Top 10 Arch Enemy Songs

Arch Enemy Songs

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Our Arch Enemy songs list looks at a melodic death metal band from Sweden who have been key contributors to the glory of the metal music genre. Originally a supergroup, the Arch Enemy band was formed by members from other bands back in 1995. It took guitarist Michael Amott from the Carcass band and Johan Liiva, who they were together in their former death metal band Carnage, to form the band. John Liiva would be the frontman for the band until 2000 where German vocalist Angela Gossow replaced him. Angela would later leave the lineup to become the band’s manager leaving her position occupied by Canadian vocalist Alissa White-Gluz. Other current members include Jeff Loomis on the lead and rhythm guitar, Daniel Erlandsson on the drums and keyboards, and Sharlee D’Angelo on the bass and backing vocals. Michael Amott and Jeff Loomis also provide backing vocals for the band.

The band’s music can be described as a blend of progressive and death metal influences. The band is inspired by Death Obituary, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Carcass, and Merciful Fate, among other bands. With its member sharing quite a successful past in the music industry, Arch Enemy’s debut album Black Earth would receive quite a positive reception in Sweden and Japan. The rest have been a series of redefinitions on the band’s line up impressing even bigger than their old days. Here are the top 10 Arch Enemy songs that might spice up your metal playlist.

# 10 – Reasons to Believe

Starting off the top 10 Arch Enemy songs list is the incredible song “Reasons to Believe” from the band’s 2017 album, Will to Power. The arpeggio-filled song brings on a roaring death-metal style that allows Alissa to sing in a sultry and catchy soprano for the pre-chorus. And when she gets to the end of the song, Alissa layers tuneful vocals above her scream. The song “Reasons to Believe” was born out of reminiscing about Michael Amott’s youth life to remind people to keep fighting for their dreams.

# 9 – We Will Rise

“We Will Rise,” from the band’s fifth studio album Anthem of Rebellion, has been one of the band’s greatest songs to date. The song advocates the transcendence of normalcy, having it reject conformity. But, more deeply, the song channels the message that we are responsible for who we are, and we can barely blame others for having us become something. After all, it is within our power to mold the life of the design we desire. Thanks to the universal appeal of the song that it acquired quite a positive reception even from music critics.

# 8 – Yesterday is Dead and Gone

We can barely live in the past moments. All we can do is remember what happened then without us having any control over the past. The Arch Enemy band knew this better when they released the song “Yesterday is Dead and Gone” in their album Khaos Legions. This song reminds us of the past member in the Arch Enemy band, Angela Gossow; thanks for her magical vocals that made this song quite a marvelous one. You can barely imagine that the death-metal music genre might possess such inspirational messages!

# 7 – Stolen Life

Featured in their 2014 album, War Eternal, the song “Stolen Life” undoubtedly proves to be among the greatest songs ever sang and performed by the band. The song users in some slick agro-melodic affair with the guitar and drum departments bring quite some new energy. You could ask for more time dedicated to Jeff Loomis’ guitar solo, thanks to the skills he exhibits in this song.

# 6 – No More Regrets

Also, from Arch Enemy’s album, War Eternal is their song “No More Regrets,” which proves that the band made no mistake in having Alissa White-Gluz from The Agonist band take the lead vocalist role after Angela Gossow. The song brings on some powerful lyrics that channel the message of no more regrets after the bad choices that one has made. Coming into terms with the regrets and savoring the bitters aftertaste or rather the repercussions is the only thing left with lessons well grasped as the one walks through the lonely path of life. You might wish to make sound choices if this is all that bad choices have to bring to the table.

# 5 – Nemesis

And now to the top 5 Arch Enemy songs, we have the song “Nemesis” usher us into the list. Featured in the band’s 2005 album Doomsday Machine, the song marries the brutal with the melodic thanks to the impressive skills from the band’s 2005 lineup. Credit to Angela Gossow for the superb lyrics that have the song become a favorite among many. Songs like “Nemesis” lead the Doomsday Machine album to receive a nomination at the 2005 Metal Storm Awards in The Best Melodeath/Gothenburg category.

# 4 – You Will Know My Name

“You Will Know My Name” is a hit song featured in the Arch Enemy’s War Eternal. The song brings a sense of hope when you listen to its deep lyrics. But, primarily, “You Will Know My Name” puts across a message about being judged and put down by others, having the song stand up for overcoming this. When others make you feel worthless, you ought to know that you are more what they define you as. And you can make the critics know your name by standing tall and proving otherwise.

# 3 – War Eternal

The Arch Enemy band wasted no time in having their fans acclimated to Alissa White-Gluz. And thanks to her vocals in her title track band’s new album, War Eternal. In this song video, the focus was Alissa commanding the screen with her sublime vocals. However, arch Enemy retains their usual heavy selves thanks to the powerful guitar riffing, as evidenced in this song.

# 2 – The World is Yours

Once you listen to the song “The World is Yours,” it dawns on you that the Arch Enemy band has its DNA comprised of intensity, aggression, and some sublime lead guitar melodies. Combining the three makes Arch Enemy a great melodic death metal band, as evidenced in their song “The World is Yours.” Without a doubt, Angela was right when she said that Alissa was the perfect replacement for her, something that made her the perfect manager for the band from the word go. In addition, the song’s bridge brings on some whispering vocals, which leads to a more aggressive chorus making this one of the most memorable songs by Arch Enemy.

# 1 – The Eagle Flies Alone

Despite being one of the recent releases from Arch Enemy, the song “The Eagle Flies Alone” has proven that the band to be better as it ages. The song starts with a slightly overdriven chord progression playthrough, progressing to a heavier and melodic tune. And when Alissa sings alongside the new chord progression, you can tell that here is where the song’s beauty lies. The ending pre-chorus is the favorite part for many, having the end of the solo lead to a harmonic section played by both guitarists simultaneously. Eventually, the song ends with the first chord progression played on a grand piano.

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