Top 10 Andy GIbb Songs

Andy Gibb Songs

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Our top 10 Andy Gibb songs list looks at the songs of an artist that passed away way too soon. Andy Gibb burst onto the music scene in 1978 with the huge hit single “I Just Want To Be Your Everything.” He was the younger brother of the famous group the Bee Gees that he was not a part of. He was their kid brother. Yet, while he was not a member of the Bee Gees, he sounded just like them and would have as much success as the Bee Gees had in the late 1970s. Andy Gibb only released three studio albums between 1977 and 1981. He would go on to star on Broadway in the 1980s. Sadly, Andy Gibb passed away in 1988. Our top 10 Andy Gibb songs list is a tribute to the great songs he released during his glory years in the late 1970s.

# 10 – (Our Love) Don’t Throw It All Away (from the “Shadow Dancing” album – 1978)

We open up our top 10 Andy Gibb songs list with the fifth single from Andy Gibb’s second studio album entitled Shadow Dancing. Andy wrote the song, but Barry reworked it after listening to it in the studio by adding the middle eight. The song turned out to be a huge success, hitting number nine on the Billboard Hot 100. The song has been described as a tender ballad about romance and commitment, with the Bee Gees  singing backup on the track.

# 9 – Man On Fire (from the “Andy Gibb” album – 1991)

This is one of Andy’s lesser-known songs, released posthumously. Andy sounds a lot like Barry on this track, but with his own identity. His voice is phenomenal, and the melody is absolutely gorgeous. Andy wrote the song in his last days. As a result, some people consider the lyrics a bit morbid. The song refers to Andy’s condition and how he was willing to burn out/shine bright like “a shooting star.”

# 8 – Arrow through the Heart (from the “Mythology” album – 2010)

“Arrow to the Heart” is another one of Andy’s posthumous releases. It was the last song he recorded before he died. The song was written by Andy and his younger Bee Gee brother, Barry. The song starts with a soft acoustic guitar-led verse that instantly picks up into a stronger beat as the song progresses. It has a very positive message about a man’s vain search for happiness. Everything Andy sung in this song is heartfelt and beautiful. It may not be as upbeat as his other songs, but it’s definitely one of his best releases.

# 7 – After Dark (from the “After Dark” album – 1980)

This is one of those songs that not many people have heard, but those who have are in love with it. From Andy’s final album, “After Dark,” this song is about introspection and looking inside oneself. It’s one of the best breakup songs ever written. It’s the first song on the album. The melody is just so smooth and catchy; you’ll be humming the song before you know it.

# 6 – An Everlasting Love (from the “Flowing Rivers” album – 1977)

“Everlasting Love” is another one of Andy’s beautiful songs that he recorded all by himself. It was initially recorded in 1973 with the group “Florida,” and they got a chance to release it as a single in 1974. Andy did his version of this song, which was eventually released on his debut album. This song is an honest expression of Andy’s love for the person he is with. He sings this song as if his life depended on it, which adds to the beauty of the melody.

# 5 – Time is Time (from the “Andy Gibbs Greatest Hits” – 1980)

“Time is Time” was written by Andy and his Bee Gees brother Barry. However, during one of his interviews, Andy said he wrote the entire song all by himself and that Barry only edited one line. The song itself is about a man’s realization that he must move on in search for happiness. He sings about his great affection towards the person he is with, encouraging them to soak in every moment of their time together because time is time, and we only got so little of it. This is just one of those songs that are timeless and evergreen. The song didn’t do that well. However, despite its lack of success, it is still considered one of Andy’s best songs ever released.

# 4 – Flowing Rivers (from the “Flowing Rivers” album – 1977)

This song is a ballad written by Andy. It talks about the flowing river that flows in us. It encourages us to find the “one” that can flow with us. Andy once explained that the “one” he is talking about is someone who can truly understand him and accept his flaws. The song peaked at number forty nine on Billboard’s Hot Top 100 chart and would climb up the charts to peak at number one after 11 weeks, where it stayed for two weeks before dropping to number number two. There is a bit of an Elton John feel on this one especially on the chorus.

# 3 – Shadow Dancing (from the Shadow Dancing” album – 1978)

The Gibb brothers had the airwaves and nightclub turntables literally all to themselves in the late ‘70s with a string of consecutive top 10 hits that included Andy’s “Shadow Dancing,” the title track to his second album. Andy wrote this song. It was produced by Albhy Galuten and arranged by Barry Gibb. This song is undeniably the best of Andy Gibb. It’s a disco song about professing your love to someone you love. Released in April 1978, it topped the US Billboard Hot 100 and stayed there for seven weeks. Suffice it to say that it was one of Andy’s biggest hits as a solo performer.


# 2 – (Love Is) Thicker Than Water (from the “Shadow Dancing” album – 1978)

One of the most popular songs of the 70s, “Thicker Than Water,” was written by Andy Gibb and his brother Barry. It tells the story of a young man who falls deeply in love with a girl. The song’s melody is so catchy, enough to get stuck in your head for days. The chorus is as addictive as they come, culminating in an explosive ending that perfectly blends with the lyrics. The song dominated the number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100  chart for weeks, alongside two other tracks from the album. The only other artists that ever pulled a similar stance are the Beatles and Whitney Houston. The song is best described as a mid-tempo ballad, intriguing in its construction, with a haunting bridge that effectively utilizes Andy’s multi-tracked voice.

# 1 – I Just Want To Be Your Everything (from the “Flowing Rivers” album – 1977)

We close out our Andy Gibb songs list with the biggest hit of Andy Gibb’s career. The song hit number one on the Billboard 100 and is still considered one of the catchiest 1970s dance songs ever released. Written by Barry Gibb (Andy’s elder brother), this was a song that helped define the disco era of the 1970s. Initially, Andy recorded two different versions of the songs and released both with the same title, but only one featured Barry Gibb (on background vocals).

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