Top 10 Rings Of Saturn Songs

Rings Of Saturn Songs

Rings of Saturn started as a high school project and have been making music over the last twelve years despite several lineup changes. However, Lucas Mann, the lead guitarist, has stayed put, and he is still at the helm to date. Rings of Saturn was formed in 2009 and is popular for its unique music, which features a highly technical style, and themes that are heavily influenced by alien life and outer space stuff. The band hails from the Bay Area of California, and they were not meant to be a studio project and not a band as they later turned out to be.

The band is the brainchild of Lucas Mann, who is on bass, guitars, and bass. The band’s other members are Joel Omans, the second guitarist, Peter Pawlak, who is on vocals, and Brent Silletto, the drummer. The band gained massive popularity after releasing their first self-produced album, Embryonic Anomaly. The first track that the band posted was “Abducted,” which helped the band gain numerous listeners. It also helped the band sign for Unique Leader Records, after which the band started touring and releasing hits. The band released their subsequent two albums through the same record label before two band members left.

Lucan Mann and Joel Manns have always had two constant members but have toured with numerous other members. The only thing that the band has maintained is their sound, where they sounded like The Faceless. The band still held their chaotic, shreddy-heavy deathcore music that has gained them numerous fans. The band’s third album, Lugal Ki En, was released in 2014 and featured their first music video for the track, “ Senseless Massacre.” The band has toured various states in the USA and Canada, and they recently toured Mexico. In this article, we will explore the top ten Rings of Saturn songs ever. They are one of the more interesting bands in the long story of rock music.

10. Invasion

Listening to the first 20 seconds of this track makes you feel as if you are on a trip to outer space. Apart from the thundering drums, Lucas Mann’s rapid guitar work comes to the fore. The song also features some incredible galactic back sounds that result in the full flow of the song. “Invasion” is the first song from the band’s 2010 album, Embryonic Anomaly.

9. Hyperforms

Everytime I want to listen to some great entertaining songs; I always end up listening to the track “Hyperforms.” If you are a real death metal fan, you’ve probably come across this gem which is the seventh song from Rings of Saturn’s 2012 album, Dingir. In this track, Lucas and Joel Omans perform excellently throughout the song while Ian Bearer produces some brutal screams with low growls.

8. Seized and Devoured

“Seized and Devoured” is the second track from Rings of Saturn’s 2010 album, Embryonic Anomaly. The tracks begin with a light introduction that features some incredible deathcore and mathcore grooves. Ian Bearer’s screams ensure that this track is full of entertainment and is worth a listen.

7. Natural Selection

“Natural Selection” is an incredible track pulled from the album Lugal Ki En. Lugal Ki En, as Lucas Mann outlined, was a story about how things would turn out after the aliens conquer the human community. The aliens progress and evolve to a point where they wage war on angels and demons. The compositions for this song are absolutely phenomenal, and the vocals are very catchy. The bass is also quite unique and prominent, like something you would associate the band with.

6. The Macrocosm

For all of the band’s love for space and alien stuff, “The Macrocosm” is probably the best cosmic track that the band has ever released. The track features a heavy bass that crushes your adrenaline everytime you listen to the song, and the vocals blend in so well with the guitar tunes to give you the much-needed thrilling energy as you blast out this song. “Macrocosm” is the eighth track from the 2017 album Ultu Ulla and the track is pure adrenaline bliss.

5. Immaculate Order

This track features a cool melodic introductory segment that captures the listener’s attention. “Immaculate Disorder” is the ninth track from the album, Dingir, which proves to have no real flaws from start to the end. The track features some incredibly dark lyrics, and the whole song has that unique brutal blend.

4. Inadequate

This track was released in 2017 as the final track from the album Ultu Ulla. The album showed a transformation in their musical style, from a band that solely focussed on brute strength instead of their brains. The album was more technical, and tracks such as “Inadequate” which was quite entertaining to the listener.

3. Dingir

The title track of the band’s second studio album, “Dingir,” was some sought of pure guitar lunacy. If you like technical music that feels like a high-speed Nintendo game, you need to listen to this track. The drumming is also absolutely insane, and you can feel that the band was trying to experiment or rather expand some aspects from their previous album, Embryonic Anomaly.

2. Objective to Harvest

Ever since we heard their first album, Embryonic Anomaly, we all knew that Rings of Saturn are an instrumental-driven death metal band. In their 2013 album, Dingir, the band came back stronger than ever. “Objective to Harvest,” the first track on Dingir, was a solid opener befitting the album. The track has a fast double bass drumming, and the fast riffs seem to have been constructed by a mad sadist. “Objective to Harvest” is one of the standout tracks in the album and one of the most popular songs by Rings of Saturn.

1. Annihilating the Pure

For any self-professed deathcore or technical deathcore fan, Rings of Saturn’s debut album, Embryonic Anomaly, is a must listen. The seventh track on the album is the number one song in our list of the top ten Rings of Saturn songs. The track is pure deathcore with a barrage of powerful riffs that never seem to stop or pause. The lyrics of the song are heavy, and going by the title of the song; you can also tell that they are incredibly dark.

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