Top 10 Best Music Box Sets Of 2017

Top 10 Best Music Box Sets Of 2017

Top 10 Best Music Box Sets Of 2017

Here is a list of the Best Music Box Sets of 2017. All of the sets are new box sets that were released within the last 12 months. In these days of digital downloads, record companies are finding it more difficult to attract new buyers while holding on to long time CD and Vinyl customers. Sadly, declining CD sales have resulted in record companies releasing far fewer box sets than ever before. Nonetheless, CD Box sets are an attractive temptation especially when they are nicely packaged with lavish booklets, souvenirs and of course unreleased tracks. Record companies traditionally release box sets in the fall as a temptation for gift giving. There is no better gift for the music fan than a beautiful box set of a fan’s favorite band or artist. Here is our list for some of the best box sets that were released in 2017.

# 10 – Hotel California: 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

It’s hard to believe its been forty years since The Eagles released their Hotel California album. Nonetheless, Elektra Records is releasing a deluxe edition of the album this November 2017 that includes the original studio album remastered, a disc of never before released live recordings, and a Blu-ray Audio disc that contains the studio album in 5:1 surround sound.

The box set also contains a hardbound 11 x 11 book which contains rare unseen photos of the band. This box set will be released on November 24th 2017.

The Eagles Hotel California

# 9 – Elton John – Diamonds

The Elton John Diamonds box set is a career perspective box set that includes 50 tracks over 3 CDs. The third disc of the set contains selections handpicked by Elton John as his own personal favorites.Elton John’s favorites tend to include many of his duets with other famous artist like Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder, Kiki DeeLuciano Pavarotti and LeAnn Rimes. The box set also includes a 72 page hardcover book. Inside the box set, one will also find 5 postcards.

# 8 – Sensational Sweet: Brian Connolly Years 71-77

This is a great box set that contains many Sweet albums that have been impossible to get on CD. If you’re a Sweet fan, this box is for you. The box set contains 9 CDs of original Sweet albums.  The box set is only available as an import on Amazon.

# 7 – Black Sabbath – Live at Genting Arena, Birmingham 2017. ΤΗΕ ΕΝD (DVD/BLU-Ray/2CD/CD) – European Edition Box set, Live

Another import only box set scores high on our Top 10 Best Music Box Sets Of 2017. The past year has seen so few box sets released in the United States, we have decided to include some of the great imports. Black Sabbath’s Live at Genting Arena is a multiple CD and DVD/B;u Ray box set of the Birmingham 2017 concert and Live studio sessions from Angelic Studios UK

# 6 – Flowers In The Dirt Deluxe Edition 3 CD, Box Set

One of Paul McCartney’s greatest solo career post Beatles albums has been given the deluxe treatment in a fantastic release that McCartney fans will fall in love with. The Box set features the original CD remastered on Disc 1. The second CD feature 18 unreleased tracks from the album. Yes, you heard right, 18 unreleased Paul McCartney tracks.

A separate DVD features all the music video produced for the record. The Box set also includes a 112 page essay book. Also included is a separate 64 page photo book and a 32 page book of handwritten lyrics and notes. There is also a Linda McCartney exhibition catalog. The box set also includes high-resolution downloadable audio.  If you got the bucks and you’re a Paul McCartney fan, don’t pass this one up!

# 5 – Rolling Stones From The Vault: Sticky Fingers Live at The Fonda Theatre 2015

While this may not truly qualify as a box set, the concept of a CD and Blu Ray release in one package and the fact that it is the Rolling Stones forces us to make an exception. We don’t get many Rolling Stones releases any more and so anything released in 2017 by the Stones is going to get a close look. This one is a sure winner. The sound on the CD and the video on the Blu Ray is astonishing.
Rolling Stones From The Vault

# 4 – Fresh Cream

The Fresh Cream box set of Cream’s most famous album is 3 CDs ,1 Blu Ray and 98 tracks from one of the greatest rock and roll trios of all time. One of Eric Clapton’s finest moments. It does not get much better than this. A truly fabulous box set of one of the best albums ever released.

Fresh Cream Album Cover

# 3 – Purple Rain Deluxe Expanded Edition

There are many people who thought that Prince should have stuck with the formula that made Purple Rain his most successful album. However, like the true great artist he was, he fired his band and recorded a follow-up album  o Purple Rain that was as far as he could get from the successful formula he employed on the Purple Rain album. Bruce Springsteen had done the same thing after the mega success of the bombastic Born in the U.S.A when he released the soft-spoken Tunnel Of Love album as the follow-up

For those fans who could not get enough of the Purple Rain era, the new Purple Rain box set will make them shake their heads as to why never released the abundance of unreleased tracks from the Purple Rain session. The outtakes on this set are incredibly string and would have served him well commercially to be released as a follow up to Purple Rain. Nonetheless, Prince took the artistic route and up until now fans never got the chance to hear how great this material was. Don’t pass this one up!
Prince Purple Rain

# 2 – The Joshua Tree [4 CD Box Set][Super Deluxe Edition]

In 1987, U2 released their greatest album. It was an epic record that defined the legacy of the band forever. In 2017, U2 celebrated the 30 year anniversary of the Joshua Tree with an epic box set in itself. The box set contain four CDs and a 74 page booklet. The four CDs contain the original album remastered, a live disc from Madison Square Garden, a remix disc and a rarities disc.

# 1 – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – Deluxe Edition

Well if we had to choose one album in the history of Classic Rock to release as an ultimate box set it would most definitely be the Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album. While this album has been reissued many times in various formats, the 2017 box set is by far the best edition ever released.

The box set comes with an astonishing 144-page hardback book. It is by far the most impressive book ever released in a music cd box set.

The Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band box set also contains four CDs. Two of the CDs contain a new stereo mix which is brilliant. The two others CDs contain alternate takes and a mono mix of the album. The Beatles box set also includes The Making of Sgt. Pepper, on a Blu Ray/ DVD disc. Capitol records has released plenty of Beatles Box Sets over the years; the Deluxe 2017 edition of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is one of their best.

Best Music Box Sets of 2017

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