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Foreigner Love Songs

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Our Top 10 Foreigner Love Songs list focuses on the softer side of the legendary British-American rock band. It showcases memorable tracks from one of the greatest bands of all time. Foreigner formed in the 70s and recorded the most classic and timeless songs. Their records have inspired fans of all generations and remain relevant. Foreigner’s catalog remains recognizable to this day. Their music is featured in TV shows and films, allowing their tracks to reach new fans. Foreigner earned their place in music with their blend of pop, rock, and blues sounds. Their first six albums went platinum or multi-platinum. They sold over 80 million albums worldwide. It’s a feat most bands dream of accomplishing.

When thinking of love songs, rock bands don’t always come to mind. People usually equate love songs to other genres of music. Foreigner crafted a rich catalog of love songs that reach the hearts of listeners worldwide. From sweet ballads to anthemic upbeat tracks, Foreigner’s tunes remain classics that resonate with listeners. They proved that rock acts could write touching songs to express their feelings. Their love songs are comparable to acts such as Journey and Fleetwood Mac. Foreigner proved you don’t have to be a pop star or crooner to write and sing emotional records.

Guitarist Mick Jones and singer Lou Gramm crafted numerous hits at the height of Foreigner’s fame. They wrote classic songs like “Feels Like the First Time,” “Hot Blooded,” and “Waiting for a Girl Like You.” Their biggest single, “I Want to Know What Love Is,” remains one of their most enduring love songs. The iconic track was voted one of the best singles of all time. The song was such a hit that it knocked acts like Madonna out of the top spot on the Billboard charts. They were one of the first bands to have eight tracks chart in the Top 10 since the Beatles. Foreigner inspired musical acts such as Bon Jovi, Melissa Etheridge, and Mark Ronson.

When you want to spend time with the people you love, Foreigner’s songs make a great accompaniment. The band recorded music to fit different variations of love. Their tunes explore falling in love, being in love, the physical side of love, and surviving heartbreak. Listeners remain glued to the radio because their lyrics discuss realistic stories about couples and relationships. It feels like the band follows people around to get their ideas. We respect that they write personal love songs because they feel realistic.

Foreigner’s love songs have become anthems of romance, longing, and commitment. If you’re falling in love or dealing with heartbreak, Foreigner recorded a single to help you through it. Their tracks provide a soundtrack for the ways love touches our lives. They remind you why their songs remain on your playlist. Whether you are a die-hard fan or enjoy their hits, listeners will find something to love on our Top 10 Foreigner Love Songs list.

# 10 – When It Comes to Love

The tenth pick on our Top 10 Foreigner Love Songs list is “When It Comes to Love” from the Can’t Slow Down album. It debuted in 2009. The track discusses a man moving on from a broken relationship. She came into his life at the right time. He thought his life changed for the better. Unfortunately, the relationship did not go the way he planned. It ended before things became serious. He regretted not giving the new relationship a chance. She could have been the one to make him happy. He missed an opportunity to find love. The singer led her on and regretted losing her.

The introspective song is about missed opportunities. It teaches you to appreciate love when you have it. The track resonates with listeners who let true love walk away. It reaches listeners who try to move on after breaking up with someone. Breaking up is hard, so we need songs like this to guide us through it. We picked this song for our list because it talks about love and regret. Love isn’t just about falling for someone. It deals with the pain of letting true love slip through your fingers. It allows you time to reflect on the choices you make. Foreigner captured that feeling perfectly. The track doesn’t feature Lou Gramm singing lead vocals. Kelly Hansen sings lead on the single. You feel the pain in his voice as he sings about losing a potential soulmate. The soft instrumentation blends well with Kelly Hansen’s vocals. His voice comes to life in the memorable chorus. He sings from the heart and invites you to sing with him.

# 9 – Fool for You Anyway

The ninth song on our Top 10 Foreigner Love Songs list is “Fool for You Anyway” from the eponymous album. Foreigner recorded the track in 1977. The song talks about a man longing for a woman who got away. He misses her every day. If he kissed her, she would come back to him. He realized the mistakes he made when they were together. How long does he have to pay for them? She belongs with him. He cried when she walked away. The singer tried to be strong but couldn’t do it. His love for her will never fade.

“Fool for You Anyway” is a poignant song that discusses the pain of losing someone you love. Letting go of someone you love is hard, especially when you love them. He wants her to come back to him. If you want your lost love to return, this song speaks to you. We picked this track because it captures the longing for someone to return to your life. It reminds you to appreciate love while you still have it. The noteworthy track isn’t one of their big hits but deserves a spot on your playlist. It’s a deep cut known by die-hard Foreigner fans. The ballad infuses soft rock and pop music to create a masterful beat. Lou Gramm’s vocals sound smooth as silk. He sings the song with passion. We love the way he sings the notes at the end. It showcases his versatility. He makes you miss the person you love.

# 8 – You’re All I Am

“You’re All I Am” is the eighth pick on our Top 10 Foreigner Love Songs list. Foreigner recorded the single on their Double Vision album in 1978. The tune is about a man who felt lonely until the right woman came along. Life hurt him until she walked into his life. She gave him the strength to carry on with his life. He promised to give his heart to her. She understands him. He needs her love every day.

The romantic jam details a man depending on someone for love and support. She helps him get through tough times. We chose this track because it shows how love supports you through bad times. It allows you to be vulnerable with your partner. The lyrics establish a deep connection between couples. It’s a moving tribute to people who support their loved ones. The universal lyrics appeal to women and men. It features limited instrumentation, allowing Lou Gramm to take center stage. He sings the song softly, which fits with the music. It’s a great ballad that works as a wedding song.

# 7 – I Don’t Want to Live Without You

“I Don’t Want to Live Without You” is from the Inside Information album. It premiered in 1987. The single is about a man falling in love with a woman. His feelings start as a crush but grow into love. It began as infatuation, but his feelings grew. He needs to be around her. The singer wants her forever. He wants her to promise to be with him forever. The love between them is real.

The alluring jam describes falling deeply in love with someone. It discusses his passionate feelings for the woman he loves. He finds himself surprised by his feelings. People who fall in love out of the blue relate to the lyrics. Foreigner recorded a song for couples who have undying love for each other. It resonates with people in different stages of their relationships. We relate to the lyrics because we never want to lose someone we love. Foreigner blends soft rock and pop, which amplify the tender lyrics. The number one hit shows a different side of the band. It allows them the opportunity to try their hand at adult contemporary music. We get lost listening to Lou Gramm’s emotional vocals. He takes us on a journey we never want to end. The song’s popularity is a result of its relatable message. They capture love’s most vulnerable moments.

# 6 – I Need You

“I Need You” is from the eponymous album. It hit the shelves in 1977. The singer wants to do anything for the woman he loves. Anytime she needs something, he wants her to call on him. He needs her and wants to know if she feels the same way. His life wasn’t always easy, but she made him feel better. She changed his life in ways he never thought possible. He never gets tired of her.

The romantic tune delves into love and vulnerability. Mick Jones and Lou Gramm wrote a track that expresses an intense desire for a connection. He describes the impact a woman made on his life. It resonates with listeners who experience dark days but find true love. Foreigner teaches you that love makes your life better. The spectacular guitar riffs set the song on fire. It features musical pauses, allowing listeners to embrace the music. Lou Gramm utilizes the strength in his voice. He belts out the lyrics without shouting. The background vocalists do an excellent job supporting him in the chorus. Foreigner crafted a masterpiece that remains a classic with die-hard fans.

# 5 – Urgent

The fifth pick on our Top 10 Foreigner Love Songs list is “Urgent” from the 4 album. It premiered in 1981. It tells a story about a man attracted to a desirable woman. She’s not afraid to show her wild side. The adventurous woman always wants a new experience. They have a passionate romance. The couple longs for each other. As the song progresses, he wonders if she’s thinking about another guy. He knows how to treat her right, so she calls him in the middle of the night.

The seductive track discusses a couple who desire each other. It speaks to you if you long for a physical connection with someone you love. We chose the popular song because it explores the physical side of relationships. Foreigner infused rock and soul music to create the sultry sound. It features one of the best saxophone solos by Junior Walker. He makes you want to play air saxophone while listening to him play. We must mention Lou Gramm’s stellar vocals. His soulful voice brings the track to life. He sings the song with style. The song appears on the album with “Waiting for a Girl Like You” but managed to stand out and become a hit. Lou Gramm’s soulful vocals and the instrumentation make the track a classic hit.

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# 4 – Hot Blooded

“Hot Blooded” appears on the Double Vision album. It debuted in 1978. The lyrics describe a man who passionately wants a woman. He enjoys the way she moves and wants her to meet with him. The singer plans to please her in ways she never knew. He wants to take their relationship to the next level. If she wants to keep their relationship a secret, it’s okay with him.

The flirty song talks about seduction and desire. It encourages listeners to embrace their seductive side. We picked this track because Foreigner explored the physical side of love. Love isn’t just about the emotional side. It deals with the physical aspect of relationships. Foreigner penned a sexy track that relates to anyone physically attracted to someone. It blends hard rock and pop to create its energetic sound. We love the awesome guitar riffs. They invite you to play air guitar. Lou Gramm hits a home run with his outstanding vocals. He sings softly in the quieter moments of the track and belts in the louder moments. The superior song stands out as one of Foreigner’s sexy tracks. Its straightforward lyrics make it a staple in classic rock music. The track remains one of Foreigner’s memorable hit singles.

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# 3 – Feels Like the First Time

Coming in at number three on our Top 10 Foreigner Love Songs list is “Feels Like the First Time” from the eponymous album. Foreigner released the tune in 1977. It tells a story about a man willing to do anything to prove his love for the woman in his life. She brings out the best in him. He lets her know she means the world to him. Being with her feels like the first time. He waited a lifetime for a woman like her. The singer wants to make history with her.

“Feels Like the First Time” is a charming song about a man falling for someone. It explores the depths people go through for the people they love. The lyrics show that you can find romance in your life. It feels like a new beginning. Foreigner talks about the excitement of new love. It resonates with anyone in love. Mick Jones wrote the lyrics from a personal standpoint, which makes the record sound authentic. It feels like an intimate song. We relate to jams that speak to us. The track would make an excellent reception song. If you want to express your feelings for the first time, Lou Gramm could do the talking for you. They blend rock and pop music to create a fantastic beat. We enjoy the electrifying guitar riffs. Lou Gramm sings the tune with passion. He holds sensation notes on the bridge and belts throughout the track. Lou Gramm sounds like a man in love. We see why this is one of their biggest hit singles. It remains a hit with Foreigner fans.

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# 2 – Waiting for a Girl Like You

“Waiting for a Girl Like You” is from the album. It debuted in 1981. The song is about a man searching for a meaningful relationship. He wants to meet the perfect person who sparks an emotional and physical connection with him. The singer searched for a long time to find the right woman. He knows how it feels to get hurt and wants to make sure she’s the one for him. She makes him feel special and loved. He knows he found the right one in her.

The emotionally driven ballad describes a man waiting for the right person to love. It focuses on finding someone to spend your life with. The song teaches you not to give up on romance. We picked this tune because it touches on the emotional side of love. Foreigner wants people to know that love finds you when you least expect it. It features the soft rock beat that became their signature sound in the 80s. The track features a gentle melody that creates a dreamy atmosphere. It blends with Lou Gramm’s soft vocals. Lou Gramm’s sizzling voice makes the track shine like a diamond. He shows versatility by singing the verses in a lower key while singing the chorus in an upper key. It’s a well-balanced track because it allows the instrumentation and Lou Gramm’s vocals to take center stage. We’re not surprised this song is a favorite among die-hard fans and casual listeners.

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# 1 – I Want to Know What Love Is

The number one pick on our Top 10 Foreigner Love Songs list is “I Want to Know What Love Is” from the Agent Provocateur album. It hit the shelves in 1984. The track is about a man trying to find the meaning of love. In the past, he suffered heartbreak and pain. He wonders if he can go on. The singer convinces himself not to give up. He searched for a long time to find love. As the track continues, he meets someone who changes his view on love.

The power ballad describes the emotional journey of true love. It teaches you not to give up on finding love. This song is Foreigner’s biggest hit, so we had to include it. The lyrics resonate with anyone ready to give up on finding love. Foreigner mixed things up with the instrumentation. They blend soft rock and soul to create the music. It sounds like a social song until you pay attention to the lyrics. The track features a big chorus that entices you to sing along. Singing along makes us feel like we are part of the record. It allows you to sing your heart out, which Lou Gramm and the New Jersey Mass Choir do in this song.

Lou Gramm sings the hit softly in the beginning and vocally soars towards the chorus. Here is some trivia about the hit. Jennifer Holliday appears in the background. Speaking of the background, the New Jersey Mass Choir did a tremendous job supporting Lou Gramm. They take listeners to church with their outstanding vocals. The choir pushes Lou Gramm to soar to heights unknown. By the time you reach the end, you may believe in love. The spectacular track reached number one in different countries and remains Foreigner’s ballad.

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