Top 10 Beatles Album Covers

Beatles Album Covers

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The Beatles were the most important band in popular music history for many reasons. Their music was groundbreaking and inspired just about every rock and roll artist in the music business since 1963. Not only was their music groundbreaking, but they helped develop new recording techniques in the studio that changed the studio recording industry. The Beatles album covers became some of the most iconic and mesmerizing works of art fans have ever gazed at on the cover of a vinyl album. Some of their covers such as Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band, and Abby Road became deeply ingrained in popular culture.

The Beatles released twelve original albums in the U.K. As most Beatles fans know, Capitol records released variations of those records in the Unites States under different titles. The Capitol Records U.S. albums combined tracks from separate U.K. albums and added the non LP U.K. singles. In the end , fans were left with many more album covers than actual released original studio records. At first we thought we would only include the U.K album covers in this Top 10 Beatles Album Covers list. However, on second thought, we decided to include them all.

# 10 – Introducing the Beatles

What better way to start out the Top 10 Beatles Album Covers list than with no other than the first Beatles album that was released in the United States. Introducing the Beatles was released on VeeJay Records in 1964, just a few weeks before Capitol released Meet The Beatles.


# 9 – Hey Jude

The Beatles Hey Jude was a Capitol Records U.S. release. The album was issued in 1970 . The album contained non LP singles and b sides. How can you not love the photo of the Beatles at the end of the group’s career.


# 8 – A Hard Day’s Night

The Hard Day’s Night Cover we have choose was the original U.K Parlophone issue that was released in 1964.


# 7 – Let It Be

Even though Let It Be was not the last Beatles album recorded, it was the last album released by the band before they broke up. So there is something sad about this cover, yet it’s design is forever etched in the minds of fans that remembered the end of the Beatles back in 1970.


# 6 – Rubber Soul

The Beatles Album Rubber Soul was released in 1965. Simple, but brilliant!


# 5 – Meet The Beatles (U.S Issue)

The first U.S Capitol Records Beatles album was issued in 1964. The original U.K. Album was titled With the Beatles and utilized the same photograph. We just liked the header on the U.S. version better than the U.K. Parlophone issue.


# 4 – The Beatles -Red and Blue Albums

The famous Beatles Red and Blue Albums were released in 1973. Both records were double albums that compiled all the U.K Beatles’ singles. Millions of fans in the early 1970’s stared at those pics for hours while listening to the most amazing collection of pop songs by a single artist in the history of popular music.


# 3 – Revolver

The last three choices on our Top 10 Beatles Album Covers list hail as simply some of the most iconic record covers in history. The Beatles Revolver was released in  August of 1966. The cover art was created by German artist,Klaus Voormann. The mixture of personal photos and hand drawn imagery created a brilliant work of art.


# 2 – Abbey Road

It would be easy to argue that the actual street the Beatles walked across on Abbey Road Album Cover has become the most popular street in the history of England  The great mystery behind the supposed Paul is dead hysteria was brilliantly played out on the Abbey Road album cover. Abbey Road was last Beatles studio album. It was released in 1969.


# 1 – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Music critics, fans, and just about every human being on the planet that came of age during the 1960’s and 70’s have argued that the Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is the greatest rock album ever released. Well, the same could be said for the album cover. The album was issued in June of 1967. We are a little speechless right now at the moment because just about everything that needed to be written about this album has already been published. So in the end, all we can say is we hope you have enjoyed the…


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