Top 10 Feist Songs

Feist Songs

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Our Top 10 Feist Songs looks at  Canadian guitarist, singer-songwriter known as Leslie Feist was born on February 13th 1976. Feist who besides being a solo artist, performs as part of the indie rock group known as Broken Social Circle. She launched her solo music career with the release of her debut album, Monarch, in 1999. She went ahead to release subsequent studio albums, Let it Die, released in 2004, and The Reminder in 2007. Both albums were highly celebrated and commercially successful, with sales being over 2.5 million copies.

From Leslie Feist’s first album, Monarch (Lay Your Jewelled Head Down), to her latest project, Treasure, in 2017, she consistently rewards her audience with jams that resonate and stay with them. Her tracks are emotionally sticky and can occasionally be healing, just like thick manuka honey!

Let us explore the top ten songs in her music career thus far.

#10 – Mushaboom

The first track off Leslie Feist’s second studio album, Let it Die, released in 2004, is “Mushaboom.” The song, a quite uplifting one, was named after a Nova Scotia village located on Mushaboom Harbour, presumably the idyllic place to settle down.

In this ballad, she captured common experiences from a different point of view with lyrics like, “I got a man to stick it out/ make a home from a rented house,” a skill that endeared her much to her audience. Her voice makes the song even better, don’t be surprised if it gets stuck in your head. The video is also so captivating.

#9 -“1234”

“1234” from Leslie Feist’s third studio album, The Reminder, has got to be her most popular song to date, and there is no way it wasn’t going to feature on our list. If you were living under a rock in 2007, this chart-topping, award-winning song rose to fame thanks to the Apple commercial for their iPod nano.

A beautiful summery tune, “1234,” produced by Ben Mink, Gonzales, and Feist, not only propelled Leslie Feist to stardom but demonstrated her ability to produce a hit song with her unique way of putting things. I could just watch this video over and over again.

#8 – The Limit To Your Love

“The Limit To Your Love” is a song from Leslie Feist’s third album, The reminder, co-written by a Canadian pianist, Chilly Gonzales, and produced by James Blake.

James Blake also covered this song in 2010 on his self-titled album. While James Blake’s version and the original oozed sentimentality, Leslie Feist’s live version sounds like a song by a woman who has already moved on.

Leslie Feist, with this cover, stepped out of the guitar arena, immersed herself in the soulful one, and did it justice. The song is pure poetry, she really does know a thing about scripting a good song.

#7 – I Feel It All

Another track off of Leslie Feist’s third album, The Reminder, is “I Feel It All,” which she wrote and had co-produced by Gonzales.

This track is probably one of her most recognizable ones. Music critics applauded the single, and it appeared on the Canadian Hot 100 chart at number forty-seven and at number twenty-two on the US Billboard Triple-A chart.

#6 -The Bad in Each Other

Another must-hear track for future or current Leslie Feist’s fans is the track on her album Metal, released in 2011, “The Bad in Each Other.”

She sings about tangled relationships and chants about how “ a good man and a good woman bring out the worst in the other.” Leslie Feist has a way of getting to the core of human emotions by being painfully honest, and this track depicts just that!

#5 – Still True

“Still true” is a song from Leslie Feists 1999 debut album. It is a beautiful track, probably a little different from any of her recent songs, which will give you a peek into the early days’ version of herself. It’s all about falling in love and allowing yourself to be vulnerable, especially when you have gotten accustomed to building walls.

The lyrics, “Fold my wings back off my shoulder blades and unpeel me,” will have you let your guard down and be all in your feels!

#4- Bittersweet Melodies

Listening to “ Bittersweet melodies,” a track from Leslie Feists fourth studio album Metals, while watching the video, will have you shed a few tears.

The lyrics are perfect for the sad but lovely song, where Leslie Feist reminisces sweet memories with her lover. The track was highly acclaimed, and it earned a position on the Billboard 200’s top ten songs.

#3 – Pleasure

A list of Leslie Feist’s best songs would be incomplete without her comeback single, “Pleasure.” It is the lead single and title track for her fifth album, released in 2017. She co-produced the record with Mocky Renaud Letang. This particular track seems to be about the constant human desire to get things, money, love, pleasure and basically tells us to just BE for a minute.

#2 – My Moon, My Man

Our next track, “My Moon, My Man,” is from Leslie Feist’s 2007 album, The Reminder. It is a dynamic arrangement that will have you hanging on to the very last moment while you hear the slamming of a rusty-hinged door and the clicking of her heels. Again in her amazing way of putting things, Leslie Feist compares the person she sees to the moon and its phases; “My moon’s white face, What day and What Phase? It’s the calendar page again.”

She’s probably talking about his indecisiveness. She shot the music video in Toronto, and fun fact; the song was featured in a Grey’s Anatomy episode.

#1 – A Commotion

“A Commotion” is a track from the 2011 album, Metals. The album has a romantic strife theme, and so does this single. It finds Feist trying to stabilize and steady herself after her relationship fails; “It turned broke what was right, it got the roots by the hair, What was no longer there,” she sings.

The track is powerful, filled with suspense, persistent drums, creepy whispers, and a choir of barking baritones. Typical of Leslie, it is as raw as it can get!

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