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Our Top 10 Dave Edmunds Songs list looks at a great rock artist whose roots in 50s rock and rockabilly blended with 70s rock grooves to form an original and successful sound. Its hard to place Dave Edmund into a particular time period because he had success over a long period of time. His most successful record was released in 1970 called “I Hear You Knocking.” Yet most people associate Dave Edmunds as new wave rockabilly artist whose popularity peaked in 1979 with a series of hits in the UK and U.S.

The majority of Dave Edmunds solo albums were released in the 70s, 80 and early 90s. Over a period of time he recorded a series of albums with musicians Nick Lowe, Billy Bremmer and Terry Williams. The quartet had played together on solo Nick Lowe and solo Dave Edmunds albums.  Lowe, Edmunds, Bremmer and Williams musicians would eventually release an album together under the band name Rockpile. The group proved to be very successful in 1979 with that great album which spawned the hit “Teacher Teacher,” written by Nick Lowe.

Our Top 10 Dave Edmunds songs looks back at the material Dave Edmunds released on his solo albums. Edmunds release so many great studio albums and live records throughout his career. We hope this list turns you on to the music of Dave Edmunds as he was and still is one of classic rocks truly great artists.

# 10 – Information

We open up our Top 10 Dave Edmunds songs list with the great track “Information.” The song was released on Dave Edmunds’ 1983 album entitled Information. The album was produced by the legendary Jeff Lynne formally of The Move, founding member of Electric Light Orchestra and at one time a Traveling Wilbury. The fantastic song “Information,” was written by Dave Edmunds and Mark Radice. This was the first time that Dave Edmunds had worked with Jeff Lynne. You can hear the traditional Jeff Lynne production techniques all over the track in the backing vocals and the song’s keyboard arrangement. It’s cool to hear Dave Edmund’s guitar licks up against Jeff Lynne’s production styles. It actually works quite well.

# 9 – High School Nights

Continuing with our top 10 Dave Edmunds songs list we turn to the happy throwback song “High School Nights.” The song was recorded for the Porky’s Revenge! Soundtrack Motion Picture Soundtrack. The song and film were released in 1985. The video below features many cast members of the film series. Porky’s Revenge was the third and final chapter in the Porky’s film series. While the third film received mostly negative reviews, the film’s soundtrack was widely praised. It featured great cover versions of  classic 50s songs by 60s and 70s artists such as Jeff Beck, George Harrison, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and Clarence Clemmons. Dave Edmunds contributed four recordings to the great soundtrack.

# 8 – Crawling from the Wreckage

The great Dave Edmunds album Repeat When Necessary stands as one of Dave Edmunds strongest albums. The great record was released in 1979. Representing the album at number eight on our top 10 Dave Edmunds songs list is the killer cut “Crawling From The Wreckage.” The song was written by Graham Parker. This is the sound of 1979, a great year often overlooked in classic rock history. There was a certain sound produced by artists like Nick Lowe, Graham Parker, Elvis Costello, Dave Edmunds, The Knack and many other bands that lasted for a brief period of time pertaining to style, but delivered so many great modern style rock songs that have become timeless.

# 7 – Queen of Hearts

Many fans know this song from the Juice Newton version which sounds pretty close to the Dave Edmunds version. The song was written by Hank DeVito. “Queen Of Hearts was originally released by Dave Edmunds on his 1979 LP Repeat When Necessary. The song was released as a single by Dave Edmunds. It broke the UK Top 20 peaking at number 11. However it failed to even break the US Billboard Hot 100 which was sad because Edmund’s version is killer. Nonetheless, two years later, Juice Newton broke the Billboard Top 10 with the song as it reached all the way up to the number two position.


# 6 – From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come)

Continuing with our top 10 Dave Edmunds songs list we turn to Edmund’s great cover of Bruce Springsteen’s song “From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come).” Bruce Springsteen had originally composed and recorded the song for The River album. The only problem was he recorded so much material for the record, he could have probably released five or six albums out of the River Sessions. With so much material, Bruce Springsteen offered Dave Edmunds the song to record. When Bruce Springsteen offers an artist an unreleased songs to record, most artists are not going to say no. Especially in the 1970s when Bruce Springsteen fans were always hungering for new material.

Dave Edmunds recorded and released the song “From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come).”  on his 1982 album entitled D.E. 7th.  The album would become one of Dave Edmunds most successful albums ever released. It peaked higher on the Billboard albums charts than any of his other records. “From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come),” was placed as the album’s opening track. It was also released as the records first single.

# 5 – Almost Saturday Night

You have to give Dave Edmunds credit for covering really well known songs by legendary artists and then making them his own. Dave Edmunds cover of John Fogerty’s “Almost Saturday Night,” if off the charts rocking fantastic. The song was released on Dave Edmunds album Twangin… The record was released in 1981. It would serve as the last album Dave Edmunds album recorded for Led Zeppelin’s Swan Song label.

# 4 – Slipping Away

Once again we turn to another great Jeff Lynne produced Dave Edmunds song entitled “Slipping Away.” The song was released on Dave Edmunds album Information. The album was released in 1983. The song “Slipping Away,” was also written by Jeff Lynne. The great Jeff Lynne wall of sound meets the fabulous Dave Edmunds vocal wall of sound in a perfect marriage of talent resulting in one heck of a spectacular song.

# 3 – I knew The Bride

Dave Edmunds take on Nick Lowes classic song “I Knew the Bride (When She Used to Rock ‘n’ Roll)” proved to be one of our favorite covers of a Nick Lowe song of all time. This one was stunning. We have always argued that at one point Dave Edmunds should have a recorded an album of just Nick Lowe covers. The two men worked so well together throughout their careers as bands mates on solo albums and of course with their band Rockpile.

# 2 – Girls Talk

The Elvis Costello song “Girls Talk,” has been recorded by some heavy hitter in the business.. Penned by Elvis Costello, the writer’s own version is great. We also loved Linda Ronstadt’s version she recorded for her new wave album Mad Love. However, hand down the ultimate version of the song has always belonged to Dave Edmunds who recorded the song in 1979 for his album Repeat When Necessary. The song became the second biggest hit of his career oeaking at number four on the UK music charts in 1979.

# 1 – I Hear You Knocking

We close out our top 10 Dave Edmunds song with the artist’s second single release and biggest hit of his career. The great song “I Hear You Knocking,” was written by Dave Bartholomew. The song first gained popularity in 1955 when it was recorded by Smiley Lewis. Dave Edmunds recorded the song in 1970. The song hit number one in the United Kingdom on the pop charts and stayed there for six weeks. It also hit number one in Ireland. In the United States, it was also quite successful reaching the Billboard top 10 peaking at number four. “I Hear You Knocking,” would become the only number one hit of Dave Edmunds career. Nonetheless, the brilliant artist would enjoy a long span of very successful album releases, gain a loyal following, and contribute heavily to the great canyon of rock and roll music over his 50 plus year rock and roll career.


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