Bruce Springsteen autobiography to finally be released

Bruce Springsteen Autobiography

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The Bruce Springsteen autobiography that fans have been clamoring to read for the past 40 years will finally be released on September 27th 2016. The Bruce Springsteen autobiography will be published by Simon & Shuster. The legendary publishing company has announced that the iconic artist has spent the last few years working on his autobiography. It was both a welcome and surprising announcement as there has been no reports that Springsteen had been working on a autobiography. In fact, Bruce Springsteen has seemed to resist writing an autobiography throughout his career. When asked repeatedly about writing one in the past, Springsteen had replied many times that the last thing he wanted to do was spend time writing about his life. However, the onset of his 60’s and the concepts of mortality have clearly changed his mind.

Simon & Schuster announced that the Bruce Springsteen autobiography will cover Springsteen’s life from his childhood years in New Jersey all the way to rise to fame. The publishing company has stated that the book will be a complete tell all as they were quoted saying Springsteen has written it with “disarming candor.” Bruce Springsteen himself made a statement regarding the book in which he stated that he has “made one promise,to show the reader his mind.” The book publishing company did not disclose the financial terms of the book deal. One must wonder in this day of digital downloads, declining book sales, and the closure of most of the nation’s bookstores if Springsteen waiting too long to release his autobiography. But then again, Springsteen has never seemed to make career choices based on monetary value.

The release of the official Bruce Springsteen autobiography will finally give fans the close inside look to the world of Bruce Springsteen, and the mind that created the music that changed our lives. There has been thousands of books written on Bruce Springsteen over the past forty years. Up to this point in time, the most accurate and interesting work published about Bruce Springsteen had come from the pen of Dave Marsh. The esteemed writer published one of the most interesting and entertaining reads on Bruce Springsteen in 1980 entitled Born To Run. A few years later, Marsh also published Glory Days which chronicled the Born in the U.S.A period. Charles Cross who had founded Backstreets Magazine also contributed one of the most well written biographies on Springsteen entitled Backstreets. The Springsteen fan magazine Backstreets which was also founded by Charles Cross is still published quarterly. The magazines is supplemented, or one could say eclipsed by their own Bruce Springsteen website under the same Backstreets name. It is perhaps the most entertaining and informative website in the world that centers on the life and news of Bruce Springsteen.

Bruce Springsteen autobiography to finally be released

Written by Brian Kachejian

Photo By GabboT (Bruce Springsteen 06  Uploaded by tm) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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