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Adrenaline Mob Songs

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Our top 10 Adrenaline Mob songs list looks at the catalog of an American band revered for its contribution to the metal scene. Formed in the early 2010s, Adrenaline Mob established itself as a powerhouse in the music scene with its hard-hitting heavy metal sound influences. Other than heavy metal, Adrenaline Mob’s sound repertoire also features a mixture of alternative metal and hard rock sound influences.

Among the original members of the band include former Avenged Sevenfold and Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy, guitarist Mike Orlando, and Symphony X singer Russell Allen. The trio went ahead to consider adding rhythm guitarist Rich Ward and bassist Paul Di Leo to the band’s lineup. It is worth noting that rhythm guitarist Rich Ward was (and still is) a member of the bands Fozzy and Stuck Mojo.

In addition, bassist Paul Di Leo also served as a member of the band Fozzy. Paul also featured in a number of Gold/Platinum-certified albums issued by the German pop musician Nena. Unfortunately, Rich Ward and Paul Di Leo’s membership at Adrenaline Mob was short-lived with the duo departing in 2012.

Since the departure of Rich Ward, guitarist Mike Orlando took on the rhythm guitarist role. Adrenaline Mob has also had a few lineup changes especially on the bass. The departure of Paul Di Leo saw the band recruit bassist John Moyer of the heavy metal act Disturbed. Moyer served in the band until 2014 having his position taken by bassist Eric Leonhardt. After serving for three years as the band’s bassist, Eric was replaced by bassist David Zablidowsky, who also played with Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Unfortunately, David’s tenure at Adrenaline Mob was short-lived—David lost his life after he was involved in an accident as the band was traveling for a concert. Since David’s departure, Mike Orlando took on the studio bass roles. Notably, David was Adrenaline Mob’s second member to have lost his life after the death of former Twisted Sister drummer A.J. Pero. Pero died in 2015 having served as a drummer in Adrenaline Mob since 2013—the drummer had been recruited as a replacement for Mike Portnoy who had left Adrenaline Mob after two years of service.

A Brief Review of Adrenaline Mob’s Albums

In 2012, Adrenaline Mob went ahead to issue their debut studio album OmertàOmertà was issued through Elm City Music/Century Media Records under the production of the band members. The album is the most rewarding release by Adrenaline Mob ranking seventieth on the Billboard 200. Omertà also made it to the Swiss, Swedish, Dutch, and Finish Albums Charts.

However, the album barely achieved commercial success. Omertà is home to some of the best Adrenaline Mob songs including “Undaunted,” “Indifferent,” “All on the Line,” “Psychosane,” and “Angel Sky.” The album also features Adrenaline Mob’s cover of the 1993 Duran Duran hit “Come Undone.” Featured on Adrenaline Mob’s cover of this song was Lzzy Hale of the rock band Halestorm.

Men of Honor, issued in 2014 marked Adrenaline Mob’s sophomore studio album. The album was preceded by the band’s most revered covers-only extended play by the title Covertà. Covertà featured eight cover songs that paid tribute to the musicianship of the acts Badlands, Black Sabbath, Van Halen, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Heart, Dio, and Rainbow. Covertà managed to enter the Billboard 200 Chart peaking at position one hundred and seventy-three.

Back to the album Men of Honor, the only album by the band to have featured the late Twisted Sister drummer A. J. Pero. Men of Honor went ahead to become the band’s final record to make an entry into the Billboard 200 Chart peaking at number ninety-nine. “Come on Get Up,” “Feel the Adrenaline,” “Mob is Back,” and “Dearly Departed” are some of the most popular songs from Adrenaline Mob.

In 2017, Adrenaline Mob returned with their third studio album We the People. The album was issued through Century Media Records with Adrenaline Mob giving us a taste of its usual heavy metal sounds tinged with alternative rock and hard rock influences. “King of the Ring,” “Lord of Thunder,” “We the People,” and “Chasing Dragons” are the top musical gems from Adrenaline Mob on this album.

Adrenaline Mob’s cover of the 1983 Billy Idol Hit “Rebel Yell” was issued as a bonus track to the album We the People. Unfortunately, the album We the People was a mainstream flop missing entry into the Billboard 200 Chart. Nevertheless, the album managed to grace the Swiss, Dutch, and Belgian Album Charts.

For more than a decade now, Adrenaline Mob has established itself as one of the most coveted supergroups in the rock scene thanks to its hard-hitting heavy metal sound. Of course, the band doesn’t have an array of awards to showcase for its remarkable musicianship. Here we present our all-time top 10 Adrenaline Mob songs.

#10- Chasing Dragons

Our top 10 Adrenaline Mob songs review starts with the outstanding hit “Chasing Dragons.” The song is among the standout tracks off the band’s third studio album We the People. “Chasing Dragons” is a high-energy rocker featuring conspicuous drums by Jordan Cannata and soaring vocals by Russell Allen. Of course, the two elements give this song quite a classic metal feel.

However, the song is more than this! Its benevolent message to the band’s fans (and the world at large) in regard to the opioid crisis plays a pivotal role in this song’s popularity. The song’s blistering guitar solos add some appeal to the song. “Chasing Dragons” features a lyric video that accompanies outrageous facts and figures about the opioid crisis.

In a nutshell, “Chasing Dragons” tries to raise awareness among the masses about the rising rates of opioid dependency. Still, in 2017, the band Theory of a Deadman achieved some success with its hit “Rx (Medicate)” whose themes align to those of the song “Chasing Dragons”—the song’s lyrics were inspired by the intensifying prescription drug epidemic in the US.

#9- Behind These Eyes

While Adrenaline Mob is best known for its hard-hitting heavy metal ballads, our ninth pick rewrites the script giving us a taste of the band’s melodic sound influences. Introducing us to melodic heavy metal-oriented music by the band is the hit “Behind These Eyes.” The song is one of the remarkable tracks off the band’s sophomore studio album Men of Honor.

“Behind These Eyes” finds the band delving deeper into introspective lyrical themes. The song explores the inner turmoil and concealed emotions that add to the struggles and anguish of the singer’s life. “Behind These Eyes” has its lyrics continue to show the vulnerability that lies behind our eyes. The song has since its release proved to be an indispensable musical piece in Adrenaline Mob’s catalog.

#8- King of the Ring

Bringing the band back to the spotlight of hard-hitting heavy metal is the eighth pick on our top 10 Adrenaline Mob songs list “King of the Ring.” The song is an intense metal affair defined by the true heavy metal-Esque raspy vocals of Russell Allen and flamethrower guitar riffs. “King of the Ring” serves as the album-opening track to the band’s pounding third studio album We are People.

This classic heavy metal assault is not afraid to blend its mighty riffs with melodic sensualities. “King of the Ring” is an emblem of Adrenaline Mob’s endured aggression and intensity in the heavy metal scene.

#7- Come Undone ft. Lzzy Hale

Having “Come Undone” rank seventh on our list is a clear indication that we had a number of imposing original tracks by the band. The hit “Come Undone” is by far one of the most popular cover tracks by Adrenaline Mob. “Come Undone” was initially released by the band Duran Duran in 1993. While the original version of the song was soft rock-oriented, Adrenaline Mob gives the cover version a touch of hard rock elements.

The result was a definitive cover that has endured its place as a fan-favorite pick from Adrenaline Mob’s music catalog. Adrenaline Mob went ahead to feature Halestorm singer Lzzy Hale on the vocals of this cover hit. Other artists who have covered the song “Come Undone” include My Darkest Days, Bachelor Girl, and Bad Omens. Adrenaline Mob’s version of the song was featured on the band’s debut studio album Omertà.

#6- Feel the Adrenaline

The sixth pick on our top 10 Adrenaline Mob songs list goes to the track “Feel the Adrenaline.” “Feel the Adrenaline” is featured on the band’s sophomore studio album Men of Honor. This song assists the band channel its signature intense heavy metal influences. Adrenaline Mob’s guitarist Mike Orlando went ahead to give an open description of what this song’s lyrics are about.

He stated that “Feel the Adrenaline” is about whatever gets one ‘revved up.’ However, Mike Orlando reiterated that the song “Feel the Adrenaline” is about a car and the band itself. Among the greatest takeaways from “Feel the Adrenaline” are the bombastic drumming skills by former Twisted Sister drummer A.J. Pero.

#5- All on the Line

Sitting fifth on our top 10 Adrenaline Mob songs list is the remarkable hit “All on the Line.” The song is among the top musical gems by Adrenaline Mob from the band’s debut studio album Omertà. “All on the Line” is among the most dynamic songs by the band—the song begins with quite a melodious start building up to a hard-hitting metal affair. The song features an anthemic chorus that contributes greatly to its memorability. “All on the Line” also features a compelling and commanding vocal delivery by the band’s lead vocalist Russel Allen.

#4- The Devil Went Down to Georgia

At number four is a surprise cover hit “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” The song beats all odds to become the second and highest-ranking cover track by Adrenaline Mob—this implies that we miss out on featuring Adrenaline Mob’s cover of Black Sabbath’s hit “The Mob Rules” which is a true masterpiece! “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” is a 1979 southern rock/country song by the Charlie Daniels Band.

Adrenaline Mob took on the song giving it a heavy metal-oriented touch. The band went ahead to feature this hit on its third extended play Dearly Departed. Other artists who covered the hit “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” include Korn, Nickelback, The Levellers, and Primus.

#3- Come on Get Up

Coming in third on our top 10 Adrenaline Mob songs list is the hit “Come on Get Up.” The song is the most popular track from the band’s sophomore studio album Men of Honor. This energetic and powerful song finds the band channeling ideas about overcoming adversities and moving past tough times.

“Come on Get Up” oozes themes of personal responsibility communicating to its listeners the need to face challenges head-on, take action, and never give up. The song features driving guitar riffs and thrashing drums that convey the band’s signature heavy metal assault. This high-energy track remains one of the concert staples of the band.

#2- Indifferent

“Indifferent” is by far one of the most sought-after songs by Adrenaline Mob. The song is featured on the band’s debut studio album Omertà. “Indifferent” was penned by vocalist Russell Allen and guitarist Mike Orlando. This hard-hitting rock track captures the band’s luscious blend of heavy metal, alternative metal, and hard rock influences. “Indifferent” is among the top adrenaline-fueled musical gems whose glory lives to date.

#1- Undaunted

At the topmost spot on our top 10 Adrenaline Mob songs list is the impressive hit “Undaunted.” The song serves as the album opener in the band’s debut studio album Omertà. “Undaunted” finds the band vocalist Russell Allen crooning about the themes of fortitude and resilience. The song finds the band offering encouragement to heavy metal aficionados to stand strong in the face of calamities.

“Undaunted” is a perfect exhibition of the unadulterated musicianship of every member of the band. From catchy guitar riffs to the exhibition of Russell’s vocal dexterity, “Undaunted” befits the title of the best Adrenaline Mob song. The song also features one of the most driving rhythm sections by any Adrenaline Mob song.

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