Top 10 Kate Rusby Songs

Kate Rusby Songs

Our Top 10 Kate Rusby Songs list will look at a talented folk singer and songwriter. She is one of the best known contemporary English folk singers. She has been referred to as the Barnsley Nightingale. She is one of the few folk singers to be nominated for the Mercury Prize. The talented singer has headlined numerous British folk festivals. Kate Rusby rose to fame as a solo artist in the late 90s. She has a gentle sound and poetic grace. She gained critical acclaim for her album Sleepless. She spent years establishing herself as a star of the UK folk scene with her albums Underneath the Stars and Awkward Annie. Her albums are a mix of traditional folk and pop rock covers.

Kate Anna Rusby was born into a musical family. Her parents were in a dance band. They introduced her to British folk music. She learned to play the guitar, fiddle and piano. She also learned how to sing. She performed in different festivals and met folk singer Kathryn Roberts. Kate Rusby and Kathryn Roberts recorded the album Kate Rusby & Kathryn Roberts in 1995. They won an award for this album.

Kate Rusby and Kathryn Roberts joined Seth and Sean Lakeman to form the short-lived group Equation. They weren’t together long, but they were an influential folk group. At one time, Kate Rusby was a member of the Celtic ensemble The Poozies. She appeared on their albums Come Raise Your Hand and Infinite Blue. Kate Rusby decided to go on her own and released Hourglass in August 1998. It features the singles “Sir Eglamore,” “As I Roved Out,” “A Rose in April” and “I Am Stretched on Your Grave.”

Kate Rusby released her breakthrough album Sleepless in May 1999. It features the singles “Our Town,” “The Cobbler’s Daughter,” “I Wonder What Is Keeping My True Love This Night” and “Sweet Bride.” She was nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize for this album. She won awards for the album. Little Lights was released in June 2001. It features the singles “Withered and Died,” “Who Will Sing Me Lullabies?,” “My Young Man” and “Let the Cold Wind Blow.”

10 was released in 2003. It features the singles “Over You Now,” “I Wish,” “The Sleepless Sailor” and “Sweet Bride.” Underneath the Stars was released in 2003/2004. It features the singles “Cruel,” “Underneath the Stars,” “The Good Man” and “Let Me Be.” The Girl Who Couldn’t Fly was released in 2005. It features the singles “No Names,” “You Belong to Me,” “Wandering Soul” and “Moon Shadow.” Awkward Annie was released in 2007. It features the singles “Bitter Boy,” “Farewell,” “High on a Hill” and “Daughter of Heaven.” Kate Rusby would go on to record several other albums.

Kate Rusby is a gifted folk singer. She made an impact in music with her touching songs. She helped make folk music worth listening to. If you aren’t a fan of folk music, she will make you a fan. Our Top 10 Kate Rusby Songs list will put a spotlight on her songs.

# 10 – Withered and Died

The 10th song on our Top 10 Kate Rusby Songs list is “Withered and Died” from the Little Lights album. “Withered and Died” was released in 2001. This is a sentimental ballad about someone who is worn down by life. The narrator talks about how cruel the country is to her. The hardships of life have left her with sad stories to tell. There was a time when she was happy. She received kind words and saw kind faces. Unfortunately, it didn’t last. She met a guy from the west. They would run and hide together. By the time she counted to 10, he was gone. Her dreams withered and died when he left her. She was so upset by losing him that she was willing to get together with a man who was seeing her best friend. She was willing to betray someone to move on with her life.

This is a haunting song about a woman’s world that crashes down after she met a man. She had a good life until he came along. This song is a reminder that things can change in an instant. This song will have you in your feelings. If you are hurting, these lyrics will speak to you. This is a cover of Richard and Linda Thompson’s song. Kate Rusby stays true to the original melody of the song. Kate Rusby’s vocals are stacked. She sounds as if she is singing the song with someone. Kate Rusby has a sweet voice. Her voice is calming and soothing. The song is perfect for her tone. Her version may not make you forget about the original version, but she does an excellent job with this cover. She manages to make it her own while maintaining the integrity of the original version.

# 9 – Cruel

The ninth song on our Top 10 Kate Rusby Songs list is “Cruel” from the Underneath the Stars album. “Cruel” was released in 2003. The song is about a woman who is in love with a man who is torn away from her. She blames her parents for taking him away from her. She thought the pressgang was cruel for forcing him to join the navy. She blamed the boat he was on for taking him away from her.

She missed him while he was away from her. In the next verse, our narrator talks about her despair over the water and wind that took her man away from her. She believes he would have stayed with her if he wasn’t taken from her. In the third verse, our narrator talks about the ring he gave her. She plans on wearing the ring so the world can see it. She talks about how the captain and the crew of the ship were cruel because they didn’t care if she saw her lover again or not. She stresses how bad she feels because everyone played a part in her lover being taken away from her.

This song tells a story about a woman who is upset because her man was taken from her. She blames everyone for taking him away. What makes this song stand out is that she talks about losing her man to outside interference. She didn’t lose him because he betrayed her. He was taken away from her because he was forced to go to sea. There aren’t too many songs like this. The lyrics get an A for creativity. This song is appropriate for anyone whose lover must go out to the service.

This is a sad song so you should expect to feel emotional when you hear it. You may feel sympathy for the couple because they are being torn apart for one reason or another. The lyrics convey the pain and helplessness one would feel if their lover were taken away. The music is the perfect theme song for the subject. The music is melancholy which matches the theme of the song. Kate Rusby sounds like an angel. She keeps her vocals soft. She doesn’t strain her voice to be heard. She doesn’t use vocal gymnastics to get her point across.

# 8 – Over You Now

The eighth song on our Top 10 Kate Rusby Songs list is “Over You Now” from the 10 album. “Over You Now” was released in 2002/2003. The song is about a woman moving on from a past relationship. She was afraid of the idea that he would leave her. She was afraid she would be lonely. She thought she would be down. She remembered that he held her fondly at one point.

She is proud of herself because she is over him. She remembered sleeping by his side every night. Now she wakes up alone. She grieved for him when she lost him, but she is finally over him. She followed him around because she didn’t know any better. Something in her heart kept her from catching up to him. Our narrator thought her world was over when she lost him. She is happy that she is over him now. She has finally moved on with her life.

“Over You Now” teaches you that it is possible to get over a breakup. If you think you can’t get over the loneliness, this song will teach you that you can. The lyrics take a realistic approach about a woman struggling to move on with her life. She covered the fears some of us would have about losing someone special. You may find yourself being able to relate to this song.

The music is guitar laden. It is soft and soothing. It will calm you down if you are feeling stressed out. The music goes with the subject of the song. There is a musical pause that will give you a chance to reflect on your own relationship. Kate Rusby uses the right emotion for the track. She sounds beautiful on the track. She does runs at the end of the song that are impressive. It helps make the song more heartfelt.

# 7 – Bitter Boy

The seventh song on our list is “Bitter Boy” from the Awkward Annie album. “Bitter Boy” was released in 2007. This song is about a relationship that could never happen. The song opens with our narrator talking about a guy who she tried to win over. She found out she couldn’t win him over. She realized she was only dreaming when she thought she could win him over. She is determined not to let his rejection get to her. She will continue to sing her song. She will go on until she can’t hide it anymore. She wishes that it didn’t bother her that he rejected her.

The bitter boy suddenly approached her for healing. He reached into his heart and allowed himself to feel something. He gave his heart to her and she was excited about it. They went through storms together while holding each other’s hands. As the song progresses, she expresses her happiness over their companionship. In the final verse, we find out that the couple don’t work out. He ends up taking his heart back from her. She thinks about everything they did together while their love lasted.

This song is like an emotional rollercoaster. It talks about the ups and downs of a relationship. This song is different from other songs because the guy in her story didn’t initially want her. He gave himself to her only to walk away from her. Kate Rusby told a story that could be a plot of a movie. Anyone who has had a chance at love and lost it will be able to understand the meaning behind the song.

The instrumentation is simple. It contains an acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar sounds remarkable. Kate Rusby made the right call by not having too much instrumentation in the song. The song feels more personal because it is just her and the guitar. Kate Rusby’s vocals are flawless. Her vocals are like Susanna Hoffs. She starts the song softly and gets louder towards the end of the song. Hearing her vocals may move you to tears. Her interpretations of her songs are excellent.

# 6 – Underneath the Stars

“Underneath the Stars” is from the album of the same name. “Underneath the Stars” was released in 2004. This song is about a woman who meets someone underneath the stars. They spend a lot of time together. She wants to leave before he leaves her. Her goal was to go gently. In verse two, she talks about them meeting for the first time underneath the stars. He leaves her underneath the stars. She regrets the fact that he left her. She is not sure if she is the reason why he left her. She didn’t want to hold him back if he wanted to leave her. In the final verse, the narrator is filled with doubt. She wants to move forward with her life, but it is hard to do. She contemplates her life while she is sitting under the stars.

This is a heart wrenching song about a couple that doesn’t work out. They meet in a romantic setting and end up breaking up at the same place. The lyrics read like musical poetry. If you close your eyes, you can picture the story going on in your head. Kate Rusby uses imagery to tell the story. You could feel the pain and regret as she goes through the story. The story is sad so you shouldn’t expect to smile when you hear it. The music is soft and tender.

The simple guitar riffs add to the depth and sadness of the song. Kate Rusby does an incredible job with the song. Her voice will send chills down your spine. The song is beautifully performed. This is the type of song you would listen to with the shades down and the lights off. You don’t have to be a fan of folk music to appreciate the song.

# 5 – Manic Monday

The next song on our Top 10 Kate Rusby Songs list is “Manic Monday” from the Hand Me Down album. “Manic Monday” was released in 2020. This song is about a woman who struggles to balance her personal and professional life. The song opens with our narrator waking up from a romantic dream. She had to wake up to go to work. She wishes her bed was already made so she could get in it and relax. She wishes it were Sunday so she could take it easy. Sunday is her day to have fun. It is a day she doesn’t have to run around. Monday has come back around again and she has to catch the early train. She has to go to work early. She talks about being late for work because she can’t make up her mind about what she wants to wear. She wants to blame her lateness on the train, but her boss is already at work.

If you are familiar with the song, then you know all about it. If you’re not familiar with the song, she is talking about how stressful her Mondays can be. She wishes she can have her Sunday back so she can relax. This is a cover of The Bangles’ hit song. The original version is pop rock. It is also upbeat. Kate Rusby did a stripped-down version of the song. She also slows down the tempo in her version. This version is more melancholy than the original version. The instrumentation is sublime in this version. Kate Rusby stayed true to the lyrics of the original version. She sounds like Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles on this Prince song. What we love about Kate Rusby’s cover songs is that she gives them her all. She does an outstanding interpretation of the song. She makes it her own while still honoring the original.

# 4 – No Names ft. Roddy Woomble

“No Names” is from The Girl Who Couldn’t Fly album. “No Names” was released in 2005. The song is about letting go of someone you love. The song opens with our narrator letting her partner know that the end is near. She wants him to be strong and brave and let her go. She doesn’t know what went wrong in the relationship. She fears the long and lonely nights. She wants him to hold her hand, but she knows she has to let him go.

In the next verse, he notices they have been drifting apart. They have been trying for years to make the relationship work. He acknowledges that they tried their best to make their relationship last. He tells her that it is time to let him go. Our male narrator isn’t sure what happened in their relationship either. He wants her to be strong and brave. He wants her to let him go.

This song tells a story about a couple who know that their relationship isn’t going to work anymore. They ask each other to let the other one go. The lyrics are compelling. This is a song told from both points of view. It gives listeners a chance to hear the story from both sides. We applaud them for not putting the blame on one person. They don’t know what went wrong in the relationship.

This is realistic because there are times when couples don’t know what went wrong in their relationships. The instrumentation is simple. It just features the stirring guitar strings. Kate Rusby and Roddy Woomble do a fantastic job with the lyrics. The music caters to both voices. She doesn’t do duets often, so it was a treat to hear this one. He was the perfect choice to sing with her because he is in tune with her vocally. They created magic together in the song.

# 3 – You Belong to Me

Coming in at number three on our list is “You Belong to Me” from The Girl Who Couldn’t Fly album. “You Belong to Me” was released in 2005. This song is about a woman who lets her man know that he belongs to her. She reassures her partner that no matter how far they are, they will still belong to each other. She lets him know that he can send her pictures and souvenirs, but he belongs to her. She feels alone without him. She hopes he is lonesome too. As the song moves forward, our narrator tells her partner that he can fly over the ocean and see a jungle when it’s wet. She wants him to know that he belongs to her. She wants him to know that no matter where he goes or what he does, his heart belongs to her.

This is a song about the power of love. No matter how far away your partner is, their heart still belongs to you. This song tells a story about unconditional love. It depicts the deep connection between a couple in love. This song will resonate with anyone who feels lost without their true love. The lyrics are sentimental without being corny. This is a cover of Joni James’ song. Kate Rusby changed the melody of the song.

The original was a pop song while this is a folk song. This version has an acoustic sound while the original has an orchestral sound. Kate Rusby’s vocals are exceptional. She doesn’t over sing. Her delivery is flawless. She sings the song as if it were her own. The talented singer shows vocal strength when she holds a note near the end of the song. This song is as close to perfection as you can get.

# 2 – Who Will Sing Me Lullabies?

“Who Will Sing Me Lullabies?” is from the Little Lights album. “Who Will Sing Me Lullabies?” was released in 2001. The song is about a woman who feels broken. She is lonely and feels broken. She yearns for a connection. She needs comfort in her time of distress. She longs for someone to sing her a lullaby so she can find solace in her pain. She has been hurt. It will be hard to fix her broken heart.

She goes on an emotional journey to find someone to sing for her. In the next verse, she wants to know why no one is singing her lullabies when her heart is breaking loud enough for other people to hear it. She feels that anyone with ears should be able to hear her heart breaking. In the third verse, she feels hopeless. She cries during the night because no one is there to hold her.

This song tells a story about a woman’s need for human connection and how loneliness can have a lasting effect on you. The narrator finds comfort by listening to music. This song will resonate with anyone who feels a sense of loneliness. We have all felt lonely at one point in our lives. This is a subject that will hit home with anyone who is dealing with mental and emotional pain. This is a subject that will never get old.

This is a powerful song that will send chills down your spine. The song is stripped down. It features the acoustic guitar. Kate Rusby’s vocals are phenomenal. She sings the song with passion. Her voice is stunning. She always delivers vocally and this song is no exception. The tone of her voice is pretty. You can get lost listening to her voice. She can sing the alphabet and make you intrigued. Her voice is a gift from God.

# 1 – All Over Again – Ronan Keating ft. Kate Rusby

The number one song on our Top 10 Kate Rusby Songs list is “All Over Again” from Ronan Keating’s Bring Me Home album. “All Over Again” was released in May 2006. This song is about being in love and falling in love again. The song talks about the importance of hope and magic in a relationship. These are the things that keep a relationship going. He opens the song by talking about the fire he sees in his partner’s eyes.

The fire in her eyes is what keeps him warm. He wants her to hold on to him as if it were yesterday. In the next verse, she talks about feeling like she was struck by lightning the first time she saw him. Their chemistry was electrifying. She wants to take things to the next level in their relationship. The narrator wants their time to be like the first time they were together. They want to start all over again. They go into detail about loving and touching each other again.

This is a loving song about a couple who want to fall in love again. When you are in love, you want to relive that feeling so it never goes away. They capture that feeling beautifully. This song will make you a believer of love. If you have any doubts about true love, you should listen to this song. It will restore your faith in the power of love. The lyrics read like poetry. This is the perfect song to listen to when you are spending time with the person you love. The music is excellent for slow dancing. It will give you and your partner a chance to hold each other closely.

This song gives Kate Rusby a chance to sing a song with powerful instrumentation. The other songs on our list had simple instrumentation which allowed her to keep her vocals soft. This song gave her a chance to project her voice. She gets to show off her vocal chops when she gets to the chorus. Ronan Keating also does an incredible job with his vocals. He showcases his powerful vocals in the chorus. This is an excellent duet. Kate Rusby should do more duets because she and her singing partner work well together.

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