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Dr. Feelgood Songs

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Our Top 10 Dr. Feelgood songs list looks at a band that released their first album in 1975 and has continued on though the present day, although with no original members. The group was first formed in 1971 in Canvey Island, Essex, England. The band got it’s start garnering a reputation as an exciting high energy band playing in the English pubs. Eventually, they signed a record deal and released their fist album entitled Down By The Jetty. Dr. Feelgood’s orginal lineup on the Down By The Jetty. album included Lee Brilleaux on lead vocals, Wilko Johnson on guitar, John B. Sparks on bass and John Martin on drums. The band followed up that album the same year in 1975 with the record MalpracticeThe band would become a household name in the UK the following year with the release of their live album entitled Stupidity. The Stupidity album became the first live album in the United Kingdom to go straight to number one during the first week of its release. Not even the Rolling Stones, The Who or The Kinks ever achieved that feat.

.Dr. Feelgood’s legacy stands as one of the great English rock bands that blended aspects of blues, r&b and rock into a sound that was very popular in the UK. The band has issued close to forty musical releases combing studio albums, live albums and compilation albums. Our top 10 Dr. Feelgood songs list is just a taste of some of their great work. We hope it inspires you to check out more of this great band.


# 10 – Sneakin’ Suspicion

We open up our top 10 Dr. Feelgood Songs list with the great track “Sneakin’ Suspicion.” The song was released on the album of the same name titled Sneakin’ Suspicion. The record was released in 1977. The song “Sneakin’ Suspicion”  was a top 50 hit for the band in the UK. It peaked at number 47 on the UK charts. The song was written by Wilko Johnson

# 9 – Violent Love

We continue our top 10 Dr. Feelgood Songs list with the song “Violent Love.” The song was released on the 1981 album A Case of the ShakesThis is one of our favorite Dr. Feelgood songs. We don’t even know how to describe this one. We would give anything to hear some one like a a Tony Bennett cover this songs just to see the faces of the audience when he sang these great brilliant lyrics. This is so perfect. Take a listen and you will understand.

# 8 – Going Back Home

“Going Back Home,” is one of the most popular Dr. Feelgood songs of all time. It has that angry party atmosphere that we find in so many of the great Dr. Feelgood songs. “Going Back Home,” was released on the album Malpractice. It was the band’s second album. The record was released in 1975. The song “Going Back Home,” was written by Mick Green and Wilko Johnson.

# 7 – Put Him Out of Your Mind

This great Dr. Feelgood song has a little bit of a ZZ Top rhythm attached to it that fuels a great cow punk style song that is one for the ages. The song “Put Him Out Of Your Mind,” was released on the Let It Roll album. The record was issued in 1979. The song was released as a single but barely broke the top 75. Nonetheless, it’s a great one.

# 6 – Back In The Night

The great track “Back In The Night,” is another fantastic track from the splendid Malpractice album released in 1975. The song was written by Wilko Johnson. This one always reminded me of George Thorogood and the Destroyers. Love the slide guitar on this one.

# 5 – Down At The Doctor

There are a lot of Dr. Feelgood fans that pick this one as their favorite Dr. Feelgood song. The song “Down At The Doctor,” was released on the Private Practice  album. The album was released in 1978. The song was released as a single by the band just before the album was released. It was a top 50 hit peaking at number 48. “Down By The Doctor,” has appeared on various Dr. Feelgood albums and was one of the most played songs in their live sets.

# 4 – She Does It Right

The Dr. Feelgood song “She Does It Right” was released on the band’s debut album entitled Down By The Jetty. Their debut album was released in 1975. “She Does It Right,” was the second single released from the album. No bands sounded like this in 1975. “She Does It Right,” defines how groundbreaking and inspiring Dr. Feelgood were for so many bands that would emerge out of the punk and new wave movements of the mid to late 1970s.

# 3 – Baby Jane

The song “Baby Jane” is an old late 1960s tune recorded by Otis Clay. The band Dr. Feelgood recorded the song in 1977 and released it on the album Be Seeing You. The band sounds very different on this one because of the replacement of  Wilko Johnson on guitar by Gypie Mayo. The song “Baby Jane,” was written by a host of writers named John Bishop, Harry Nesbitt, Bernard Reed, Lee Simmons and Jerry Wilson.

# 2 -Roxette

The song “Roxette” was the debut single released by Dr. Feelgood. The song appeared on the band’s debut album Down By The Jetty. Their debut was released in 1975. The song was written by Dr. Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson. The song’s b side was a very cool cover of the classic tune, “(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66.” This fabulous debut single along with the great debut album Down By The Jetty alerted rock fans and critics that Dr. Feelgood was a band looking to change things up a little in the rock and roll world in 1975.

# 1 -Milk and Alcohol

We close out our our top 10 Dr. Feelgood songs list with the band’s highest charting single. The band’s legendary track “Milk and Alcohol,” was released on the Private Practice album. The record was released in 1978. The song was the band’s only top 10 single. It peaked at number nine on the UK Pop Charts in 1978. The song was written by Nick Lowe and John “Gypie” Mayo.

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