Queens Museum Pays Tribute To The Ramones With Exhibition

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In their heyday, the Ramones may have been the ultimate anti-establishment band. However, in April of 2016, the Queens Museum in New York will pay tribute to the band with an exhibit dedicated to their legacy. It’s hard to believe that its been forty years since the Ramones released their debut album The Ramones in 1976. To help celebrate the anniversary, the Queens Museum located in Flushing Queens will be opening on April 10th,2016, an exhibition that will display Ramones memorabilia dating back to the nineteen seventies. On display will be guitars that the band played. The iconic leather jackets that the band wore on stage (and off stage) and in photographs will also be hung in the exhibit.

The public will be able to view the doodles that Joey Ramones often utilized in writing his lyrics. Also on display will be large portrait of all four original band members. The exhibit will also feature a sixty minute concert film of a Ramones performance in London.

The co-curator of the exhibition, Marc H. Miller spoke highly of the Ramones and how the band related to the socioeconomic times of the the late nineteen seventies, “The Ramones were very good at expressing the darkness of the times. The Lower East Side was burned out like the South Bronx. There was anxiety and life was not particularly good. The Ramones were able to express it — not in a pretentious way like Bob Dylan — but in a simple way with humor that helped get the angry out.”

Linda Ramone, wife of the late Joey Ramone, arrived in Queens this week to help celebrate the legacy of the band with the Queens museum. Linda Ramones spoke about the difference between the present day and the culture of the nineteen seventies. Lind Ramones felt the band would have been out of place in current popular culture. “Today, everything is so politically correct that you can’t say anything without offending someone. It was a cult. You didn’t have cellphones. You had to go out and see the bands and try to find the punk magazines.”

The Forest Hills, Queen Museum is paying tribute to a band that is viewed as one of their own. The Ramones first formed in Forest Hills, Queens New York in 1974. All four original members attended Forest Hill High School in the 1970s.

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