The Distillers Songs Ranked

The Distillers Songs

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Formed in 1998, The Distillers are one of America’s successful punk rock bands, thanks to the great quality of music they offered to rock fans. Brody Dalle, the face of the band, was the band’s vocalist and guitarist, having him also co-write songs for the band. The formation of the band would have its foundation built on the encounter where the Australian-born Brody met bassist Kim Chi having them share some huge love for punk rock. The duo would go ahead and recruit drummer Matt Young and guitarist Rose Mazolla to form The Distillers band.

As usual, bands are most prone to evolution, with a member exiting for whatever reason. For The Distillers, Kim Chi would leave to join the band, Original Sinners, having Dante Sigona help play the bass for the band. Ryan Sinn would, later on, step up and claim the role of The Distillers band’s bass player. Later on, in 2002, the band would have a new drummer Andy Granelli whose stay in the band wasn’t long, either having him leave in 2005. With Sinn also leaving, the band was only left with Dalle and Bradley, who joined the band as it recorded its third album, both of who fought the rumors of the band’s dismantling. However, they would later announce the disbandment of The Distillers just months after Dalle got her first child, having them go on and form Spinnerette, an alternative rock band.

The Distillers would later be revived in 2018, with Dalle and Bradley calling up Granelli and Alain Johannes, who was later replaced by former bassist Sinn. Here are the top 10 songs from The Distillers that we cannot seem to forget despite their rough journey in their rock music journey.

# 10 – Dismantle Me

Released in 2003, the song “Dismantle Me” one of the unforgettable punk rock songs by The Distillers. Written by Brody Dalle and Brody Armstrong, the song is featured in their 2003 album, Coral Fang. The high-tempo rock song remains quite memorable thanks to its catchy tune. It’s the great instrumentals in the song that make it a top-notch song from The Distillers. “Dismantle Me” would go ahead to be featured in MTX Mototrax, a racing video game.

# 9 – Die On a Rope

The moment you listen to this song, you can attest with no doubt that Brody Dalle is a true punk rock girl. “Die On a Rope” brings on some extraordinary energy that makes the whole performance sublime. In less than three minutes, the song “Die On a Rope” brings out the true feelings about a bad relationship where she claims that she will die on a rope. And when she broke up with Timmy, her former boyfriend, some compared her to the woman in the book Scarlet Letter, where a woman committed adultery and had a scarlet letter on her chest that had everyone know and ostracize her. The song was featured in Marvel’s Daredevil in the “Kinbaku” episode.

# 8 – Love is Paranoid

While some believe that love is blind, The Distillers have a different idea about love, as expressed in their song “Love is Paranoid.” Featured in the band’s album, Coral Fang, the song “Love is Paranoid” was written by Brody Armstrong, who brought about how scary being totally obsessed in love with someone might feel. And probably, most of us can relate to having us drown in the ocean of endless emotions that seems to take us deeper with every tick of the clock. The more we fall for those we love, the more we are prone to become paranoid about the love experience. The band sounds a bit like Hole on this track.

# 7 – Seneca Falls

Who would think that a song about women’s suffrage would make it big on the rock charts? Thanks to The Distillers for giving the world that we have the song “Seneca Falls” from the Sing Sing Death House album that is about the American Women’s Rights Movement. The song reminds the world of Susan B. Anthony, a woman who faced oppression, discrimination, and objectification but still emerged triumphant with suffrage for women.  The story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton is also featured here, thanks to her great input as a leader of the women’s rights movement, where she was the main force behind the Seneca Falls Convention, which discussed women’s rights. Thanks to The Distillers for believing in women’s rights!

# 6 – For Tonight You’re Only Here to Know

The song “For Tonight You’re Only Here to Know” ushers in one of the punk rock jams that we can clearly hear the great vocals of Brody Dalle. And matching to her great vocals is the great guitar sounds, thanks adds to some great instrumental for the song, making it a great song to listen to. The Distillers went on to perform this song multiple times to their fans live alongside other great songs from their album Coral Fang.

# 5 – Hall of Mirrors

Released in the band’s album Coral Fang, the song “Hall of Mirrors” is famed for its great metaphorical lyrics. Notably, the song feels like a song about self-accomplishment and finding oneself in a goal to achieve happiness or a set goal. Credit to Brody Dalle for her great and powerful performance that has the song bring on some great vibe about her aggressive style of singing. In some way, the song reflects on her experiences, making it seem like a dedication to her diehard fans who might relate to the theme of the song.

# 4 – Beat Your Heart Out

Peaking at number 74 in the UK Singles Charts, the song “Beat Your Heart Out” was released on July 7, 2004, and featured in the album Coral Fang. When you hear this song, the one thing that comes to your mind is Tony Hawk’s Underground 2, a skateboard video game released back in 2004. The catchy music felt greater while winning the game time after time. And to date, the song remains to be one of the greatest by The Distillers band. It was also used for ATV Offroad Fury 3 and Spider-Man 2, with the name of the band and album graffitied on a wall in the console version of Spider-Man 2.

# 3 – The Hunger

For rock lovers, the start of a song really matters, and thanks to the producer Gil Norton for ensuring that the song “The Hunger” caught the attention of the listeners from the word go. In the beginning, we can hear Brody Dalle’s vocals as the drum beats follow after she sings a few starting lines. The song is about obsession for whatever you either a person or drug, as per what you like it to mean. Thanks to its great lyrics and video that the song had a positive reception in the United Kingdom, having its peak at number 48 in the UK Singles Chart.

# 2 – Drain The Blood

Written by Brody Armstrong, the song “Drain The Blood” is probably the best release in the band’s 2003 album Coral Fang. The song’s catchy tune complements its great video, which brings out the beauty in the lead singer Dalle. Her facial expressions as she sings and screams loud in this song adds to the thrill of watching this song’s video. The song would go ahead and reach a peak position of number 28 and number 51 in the US Alternative Airplay Music Chart and UK Singles Chart, respectively. Songs like “Drain The Blood” in the album Coral Fang made it probably the most successful album by The Distillers band. This song was featured in Gran Turismo 4, a 2004 racing video game.

# 1 – City of Angels

Featured in The Distillers’ second studio album Sing Sing Death House, the song “City of Angels” is the best ever song by The Distillers band. You ought to love her hoarse voice in this song, where she goes full-blown assisted by backing vocals to make this song a true punk rock song to listen to. Thanks to the great input of all the band members that the song achieved quite some honorable reception on the music charts. The song peaked at numbers 13, 38, and 104 in the UK Rock and Metal Singles Chart, the UK Independent Singles Chart, and the UK Singles Chart, respectively.

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