediate success at the dawn of the MTV Era. Four musicians who were at the top of their games in Carl Palmer of Emerson Lake & Palmer, John Wetton of King Crimson, Steve Howe of Yes and Geoff Downes would become one of the biggest bands of the early 1980s merging the fields of progressive rock and pop music in the most perfect way.

Our Asia Albums Discography list all of the bands studio albums in chronological order. We have made sure to also include the musicians lines up on each studio album. A List of the bands live albums follows the Asia Studio albums list.

Asia (1982)

Released in 1982, Asia stands as the band’s debut album and by far their most successful release of their career. The band’s lineup consisted of John Wetton on vocals, bass guitars, Geoff Downes on  keyboards Steve Howe on guitars and Carl Palmer on drums

Side One:

Heat Of The Moment

Only Time Will Tell

Soul Survivor

“One Step Closer”

Time Again

Side Two

“Wildest Dreams”

“Without You”

“Cutting It Fine”

“Here Comes the Feeling”


Released in 1983, the band’s second album was not as successful as the first but still did well from a commercial standpoint. The band’s lineup was the same as the first album.

Side One:

Don’t Cry

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (John Wetton)

Never In A Million Years

My Own Time (I’ll Do What I Want)

The Heat Goes On

Side Two: 

Eye To Eye

The Last To Kn0w

True Colors

Midnight Sun

Open Your Eyes


Released in 1985. The band’s third album Astra saw the first lineup change as Mandy Meyer replaced Steve Howe on guitar. The album also featured a guest appearance by the The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Side One: 


Voice of America

Hard On Me


Rock And Roll Dream

Side Two:

Countdown To Zero

Love Now Till Eternity

Too Late


After The War

Then And Now

Released in 1990, this album was combination of a greatest hits package on one side and a five new songs on the other.

Side On (The Hits)

Only Time Will Tell (4:46)

Heat of the Moment (3:52)

Wildest Dreams (5:10)

Don’t Cry (3:40)

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (John Wetton) (3:14)

Side Two (New Songs)

Days Like These

Prayin’ 4 A Miracle

Am I In Love?


Voice of America


Released in 1992. Aqua saw the departure of lead vocalist John Wetton. It also saw the return of Steve Howe in a limited capacity. New members of the band included the great Al Pitrelli, on guitar and John Payne on lead vocals and bass. Returning members included Geoff Downes and Carl Palmer

CD Track Listing

Aqua I
Who Will Stop The Rain
Lay Down Your Arms
Heaven On Earth
Crime of the Heart
A Far Cry
Back In Town
Don’t Call Me
Love Under Fire
The Voice of Reason
Aqua II


Released in 1994. The Aria album saw the arrival of Michael Sturgis on drums replacing Carl Palmer. Also still on board were Geoff Downes on keys John Payne on vocals and bass and smoking Al Pitrelli on guitar.

1. Anytime
2. Are You Big Enough?
3. Desire (John Payne/Andy Nye/Geoff Downes)
4. Summer
5. Sad Situation
6. Don’t Cut The Wire (Brother)
7. Feels Like Love
8. Remembrance Day
9. Enough’s Enough
10. Military Man
11. Aria (John Payne/Andy Nye/Geoff Downes)


Released in 1996. This was a very different sounding Asia album that featured many different musicians playing on the CD. Those musicians included Geoff Downes on keys, John Payne on vocals and bass, Aziz Ibrahim on guitars, Elliott Randall on guitars, Michael Sturgis on drums and special guest appearances by Hotei Tomoyasu on lead guitar on the album’s opening track and  Luis Jardim on percussion.

CD Track Listing

Into The Arena
Two Sides of the Moon
The Day Before The War
U Bring Me Down
Tell Me Why
Turn It Around
Bella Nova


Released in 1999. This is an instrumental only album that features just Geoff Downes and John Payne. In reality it’s not really an Asia album but that’s what they called it.

CD Track Listing

“The Waterfall”

“The Journey Begins”

“The Seasons”

“The Gods”

“The Whales”

“The Journey Continues”

“The Reservation”

“The Bears”

“Under the Seas”

“At the Graveyard”


“The Ghosts”

“The Sun”

“The Moon”

“The Sharks”

“The Journey Ends”

“The Indians”

“The Angels”

“The Horizons”

“To the Deep”

“The Game”

“The Exodus”


Released in 2001. Aura is an album that was all over the place from a musical standpoint. It featured more different musicians on an Asia album than any other record the group ever released. It was fueled by the two main members at the time Geoff Downes and John Payne. Other musicians on the albums also included  four different drummers in Chris Slade, Michael Sturgis, Vinnie Colaiuta and Simon Phillips. Other musicians included Neil Lockwood, Gary Liederman, Tony Levin, Elliott Randall, Ian Crichton, Guthrie Gova and Luis Jardim.

Silent Nation

Released in 2004. On this record the band was set at Geoff Downes on keyboards, John Payne on vocals and bass, Guthrie Govan on guitars and Chris Slade on drums. It was also the first Asia album to not start with an A in the title. Rare was the exception but a lot of people don’t feel that’s an official Asia album.


Released in 2008. It was all bets off with the titles now as the A series titled albums were history. However what Phoenix did offer was a return to the original lineup of  John Wetton on vocals, bass guitars, Geoff Downes on keyboards Steve Howe on guitars and Carl Palmer on drums.


Released in 2010. The original lineup retired one more time for the second straight comeback album also making the Omega album the fourth Asia record that featured John Wetton, Geoff Downes, Steve Howe  and Carl Palmer.


Released in 2012. XXX would be the fifth and final album to feature the band’s original core four lineup. Once again Steve Howe would quit the band after the release of the record. Sadly John Wetton would pass away five years later after the release of the next album.


Released in 2014. As of this writing this is the last full length studio album Asia has released. This was John Wetton’s final album. It also featured Carl Palmer, Geoff Downes and new guitarist Sam Coulson.

Asia Live Albums

The live albums listed below are in the order of chronological release. The dates represents when the live album was recorded.

Live In Moscow – 1990 – Rhino Label

Now: Live in Nottingham -1990 – Blueprint label

Live in Philadelphia – 1992 – Blueprint label

Live in Osaka – 1992 – Blueprint label

Live in Köln – 1994  – Blueprint label

Live at the Town & Country Club – 1992 – Resurgence Label

Live Acoustic – 1997  – Resurgence Label

Asia Enso Kai (Live in Tokyo) – 1983  – MSI Label

Alive in Hallowed Halls –  1983 –  Zoom Club Records Label

Quadra – 1983 – Zoom Club Records Label

Live at Budokan -1983 – Superior Label

Bedrock in Concert – 1990

America: Live in the USA  – 2002 

Dragon Attack – 1990 – Trademark of Quality – Label

Live in Buffalo – 1982 – Trademark of Quality – Label

Live in Massachusetts ’83 – 1983 – Trademark of Quality – Label

Live in Hyogo – 1990 – Trademark of Quality – Label

Night of the Rising Sun – 1983

Fantasia: Live in Tokyo – 2007

Under the Bridge: Live in San Francisco 

Live in Tokyo Japan 12 May 2008

Live Pabst Theatre 23 April 2008

Live in São Paulo 23 March 2008

Live in Barcelona 19 May 2008

Asia – Live Around the World

At High Voltage 2010

Spirit Of The Night: The Phoenix Tour Live In Cambridge 2009

Live at the London Forum (The Omega Tour) – 2011

Resonance: The Omega Tour Live In Basel 2010

High Voltage – Live – 2010

Axis XXX Live in San Francisco MMXII – 2012

Live In America – 2002

Symfonia – Live in Bulgaria 2013 

Aurora (Live) – 1992

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