Real Meanings Behind The Songs On Taylor Swift’s Reputation Album

Real Meanings Behind The Songs On Taylor Swift’s Reputation Album

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Our list looks at our Real Meanings Behind Songs Taylor Swift’s Reputation Album. Taylor Swift released Reputation in 2017. This is her sixth album. On this album, she talks about everything she went through because of her personal life. She slams the media for being involved in her personal and she talks about her love life. She recorded country, pop, r&b and EDM music for this album. The album peaked at number one on the Billboard 200 charts. Reputation is her fourth album to debut at number one. The album was number one on the charts for four weeks. The album sold over one million copies in its first week. The album sold over four million copies worldwide.

The album features the singles “Look What You Made Me Do,” “Ready for It?,” “End Game,” “New Year’s Day,” “Delicate” and “Getaway Car.” Four of the singles peaked in the Top 20 on the Hot 100 singles charts. Taylor Swift won awards for this album.

# 1 – Ready for It?

The first song on our list of the Real Meaning Behind The Songs On Taylor Swift’s Reputation Album is “Ready for It?.” The song has a pop beat. This is the second single on the album. The song is about a woman who has had numerous relationships in the past. She talks about being him younger than the other men she’s dated, but he acts like a man. She uses examples to discuss her relationships. She talks about holding him for ransom, robbing a bank together, moving to a secret location and being in jail. She uses Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s romance as an inspiration for her romantic history. She tells the audience that she’s going to use her tough side to get the man she loves. She expresses her sentimental side in the chorus by talking about wanting a loving relationship.

In the first verse, she talks about her lover leaving different women behind. She lets him know that he’s younger than the other men she’s been with, but he acts more mature than them. She informs him that he would never be alone if he touches her. Taylor Swift insists that she wants a beautiful relationship. She wants to know if he’s ready for a commitment. She enjoys the intimacy of their relationship and calls her other lovers’ failures. She said she didn’t remember their names. She focuses on her reputation as a female player and she wants to keep acting the way she does. The song peaked at number four on the Billboard 100 singles charts. It sold over two million copies.

# 2 – End Game ft. Ed Sheeran and Future

The next song on our list of the Real Meaning Behind The Songs On Taylor Swift’s Reputation Album is “End Game.” The song has a pop, r&b and hip-hop sound. This is the third single from the album. “End Game” is a song about drama and rumors. The artists talk about finding love despite the rumors involving their reputations. She talks about how she wants her boyfriend to look beyond her reputation as a boy-crazy woman and ignore the rumors about her life and how her life gets revealed in the public. She talks about how she has enemies out there and she wants him to overlook that so she can be his “End Game.”

Ed Sheeran and Future talk about being in the spotlight. The song opens with the chorus. Taylor Swift lets her lover know that once they go out in public people will talk about them being together. He appears to be known in Hollywood. People thought the song was about actor Tom Hiddleston. She didn’t say if the song was about him. Future raps from the male point of view. He responds to Taylor Swift’s part of the song. He talks about his bad boy reputation. He talks about how the woman he loves enjoys his personality.

Ed Sheeran talks about being with someone while he was younger. They grew up together when they fell in love. He talks about how they fell in love when they got older. He’s not perfect because he has anger issues. There are a lot of rumors about him, but he lets his woman know that the rumors about him aren’t true. He has made mistakes in the past, but being with her isn’t one of them. The song peaked at number 18 on the Hot 100 singles charts. The track sold over one million copies.

# 3 – I Did Something Bad

The song has an electro-trap, EDM and grunge beat. The song is about a woman who doesn’t apologize for her success. She defies her naysayers. She tells a man who crossed her that she didn’t regret what she did because he deserved it. She talks about the way strong women get treated by society. She informs listeners that if a man says something she doesn’t like, she doesn’t care how he feels. She takes jabs at her previous relationships. She hints that her past loves weren’t as great as they appeared to everyone. It was better for her to leave before she was left.

She prepared to be figuratively burned at the stake for her actions. She wanted to take control of her life even if it meant destroying people who were against her. Swifties are usually curious about who she’s talking about in her songs. Half the fun of listening to her songs is trying figure out the Easter Eggs that she has in her tracks. Fans thought the song might be about DJ Calvin Harris or actor Tom Hiddleston. She wrote this song with Max Martin and Shellback. She was inspired to write this song after watching The Game of Thrones.


# 4 – Don’t Blame Me

The track has a gospel and EDM sound. The song is about her relationship with an older man. She considers the man to be her drug. She compares the man to a drug. She says that her drug is her baby. She opens the song talking about her relationships with older men in the past. She said she would cross the line to be with him. People think that she’s gone too far by being with him, but she’s obsessed. She is obsessed with him and doesn’t care who has a problem with it. She has claimed the man she wants to be hers whether he wants to be with her or not.

Taylor Swift is obsessed with the guy she wants. She tries her best to hide the fact that she is obsessed. She keeps her invisible halo over her head so that she could maintain her good girl status. Taylor Swift doesn’t care that she has a reputation of dating different people. She does admit that she’s changed because of the love she feels for her new man. Taylor Swift wants listeners to know that her heart wants what it wants. She can’t help who she falls for in life.

# 5 – Delicate

The next song on our list of the Real Meaning Behind The Songs On Taylor Swift’s Reputation Album is “Delicate.” The song has a pop beat. This the fifth single from the album. The song is about her being insecure about her boyfriend wanting to be with her despite her bad reputation. She’s not worried about what other people think of her, but things change when the reputation affects the relationship. She lets her boyfriend know that he must love her for her because her reputation is at its worst. She invites the listeners to learn about her personal life. Throughout the song she talks about how her image will affect their romance.

She doesn’t want to offend her new lover. She doesn’t want to scare her new lover off because of her reputation. She questions whether their relationship is “delicate.” She wonders if he thinks about her the way she thinks about him. She wants the Swifties to know that she will keep being herself no matter what her critics say about her. She was worried that he wouldn’t to be with her because of the things the critics said about her. The song peaked at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles charts. It sold over two million copies.

# 6 – Look What You Made Me Do

The track has a dance and pop sound. This is the first single on her album. The song is a jab at anyone who has ever done anything to hurt her. She decides to be a vixen on this track instead of a victim. Taylor Swift wanted to get revenge on everyone who hurt her. She wanted to talk about the things people have said about her in the media. She thought they attacked her. Everyone tried to blame her for what went down and she thought it wasn’t cool. She warned her enemies that she may look like she was losing, but she was going to win in the end. She informs her enemies that their names are on her list. She put them in red ink and she intends to check the list multiple times.

Taylor Swift felt like her enemies were ruling her life. She thought they hurt her by going behind her back and betraying her. She wanted her listeners to know that drama happens all of the time, but it doesn’t faze her. She believes in karma and how it will affect her enemies. The singer lets everyone know that she doesn’t trust anybody and they don’t trust her. Her enemies will be afraid of her and stress out over what she’s going to do to them. She’s doing this to them because they struck first. Fans wondered who was on her hit list and what she was going to do to them. The song peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 singles charts. The single sold over four million copies.

# 7 – So It Goes…

The song has a pop beat. This song allowed her to move away from her good girl image. She has a sexier image on this song. She talks about the intimate things she wants to do with her man. She feels good when she’s with her man because he makes her forget about the haters in her life. She is willing to show her vulnerable side with him. Whenever she sees her man she can’t control herself around him. She gets excited every time he’s around. They have rough patches, but when they are away from other people their relationship works. They understand each other and work well together. Everything works for them and they have a great time together.

He gives her a chance to change who she is. She’s not a dangerous girl, but he gives her a chance to show that side of her. She will do different things for him. Taylor Swift lets her fans know that her man did something to her and she’s all for it. She doesn’t push the envelope too far when she talks about her intimate relationship with her man, but she shows her sexy side on the track.

# 8 – Gorgeous

The song has an electro pop sound. “Gorgeous” talks about how she’s attracted to someone. She can’t look at him because he looks too good. She’s fearful that she will get rejected if she approaches him. She gets frustrated as she talks about how “gorgeous” he is. She talks about hating that she can’t have what she wants. She can’t control herself around the guy. She is involved in a relationship with an older guy, but she is being drawn to the “gorgeous” one. She hates that she can’t have the guy right now. He makes her nervous and she can’t talk around him. She ends up getting mad at him because she can’t handle herself around him.

The singer would be jealous if he had a girlfriend, but it would be worse if he were single. It would hurt more to be around him knowing that she can’t be with him. She talks about his beautiful blue eyes and she’s afraid she will melt into them. She will walk away unless he wants to be with her. The singer blames the guy she’s attracted to for why she can’t have him. Taylor Swift is basically talking about forcing herself on to a man she’s attracted to and can’t have him.

# 9 – Getaway Car

The song has a pop sound. This is the sixth song on the album. The song is about a woman who uses a man to get out of a relationship she’s already in. She knows the new relationship won’t work because she’s using him to get away from the other guy. She opens the song with her confession. The songwriter didn’t want to be with her boyfriend anymore so she had to figure out a way to get out of the relationship. She used the new guy to get away from the old guy. The singer uses metaphors to describe ending her relationship. In the story, she has had enough of the relationship and she wants to leave. She wants to go any way she can, but finds out that it might not be a wise choice.

She talks to the new boyfriend about the way her other relationship started. She didn’t take her old relationship seriously. They stayed together despite the fact that they didn’t take their relationship seriously. She wanted to run away with the new guy, but they refused to see the lies that were in front of them. Taylor Swift reminds the new guy that he drove the “getaway car” and took her from her old relationship.

She moved too fast with the new guy even though they didn’t have much of a foundation to build on. She wants him to realize why things aren’t going to work out between them. Their relationship was doomed because of the way they got together. She realizes nothing good starts in a “getaway car.” Her old boyfriend doesn’t like the fact that she left him for the new guy. He tries to win her back, but she wants him to stay away. She ends up deciding that she doesn’t want to be with either man.

# 10 – King of My Heart

The next song on our list of the Real Meaning Behind The Songs On Taylor Swift’s Reputation Album is “King of My Heart.” The song has a synth pop beat. She talks about finding a love who she considers the king of her heart. She opens the song talking about how she’s better off by herself. She has made too many mistakes in her relationships and she wants to be alone. It doesn’t last long once she meets the man of her dreams. She wants to be with the new man. She does take the opportunity to get a jab in on her ex-boyfriends when she sings the pre-chorus. She talks about her former lovers not doing for her what he could do for her.

Taylor Swift talks about how her feelings changed once she met the new man. She wants him to take control of her heart. She is attracted to him the way she never was before. The songwriter wants him to be in her life because he’s the king of her heart. She hopes that her relationship will last with the new guy. This track has clues throughout the song that indicate that it’s about actor Joe Alwyn.

# 11 – Dancing with Our Hands Tied

The track has a pop beat. The song is about a relationship she feels won’t work out because of outside forces. She doesn’t like the idea of losing her lover and wants to hold on to him for as long as she can. She talks about loving someone secretly and being afraid of love. She was afraid because of what happened to her in the past. She didn’t want the media to ruin her relationship the way it happened before. Their love wasn’t meant to last because people tried to interfere. Taylor Swift goes after the media for violating her privacy. She had a bad feeling about their relationship, but they tried to make it work.

The lyrics talks about she felt loved by him despite his flaws. She discusses the relationship in greater detail once she gets to the bridge of the track. She describes how they attempt to stay together despite outsiders trying to ruin their relationship. She uses metaphors to talk about her relationship. She doesn’t come out and say who she’s referring to, but she gives the listeners an inside look on how she feels about the man she loves.

# 12 – Dress

The song has an r&b sound. The song is about a woman finding a man attractive and she’s having a secret relationship with him. She talks about how she feels about him and about them having a physical relationship. This is one of her most intimate songs. She gives details about her relationship with her lover. She wants him to put his mark on her. She is ready to give herself to him completely. She wanted to show her mature side on this track. She informs her lover that she wants him to take her “dress” off of her. She doesn’t want him to be her friend. She wants more than that.

# 13 – This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

The song had a pop beat. The song is a message to her haters. She wants to get revenge on the people who hurt her. She wants to know why they want to rain on her parade. She lets her haters know that she will take the nice things that they break. Taylor Swift says the song is about people who take things for granted like friendship. She feels that people tend to betray trusting people. She talked about having a good life until someone ruined it by hurting her. She does talk about forgiving the person, but the person ended up betraying her again. She also laughs after saying the line.

People believed this song was in reference to her beef with Kanye West. She does make reference to a couple of things that make it easy to assume that she was talking about the rapper. She talks about “raining on her parade.” This line is possibly in reference to when he interrupted her awards’ speech. She also talked about being friends again until the person stabbed her in the back again. She doesn’t admit that she’s talking about Kanye West, but lyrical detectives seem to think the song is a jab at the rapper for exposing her when they had a phone call about one of his songs.

# 14 – Call It What You Want

The track has an r&b and pop beat. The song is about her being in a new relationship with a guy. She knows people are casting judgment on her, but she’s fine with where she’s at and who she’s dating. She’s certain that trusting him is the right thing to do. She opens the song talking about how the media treats her. She talks about the bad things they say about her. She calls her naysayers liars. She talks about why she’s better than she has been in a long time. She talks about her boyfriend and how good he looks. She is also happy that he’s interested in her and not what the public is saying about her. He is above all of the drama that she has to endure.

The critics judge her for jumping from relationship to relationship, but she doesn’t care what they say. She doesn’t care what they say about her relationship. She’s fine with them guessing about her relationship, but she knows the truth. He loves her for her and he doesn’t care about her past. Swifties believe this song is dedicated to Joe Alwyn. She doesn’t say, but it’s a safe bet he is the subject behind the song.

# 15 – New Year’s Day

The last song on our list of the Real Meaning Behind The Songs On Taylor Swift’s Reputation Album is “New Year’s Day.” The song has a pop beat. This is the fourth single from the album. The song is about what happens after a party is over. She has a New Year’s Eve party and her man was there to help clean up after the party. Taylor Swift thinks it’s romantic to kiss on New Year Eve. She thinks it’s even more romantic to spend the next day together. She thinks the person who stays with you after the party is over is meant to be your soul mate. She wants someone to be there after the party ends. She has been there for him and now she wants him to be there for her. She shows her vulnerable side to her lover on this song. She lets him know how much she wants him. She doesn’t want him to be a stranger. The single peaked at number 33 on the country singles charts.

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