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Our Top 10 Coco Jones Songs list looks at an r&b singer and actress who is on her way to becoming a huge star in the music business. Coco Jones rose to fame when she appeared in the Disney Channel movie Let It Shine in 2012. After she left the Disney Channel, she started releasing independent singles and EPs. She was signed to a label in 2022. Some of her singles include “Peppermint,” “Holla at the DJ,” “Made Of,” “ICU,” “Depressed,” “Just My Luck,” “Caliber,” as well as others. Some of her influences are Mariah Carey, Brandy, Aretha Franklin, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, Roberta Flack, Celine Dion, Cece Winans, Mary J. Blige and Etta James

Courtney Michaela “Coco” Jones was born January 4, 1998. Music was in her blood because her mother is a session vocalist. When she was nine she met with the casting people for the Disney Channel. She became an actress and songwriter. She competed on Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing from 2010-2011. In 2012, she appeared in the movie Let It Shine. The movie helped her gain a lot of attention. Coco Jones made a deal with Hollywood Records in 2012. The singer co-wrote her songs. She released “Holla at the DJ” in December 2012. She released four EPs before she released her studio album. Coco Jones released her debut album What I Didn’t Tell You in November 2022. It features the singles “Caliber,” “ICU,” “Double Back,” “Spend It” and “Crazy for Me.”

Coco Jones proved that an actress can transition into a singer. There are so many actresses who want to be singers, but they aren’t taken seriously. Coco Jones proved people wrong. She is quickly rising in the music business. Our Top 10 Coco Jones Songs list will give us a chance to highlight some of her best songs.

# 10 — Stand Up

The 10th song on our Top 10 Coco Jones Songs list is “Stand Up.” The non-album single was released in May 2014. This song is about letting loose and enjoying yourself on the dance floor. She talks about dancing being fun and not trying to look cool. It’s about enjoying yourself. She wants listeners to join her and her friends and dance to the music. The narrator talks about different dance moves. She doesn’t care about what you do as long as you have fun. She stresses the energy and excitement you get when you’re dancing. Coco Jones wants listeners to “stand up” and feel the beat of the music. She doesn’t want you to be shy or self-conscious while you’re dancing.

“Stand Up” is a fun song about dancing and having a good time. She doesn’t want anyone to be afraid to get on the dance floor. This isn’t a song that we haven’t heard before. She threw her hat into the ring with other artists. She was a teenager when she recorded the song so the theme is age appropriate. Most teenagers want to have fun with their friends. We like that she wasn’t trying to be someone she wasn’t at the time.

She sang a song that could reach teens as well as adults without being inappropriate for her. The song has a positive message about having fun. She wants you to let go of your inhibitions and enjoy the music. We are doing what she said because we do enjoy the music. Once you hear the music, it will be hard not to get up and dance. Songs like this one are more music based and not vocal based. This song is different from the others. This song focuses on the music and her vocal ability.

# 9 — Guardian Angel ft. Tyler James Williams

The ninth song on our Top 10 Coco Jones Songs list is “Guardian Angel” from the Let It Shine Soundtrack. The song was released in June 2012. The song is about learning to believe in yourself. They want listeners to find hope during tough times and have faith in yourself even when it feels like there is no hope. The song opens with the narrator talking about expectations that were placed on her by society. Even though they are young, they know they have a responsibility to inspire people to make positive changes.

The narrator compares himself to a doctor who has to heal the hate in the world. There is pressure from older people who don’t share the same vision, but the narrator is determined to make it happen. The narrator talks about having passion for writing and feeling joy from making music. Money, fame and material things are not the motivation. They are motivated by creating music that speaks to everyone’s soul. They want music to unite different groups of people. The narrators speak to a “guardian angel” who has been there. They are hopeful that no matter what happens in life, the guardian angel will be by their side.

The motivational song is about hope and perseverance. They want you to have faith even when you are facing obstacles. It’s always essential to remain optimistic. The lyrics are timely because of the things that are going on in the world. We like that this positive message is coming from teenagers. There aren’t too many teenagers who sing songs with this message. We applaud them for wanting to sing about something positive. The song is for the Let It Shine Soundtrack, but you don’t have to be a fan of the movie to enjoy the song.

The music is a blend of r&b and hip hop. The music is infectious and you may find yourself moving in your seat. We like that the music is captivating and goes with the message. Coco Jones’ vocals are outstanding on this song. We have to keep reminding ourselves that she’s only a teenager because she has such a powerful voice. She sounds more mature than her years. You will be impressed when you hear her sing. Tyler James Williams is more known for acting than rapping. With that said, he sounds like a professional rapper on this song. His rhyming skills are amazing. He can arguably give other rappers a run for their money.

# 8 — Just My Luck

The eighth song on our Top 10 Coco Jones Songs list is “Just My Luck” from the H.D.W.Y. EP. The track was released in February 2018. The track is about her struggle to gain a sense of identity and self-worth in the face of adversity from people who are trying to bring her down. The song opens with the narrator talking about her struggle and frustrations with the way she’s being treated. She wonders if her naysayers want her to struggle. Is it in her face or in her eyes? She’s not sure where her naysayers want her to go. She’s being pulled in different directions and she can’t take it anymore.

She wants to know what happened to her happiness. They are trying to change her. All she is supposed to be is a character. They want to pull the strings. They are trying to play her like she’s a parachute. She is tired of their lies. In the third verse, she’s asking them if her competence offends them. She questions if she isn’t cookie-cutter enough. She questions if her skin tone is offensive. She questions if she’s all talk. Coco Jones wonders if she fits in the industry. Despite what they say about her, she refuses to give up.

“Just My Luck” is a powerful song about strength and resilience in the face of pressure. She wants everyone to stay true to themselves no matter what happens. The song teaches you to have determination and not to let the world get the better of you. This is the type of song you will need if the world is trying to come down on you. If someone in your life is telling you that you aren’t good enough or need to look a certain way in order to succeed, this song may give you the courage to stand up for yourself.

The music has simple instrumentation. It gives you a chance to hear the message of the song and to focus on her voice. It was a good idea to keep the music simple because the message might have gotten lost if the music was too big. Coco Jones’ vocals are excellent on this track. She sings the song in different pitches. She starts the song in her lower register and soars throughout the rest of the song.

# 7 — Miss Me When I’m Gone

The seventh song on our Top 10 Coco Jones Songs list is “Miss Me When I’m Gone.” The non album single was released in September 2016. The song is about missing someone when they go. She is in a toxic relationship and she wants to get out of it. In the first verse, she questions whether he will miss her when she’s gone. She questions how he will feel if she stops being there for him. Will he be able to make it on his own? Will he miss her? Our narrator wants him to prove that she means something to him. She wants to feel it in the way he holds her. She wants him to show her how he feels.She wants him to tell her that he loves her. The narrator wants him to tell everyone that he loves her and write her a love letter.

“Miss Me When I’m Gone” is a reflective track about showing someone how you feel about them. Coco Jones wants her man to question what would happen if she were gone. The song teaches you to appreciate what you have while you have it. You won’t miss what you have until it’s gone. This is an excellent message that everyone can understand. This song can apply to more than just lovers. It can apply to family, friends or anyone in your life. The track is universal and interpretive.

We like how she wrote this song in a way that will make you interpret it in different ways. Coco Jones is a brilliant lyricist. She wrote a bitter song, but it has a deep meaning behind it as well. The song has a soft beat. The drums add tempo to the track. The track showcases her powerful vocals. Coco Jones has a strong voice and utilizes it throughout the song. She turns the song into a power ballad. She holds notes throughout the chorus that will blow your mind. She takes vocal chances and we’re here for it.

# 6 — Simple Babyface ft. Coco Jones

“Simple” is from Babyface’s Girls Night Out album. The song was released in October 2022. The song is about a woman who is afraid to take a chance on love. She wants to believe in their relationship, but she’s seen too much. The female protagonist doesn’t believe in love. She doesn’t want to take a chance on love because she has been burned in the past. She has her guard up. Despite the complications, they have made it. She has her ways and he has his ways. Our female narrator wishes that things could go back to the way they used to be when love was easy. In verse two, our male narrator tells her that love isn’t always “simple.” He suggests that she puts her cards on the table. He lets her know that love is complicated because that’s how God wants it.

“Simple” is a song about a woman who is insecure when it comes to love. She wants it to be “simple” the way it used to be. She wants love to be easy, but he lets her know that it’s not easy. The song teaches you that love is complex. If you have been hurt before, you may find yourself cheering while Coco Jones speaks her truth in the song. The legendary Babyface made magic happen once again with this sizzling song. This song is told from two points of view. We get her side and his side.

The lyrics are meaningful and beautiful. Babyface is brilliant as ever on this track. Coco Jones was able to keep up with the legend. He has the talent to make any song sound brilliant. We applaud Babyface for allowing Coco Jones to shine on the song. He could have easily been in the driver’s seat, but he allowed her to take the lead. He had faith in her to carry the song. We have faith in her too and we give her vocals an A+. There is nothing “simple” about their vocals or this song.

# 5 — Love Is War

The next song on our Top 10 Coco Jones Songs list is “Love Is War.” The non album single was released in June 2022. The song is about a relationship that turned sour. It talks about the ups and downs of a relationship. The couple in the song are on an emotional roller coaster. They have been dealing with a lot of drama in their relationship. They have a lot of passion for each other. They have fiery arguments and love making sessions. They get along in the bedroom, but they fight all the time. The narrator believes they could have done better, but they can’t let go of each other.

The couple has scars from their battles. In the chorus, she talks about love being like a war with them fighting each other instead of working together. They have their own scars from their arguments, but they are too stubborn to give up. They refuse to admit defeat. Our couple is determined to fight instead of walking away. In the next verse, the narrator highlights how fragile the relationship is. Their relationship is one step away from ending. The couple are stuck in neutral. The ups and downs of their relationship is taking its toll on the couple. They are stuck on a roller coaster of emotions. The narrator wants to celebrate their emotions even if they aren’t always in a good place.

“Love Is War” tells a story about a toxic couple. They deal with a lot together, but they refuse to break up. They know they shouldn’t be together, but they can’t let go of each other. The song tells you that love is too impossible to walk away from, but you should work together if you want it to last. The lyrics are moving and will hit you like a hammer if you are in a tumultuous relationship.

The song will make you think about your relationship and whether it’s strong enough to withstand constant arguments. The lush instrumentation will blow your mind. The string section is incredible and gives the song an orchestral sound. This song gives Coco Jones a chance to take on a different style of music. The chance paid off because her vocals shine like diamonds on this song. Her vocals are controlled because she knows when to belt and when to hold back.

# 4 — Depressed

“Depressed” is from the H.D.W.Y. EP. The song came out in September 2019. The song’s meaning is self-explanatory. It’s about a woman who is “depressed.” She talks about not being sad. She posts on social media, but she pretends that she’s not unhappy. She jokes about having a man, a house and material things. The narrator wants to ban social media because she feels as if her life is a shambles whenever she’s on it. She wants people to stop pretending their lives are so amazing when they aren’t. She’s on social media to laugh, but she ends up crying.

This is a song that is timely because a lot of people are facing depression. We applaud Coco Jones for putting a spotlight on the dangers of social media. It can make you feel “depressed.” She shined a light on a subject that should be talked about more in songs. She talked about depression playing a factor in her unhappiness. This is a relatable song and you may feel like she’s telling your story. The music is misleading because it’s not somber or melancholy. The music is upbeat. She made the right call because it kept the song from being depressing. You can still smile while listening to the hypnotic music. Coco Jones’ vocals are smooth and velvety. She sings in her lower register for this track. She doesn’t belt on this song, but it wasn’t needed.

# 3 — Spend It

Coming in at number three on our Top 10 Coco Jones Songs list is “Spend It” from the What I Didn’t Tell You album. The track was released in November 2022. The song is about a woman who wants to spend her time with the man she loves. She feels like her man has fallen from the sky. She enjoys the time she spends with him. She will make every effort to be with him. She will do anything to make him happy. She is devoted to her lover. If she could spend all of her time with him, she would do it. Her time isn’t free, but she will “spend it” with him. The only thing she wants to do is spend time with her boyfriend.

The romantic song is about a woman who is willing to spend all of her time with her man. She doesn’t have a lot of time, but she wants to spend her time with him. This is an example of unselfish love. She wants to give everything to the man she loves. She wants him to be happy. The song will make you want to have a love like this one. It’s not every day that you find an unselfish love like this one.

It’s nice to hear someone talking about wanting to share their lives with the people they love. If you are in love, this song will mean a lot to you. If you’re not in love, it will make you wish you were in love. The music has a cool vibe to it. It’s perfect for spending time with the person you love. The song is for the grown and sexy crowd. Babyface returned the favor for Coco Jones since she worked with him on the song “Simple.” He co- wrote an amazing song about a woman being devoted to her man. She did the song justice. They work well together and should do more songs together.

# 2 — Caliber

“Caliber” is from the What I Didn’t Tell You album. The song was released in March 2022. “Caliber” is about a strong and confident woman who knows her worth. She wants a man who can match her level. The narrator goes to a party and notices that someone is checking her out. He wants to do more than talk to her. He wants to be intimate with her. She wants more than just conversation and a physical relationship. The narrator wants someone who is willing to work for her the same way she works for herself. She wants a man who is on her level. She doesn’t want anyone who is going to waste her time or take advantage of her. He has potential. She wants to see how he can handle her. Since he fits her qualifications, she might bend the rules for him.

“Caliber” is a song about knowing your worth. She has self-confidence and wants a man who respects and values her. It’s a good message about self-awareness. This song teaches you not to settle for someone who doesn’t value you. Coco Jones has the right amount of sass to pull this song off. She is confident and knows her worth and wants her listeners to be the same way. There’s nothing wrong with having someone who will treat you the way you want to be treated. We all want someone who will respect our value.

The music has a smooth r&b vibe. The keyboard and drums dominate the music. The music sounds perfect for the bedroom. Her vocals are enchanting. She sings with confidence. Coco Jones sings the song in her upper register and it works with the smooth r&b sound. She doesn’t belt in the song, but it’s not needed because the beat is soft. If you weren’t a fan of Coco Jones before, this song may change your mind.

# 1 – ICU

The number one song on our Top 10 Coco Jones Songs list is “ICU” from the What I Didn’t Tell You album. The song came out in October 2022. “ICU” is about a woman being in a complicated relationship. She’s having trouble letting go of the relationship. She is physically attracted to him. His touch makes her feel better than anyone ever has. He gets her in a way that no one else has before. He is someone she needs in her life.

When she leaves she wants him back in her life. In the next verse, they agreed they are better off as friends. She deletes his messages and tries to move on with someone else. Somehow they end up back together again. The narrator is lost without him. Her life is empty without him. He is worth it to her.

The song touches on how powerful love is in our lives. Even when you are ready to let go, something pulls you back in the relationship. This is a realistic tale about love and the strong hold it has over people. It can be hard to walk away from someone who understands you. It makes sense that you feel drawn to the person even if you break up. The song is told from a woman’s point of view, but men can relate to it as well.

The music is sultry and seductive. It’s a smooth ballad with a slow, but steady drumbeat. The piano and guitar help bring the song to life. This song is perfect to hear with your partner. Coco Jones sings in a different key for this song. You may not recognize her vocals on this track. She sings in a deeper pitch and sounds mature. Her vocals are impressive on this track. This is the song that helped make Coco Jones a star in the music business.

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