Top 10 Alter Bridge Songs

Alter Bridge Songs

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Our Top 10 Alter Bridge songs list takes a look at a great rock and roll band formed in 2004 that hails from the sunny State of Florida in the United States. The band was created out of former members of the very successful band Creed as well as Tremonti and Projected. Alter Bridge is still an active band as of 2021.They have a tour planned for later this year for 2021 and an album is in the works for 2022. Alter Bridge has released six studio albums packed full of astonishing music. Much of the material on thoise six albums stem from personal experiences that created songs of many deep emotions.

Alter Bridge is a band formed by Mark Tremonti who plays lead guitar. The band also consists of  Myles Kennedy on lead vocals, Brian Marshall on bass and Scott Phillips on  Mark Tremonti is a founding member of Alter Bridge (and Creed) and does 98% of the song writing. He has been called one of the greatest metal guitarists of all times, and won many awards for his musical talents. He has worked with many other hard rock/metal bands. Myles Kennedy is an outstanding singer/songwriter. Not only does he provide lead vocals for Alter Bridge, but he is also the lead vocalist for Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators; featuring Slash ( guitarist for Guns N’ Roses). Scott Phillips is a self-taught drummer who was a co-founder of the band Creed and Alter Bridge (with Tremonti). He also co-founded band called Projected. Brian Marshall is a killer bassist and was also a co-founder of both Creed and Alter Bridge (something else I didn’t know). Brian left Creed in 2000 for unknown reasons and hooked back up with Tremonti and Phillips in 2004. As you can see, this is an extremely talented band.

We are going to begin our Top 10 Alter Bridge Songs list with one of my favorite songs:

# 10 – Broken Wings

We open our Alter Bridge songs list with a great track from Alter Bridge’s debut album One Day Remains. The album was released in 2004. Broken Wings peaked at number twenty-nine on the Billboard Hot Mainstream charts. This song, unfortunately, was not as popular as some of the other songs on their debut album. With three of the four members being from Creed, a lot of people thought they sounded too much the same and did not give them a fair chance. Tremonti is an incredible songwriter and Alter Bridge is very underrated. The song “Broken Wings,” gives everyone hope and is a message for everyone to keep searching for the best you that you can be.

# 9 – My Champion

Continuing with our top 10 Alter Bridge songs list we triun to the great song My Champion. The song starts off with an over the top guitar solo by Tremonti. He wrote the song around a childhood memory. He was smaller than most of his classmates and peers, making him have to work twice as hard to achieve the same tasks. But, he always had encouragement and praise from teachers and coaches. My Champion peaked at number eighteen in May 2017 and is from the album The Last Hero which was released in 2016. This was the band’s fifth studio album.

# 8 – Addicted to Pain

The song “Addicted To Pain,” is from Alter Bridge’s fourth studio album, Fortress. The album was released in September 2013 comes our number eight song on our Top 10 Alter Bridge Songs list. Addicted to Pain peaked at number four on the Billboard charts in February 2014. According to an interview with Mark Tremonti, “the song is about a person who is in a toxic relationship.” Whether it be a physical or mentally abusive relationship, some people are just afraid to try to leave those types of relationships. A lot of individuals can relate to Addicted to Pain. Kennedy’s voice is outstanding and the guitar solo by Tremonti is one of the best on the Fortress album.

# 7 – Ghost of Days Gone By

AB lll, the third Alter Bridge album, was released in October 2010. This album breaks away from the first two albums with darker lyrics, harder sound, and more intense guitar solos. Peaking at number four in 2011, Ghost of Days Gone By is the third single released from AB lll. The song references remembering past memories. No matter what choices we make, life does go on. Remember the good times and learn from the bad.

# 6 – Rise Today

Peaking at number three on the Billboard charts in 2007, Rise Today is from the second studio album, Blackbird. The album was released in October 2007, but Rise Today hit the airwaves in July 2007. Blackbird peaked at number thirteen on the Billboard 200. Rise Today is aimed at bring hope to the future. A lot of people had mistaken this song for something anti-war related. In reality, Rise Today, is an anthem of what you can do to be a better person and to help in making the world a better place. As always, Myles has very powerful, intense vocals and Tremonti is unbelievable.

# 5 – Isolation

We are half-way through our Top 10 Alter Bridge Songs. Coming in at the number five spot is Isolation. The song comes from the album AB lll. Isolation peaked at the number one spot on January 21, 2011. There is a totally killer guitar solo in the song that will give you goosebumps. Centered around the misery of feeling and being isolated; and giving you the hope that loving again can bring you out of isolation. A powerful song by the Alter Bridge guys. It is definitely a ‘harder’ sounding song than their first two albums.

# 4 – Open Your Eyes

From their debut album, a personal favorite of mine, One Day Remains. Open Your Eyes hit number two on the charts in September 2004. This is one of the best songs by Alter Bridge. Open Your Eyes was in fairly heavy rotation on VH1 and MTV. The song focuses on unity. Tremonti and Kennedy wrote this song together. Myles Kennedy’s voice in Open Your Eyes is mesmerizing. It draws you in and really allows you to hear the lyrics, to focus on the song and forget everything around you.

# 3 – Godspeed

From their sixth studio album, Walk the Sky, which was released in October 2019. I am listening to this particular song, Godspeed, for the first time and it is one of the most fascinating songs written by Mark Tremonti. Godspeed is the fourth song released off of the Walk the Sky album. The lyrics hit you hard in the chest, give you goosebumps, and invite you to crank it up. Mark Tremonti wrote the mid-tempo song in memory of a very dear friend, Seth Luker. Anyone who has ever lost someone who was special to them, can relate to Godspeed.

# 2 – Blackbird

This song comes from the second studio album of the same name, which was released in 2007. Blackbird is an almost eight minute long song and has been dubbed the “crowning point” of Alter Bridge’s career. The lyrics for Blackbird were written by Myles Kennedy and the song was dedicated to his good friend, Mark Morse, who passed away before the song was recorded. Tremonti’s guitar solo is beyond killer! It brought tear to my eyes as I listened to the song as I have lost some extremely special people in my life and I could relate 100% to the heartache that Myles showcases in his vocals. Blackbird is an extremely intense and powerful song.

# 1 – In Loving Memory

Our number one song on the Top 10 Alter Bridge Songs list, is another extremely powerful song about loss. In Loving Memory was written by Mark Tremonti in memory of his mother who passed away of cancer. The song is from their debut album and hits so close to home with those of us who have lost a parent or grandparent. As you listen to the song you will have tears in your eyes. Not only is it a sad, memorial song; it is also uplifting. It reminds us of the huge impact that loves ones have on our lives, even when they are gone. You can hear the pain of the loss in Myles Kennedy’s voice. He did a tremendous job of bring out the pure emotion.

As you can see, Alter Bridge writes a lot of their songs on very personal experiences. The lyrics, vocals, and guitar are always amazing. These gentlemen will be rockin’ long into the future. Everyone needs to go and pick up a couple of their cd’s and take a listen. As I stated before, Alter Bridge is very underrated and haven’t had near the publicity and things that they deserve. Just because they were all (except for Myles) in Creed, doesn’t make them any less great! Both bands kicked some serious butt. To the guys from Alter Bridge, keep on rockin’! I can’t wait to hear what you have in store for us fans in the future.

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