Top 10 Status Quo Songs

Status Quo Songs

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Our Top 10 Status Quo songs list looks at the ten best songs from a band who have been doing their thing for literally half a century. With thirty-three albums under their belt, making a Status Quo list is no mean feat. However, this list will hopefully be successful in being a comprehensive list of all of the best songs from “the Quo.”

Whilst Status Quo certainly have their detractors who say they are a band for old men and are musically irrelevant, they also have one of the most loyal fanbases in the world who could not care less what the often snobby music press think of them. Status Quo’s early work actually transcended several different area’s of rock music. Starting off in the late sixties as a psychedelic band, throughout the seventies they made several records which could even be considered early heavy metal.

Also, their cult status has never prevented them from achieving massive success, albeit more in Britain than anywhere else. They have had over sixty hits in the UK, which is more than any other band and when you consider that the country is also the home to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, that is a pretty amazing accomplishment.

So without further ado, lets look at the ten best Status Quo songs from their long and consistent career.

# 10 – Mean Girl

Kicking off our top ten Status Quo songs list is a single released in 1973. It was included on the album Dog of Two Head which had been released two years earlier. Put out by Pye Records, it was a top twenty hit in the Uk, which only three out of ten previous singles put out by this label had succeeded to achieve. This record marked a point when they left their early psychedelic sound behind and went in more of a hard rock direction.

# 9 – Caroline

Next up is a single that was also released in 1973 and was taken from the album released the same year titled Hello. It was written by band leader Francis Rossi and Bob Young who was the band’s roadie and was considered to be something of an unofficial fifth member. It was a massive hit reaching number five in the Uk.

# 8 – Again and Again

Up next we have a single taken from 1978’s If You Cant Stand The Heat. It was written by the late rhythm guitarist Rick Parfitt along with multi-instrumentalist Andy Brown and Jackie Lyton. They issued it as a single to specifically coincide with their headlining appearance at the Reading Festival that year. Reaching number thirteen in the UK, it would be re-recorded in 2014 for their acoustic album Aqoustic (Striped Bare).

# 7 – Pictures of Matchstick Men

Here we go all the way back to Status Quo’s first single released in 1968. For a debut single it was very successful, getting to number seven in the UK and number twelve on the US Billboard 100, where it would be their only hit single in the US. It is one of the early Status Quo numbers that has a psychedelic sound and was also re-recorded for the acoustic album.

# 6 – Down Down

Ending the first half of this list we have the track that was Status Quo’s only number one single in the UK released in 1974 and taken from the album On the Level. The song was influenced by the track “Debor” by T Rex and was originally titled “Get Down” but the title was changed to avoid confusion with the Gilbert O ‘Sullivan song.

# 5- Ice In The Sun

Here is another early track from the Quo’s late sixties psychedelic years that was also released in 1968 and was included on their debut album Pixtureesque Matchstickable Message From The Status Quo. It reached number eight on the UK charts and in the US got to seventy on the Billboard Hot 100 which to this day is the band’s last appearance on the US charts.

# 4 – In The Army Now

Here is cover of song by dutch band Bolland and Bolland which was the title track of Status Quo’ seventeenth album released in 1986. It was a big hit in the UK where it reached number two. In addition to this, it was a big hit in several other countries across Europe. In 2010 the Quo released a new version of the song with the Corps of Army Choir which got to number thirty-one in the UK.

# 3 – Whatever You Want

At number we have one of Status Quo’s best known songs which is the title track of their album released in 1979. Upon its release it got to number four in the United Kingdom. In Britain, the song has gone on to have cultural significance due to its use in several television by retail chains such as Argos and it was also the theme tune and namesake of a short lived Saturday Night game show.

# 2 – What Your Proposing

Just off the top spot is a single that the band released in 1980 taken from the album Just Supposing. Its B-side was an instrumental that was not featured on the album titled “A B Blues” for which Andy Brown was incorrectly credited as the producer of on initial pressings of the single. It was another songs that re-recorded in 2014 for Aqoustic.

# 1 – Rocking All Over The World

At the top spot we have a track that some readers may not be aware is not actually originally by Status Quo but was originally performed and written by John Fogerty formerly of Creedence Clearwater Revival. However, the Quo’s version is probably better known to most people and is a better version, being much more of a rocker than the original. It was a big hit for the band in the UK where it reached number. It is also known for being the opening song of Live Aid, with Status Quo being the opening band. Anyone from the Uk reading may also remember when they band played it during their cameo appearance in the British soap opera “Coronation Street” when they performed at the wedding reception of the character Les Battersby who is well known as a massive Quo fan. It is the title track of their album released in 1977.


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