Top 10 Charlie Puth Love Songs

Charlie Puth Love Songs

Our Top 10 Charlie Puth Love Songs list looks at some love songs to add to your playlist. Charlie Puth is a talented singer with a lot of hits. He’s successful because he writes songs about relationships. He writes a lot of tracks about heartbreak, but he also writes love songs. If you enjoy his songs about heartbreak, you will love his songs about love and romance. Charlie Puth is an excellent songwriter who knows how to make you believe in love or make you wish you could fall in love.

# 10 – After All – Elton John ft. Charlie Puth

The 10th song on our Top 10 Charlie Puth Love Songs list is “After All” from Elton John’s The Lockdown Sessions album. The single was released in 2021. “After All” is about finding true love. They gave up on finding love until they found their partners. They sing about a man who thought love wasn’t in the cards for him until he met the person of his dreams. He has found someone who showed him what true love is all about. Nothing compares to the person he loves. His lover has made him a believer in love again. In the next verse, we find out that the man would be lost without his partner in his life. He wouldn’t give up the life he has with his lover for anything in the world. He’s grateful that he found the love of his life.

“After All” is a romantic song about someone being grateful for the love in their life. He had to go through bad romances until he found the one he loved. This love song is for people who are ready to give up on love. It lets you know that your true love is still out there. You just have to give it time and you may find someone. Elton John and Charlie Puth convince listeners that it’s possible to find good love. They are from different worlds musically, but they came together to create a breathtaking song about love. This would be a great song to dance to at a wedding. You can let Elton John and Charlie Puth serenade you on your special day.

# 9 – Hard on Yourself ft. Blackbear

The ninth song on our Top 10 Charlie Puth Love Songs list is “Hard on Yourself.” The non album single came out in August 2020. The song is about a woman who doubts herself. She is reassured that she’s perfect the way she is. There’s no need to compare herself to other people. The singer wants her to stop being hard on herself. He sees that she’s struggling and makes her a promise that she will fall in love again. He reassures her that she’s born beautiful and doesn’t need makeup to make herself look better. She struggles with self-doubt and can’t make up her mind about things. In the next verse, he talks about her comparing herself to people on social media. The song concludes with him reassuring her that she’s great the way she is.

“Hard on Yourself” is a song about self-love. It has a positive message about loving yourself. It teaches you not to compete with others and to accept yourself. Some people use social media as the recipe for how they should look. The song goes into detail about not relying on social media to tell you how you should look. Love isn’t just about romance. Love can be about loving yourself. It’s just as important to love yourself as it is to love someone else. This love song is ideal for anyone who has trouble loving themselves. “Hard on Yourself” is the wake up call we need to start loving ourselves more. If we don’t love ourselves, it will be hard to love someone else. In addition to self-love, the song reassures listeners that you will find love in your life.

# 8 – When You’re Sad I’m Sad

The eighth song on our Top 10 Charlie Puth Songs list is “When You’re Sad I’m Sad” from the Charlie album. The song was released in 2022. This song is about wanting to move on from someone, but not being able to let go of the emotional attachment to the person. He has tried to move on with his life but he still finds a reason to stay with her. His lover begs him not to leave her. His emotions are tied to her feelings so he can’t stand to see her sad. This is what causes him to go back to her. He knows it may not be what’s best for him, but he can’t help himself. The singer finds it hard to move on because he’s still connected with her. She always knows what to do to get him to fall in love with her again.

“When You’re Sad I’m Sad” tells a story about someone having a hard time letting go of a relationship. The relationship may not be what’s best for him, but he finds himself drawn to her. The couple’s love is strong enough that he goes back to her. It’s not a love song where the couple falls in love. It’s a love story about a couple who are drawn to each other emotionally. When one is sad the other one is sad too. It’s a sign that their love may not be over. It’s relatable for anyone who has trouble letting go of someone they are still emotionally connected to. If you find yourself wondering what draws you back in the relationship, you will understand Charlie Puth’s song. It may not be a wedding song, but it’s something you can listen to when you are thinking about your relationship.

# 7 – If You Leave Me Now ft. Boyz II Men

The seventh song on our list is “If You Leave Me Now” from the Voicenotes album. The song was released in January 2018. It’s about a man who doesn’t want his girlfriend to leave him. If she leaves him, it will ruin his life. He’s willing to change to keep her from leaving him. He doesn’t want her to cry and lets her know that their relationship doesn’t have to end this way. The singer is afraid of being alone and gets anxiety over the idea of saying goodbye to her.

In verse two, he wonders where their relationship went wrong. His world is unraveling without her. It’s driving him crazy. The world is not worth traveling without her. He gets terrified when he thinks about the nights that she’s gone. He doesn’t want her to say goodbye. If she leaves him, he will be brokenhearted. He doesn’t want her to move on with someone else.

“If You Leave Me Now” is about a man who longs to keep his woman from leaving him. He’s willing to change to make himself suitable for her. He will be lost without her. The lyrics express how he is determined to keep her from leaving him. It’s a touching song about not wanting to lose a love. It will tug at your heartstrings even if your relationship isn’t in danger of ending. You can feel Charlie Puth and Boyz II Men’s passion for the women in the song.

This song will hit you differently if you are in a similar situation. If you have tried to win someone over, you will understand the meaning of the song. If you can’t find the right words to say, you can play this song to your lover. Your partner may be so moved that they may try to make the relationship work. The song is told from a man’s point of view, but women can relate to it too. Anyone who has ever been in love can relate to this song.

# 6 – My Gospel

“My Gospel” appears on the Nine Track Mind album. The song was released in 2016. The enchanting song is about what someone will go through to prove their love for someone else. He talks about the things he’s willing to do to let his lover feel needed. He’s willing to go to extreme lengths to prove his love to her.

He would rob a bank and burn the money so she would know that material things don’t compare to his love for her. Our singer is willing to sell everything he owns and use the money to buy a limousine so they could spend time together in it. Charlie Puth is willing to throw away his pride and embarrass himself if it means he will get her love and affection. As the song continues, he talks about the other ways he wants to show his love for her.

Don’t let the title of the song mislead you. The song is not about going to church. “My Gospel” is about a man showing his love for the woman he loves. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do to show his love for her. The devotional song emphasizes the lengths he would go to in order to prove his love for her. It’s romantic to hear the things that he’s willing to do for the woman he loves. It’s not every day someone is willing to rob a bank and burn the money to show that material things don’t compare to his love for his partner.

He must really be in love to do something like that. People wait their entire lives to hear the proclamations he makes in the song. Women will go crazy hearing their partners recite these lyrics. It’s romantic gestures like these that will make you a believer in love. Charlie Puth did a fantastic job expressing his love without sounding like a cliché.

# 5 – Then There’s You

The next song on our Top 10 Charlie Puth Love Songs list is “Then There’s You” and it appears on the Nine Track Mind album. The song came out in 2016. This love song is about a man who is in love with a beautiful woman who is special to him. He believes many girls look for attention and validation, but the woman in his life is more beautiful than anyone else in the world. It’s hard for him to find the words to express how he feels. He’s in awe of her beauty especially when she wears a particular dress. Other women try to be with him, but he’s found the right woman for him. Charlie Puth doesn’t have to look for anyone else. She stands out among the others.

“Then There’s You” is a poignant story about a man who is in love. She’s incredibly beautiful in his opinion. He doesn’t need to be with anyone else because he has who he wants. Her beauty is on the inside and out. This is a song that’s like poetry to music. Charlie Puth wrote an amazing song about a man who has eyes for only one person. This song is ideal for anyone who’s breath is taken away by the beauty of the woman in his life. Other women may throw themselves at him, but he only has eyes for her.

The singer and songwriter knows what he’s doing when it concerns writing about true love. He knows how to express the beauty of a woman. Women will wish they had a man like the one he describes in the song. There are people who aren’t faithful out there, but he talks about a man who has eyes for one woman. We all want someone who wouldn’t look for anyone else. We applaud Charlie Puth for writing this love song. This song could be used at a wedding reception. You could also dance with your partner to this song.

# 4 – Girlfriend

“Girlfriend” is a non album single that was released in June 2020. “Girlfriend” is a song about a man who wants a meaningful relationship with someone. The song opens with him wanting a woman to be his “girlfriend.” He doesn’t want to play games anymore. His feelings are more than a phase. If she wants to be his “girlfriend,” she can let him know so they can make it official. In the next verse, he lets her know that he wants to take things further. If he was her boyfriend, he would give her all his time. He would be there for her all night long. He wants more than just a physical relationship. Charlie Puth wants something real, and he hopes she feels the same way.

“Girlfriend” is an alluring song about a man who wants more than physical intimacy with someone. He wants a commitment. He wants a deeper connection with someone. He’s willing to devote all his time to her if she would have a relationship with him. The lyrics express devotion to a woman. Charlie Puth shows that he’s not just after a physical relationship. He wants an emotional connection as well.

He doesn’t want a superficial relationship. The lyrics are affectionate, and he expresses his love for the woman in his life. The song may encourage people to step up and pursue the people they want. If you want more than just a physical relationship, this song may give you the courage to let the person know how you feel. Charlie Puth teaches you that you don’t have to settle for just a physical relationship when you want something more. This is a song that you can play when you are alone with the person you love.

# 3 – One Call Away

Coming in at number three on our list is “One Call Away” from the Nine Track Mind album. The single was released in August 2015. The song is about being there for someone who needs you. The song opens with Charlie Puth saying he’s only a phone call away. He will be there to save the day. The hitmaking singer compares himself to Superman. He believes he’s better than Superman.

He wants the person to call him if they ever need a friend. Charlie Puth wants to give the person love. He wants to give a woman love and wants her to take a chance on him. No matter where she goes, she is not alone. He will always be there whenever she needs him. He wants her to be with him. They can make it anywhere if they are together. He will stay with her until he sees her smile.

“One Call Away” tells a story about being there for someone when they need you. The song encourages listeners to be there for someone when they are feeling alone or need support. It lets the person know that they have a support system. The lyrics are universal. It can be about a friend, family or a significant other. If you love the person enough, you will want to be there for them. Charlie Puth went a different route when it concerns love.

This song is about loving someone enough that you would be there when they need you. Talking about love can be more than just taking someone out or getting physical with them. Love is also letting people know that you are there for them during difficult times. This song is ideal for people who feel alone and need to know that someone loves them enough to help them.

# 2 – Marvin Gaye ft. Meghan Trainor

“Marvin Gaye” appears on the Some Type of Love EP. The single was released in February 2015. It’s about the desire a couple has for each other. The song opens with a man wanting to “Marvin Gaye” and get it on. She has the healing that he wants. He wants to “Marvin Gaye” until dawn. They have a big bed to themselves. He doesn’t want her to keep her secrets to herself. It’s time to show and tell. The love in her eyes pulls him closer to her. He knows he’s in trouble, but he wants to be in trouble with her. In the next verse, Meghan Trainor talks about how she feels when he leaves her alone. She’s like a stray without a home and a dog without a bone. She wants him for herself because she must have him.

“Marvin Gaye” is a playful love song about a couple who want to be together. They lose themselves and connect on a deep and physical level. Charlie Puth found a unique way to talk about love and intimacy. He used “Marvin Gaye” as a metaphor for physical intimacy. He used his song titles to describe how he feels about her. He gets an A+ for creativity with this track. He managed to turn “Marvin Gaye” into a verb. The lyrics may move you if your partner wants you the way they want each other in the song.

If you don’t have a partner, it will make you long for someone who will desire you the way Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor desire each other in the song. We like how the song is told from both sides. We get to hear how much they desire each other. This song is tailor made for anyone who loves someone and wants to have a physical connection with them. This is a love song that couples can use when they are being intimate with each other.

# 1 – We Don’t Talk Anymore ft. Selena Gomez

The number one song on our Top 10 Charlie Puth Love Songs list is “We Don’t Talk Anymore” from the Nine Track Mind album. The single was released in May 2016. The song is about a former couple who struggle to talk to each other after their breakup. The song opens with him talking about the couple not laughing and talking anymore. He heard that she found the man she was looking for in life. He wished he knew he wasn’t the man she wanted.

The man wonders why he couldn’t move on the way she has. He doesn’t want details about what she’s doing with her new man. Her love was a game and now he can’t stop thinking about her. In verse two, Selena Gomez wants him to be with a woman who loves him. She believes he wants her to come see him, but she’s afraid she might be wrong.

“We Don’t Talk Anymore” is a heart wrenching song about a couple not being able to talk the way they used to. They love each other, but they can’t talk like they are friends anymore. They were supposed to remain friends, but they couldn’t do it. People say they would remain friends after a breakup, but they rarely do. This explores the bitter side of love. Love has two sides to it. There is the loving side and the bitter side of it. Charlie Puth knows how to write an emotional song that will make you think.

He will have you in your feelings. The song is relatable to people of all ages. This song is for people who have been together for years or are just starting out together. Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez recorded a sizzling hot song about lovers who aren’t talking anymore and probably still love each other. You may find yourself in a similar situation so this song is for you.

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