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Sinéad O'Connor Songs

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Our top 10 Sinead O’Connor Songs introduces us to a lady who has maintained a high profile since her rise to fame back in the late 80s. To prove to the world that she still maintains her vocals despite being in the music industry for over thirty years, the Irish singer released her tenth full-length record I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss back in 2014. Digging deep into her emergence in the music world, Sinead O’Connor realized her super talent in the stifling times of patriarchy, unemployment, and the church. Known for her expressive nature, the Irish singer has become since her debut one of the most talked-about artists. From ripping up the Pope’s photo on a live show to a face-off with Miley Cyrus, Sinead O’Connor might seem quite ridiculous to some. However, those who seek to understand why she does what she does will appreciate her spoken mind. The same clarity and vigor in speaking her mind are still channeled through her expressive music. Here are the top 10 songs from Sinead O’Connor that you probably need to listen to.

# 10 – Three Babies

Coming in at number 10 is a song inspired by Sinead O’Connor’s personal life. Quite painful it might have been for Sinead O’Connor to include Three Babies in her second studio album I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got. Sinead O’Connor admitted in an interview that she had a series of miscarriages at a point in life, something that most women will barely talk about in the public. While the song might feel quite dull and slow, it’s a ballad that reminds us of struggles that women go through but barely talk about due to the shame that society has placed on the matter.

# 9 – You Made Me a Thief of Your Heart

Nothing feels better than putting together a great vocalist in the studio to do what she or he does best on lyrics written by a music prodigy. The song You Made Me a Thief of Your Heart was written by Bono, Gavin Friday, and Maurice Seezer specifically for a soundtrack to In the Name of the Father, a 1993 film. Included in Sinead O’Connor’s compilation album So Far… The Best Of, the song trended among the top 5 songs in Poland’s and Ireland’s music charts. The song also was significant in the UK and Finland having its peak at number 42 and 19 respectively. Its moody melody and Irish influence add a touch of excellence in the music production making it one of the best songs by Sinead O’Connor.

# 8 – Thank You for Hearing Me

Sinead O’Connor is a queen of expression and that can be expressed no better to her than in music. Through her Thank You for Hearing Me hit song, Sinead O’Connor sprays the gratitude vibe to the aura for all. Probably the best way to have you thankful for whatever blessings you have in your life is by adding this song on your playlist and listening to it more often. Not only does the song appreciate the positive but also the negative things in our lives that we can perceive to be blessings in disguise.

# 7 – Troy

Making it in the list of Sinead O’Connor’s top ten songs is Troy, a ballad from her 1987 debut studio album The Lion and the Cobra. Still expressive about Sinead O’Connor the song addresses her hometown Dublin as well as her mother who met her death through a car accident back in 1985 when she was just 17. In the song, Sinead O’Connor claims to have been abused by her mother physically, mentally, and even sexually. However, her claims had been disputed by other members of her family who didn’t think that the mother would be so cruel to the daughter she sired. Troy is used metaphorically for the betrayal of Sinead by her mother.

# 6 – My Special Child

Hidden beneath the soft voice and slow tempo instrumental is My Special Child, another song by Sinead O’Connor expressing her journey of life. The song was inspired by an abortion that Sinead O’Connor had, having it come after she had three miscarriages. While she felt guilty and admitted that she wouldn’t against or for abortion, Sinead O’Connor stated in an interview that she would love to see women have control over their bodies and choices. In this case, she made the choice since the father of the child would not be available, something that would have hurt the child.

# 5 – The Emperor’s New Clothes

The Emperor’s New Clothes was a song remixed for featuring in the I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got. In this song, Sinead O’Connor works out the frustrations that are entangled with being an unmarried young mom in an Irish Catholic family. While the song deviates from most of her songs, Sinead O’Connor seemed to be seeking some success in the alternative rock sonic landscape of the times, that is, the early nineties.

# 4 – I Want Your (Hand on Me)

A song from Sinead O’Connor’s 1988 Lion and the Cobra album, I Want Your (Hand on Me) is one of Sinead O’Connor’s bangers. The song’s outstanding bridge is something that you will definitely love. Thanks to the blending of early 90s hip-hop and alternative rock which makes the song quite a banger! The song actually appeared in the Miami Vice episode Borrasca, having it gain traction as one of Sinead O’Connor’s best songs.

# 3 – No Man’s Woman

Recorded as the lead single in her 2000 fifth studio album Faith and Courage, the song’s lyrics are quite powered and probably what pushed it to be a great one. Sinead O’Connor expresses her views on how she is fed up with being pushed around by men. In fact, she decrees herself as an independent lady with a strong connection with her faith. The song has been used as a gay anthem where Sinead O’Connor came out as one. While her relationship life has been like a ride on a rollercoaster, the song’s impact is imprinted in the hearts of many to date. The song’s bridge utilizes some cool Beatles like chord changes and melody lines.

# 2 – Mandinka

Sinead O’Connor’s debut album The Lion and The Cobra seems to have been quite massive with its second single Mandinka coming in strong as our number two song in her top ten best songs. Only aged 20 years, this hit song was performed live at the 1989 Grammys. You ought to love this heavy rock song juxtaposed with Sinead O’Connor’s amazing vocals. The song would later have her featured on the US television show Late Night with David Letterman. One of the truly outstanding Sinéad O’Connor Songs.

# 1- Nothing Compares 2 U

The Prince-penned ballad Nothing Compares 2 U was Sinead O’Connor’s breakthrough song and probably the best she has ever released to date. Despite being a heartbreaking song, the song’s profile had its fame explore outside Ireland has become a global hit song. Following the song’s fame and great quality, Sinead O’Connor earns her Grammy award for Best Alternative Music Performance. The song makes a perfect break-up song for modern sings to benchmark from.

Owing to her overly expressive nature, Sinead O’Connor has most of her hit songs talk about her personal life or channel emotions about some idea, person, or item. Hence, her songs can be branded as the most emotional interactive hits and to date, she remains unstoppable.

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