Top 10 Anekdoten Songs

Anekdoten Songs

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One of our favorite Progressive Rock bands that arrived during Progressive Rock’s second wave is a great band from Sweden called Anekdoten. Man, do we love this band! Anekdoten continued the Progressive Rock sounds of the 1970’s made famous by bands like King Crimson, Yes, Genesis and so many more, while employing heavy use of the Mellotron that groups like the Moody Blues and Nektar made a part of their signature sound.

Anekdoten released their first album in 1993 entitled Vemod. Two years later the band returned with Nucleus in 1995. Great Progressive Music of substance take time to compose and record, so the band did not issue another album for three more years until the release of From Within in 1998. It would take another five years before the band released their fourth album entitled Gravity in 2003. Th band continued to release an album every three to five years with the issue of 2007’s A Time of Day. The longest time in between albums would occur after the release of A Time of Day as the band did not release another album until the issue of 2015’s Until All The Ghosts Are Gone. As of this writing in 2018 as far as we know the band is still together.

Our Top 10 Anekdoten songs list is an attempt to present some of the band’s most popular material to an audience that may have never heard of the band. This is one of the best progressive rock bands that we have heard over the past forty years. We hope this list inspires you to go out and buy the band’s CDs. They are so worth it.

# 10 – Sad Rain

We open our Top 10 Anekdoten songs list with one of the band’s most loved songs. The great track Sad Rain was originally released on the band’s first album as a CD bonus track. An incredible piece of music that is perfect to start our Anekdoten songs article. Their debut album featured Nicklas Berg on guitar and Mellotron, Anna Sofi Dahlberg on cello, Mellotron, and vocals, Jan Erik Liljeström on bass guitar and vocals, Peter Nordins on percussion and special guests Per Wiberg on piano and Pär Ekström on flugelhorn and cornet

# 9 – Ricochet

The song Ricohet was released on Anekdoten’s Gravity album. The Gravity album was released in 2003. The album featured musicians Nicklas Barker on Vocals, Guitars, Mellotron, Rhodes, Farfisa and Vibraphone, Anna Sofi Dahlberg on Mellotron, Vocals, Piano and Farfisa, Organ, Jan Erik Liljeström on Bass and Vocals and Peter Nordins on Drums, Vibraphone and the Mellotron made oh so famous by The Moody Blues.

# 8 – When I Turn

“When I Turn,” was released on the band’s 2 CD set compilation album released in 2009. The album was titled Chapters. The song “When I Turn,” was the only song on the greatest hits CD that had been previously unreleased except for the demo versions of some of the band’s most well known songs.

# 7 – Shooting Star

The song “Shooting Star,” is the most recent release by the band to appear on this top 10 Anekdoten songs list. The song was released on the 2015 album All The Ghosts Are Gone.

# 6 – The Great Unkown

In 2007 the Progressive Rock band Anekdoten released their fifth album entitled A Time Of Day. The Great Unknown was the album’s spectacular opening track. Further proof that traditional progressive rock was still alive and well in then 2000’s.

# 5 – From Within

The track “From Within,” was the title track from the band’s 1999 album From Within.

# 4 – Nucleus

While the band may have only released six studio albums from 1993 to 2015, each release remains a brilliant journey through the genre of progressive rock. One of our favorite Anekdoten albums was their sophomore release Nucleus. This is the title track.

# 3 – The War Is Over

We return once again to the brilliant Gravity album for the emotional track “The War Is Over.”

# 2 – Karelia

As we get closer to the top of our top 10 Anekdoten songs list it became tough in choosing the top spots. This one came very close. For many, Karelia was the first Anekdoten song they ever heard as it was the opening number on the band’s first album.

 # 1 – Gravity

The band’s album Gravity wound up with the most tracks on our top 10 Anekdoten songs list. It is such a spectacular album. One of the best Progressive Rock albums released in the past forty years. It just seems fitting to have the title track come in at number one on this top 10 Anekdoten songs list

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