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Our Taylor Swift’s Best Song On Each Of Her Albums article focuses on the standout singles from her catalog. Taylor Swift is a phenomenal artist in music today. Her accomplishments know no limits. She recorded numerous hit singles throughout her career. Her songs charted on multiple charts on Billboard since her debut single “Tim McGraw.” We’re not surprised that she is one of the best-selling artists in music. She shows no signs of stopping. The exceptional singer/songwriter writes songs that touch the hearts of her millions of fans. With the focus on her personal life, it’s easy to forget that Taylor Swift is a brilliant songwriter. Her tracks tell stories most of us relate to. The icon has been writing songs since she was young, so she knows what she’s doing.

Taylor Swift’s songs resonate with fans because they’re personal and autobiographical. She gets her inspiration from her experiences. We love how Taylor Swift invites us into her personal life. The singer tackles subjects like love, loss, and heartache. No matter what you’re going through, these songs hit close to home. Sharing her vulnerability allows fans to feel connected to her personally. She has a talent for simply expressing complex feelings. Taylor Swift talks about things her fans understand. Some artists discuss celebrity status, but most of us can’t relate to the lifestyle. Taylor Swift describes everyday situations, allowing fans to relate to her music.

The iconic artist doesn’t just write about relationships. She writes songs with empowering messages. Taylor Swift writes about resilience and self-love. We included one of those songs on our list. She encourages Swifties to embrace their uniqueness, overcome obstacles, and stand for what’s right. Fans embrace these songs, which explains why she is a successful songwriter. Very few songwriters write tracks the way Taylor Swift can. She has a knack for including her fans in her work.

Her albums hold your attention until the end. When listening to her music, you don’t hit the skip button. We can’t say that about too many artists. She recorded 11 albums and four re-released albums to date, so it’s quite a feat that her albums don’t contain filler. Taylor Swift changed her style from country to pop and maintained the quality of her work. Some artists change their style, and it negatively affects their work. Taylor Swift beat the curse and found success. Most of her albums have gone platinum or better. Numbers don’t lie. These stats are a testament to the incredible talent Taylor Swift has when it comes to songwriting. She knows what songs work.

We wanted to pick the best song on each of her albums. Taylor Swift has numerous tracks that could have appeared on our list. Her albums feature classic songs and deep cuts that Swifties enjoy. The songs we selected for our list focus on her vocal talent and songwriting ability. If the song feels like an earworm, it made our list. A great track stays in your head long after you hear it. Each Swifties’ list differs from the other. This list may spark debates among Taylor Swift fans. See which songs made our Taylor Swift’s Best Song On Each Of Her Albums list.

Taylor Swift – “Our Song”

We picked “Our Song” as the best song on her eponymous album. She released the track in September 2007. The single appears on her debut album. It peaked at number one on the Country Charts and 16 on Hot 100. We were torn on what song to add from her debut album. Each track stands out for different reasons. Most Swifties would pick “Tim McGraw” as their favorite, but we chose a different track. “Our Song” allows Taylor Swift to show her fun side. The track is about young love. We all know what it’s like to experience young love.

We picked this cut because the singer is happy and in love. Taylor Swift captures the innocence of young love. People of all ages relate to the song. Most of us know how it feels to fall in love. We enjoy the emotional journey Taylor Swift takes us on throughout the track. Her vocals sound mature on the single. She makes you believe she’s happy. It allows you to think about happy thoughts. The memorable chorus stays in your head. Her excellent harmonies shine throughout the track. “Our Song” showcases her phenomenal songwriting skills and the ability to talk about teenage romance. It remains a timeless masterpiece that holds a place in the hearts of her fans.

Fearless – “You Belong with Me”

On the second album, we picked “You Belong with Me.” The song debuted in April 2009. It was a tight race because other tracks could have made the list. The album features the hits “Love Story,” “White Horse,” “Fifteen,” and “Fearless.” We chose “You Belong with Me” because it showcases her crossover appeal. The song peaked on the Country and Pop charts. It peaked at number two on the Hot 100 and one on the Country and Adult Contemporary charts. This track helped her gain a wider audience. Pop fans took notice of the songwriting phenomenon.

The song is about a female who has feelings for a male friend, but he’s dating someone else. His girlfriend refuses to see him the way she does. The relatable lyrics hit home when you love someone from afar. Taylor Swift wrote the perfect track to describe unrequited love. She draws you in with a realistic story. The story keeps listeners hooked and makes you want to root for her to get the guy. Fearless is known for its country sound, but “You Belong with Me” stands out as a pop production. It has mainstream appeal that transcends genres. This song added freshness to the album and showcased her versatile songwriting.

Speak Now – “Back to December”

The third album features the hit song “Back to December.” She released the track in November 2010. It peaked at number six on the Hot 100 charts and three on the Country charts. The album reflects her transition into adulthood. It is the first album she wrote by herself. Other songs could have made the list. This album includes the singles “Mine,” “Mean,” “The Story of Us,” “Sparks Fly,” and “Ours.” We picked “Back to December” as the best song because it highlights her mature side.

The track details a woman regretting losing the man she loves. She takes responsibility for her role in the breakup. We applaud her for owning up to her mistake. The lyrics inspire listeners to take responsibility for their actions. It teaches you that it takes two people to destroy a relationship. We picked the track because it’s a raw and honest apology to a former boyfriend. Taylor Swift allows listeners to see her vulnerable side. It makes us connect with her more. Unlike other breakup songs, it offers closure. The track gives listeners a glimmer of hope that things will get better. It’s one of the best songs on the album and in her discography. Whether you are a longtime fan or a newcomer, this song deserves a spot on your playlist.

Red – “I Knew You Were Trouble”

The fourth album features the hit single “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Taylor Swift released the song in November 2012. It peaked at number two on the Hot 100 charts. Taylor Swift named the album Red because of an emotional breakup. The album features the hits “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” “Begin Again,” “22,” “Red,” “Everything Has Changed,” and “The Last Time.” We picked the hit single as the best song on her album because of the brilliant pop production. The hypnotizing chorus stays in your head.

The song allowed Taylor Swift to compete with other artists in pop music. It encourages you to go with your instinct about relationships. If you doubt it, you might be right. Taylor Swift did an excellent job writing about the warning signs of a toxic relationship. She keeps us invested in the track from beginning to end. We love the pop production of the track. The music puts you in a dancing mood. It features a catchy chorus, allowing you to sing with the trendsetter. If you relate to the lyrics, it’s impossible not to sing with her. We challenge listeners to get through the song without singing it. The single became a cultural phenomenon and appeared in movies, TV shows, and commercials. Taylor Swift won countless awards for the mega-hit.

1989 – “Shake It Off”

“Shake It Off” appears on the fifth album. It debuted in August 2014. The song peaked at number one in various countries. This track established Taylor Swift as a pop act. It represents her new attitude from country star to pop phenom. The track is on the same album as “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood,” which could have appeared on the list as her best song. We picked “Shake It Off” because it’s more than just a pop hit. The song features a message about brushing your troubles away. It discusses ignoring the judgment of others.

We love the message of the track. Taylor Swift wants listeners to ignore what people say. She wasn’t afraid to use her persona as the subject of her story. We all know the public scrutiny she faces, so she knows how it feels to get judged. It teaches you to overlook negative comments and brush them away. We love songs that make you feel good about yourself. It remains one of her biggest hits, so we had to add it to our list. We chose it for the message, production, and vocals. She wrote a touching hit that gives hope to listeners. The music invites you to dance your problems away. You get to shout your troubles away with the infectious chorus. The song captures the spirit of the album. It has universal appeal and makes it the best song on the album.

Reputation – “Look What You Made Me Do”

The best song on the sixth album is “Look What You Made Me Do.” It premiered in August 2017. The track peaked at number one on the Hot 100 charts. Taylor Swift recorded the album as a response to the public scrutiny of her private life. “Delicate” was the other contender on our list. We picked this single because it showcased a different side to Taylor Swift. She’s angry and wants the world to know it.

It details a woman upset with people who betrayed her. We don’t have to walk in her shoes to know about betrayal. She wrote the lyrics in a relatable way. Taylor Swift got to show her dark and edgy side, which contrasts with her bubbly side. It features intricate production. The track has a pulsating bassline and sizzling beats, which add to the enjoyment of the music. It broke streaming records and caused numerous debates over the identity of the person she wrote about. We enjoy figuring out the subjects of her tracks. It’s an anthem for anyone betrayed by someone.

Lover – “Cruel Summer”

The seventh album features the hit single “Cruel Summer.” Taylor Swift recorded the track in 2019 but released it in 2023. It peaked at number one on the Hot 100 charts. Other hits on the album include “Me!,” “You Need to Calm Down,” and “Lover.” Lover was Taylor Swift’s sixth consecutive number-one album. The album was a love letter to love. We picked “Cruel Summer” as the best song because of the melodic and catchy beat and emotional lyrics.

The song talks about the ups and downs of a summer romance. It showcases her ability to create a track that’s relatable and personal. The anthem is for anyone dealing with heartbreak. It became one of her most beloved songs. We love the lyrical depth and musical production of the track. Taylor Swift’s vocal performance sets the single on fire. Her vocals soar over the melodic instrumentation. She performs beautiful runs throughout the track. Taylor Swift shows her versatility by singing in a higher key. We enjoy hearing her take chances with her voice.

Folklore – “Exile” ft. Justin Vernon from Bon Ivor

“Exile” is from her eighth album. Taylor Swift released the single in August 2020. The album was a departure from her pop music. It features ballads instead of pop songs. The album includes the singles “Cardigan” and “Betty.” We could have picked any song from the album, but this one allows her to sing a duet. It peaked at number six on the Hot 100 charts. We picked this song because she tells an emotional story about former lovers discussing their past relationship.

It details a woman who has moved on from a relationship, but the man still loves her. The lyrics sound like a conversation between two people. Taylor Swift and Justin Vernon keep up with each other effortlessly. Their voices blend well together. Taylor Swift proved that everything she writes doesn’t focus on her life. She wrote a fictional track about a relatable issue. It features two unlikely artists on the same single. Justin Vernon was in familiar territory with this indie/folk track. We love how the sparse instrumentation allows Taylor Swift and Justin Vernon to take center stage. It allows listeners to focus on their captivating voices. The haunting melody stays in your head after the last note has faded. It leaves an impressionable mark on listeners.

Evermore – “No Body, No Crime” ft. Haim

The standout track on the ninth album is “No Body, No Crime.” It premiered in January 2021. The song peaked at number 34 on the Hot 100 charts. “Willow” was the top contender for our list, but we chose “No Body, No Crime.” We chose this song because it stands out from the other tracks. She wrote the tune about a murder. It describes a woman avenging the death of her friend.

Taylor Swift wrote a creative track that sounds like the plot of a movie. We applaud her for taking a creative risk. The lyrics leave listeners on the edge of their seats, wondering what happens next. Songwriters don’t usually write about murder plots, so Taylor Swift deserves credit for her creativity. It’s an intriguing song that keeps listeners invested until the end. The single reminds listeners of her country roots with the haunting guitar riffs. Taylor Swift’s whispery vocals make her voice sound pretty. She proved she didn’t need to write a love song to get our attention.

Midnights – “Maroon”

“Maroon” is from the tenth album. She released the song in October 2022. It peaked at number three on the Hot 100 charts. The single appears on the album with “Anti-Hero,” “Lavender Haze,” and “Karma.” We could have picked one of the big singles from the album, but we chose “Maroon” because it’s a gorgeous track that showcases her beautiful lyrics and vocals.

The lyrics describe a woman thinking about her ex. She reminisces about kissing him. Taylor Swift relies on imagery to paint a picture of a tortured woman. She crafted a beautiful story about heartache. Taylor Swift is an expert on relationships and heartache. The artist managed to bring something new to the table. We applaud the diva for crafting an emotionally intense tune. Listeners feel the pain in her voice as she talks about the one who got away. The limited instrumentation allows her voice to take center stage. Her voice shines like a diamond throughout the track.

The Tortured Poets Department – “Fortnight” ft. Post Malone

We end our list with “Fortnight” from her eleventh album. Taylor Swift released the single in April 2024. It debuted at number one on the Hot 100 charts. Taylor Swift broke records on Spotify with this song. We picked the track because of the melody and mature subject matter. The song discusses people in unhappy marriages. They want to run away together.

Taylor Swift wrote a deep track about people who want to leave their marriages. It sounds like the plot of a romance novel. She found a way to have listeners root for the couple to get together. It is a testament to her songwriting ability. The characters in the track are not good people, but she made us root for them. Taylor Swift sings with another unlikely partner. Post Malone is a rapper and singer, which means their paths never cross. They did a fantastic job. The haunting music complements their vocals. Taylor Swift did the right thing by releasing it as the first single. It was a great way to introduce the new sound to fans. Taylor Swift infused synth-pop, electropop, and downtempo to create an eclectic sound.

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