Sammy Hagar’s 2015 Circle Tour Was Spectacular

Sammy Hagar's 2015 Circle Tour

Photo: By Art Bromage [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Lightning in Seattle forced Sammy Hagar to cancel his concert appearance on September 3rd 2015. Fans took to twitter to voice their disappointment. Many of them screaming for Sammy to come back and perform indoors next time. Mr.Hagar apologized to fans via social media, “ready to perform tonight Seattle but rain+lightning flooded electronics & was too dangerous for us and the fans. breaks our hearts-back ASAP!” wrote Sammy Hagar on his twitter account.

Sammy Hagar is currently on tour with bassist Michael Anything(Van Halen), drummer Jason Bonham, and guitarist Vic Johnson. There are touring in support of Sammy latest project, “The Circle.” The band has been performing song from Sammy Hagar’s 40 year career. With Jason Bonham on board , they have also been performing Led Zeppelin classics among other materiel from classic rock bands. Sounds like a show not to be missed for fans of the Red Rocker.

If you have never seen Sammy Hagar then we will argue that you are missing one of classic rock’s greatest lead singers. If anyone knows how to turn on an audience and have fun it is Sammy Hagar. With Michael Anthony by his side, night after night Sammy Hagar blows audiences away. The combination of Michael Anthony’s vintage high voiced background vocals backing up the spectacular Sammy Hagar’s golden voice begs to ask what was Eddie Van Halen thinking when he lost both of these spectacular musicians.

Combing with Michael Anthony’s brilliant singing and butt kicking bass playing is the ever growing legend in the making Mr. Jason Bonham. Standing in the shadows of perhaps the most loved drummer of all time in his father John Bonham, Jason has managed to carve out a spectacular career for himself. Bonham’s inclusion in the Circle with Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony and Vic Johnson has made this band explode on stage. This is killer rock and roll. While Vic Johnson may not be Eddie Van Halen, the man plays perfectly every night lighting it up on stage wonderfully complimenting the rest of the band.

Like we said before, if you have not seen the Circle, you should put them at the top of your list of bands to see.


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