Complete List Of Dave Matthews Band Members

Dave Matthews Band Members

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Dave Matthews Band (DMB) is an American rock band formed in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 1991. Known for their unique blend of jazz, folk, and rock music, DMB has garnered a massive following over the years, releasing numerous albums that have achieved commercial success and critical acclaim. The band is renowned for its energetic live performances, complex music arrangements, and the diverse musical backgrounds of its members. Over the years, the band has seen changes in its lineup, with some members leaving and new ones joining, but it has continued to tour extensively and release new music, securing its place as a staple in the American music landscape.

Dave Matthews

David John Matthews, born on January 9, 1967, in Johannesburg, is a renowned American musician, songwriter, and the driving force behind the Dave Matthews Band (DMB). His upbringing involved frequent moves between South Africa, the UK, and the US, influencing his diverse musical palette. Picking up the acoustic guitar at nine, Matthews embarked on a musical journey that would lead to the formation of DMB in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 1991. The band achieved monumental success, becoming one of North America’s top acts from 2000 to 2010 and releasing several chart-topping albums.

In addition to his work with DMB, Matthews has explored solo projects, record production, and acting, showcasing his versatility. His early life was marked by international moves and personal challenges, including the loss of his father at a young age and facing conscription in South Africa, which he avoided due to his pacifist beliefs. Matthews’s musical career officially began in Charlottesville, where he connected with the local music scene and met future collaborator Tim Reynolds.

The formation of DMB and their rise to fame brought not only musical success but also personal trials, notably the tragic death of Matthews’s sister Anne in 1994, which profoundly affected him and his music. Beyond DMB, Matthews has collaborated with various artists, contributed to other musical projects, and engaged in acting, with roles in films and TV shows.

Matthews’s interests extend beyond music to viticulture, with ventures like Blenheim Vineyards and Dreaming Tree Wines. He’s also known for his political activism, supporting various causes and candidates over the years. Personal life milestones include his marriage to Jennifer Ashley Harper and their three children. Matthews’s contributions to music and society have been recognized with multiple awards, including Grammy Awards, highlighting his significant impact on the music industry and beyond.

Carter Beauford

Born on November 2, 1958, Carter Anthony Beauford is a celebrated American drummer and percussionist, best known as a co-founder of the renowned Dave Matthews Band. His drumming is distinguished by its versatility across different musical genres and his unique ambidextrous and open-handed techniques. In addition to his role behind the drums, Beauford contributes backing vocals for the band.

Beauford’s journey into the world of drumming began at the tender age of three, sparked by an unforgettable experience. Unable to find a babysitter, his father took him to a Buddy Rich concert, an event that left a lasting impression on young Beauford. Captivated by Rich’s performance, Beauford’s newfound passion for drumming was encouraged by his father, who gifted him his first drum set, albeit a modest tin set with paper heads. By the age of nine, Beauford was already showcasing his talent in professional gigs.

In an instructional video titled “Under The Table & Drumming,” Beauford delves into the origins of his distinctive playing style. As a child, he practiced in front of a mirror, attempting to mirror the techniques of his drumming idols, including Buddy Rich. This unique practice method inadvertently led him to set up his drum kit in reverse, fostering his ability to play ambidextrously from an early age.

Before his tenure with the Dave Matthews Band, Beauford was part of Secrets, a jazz fusion band based in Richmond, Virginia. The group was a melting pot of local talent, including Beauford’s childhood friend and saxophonist LeRoi Moore. Secrets, known for their dynamic performances, played at various venues across Virginia, including The Jewish Mother in Virginia Beach and Miller’s in Charlottesville, where Dave Matthews was a bartender.

Beauford’s versatility and open-minded approach to music have seen him collaborate with a wide array of artists beyond the Dave Matthews Band. His collaborative projects span genres and have included work with artists such as Vertical Horizon, Carlos Santana, Rashawn Ross, John Popper of Blues Traveler, Tim Reynolds, Béla Fleck, and Victor Wooten, showcasing his adaptability and breadth as a musician.

Stefan Lessard

Stefan Kahil Lessard, born on June 4, 1974, is widely recognized for his role as the bass guitarist of the Dave Matthews Band, a prominent American music group.

Growing up in a family of musicians, Lessard’s early years were marked by several relocations. Born in Anaheim, California, he spent parts of his childhood in Buckingham County and Richmond, Virginia, before his family finally settled in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 1987.

Upon returning to Charlottesville from Madison, Wisconsin, in 1987, Lessard’s musical journey took a significant turn. He attended Tandem Friends School, where he honed his skills under the tutelage of John D’earth, a trumpeter, and Peter Spaar, a bassist. It was D’earth and Spaar who saw Lessard’s potential and recommended him to Dave Matthews, who was in the process of forming a band and in need of a bassist. At just sixteen, Lessard became a founding member of the Dave Matthews Band, navigating the challenges of performing in venues with age restrictions due to his youthful status.

Despite his burgeoning music career, Lessard valued education and completed his junior year of high school, earning acceptance into the Jazz Studies program at Virginia Commonwealth University. However, the demands of touring with an increasingly popular band made it impossible for him to continue his formal education, leading him to withdraw after just six weeks to focus fully on his music career.

Lessard has also engaged with fans online, having managed a MySpace page named LowenDude and maintained a blog at His foray into video blogging on YouTube during the band’s 2007 European Tour offered fans a closer look into the life of a touring musician.

In a notable side project, on January 9, 2008, Lessard performed with members of Guster and Barenaked Ladies as part of Yukon Kornelius, a supergroup formed for a benefit concert at Okemo Mountain Resort in Vermont. That same year, he ventured into composing, co-writing the score for the documentary “Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk,” showcasing his versatile talents beyond the bass guitar.

LeRoi Moore

LeRoi Holloway Moore, born on September 7, 1961, and passing on August 19, 2008, was an esteemed American saxophonist and a pivotal founding member of the Dave Matthews Band. Moore’s talents extended beyond performance; he played a significant role in arranging the music for many of the band’s pieces, penned by Dave Matthews himself. Additionally, Moore’s creativity contributed to the band’s repertoire, as he co-authored several notable songs, including “Too Much” and “Stay (Wasting Time).”

Hailing from Durham, North Carolina, Moore was the son of Roxie Holloway Moore and Albert P. Moore. He grew up in Virginia and pursued higher education at James Madison University, where he delved into the tenor saxophone. Moore’s journey into jazz music flourished in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he collaborated with notable artists such as John D’earth and Dawn Thompson. His professional music career took off after a short stint in college, leading him to co-found the Charlottesville Swing Orchestra in 1982 and later join the John D’earth Quintet. This quintet performed weekly at Miller’s, a local Charlottesville bar, which is where Moore’s path first crossed with Dave Matthews in 1991. Moore’s involvement with Matthews began when he started recording with him, adding instrumental depth to Matthews’s compositions.

Moore’s musical expertise was not limited to the saxophone; he was proficient in playing a wide array of instruments including the bass, baritone, tenor, alto, and soprano saxophones, alongside the flute, bass clarinet, penny whistle, and oboe. His passion for music was evident in his extensive collection of instruments, as noted by his woodwind technician, David Saull.

Beyond his contributions to the Dave Matthews Band, Moore’s musical endeavors included recording an album in 1995 with Thompson and Greg Howard under the name Code Magenta, which fused jazz with spoken-word poetry. He also featured on Sokoband’s debut album, “In November Sunlight,” in 1996.

Moore’s life took a tragic turn on June 30, 2008, following an all-terrain vehicle accident on his farm near Charlottesville. The accident led to severe injuries, and despite an initial recovery, Moore was readmitted to the hospital due to complications. Jeff Coffin, a saxophonist from Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, filled in for Moore during his absence from the band. This was a significant moment as it marked the first time a band member had missed a show since 1993.

Moore’s battle with his injuries ended in Los Angeles, where he had gone for rehabilitation. On the morning of August 19, 2008, Moore’s condition deteriorated rapidly, leading to his untimely death. Initially thought to be caused by a blood clot, the coroner later identified pneumonia as the cause of death, marking the end of a remarkable musical legacy left by LeRoi Holloway Moore.

Boyd Tinsley

Boyd Calvin Tinsley, born on May 16, 1964, is renowned for his work as a violinist and mandolinist, most notably as a long-standing member of the Dave Matthews Band.

Tinsley’s roots trace back to Charlottesville, Virginia, where he was immersed in a musically inclined household; his father directed a choir, and his uncle, a versatile musician, played the bass and trumpet in local ensembles. Initially gravitating towards the guitar, Tinsley’s musical journey took a pivotal turn in middle school when he discovered a natural aptitude for the violin. Under the tutelage of Isidor Saslav, the then-concertmaster of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Tinsley honed his violin skills. However, by the age of 16, he chose to veer away from a classical music trajectory.

Pursuing history at the University of Virginia, Tinsley also engaged in Greek life as a Sigma Nu fraternity member. It was during his university years that he co-founded the duo Down Boy Down, which later evolved into The Boyd Tinsley Band. This ensemble gained local acclaim in Charlottesville, known for its original compositions and cover performances, often opening for Blues Traveler.

Tinsley’s career took a significant turn in 1991 when Dave Matthews invited him to contribute violin to “Tripping Billies” for a demo tape. Despite leading his own band, Tinsley frequently collaborated with Matthews’ band, eventually becoming an official member in 1992. Matthews reflected on Tinsley’s integration into the band as a serendipitous addition that brought a new dynamic and energy, solidifying the group’s formation.

Tinsley’s creative contributions extend beyond performances; he has co-authored several of the band’s songs, including the Grammy-winning “So Much to Say.” Notably, Tinsley was the first to use the name ‘Dave Matthews Band,’ a label initially intended as a placeholder but ultimately became the group’s official moniker.

Among his songwriting achievements with the band are tracks like “41”, “American Baby”, and “Funny the Way It Is”, showcasing his versatile talent. Tinsley’s discography includes all of the band’s studio and live albums, contributing to the Dave Matthews Band’s distinctive sound.

A memorable incident occurred on August 8, 2004, when Tinsley’s tour bus was involved in an unfortunate event over the Chicago River, leading to a controversial environmental issue.

In recent years, Tinsley faced health challenges, including arthritis in his right hand, which became apparent during the band’s 2014 tour in Australia. He later underwent surgery to address carpal tunnel syndrome, demonstrating his commitment to his music despite physical obstacles.

Tim Reynolds

Tim Reynolds has been a collaborator with Dave Matthews and DMB for many years, officially joining the band as a guitarist in 2008. Reynolds’ guitar work has added depth to the band’s sound, both in the studio and during live performances. His technical skill and versatility have made significant contributions to DMB’s albums since he became an official member. Reynolds also has a successful solo career, known for his mastery of the guitar and his experimental approach to music.

Jeff Coffin

Jeff Coffin, a saxophonist, joined DMB in 2008 following the passing of LeRoi Moore. Coffin’s jazz influences and virtuosic saxophone playing have added a new dimension to the band’s sound. He has contributed to DMB’s studio albums since joining and has been a dynamic presence in their live performances. Coffin’s extensive career outside DMB includes work with Béla Fleck and the Flecktones and numerous other jazz and fusion projects.

Rashawn Ross

Rashawn Ross joined DMB as a trumpeter and backing vocalist in 2006, becoming a full-time member shortly thereafter. His contributions have enhanced the band’s brass section, adding a layer of richness to their sound. Ross has played on several DMB albums, contributing both his trumpet playing and his skills as an arranger. His work outside the band includes collaborations with a variety of artists across different genres, showcasing his versatility as a musician.

Buddy Strong

Buddy Strong joined the Dave Matthews Band in 2018, bringing his expertise on the keyboards and enriching the band’s sound with his backing vocals. His entry into the band introduced a fresh layer of sonic depth, enhancing their musical arrangements with his vibrant keyboard melodies and harmonies. Strong’s energetic presence and musical versatility quickly made him an integral part of the band’s dynamic performances, contributing to the evolving sound of DMB as they continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

Peter Griesar

Peter Griesar was an early member of the Dave Matthews Band, playing keyboards, harmonica, and providing backing vocals from 1991 to 1993. Although his time with the band was brief, Griesar’s contributions during the formative years of DMB helped shape the band’s eclectic sound. His work on keyboards and harmonica added unique textures to the band’s music, and his backing vocals complemented the band’s rich harmonies. After leaving the band, Griesar continued his musical career, exploring various projects and collaborations.

Butch Taylor

Butch Taylor contributed to the Dave Matthews Band as a keyboardist and backing vocalist from 2001 to 2008 and made guest appearances from 1998 to 2000 and in 2017. Taylor’s tenure with DMB was marked by his skillful keyboard playing and harmonious backing vocals, enriching the band’s live performances and studio recordings. His musicianship added a layer of depth to the band’s arrangements, making him a valuable member during his time with the group.

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