Top 10 Blacktop Mojo Songs

Blacktop Mojo Songs

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Our top 10 Blacktop Mojo songs list presents the best Blacktop Mojo songs like “Can’t Sleep,” Where the Wind Blows” and many more. If you’re a fan of southern rock and metal, you’re probably familiar with the name Blacktop Mojo. For those who may not be as normal, Blacktop Mojo is a five-piece band from Orange, Texas, making waves in the music scene since its formation in 2010. The band consists of vocalist Matt James, drummer Nathan Gillis, guitarist Chuck Wepfer, and bassist Matt Curtis.

In the short time they’ve been together; Blacktop Mojo has released some truly great music, including their debut I Am in 2014. Even though they’ve only been around for a few years, it’s clear that Blacktop Mojo is a band with a lot of talent and promise. They have a unique sound that combines southern rock, metal, and even blues elements, and they’re not afraid to experiment with different styles and genres.

So without further ado, here are the Top 10 Blacktop Mojo Songs:

10.  Come Get Your Coat (2019)

We start the list from this end with the more modern song “Come Get Your Coat” from the album Under The Sun. This is a great example of Blacktop Mojo’s ability to experiment with different styles and sounds, as this song has a more pop-rock feel than some of their other music. The lyrics are also very relatable and provide a glimpse into the darker side of relationships. And even though the reception to Under the Sun was mixed, this is still a great song from a great album.

9. Trouble On the Rise (2014)

From their debut album, I Am, “Trouble On the Rise” is a song that perfectly captures Blacktop Mojo’s southern rock sound. It’s a catchy song with great lyrics that tell the story of a man who’s been dealt a difficult hand in life but is determined to overcome it. The song also has a great message about not giving up, even when the odds seem insurmountable. As a rock fan, this song has that anthemic quality that just gets you pumped up and ready to take on the world.

8. Pyromaniac (2017)

This next song, “Pyromaniac,” is from their second album, Burn the Ships, which received much acclaim upon its release. The song has a metal edge, with screamed vocals and a hard-hitting chorus. The lyrics tell the story of someone addicted to causing destruction and chaos. You can’t go wrong with this song if you’re looking for something heavy and intense. The guitar work is particularly noteworthy on this track.

7. End of Days (2017)

Another impressive song from Blacktop Mojo’s second album, Burn the Ships. “End of Days” is a slower, more melodic song that showcases the band’s capability to rock without relying on speed and aggression. The lyrics are about being at the end of one’s rope and ready to give up but still having the strength to keep going.

The song starts with a simple guitar riff that sets the song’s mood. The lyrics come in next, painting a picture of someone at their breaking point. The song then kicks into a heavier section, with the guitars and drums working together to create a sense of urgency. The song then slows down again before ending with a powerful guitar solo.

6. Tail Lights (2021)

Next up is “Tail Lights,” a piece from their latest album, Blacktop Mojo. It’s a heavy, angsty song about being done with someone. Thanks to some killer vocal work and head-banging instrumentals, the song catches the attention from the start. Thanks to its high energy and catchy hooks, the song is a live favorite. Expect to feel the need to throw up your horns when this one comes on.

5. It Won’t Last (2019)

Thirst of some extraordinaire rock n’ roll? Look no further; Blacktop Mojo is here to deliver. The band hailing from Longview, Texas released this next composition, “It Won’t Last,” in 2019 as a single from their album Under the Sun. A heart-wrenching, foot-stomping good time, “It Won’t Last” is a song about trying to hold on to something good while knowing that it won’t be easy. The instrumentals are as tight as the lyrics are passionate, making for a song that will get stuck in your head.

4. Wicked Woman (2021)

We have another piece from their latest album on the list, “Wicked Woman.” Clocking in at just under five minutes, this song is a slow burner that builds to a crescendo of hard-hitting rock n’ roll. The lyrics are about a woman as wicked as she is beautiful, and the speaker can’t help but be drawn to her. The guitar work on this track is particularly impressive, and the overall feeling of the song is one of dark desire.

3. Where the Wind Blows (2017)

The contribution of the band’s guitarist and lead singer, Matt James, in “Where the Wind Blows” is the selling point for this next song, especially to those rock/metal fans. The music starts well with the simple guitar riff, and then the listener is hit with a great blend of screamed and clean vocals that are both catchy and entertaining. The main chorus is very catchy and will get stuck in your head for days. The screamed vocals return briefly before the song ends with a great guitar solo.

2. Dream On (2017)

“Dream On” is a great example of Blacktop Mojo’s ability to cover classic rock songs. It takes a lot of guts to cover Aerosmith’s  legendary song “Dream On.” Yet the band does an amazing job with their cover version of this Aerosmith classic. Blacktop Mojo’s singer Matt James delivers an excellent vocal performance.

1. Can’t Sleep (2019)

And now, in first place on our top 10 Blacktop Mojo songs list, we have “Can’t Sleep,” a song from Under the Sun. This song is about insomnia and the worry that comes with it. The instrumentals are very calming, almost like a lullaby, making the lyrics stand out more. The lyrics are written to make you feel the character’s frustration and despair. It’s a popular song that received better reception upon its release. How the band captures, the ‘lack of sleep’ feeling is impressive.


We think, even though Blacktop Mojo hasn’t been around for that long, they’ve already made a great impact in the rock/metal world. They have a very promising future ahead, and we can’t wait to see what they do next. We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 10 Blacktop Mojo songs.

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