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Our Top 10 Don Toliver Songs list will look at a popular rapper and singer. He has been in the music business since 2015. He is known for his singles “No Idea” and “After Party.” His album Heaven or Hell gained popularity with the help of TikTok. His appearance in Travis Scott’s single “Can’t Say” also helped him establish some clout in the music industry. “Lemonade” is Don Toliver’s first Top 10 hit song. Speaking of his hits, some of his singles include “If I Had,” “What You Need,” “Had Enough,” “4 Me,” and “Embarrassed” as well as others.

Don Toliver was born Caleb Zackery Toliver on June 12, 1994. He didn’t have any musical experience before he released his music. His father was a rapper in the early 2000s. His father played music around him while he was growing up. He released the mixtape Playa Familia in 2017. It features the singles “Diva” and “I Gotta.” He was signed to Atlantic Records in 2018. In 2018, he released “Make Sumn” and “Checks.” In August 2018, he released the mixtape Donny Womack. It features the singles “Holdin’ Steel” and “Diamonds.” Travis Scott signed him to his label Cactus Jack Records. Don Toliver made appearances in other artist’s tracks before releasing his debut album. He worked with Kevin Gates, Wiz Khalifa, Eminem, Migos, Travis Scott, Quavo, Offset, as well as other artists.

Don Toliver released Heaven or Hell in March 2020. The album peaked at number five on the r&b charts and seven on Billboard 200. It features the singles “No Idea,” “Can’t Feel My Legs,” “Had Enough” and “After Party.” The album sold over one million copies. Life of a Don was released in October 2021. The album peaked at number two on the r&b charts and Billboard 200. It features the singles “What You Need,” “Xscape,” “Way Bigger” and “Double Standards.” The album received over 64 million streams online. Love Sick was released in February 2023. The album peaked at number four on the r&b charts and number eight on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Do It Right,” “4 Me,” “Leave the Club,” “Private Landing” and “If I Had.”

Don Toliver may not have had musical experience when he started in the music industry, but he had a gift that needed to be shared with the world. He is a talented artist who can rap and sing. He can also rap/sing about any subject. He doesn’t stick with typical hip-hop tracks. He likes to take chances musically. Our Top 10 Don Toliver Songs list will give us a chance to showcase a talented rapper and singer.

10 – Embarrassed ft. Travis Scott

The 10th song on our Top 10 Don Toliver Songs list is “Embarrassed” from the album Love Sick Deluxe. “Embarrassed” was released in 2023. This is a boastful song about having wealth and status. The narrators talk about having a lavish lifestyle. He seems embarrassed by the wealth and status that he achieved. As the song continues, one of our narrators talks about the things that he was able to buy for himself. He doesn’t just talk about his wealth and lifestyle. He discusses being intimate with a woman. He enjoys being with her.

Both narrators come together to talk about women and having diamonds on their arms. They are embarrassed by it. They talk about people staring at them when they walk in a room. The people notice the diamonds they are sporting. They were embarrassed by what they saw. One narrator noticed his woman sitting with another man. He was watching them, so he knew what she was doing. He didn’t care about it. He wanted to put a ring on her finger, but the plan had changed. He will continue to shower himself with diamonds.

If you are a fan of hip-hop or rap music, then you have heard this theme before. A lot of hip-hop artists tend to boast about the money they have. “Embarrassed” is no exception to the rule. Don Toliver and Travis Scott talk about their money and lifestyle. This is a cool song about it. They surprisingly talk about being embarrassed about their lifestyle. That’s definitely something we don’t hear too often in songs like this. The music is amazing on this song. It’s surprisingly slow considering the theme. The beat is hypnotizing. You can get lost listening to the music.

We appreciate the fact that he slowed things down for the beat. Don Toliver and Travis Scott are a dynamic duo. Don Toliver sings and raps on this song. He uses AutoTune when he raps, but it’s not too overbearing. He doesn’t use it while he’s singing. He has a very decent singing voice. He’s one of the few rappers who can sing and rap. You will be impressed hearing him sing. Travis Scott delivers on his verse. He does a fantastic job on his verse. You will find yourself rapping with him.

9 – Used SZA ft. Don Toliver

The ninth song on our Top 10 Don Toliver Songs list is “Used.” The song is featured on SZA’s album S.O.S. The reflective song is about a relationship ending. She talks about getting used to people using her. Being used is a constant in her life. She has accepted it and it is part of who she is. She wants to protect her sanity by praying for help. She wonders if her prayers are being heard or if it is worth it to do it. As the song progresses, she talks about being out of touch and needing love. Don Tolliver is talking about the same subject. He talks about being hurt because his partner was with another man so quickly. He was trying to hold out hope that his relationship could continue. The song goes back to SZA. She wants to maintain her self-respect and her mental health. She believes that honest communication is the best way to hold on to a relationship. She also thinks they should be considerate of each other’s feelings.

This song talks about people getting used in relationships. Lyrically the song goes into detail about how painful it is to be used. SZA and Don Toliver tackle this touchy subject with ease. They express how it hurts to know that someone you love is using you. At some point, most of us have been in this situation. It is a somber tale about being in your feelings when you are betrayed. This is the type of song you will listen to with the shades down and a drink in your hand. You may shed a tear if you have been used by someone.

Despite the somber mood, the song has a silver lining. The song teaches you about protecting your sanity. It also teaches you what you should do for your next relationship. The music has a cool and smooth beat with tempo. It will have you moving around in your seat. SZA and Don Toliver’s voices surprisingly blend well together. You may have to read the lyrics to understand some of what she is saying. It is nice to hear Don Toliver sing in this song. He has a good singing voice.

# 8 – 4 Me ft. Kali Uchis

The eighth song on our Top 10 Don Toliver Songs list is “4 Me” from the Love Sick album. “4 Me” was released in 2023. This is Don Toliver and Kali Uchis’ take on Beenie Man and Mya’s song “Girls Dem Sugar.” This song is about a couple who try their best to make their relationship work. He knows things will get better between them. He tries to keep his head up despite the rain. She gets mad when he wants her to talk. He gives up when she gets upset, but the things in the bedroom are even better when she is mad.

Despite their problems, he assures her that she is the only woman for him. She is the only one he needs. He needs her to be in his arms. He will give her everything she wants. He told the DJ to play his song that night. Kali Uchis’ character in the song is satisfied with the relationship. She promises to do everything she can to make their relationship work. She expresses the things she would do for him if she could be his girl.

This optimistic song will make you hopeful that you can make a troubling relationship work. Don Toliver and Kali Uchis are dating so it makes the song sound more authentic since they are a couple. They make you believe them when they say they want to make their relationship work. Don Toliver will make women go crazy hearing that he isn’t the type that would see other women. Women always want men who only have eyes for them. Don Toliver keeps things real in his songs.

This one is no different. He is honest as he is talking about how he feels about her. This is another song that gives him a chance to sing instead of rap. His vocals blend well with the music. Kali Uchis’ voice is pretty. Her soprano vocals blend well with the music. Don Toliver and Kali Uchis’ voices are a match made in heaven. They sing well together and should continue to record music together. They do this song justice. It is a great take on Beenie Man and Mya’s song.

# 7 – Had Enough ft. Quavo and Offset

The seventh song on our list is “Had Enough” from the JackBoys and Heaven or Hell albums. ”Had Enough” was released in December 2019. The narrator opens the song about insecurity and the struggle that comes from a problematic relationship. He says he understands his partner’s aggravation with their relationship. She is ready to end things with him. He is not ready for it to end. He asks her to stay with him and to give their relationship another try. He knows he hasn’t been perfect.

He admits his issues might have led her to want to leave him. Later in the song he has an opportunity to be with another woman. She wants more from him. She wants to read his text messages and wants him to break up with his girlfriend. He wants to be with his girlfriend. He refuses to leave his girlfriend for the new woman. He loves the way the new woman looks, but he wants to stay with his girlfriend. He knows she has had enough of his bad ways, but he wants her to stay.

This song tells a dramatic story about a man who wants to make his relationship work even though he has another woman on the side. He is doing bad things to his girlfriend, but he still wants to make the relationship work. The narrator isn’t painted up as someone we would want to see with his girlfriend. He seems to have commitment issues because his head was turned so easily. We will give a gold star for him owning up to what he did wrong and refusing to break up with his girlfriend to be with the new woman.

Offset is probably drawing from personal experience in this song which makes the lyrics sound more authentic. He had a public relationship with rapper Cardi B. They had a public breakup because of infidelity. It makes sense that he would appear in a song like this one. Don Toliver raps/sings his verses. You can get chills hearing him rap/sing throughout the song. He sounds soulful as he raps/sings. His flow is so unique. Offset sounds on top of his game as he spits his rhymes. He raps in a way where you can rap along with him. His timing is perfect. Quavo also rap/sings his verses. He sounds as if he is using AutoTune, but he does a good job.

# 6 – Honest – Justin Bieber ft. Don Toliver

“Honest” is a non-album single. “Honest” was released in April 2022. The song is about being honest with your partner. Justin Bieber talks about why he fell in love with his partner. He lists the things about her that he loves. She is honest, modest and keeps it real with him. She brightens his day. She makes him feel safe. He tried living without her, but he couldn’t do it. He believes she is the one for him.

He thinks she has a spicy personality and he loves that about her. He looks into her eyes and he wants to marry her. Don Toliver loves the way his woman looks. He admires her physical beauty. He loves how she pleases him in and out of the bedroom. He also talks about hanging out with Justin Bieber in the club. They go crazy while they are in the club.

The song is a depiction of a deep and meaningful connection between two people who love each other. The track encourages honesty, realness and loyalty. These qualities are vital to a healthy relationship. The song has a bouncy beat. The beat is perfect for the club. The music is r&b meets trap. It will have you bouncing your shoulders to the music. Justin Bieber sounds mature in this song. He is a long way from his early days in music.

He sounds sensual as he is describing how much his woman means to him. His vocals have Drake vibes. Don Toliver goes hard in this song. He may be a guest, but he is carrying himself as a star in the song. His verse gives the song a chill vibe. He sounds cool and laid back in his verse. Justin Bieber and Don Toliver sound amazing in the catchy hook. They have surprising chemistry with each other. They have worked together before and they always knock it out of the park.

# 5 – What You Need

The next song on our Top 10 Don Toliver Songs list is “What You Need” from the Life of a Don album. “What You Need” was released in May 2021. The song is about a man who wants to please his partner. He wants to fulfill all her wants and needs. She wants materialistic things. She also wants a committed relationship and physical intimacy. He wants to fulfill her every need. He talks about the things he wants to do for her to make her happy.

He promises to take care of her needs and keep her happy. He is willing to fulfill her fantasies. She will do anything to please her man. He has a freaky side to him. He wants to let her in on his fantasies if she is willing to do them. He enjoys being with multiple partners and wants to offer her the same experience if she likes it. He is willing to use anything and everything to heighten the joy of their physical intimacy.

This song tells a story about a man who will do anything for the woman he wants. He makes a promise to her to satisfy her wants and needs. Every woman wants a partner like that. Don Toliver is descriptive about what he wants to do to please her. The music is soft and not what you would expect from a song like this. It sounds like something you would listen to while you are in the bedroom.

Don Toliver proves that he is not a one-trick pony. He can record any type of music and make it work. He is not someone who is pigeonholed in one genre. He shows versatility in this song. He sings in his regular baritone vocals as well as falsetto. His falsetto vocals could have been a risk, but he was able to pull it off. He did a good job. He layers his vocals by switching from his normal register to falsetto. This trick helped him create a challenging melody over dreamy instrumentation.

# 4 – If I Had ft. Charlie Wilson

“It If Had” is from the Love Sick album. “If I Had” was released in 2023. The song is about a man who is in love. He wants to get together with someone and will do anything to keep her if he had her. He considers her love a precious gift. He would never want to lose it. He is head over heels in love and wants to be with the woman he is talking about in the song. He has been waiting for her. He wants her to see how much he loves her. He assures her that if he had her love, he would keep it in his hand. He would never want to know how it feels to lose her. Our other narrator talks about how beautiful she is. He wants her to come with him.

This alluring song tells a story about a man who will do anything to be with the woman he loves. This song gives Don Toliver a chance to show his sensitive side and slows things down. He is being honest about his feelings for the woman he loves. He isn’t graphic about his feelings. He is straightforward with how much loves her and thinks she is beautiful. This is a great song to listen to at night with the person you love.

It sounds like quiet storm radio. Don Toliver proves that he is capable of doing more than hip-hop songs. He can sing an r&b song. He sounds seductive expressing how much he loves the woman in the song. The addition of Charlie Wilson was an unexpected surprise. Charlie Wilson adds class to the song. This is the last duet we would expect to hear, but it turns out it was a good surprise. This is a song we didn’t know we needed to hear. Don Toliver and Charlie Wilson sound good together. They make the chorus of this song come alive. They both get a chance to shine on this track.

# 3 – After Party

Coming in at number three on our list is “After Party” from the Heaven or Hell album. “After Party” was released in June 2020. This is a fun song about a man getting ready for a party. He is excited about the night ahead of him. He talks about getting to the party in a fast car. He and his friends are planning on having a good time at the party. They talk about the drinks they are going to have. The party is an escapism from his daily life. He is also ready for the after party. He can’t wait to dance and have fun with his friends at the after party. He wants his chance to cut loose. He wants to forget about his troubles. The narrator meets somebody and wants to take her for a ride in his car. He is feeling reckless and wants to have fun in his car. The party is energizing and he doesn’t want it to end.

This is a feel-good song about wanting to have fun at a party. It is what you would expect from a song like this. The song is about having fun with your friends at a party. It is also about hooking up with someone and having fun with the person. This track is about escapism and that is what we need in our lives. Everyone has been dealing with too much stress and needs a way to unwind. This song celebrates getting the chance to get away from everything for a little while.

The track is a catchy and energizing tribute to having fun at a party. The party is filled with excitement and a little danger. You won’t learn anything new from this song so you shouldn’t look for any deep meaning behind it. It is a song to listen to when you want to have fun. As soon as the beat drops, you should expect the party to get started. Don Toliver sounds as if he is having the time of his life in the song. You may need to read the lyrics to understand some of the things he is saying. The chorus will grab your attention immediately. It is easy to remember.

# 2 – No Idea

“No Idea” is from the Heaven or Hell album. “No Idea” was released in May 2019. This song is about love and partying. He responds to a woman who got carried away partying. She wanted to go home with him. He wants to remain a gentleman with her. He would only be with her when she is sober. He would never take advantage of her. As the song moves on, he talks about the type of woman he wants in his life. He would only go to her house if he is convinced of what he plans to do with her. He talks about the girl he met at the club. At some point they become a couple.

He explains they are on a bad road even though they have a deep relationship. He thought they were okay and didn’t have any problems. He found out that wasn’t the case. In the chorus he talks about his regret about their relationship ending. The narrator feels like he went overboard in the relationship. He suggested they take things up a notch. He thought he could save their relationship by being intimate with her. He ends up telling her that he has moved on with his life and found someone else. He wants her to do the same thing.

This isn’t your typical love song. The song starts with the woman being under the influence. She wanted to be with him, but he didn’t want to take advantage of her in that state of mind. He ends up having a relationship with her. It wasn’t a fairy tale romance, but they had something with each other. The song talks about his heartbreak and getting in touch with his emotions.

The lyrics will inspire you to get it together and move on with your life. The music is dark and mysterious. You may not know what to expect when the music starts. It has tempo so you can move around to it. You may have expected him to rap in this song, but he doesn’t. Don Toliver’s vocals are layered because he sings in his baritone vocals as well as falsetto. The chorus is an earworm that will stay in your head long after the song is done. Don Toliver delivers on this song.

# 1 – Lemonade – Internet Money ft. Don Toliver, Gunna and Nav

The number one song on our Top 10 Don Toliver Songs list is “Lemonade” from the B4 the Storm album. “Lemonade” was released in August 2020. The song describes the rock star lifestyle. Don Toliver opens the song by contemplating taking his life. All that glitters isn’t gold for him. He isn’t as happy as he appears. Girls come up to him and are willing to please him now that he has the life of a rock star. They don’t mean anything to him, so he is not missing out on anything. It feels like his rock star lifestyle has him hallucinating.

Nav also talks about his lifestyle. He boasts about the things he has. He talks about having nothing growing up. He had a life filled with backstabbers. He didn’t like his old life. He is thankful that he can live comfortably now. He considers himself a boss now even though he wasn’t one before. Gunna talks about being blessed with fortune and fame. He is a rock star now, but it comes with temptation. He remembers how his life was before and he can’t go back to it. He is loyal and will never change. He will never turn against his brother even if the police interrogate him.

This is the type of song you would expect to hear from hip-hop artists. If you are a fan of hip-hop music, this song is no surprise at all. As we said earlier, most rappers boast about their lifestyle and celebrity status but this one is different. What sets this song apart from others like this is the story they tell. They are happy about their fame and fortune, but they remember their humble beginnings. They also realize that money doesn’t always equal happiness. They remember the backstabbers in their lives.

They also notice that women will give them attention that they didn’t give them before. Despite that, they want to remain loyal to the people who were there for them. We don’t get to hear that often in songs like this one. The title is misleading and it adds to the creativity of the song. It could lead to a conversation piece wondering what the importance of lemonade is in the song. Don Toliver, Nav, and Gunna do an excellent job with their vocals. They all have vocal chemistry with each other. They put together an amazing song. They should record more songs together.


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