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Photo: By Yancho Sabev (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

On the night of November 12th 2016, Sting took the concert stage at the Batclan Theater in Paris and spoke the following words in perfect French,  “We Shall Not Forget Them.” Those who Sting paid tribute to were the 89 people killed in the November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks. On that November 13th 2015 night, the band Eagles of Death Metal were performing at the theater when three gunmen entered the hall and opened fire on the crowd. The attack on the theater was part of a series of coordinated terrorist attacks in the city of Paris.

After Sting spoke his carefully chosen and respectful words to the Parisian audience, the legendary artist opened the show with his composition “Fragile.” The beautiful heartfelt melody and painful political lyrics of the song almost seemed as if it had been written for the moment.  Sting’s “Fragile,” had originally been released on his Nothing Like The Sun album. The album was issued in 1987 and at the time stood as the follow-up to the singer’s first solo album Dream of the Blue Turtles which had been issued in 1985.  Sting’s “Fragile,” has become a staple in the singer’s concert repertoire. It is a song that the singer often closes his shows with. However, on November 12th 2016, the song’s haunting message that ties all citizens of the wold together in a climate of war and terrorism is a constant reminder of the fragility of life itself.

Sting’s reopening of the Batclan Theater in Paris was just another testament to the man’s commitment to contribute to society using the power of the microphone and pen in the most earnest fashion. Since the artist left the Police in his early 20’s he has had dedicated much time to world issues both on global and intimate levels It is well-known that Sting co-founded the Rainforest Foundation in the 1980’s with his wife Trudie Styler. However, the singer has also contributed in various ways to scores of foundations such as Amnesty International, multiple children’s funds such as Children’s Tumor Foundation,  Children’s Health Fund, In Harmony, Love Our Children USA and many more not listed here. Sting has contributed to Every Mother Counts, The Elton John Aids Foundation, In Harmony, Red Cross, UNICEF, the list goes on into the hundreds. And beyond the documented charitable contributions and performances are the moments that the general public has not seen. The behind the scenes moments in which Sting has lent himself to helping others that only those close to him know about.

Sting reopened the Batclan Theater in mourning and tribute to those innocently killed. But the mourning soon turned to one of defiance. And it was in the power of Sting’s rock and roll that portrayed a defiance that lifted the crowd to its feet celebrating  a dark moment in history with respect, but also as a defiant reaction to those who choose to attack the concepts of freedom and the fragility of life itself.

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