Top 10 Meghan Trainor Songs

Meghan Trainor Songs

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Our Top 10 Meghan Trainor songs list takes a look at one of pop music’s rising stars. She doesn’t fit the stereotype of other pop artists. She rose to fame in 2014 when she released her hit single “All About That Bass.” The hit single reached number one and sold 11 million copies. She has released several studio albums and has received numerous awards as well as nominations for her work. Trainor received the coveted Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2016. A lot of new artists disappear after winning that award, but she managed to survive in the business. Let’s get to know the pop star a little better.

Meghan Trainor was born Meghan Elizabeth Trainor on December 22, 1993. Trainor started her career in music at a young age. Her style is best described as pop, r&b, doo-wop and blue-eyed soul. She released three independent albums in 2009 and 2010. She released Meghan Trainor in 2009. She released I’ll Sing with You and Only 17 in 2010. In addition to her singing career, she wrote songs for numerous artists.

The Grammy winner released her first major studio album Title in 2015. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 charts. The album sold 238,000 copies in its first week. She was the first artist at her label since Michael Jackson to sell that many albums in one week. The album features the hit singles “All About That Bass,” “Lips Are Movin’,” “Dear Future Husband” and “Like I’m Gonna Lose You.” Title was the ninth best-selling album in 2015. That’s quite an achievement for a new artist. The album sold more than three million copies.

Meghan Trainor was determined not to be a one-hit wonder so she got to work on her next project. She released Thank You in 2016. She wanted to change her style of music for this project. She wanted the album to feature her influences. Meghan Trainor loved Aretha Franklin, Bruno Mars, and Elvis Presley and wanted to honor them with this album. The album debuted at number three on the Billboard 200 charts. It sold 107,000 copies in its first week. The album features the hit singles “No,” “Me Too” and “Better.” Thank You sold over a million copies during its release.

Meghan Trainor released The Love Train in 2019. This album was inspired by her marriage to her husband Daryl Sabara. It didn’t do as well as her previous work. The album debuted at number 10 on the Digital Album charts and number 37 on the Top Album Sales charts. It features the singles “All the Ways,” “Marry Me,” “I’m Down,” “After You” and “Foolish.” She released the album Treat Myself in 2020. She wanted a pop album that would fit in the hip-hop era. Trainor was inspired to create this project because she missed hearing pop songs with big anthems. The critics weren’t too thrilled with this release. She received mixed reviews for the album. It peaked at number 25 on Billboard 200 for three consecutive weeks. It features the singles “No Excuses,” “Wave,” “Nice to Meet Ya,” “Let You Be Right” and “Can’t Dance.”

Meghan Trainor isn’t your stereotypical pop star. She proved that you don’t have to be a size zero to be accepted as genuine pop star. She broke down barriers with her look. She has a girl-next-door look about her. She rose to fame at a young age and she has the potential of being a legendary pop star. This Top 10 Meghan Trainor Songs list will feature her best songs. Which one do you think will be number one on our list?

# 10 – No Excuses

The first song on our Top 10 Meghan Trainor Songs list is the infectious “No Excuses” from the Treat Myself album. The song has a pop sound to it. The female anthem is about being wanting a guy to treat her with respect. This song is relatable for women who want to be taken seriously. Here is some trivia about the track. The song was inspired by the #Me Too movement. It’s also influenced by Aretha Franklin’s hit single “Respect.” The song’s upbeat music has an old school sound. She wanted to recreate 90s music with this song. Her plan was to return to her pop sound since she took a mini break from it. The rhythmic beat will have you up and on the dance floor. The song is targeted for people of all ages. Trainor sounds sassy as she sings the lyrics. She is commanding respect and she is convincing while she’s doing it. We dare anyone to tell her that she wasn’t getting respect because she wasn’t having it.

# 9 –  Better ft. Yo Gotti

The next song on our Top 10 Meghan Trainor Songs list is the duet “Better” featuring Yo Gotti. The song is from the Thank You album. The track has a dancehall, pop, and reggae sound. This breakup song is about a bad relationship. She is discussing the fact that she’s not being treated right by the guy she loves. Trainor talks about wanting better for herself than the relationship with the person she’s describing. The music features funky drums as well as guitar strings that give the song a Caribbean sound. The percussion gives the song a hard sound.

The music has a tropical beat that is perfect for slow dancing. The hitmaker’s voice flows well with the music. She sounds similar to Ariana Grande and Rihanna. She sings in time with the beat. Trainor’s voice is smooth and harmonious. She uses a double in the hook. She performs funky runs in the hook that showcase her vocal talent. Yo Gotti appears in the bridge of the song. He raps in time with the music. His rhyme sounds romantic as he describes how she should be treated like a queen.

# 8 – Me Too

This self-empowerment song is from the Thank You album. The song has an electro and r&b sound. This is a song about self-love. She wants people to be more confident in themselves. This is a powerful message about people being more self-confident. It may come off as if she’s bragging about herself, but she is expressing her confidence. The music is simple. It has an incredible bassline that is reminiscent of early Britney Spears’ music. The song has finger snapping that add a little flavor to the music. The beat will please fans of r&b and dance music. The music is perfect for dancing in a club or even at home. Trainor sounds soulful and confident while she’s singing the track. She sounds similar to Britney Spears and Ariana Grande on the song. If you can get past the idea of her sounding as if she’s “bragging” about herself, you will find the song enjoyable and worth a listen.

# 7 – Dear Future Husband

The romantic song is from the Title album. The track has a pop, doo-wop, and r&b sound to it. This is a chivalrous song about her future husband and letting him know that if he treats her right, she will treat him right. She wants to put her future husband on notice that their relationship will go both ways. It has a positive message because she’s not just expecting him to treat her right. She wants him to know she will do what she can to treat him right as well. Most songs are one-sided and only focus on one person’s needs. This song embraces everyone’s needs in a relationship.

The music has an old school sound to it. It sounds like 50s style music with today’s flavor added to it. She sounds like she has an old soul on this song. Her voice sounds like she was teleported back to the 50s. She could have fit in with old school singers. She includes harmonies in the background that are similar to doo-wop songs. She speeds up the verses as if she’s attempting to rap them. There are no complaints about the song.

# 6 – No

The sassy song is from the Thank You album. The song has a dance, pop, r&b, and doo-wop sound. This anthemic song is about refusing unwanted advances. She doesn’t want to deal with sexual harassment. The song is relevant today because of people dealing with sexual harassment. The song is geared towards women, but men can relate to the song as well. It’s a different subject to discuss and Trainor sells it very well. The song is very dance friendly thanks to the drum rhythm and funky guitar instrumentation. The doo-wop sound also gives the song something extra. Meghan Trainor starts the song with strong and powerful vocals. She belts in the beginning of the song. After the first couple of lines, she breaks into a mini rap. The song sounds similar to Pink’s song “Most Girls.” The song sounds like something Pink would sing. She sings the song with a lot of energy and attitude that was perfect for the theme of the song.

# 5 -Title

The next song on our Top 10 Meghan Trainor Songs list is the doo-wop inspired song “Title” from the album of the same name. The song has a pop sound. This is a commanding song about her questioning when he’s going to give their relationship a title. It’s similar to Beyonce’s song “Put a Ring On It.” People question where their relationship is going so this song is appropriate. Who hasn’t been in a situation where their relationship isn’t going anywhere? The music is catchy and infectious. The old school sound works with the song. The saxophone and drum beat sell the music the best. Meghan Trainor shows off her rhyming skills in the bridge. She does an impressive job rapping. She proved she could blend different genres of music is one song. She doesn’t hold any big notes, but they weren’t needed. She does have excellent timing because she sings every verse in time with the impressive beat.

# 4 – Like I’m Gonna Lose You ft. John Legend

This emotional song is from the Title album. The duet features r&b sensation John Legend. The song has a soul sound. The heartwarming ballad is about not taking loved ones for granted. Here is some trivia about the song. She wrote this song after she had a dream about someone she loved dying. This song is different for her. She’s outside of her comfort zone. She usually sings upbeat songs about empowerment. It was a nice change of pace for her to slow things down with this tearjerker. The music is subdued allowing the listeners to focus on her amazing vocals. The beats are usually the focus in her songs so it’s great to get the opportunity to hear her voice take over the track. Trainor and Legend’s voices complimented each other very well. Her soprano vocals were a perfect marriage with his silky baritone vocals. They seem like an unlikely pair, but they proved they worked well together. They are both given a chance to shine in the song.

#3 – Lips Are Movin’

This catchy song is from the Title album. The song has a doo-wop and pop sound. This is a girls’ anthem about her ex lying to her. This could have multiple meanings to it. It could be about anyone lying to you. The music has a retro sound. It also has girl-group harmonies in the hook. She creatively recorded this song so it has an old school feel to it. It’s easy to tell that she’s inspired by old school music. The music is bouncy and upbeat. The arrangement of the song is phenomenal. It makes good use of her handclaps as well as a chant in the chorus. The music is reminiscent of the Motown sound. Trainor sounds soulful while she’s singing about her lying ex. She sounds energetic and passionate while she tells the story about what happened in her relationship. She doesn’t perform any runs or hold any big notes, but her vocals are strong.

# 2 – All About That Bass

This haters’ anthem is from the Title album. The song has a bubblegum pop, doo-wop, and hip-hop sound. This empowering song is about appreciating your body. She wanted people to embrace how they look. It has a misleading title, but the message is inspiring. She wanted to prove that you don’t have to be a size zero to appreciate how you look. The music is in her comfort zone. The music has a variety of rhythms played together. It has a great bass instrumentation. The baritone saxophone and the percussion are on point. All of the music blended together to create a throwback sound. Trainor sounds great. She has the right amount of sass to pull off the message she’s trying to convey. She raps some of the lyrics in the song. It could have come off cheesy, but she makes it work. The song had the potential of being a novelty song, but the deep message keeps it from being one.

# 1 – No Good for You

We have come to the number one song on our Top 10 Meghan Trainor Songs list. The number one song is “No Good for You” from the Title album. The song has a pop sound. The cautionary song is about a man who cheats on someone. Meghan is warning her friend that her man isn’t any good for her. The song starts with an acoustic guitar while she sings the first verse. After the first couple of lines, the music sounds Caribbean. The guitar and drums drive the beat and will have you swaying in your seat. The bass is extremely catchy. The music has an old school sound to it. She sings the ends of each line in time with the driving beat. Her voice is crisp and smooth. She sounds similar to Mya and Ariana Grande in the song. The song is amazing and should have been released as a single. It is one of the best songs on the Title album. The song is also one of her best songs and is definitely underrated. The song deserved to be number one on our list.

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