Top 10 Greta Van Fleet Songs

Greta Van Fleet Songs

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In a world where pop music is quite the trend for most artists, very rock artists have been born in this new age. However, the Kiszka brothers defied all odds by coming together to form one of the most thrilling modern rock bands. Coming from Michigan, the brothers formed the Greta Van Fleet band tagging along with Danny Wagner on the drums. Josh Kiszka has become the band’s face thanks to his unique vocals that are not only rare but soothingly melodious to listen to alongside Jake and Sam Kiszka’s guitar skills. Proving to be a force to reckon with in the rock music industry, the band Greta Van Fleet had their debut studio EP Black Smoke Rising topping the Billboard Mainstream Rock and Active Rock charts for four weeks in a row.

The band’s success was imminent having them scoop a Grammy Award for the Best Rock Album for their second EP album From the Fires. And with great quality and success comes a great mass of critics which in Greta Van Fleet’s case, they dislike the fact that they sound quite alike to Led Zeppelin. However, some fans feels that there is much uniqueness in the young band especially the vocal stylings of the band’s lead artist Josh Kiszka. Although many old rock fans just can’t get past the Robert Plant and Jimmy Page imitations. I guess it just depends on how old you are and what you are willing to accept in the case between originality and simply some new rock and roll still being released. . With almost all the songs from the Greta Van Fleet band being a lot of fun in celebrating the sounds of classic rock, coming up with their top hit songs is not easy. Nevertheless, here are the top 10 Greta Van Fleet songs based on popularity.

# 10 – Age of Machine

What’s the better way to start the list than with a song which exhibits the technical and artistic by the band with the musical instruments? Some pure class instrumentals introduce the song only to have Josh take over with his magical voice with Danny hitting those drums like the pro he is! The song “Age of Machine” is about how modern-day human beings have been too dependent on tech and plugged into the matric. Metaphorically, the song calls for freeing the dependency on digital tech as one of the best courses of action. Probably, only divine intervention might be employed to defeat the matrix.

# 9 – Heat Above

The band Greta Van Fleet gave a blistering performance of their jam “Heat Above” on Jimmy Kimmel Live ahead of the release of their album The Battle at Garden’s Gate. And from the moment Greta Van Fleet has the song’s instrumentals play, you could attest to the distinct emotional swell that only a few modern rock songs can give. According to Sam Kiszka, the jam acts as a part of the thesis in a whole body of work. He added that the song bridges their previous album Anthem of the Peaceful Army with The Battle at Garden’s Gate album. The song channel hopes and overcoming the challenges that we face as human beings.

# 8 – My Way, Soon

Featured in their album The Battle at Garden’s Gate, their song “My Way, Soon” is quite special from other songs released by the album. Notably, it brings on the 70s vibe back from the music instrumentals and least expected, the video too! The song was inspired by the tours the band took having them open so many doorways. As Josh put it, the song was the truth about he felt about all the band’s travel echoing the changes and experiences of the other band members too.

# 7 – Lover, Leaver

The song “Lover, Leaver” by Greta Van Fleet ushers in one of the best songs from their album Anthem of the Peaceful Army. Co-written by the four band members, the song is of the hard rock genre with quite some classic rock influence with transcending between the two making it quite a force to reckon with. Its psychedelic melodies combine with Josh’s emotive serenading vocals to bring out one of the best rock vibes to their fans. The short bursts of skyscraping falsetto made by Josh make the song more thrilling while channeling the message of the love of a woman and dealing with the devil.

# 6 – Age of Man

“Age of Man” is among the few songs you listen to and attest to Josh’s great vocals within the first ten seconds after he starts singing. Flaunting his powerful vocals, Josh welcomes his brother Jake to the hit song with a heavy riff. The instrumental progression in the song proves to be extraordinary thanks to the art the band has perfected with every release of their song. In some way, the song seems to relate deeply with “Immigrant Song” a song by Led Zeppelin. The band’s progressive instrumentals align with the jam’s lyrics which show a progression of their years from a young age to what Josh terms to be the end.

# 5 – You’re the One

Does love appear in the music dictionary of Greta Van Fleet? Well, the song “You’re the One” brings the Greta Van Fleet band on a whole new level having the song lyrics put the band in a position where they can express love for their significant others. Featured in their album Anthem of the Peaceful Army, the rock ballad offers some more laid-back vibe compared to other of the hit songs by Greta Van Fleet. The song has been described as a lovelorn tune with the lyrics describing a heartfelt love jam channeling message about some unrequited love for a woman. And if you thought it was unusual for men to love young, pretty, and evil ladies, then Greta Van Fleet proves that this is probably what thrills most men.

# 4 – Safari Song

Released initially for their 2017 debut EP Black Smoke Rising, the song “Safari Song” is also the lead track on their album From the Fires. While most believe the song draws comparisons to the work of Led Zeppelin, we can barely get enough of what these young rock ‘n’ roll stars have to offer the world. As per Sam, the band’s bassist, the song’s initial iteration was quite complicated with more percussion and guitar work in it. The band would reduce the overdubs in their next recording simplifying its composition.

# 3 – Black Smoke Rising

The song “Black Smoke Rising” is one of the greatest jams by Greta Van Fleet having it nominated for the Grammy Award for the Best Rock Song towards the 61st Grammy Awards ceremony. Notably, “Black Smoke Rising” is a traditional guitar-driven rock ballad featuring a guitar riff. You ought to love Josh Kiszka’s husky howl in the song. The song is inspired by the summers spent by bonfires of their youth.

# 2 – When the Curtains Fall

With “When the Curtains Fall” reaching the topmost position on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart, the jam was a banger. Thanks to the great quality and rock feeling the song offers that it was featured in the soundtracks of MLB The Show 19 and video game NHL 19. The song was also released as DLC for Rock Band 4 proving to be one of the greatest songs so far by Greta Van Fleet. Its message about a person’s fall from grace is echoed loud enough in the lyrics of the ballad.

# 1 – Highway Tune

And down to the number one song comes “Highway Tune” featured in the award-winning album From the Fires. The song “Highway Tune” was the first jam the band ever written and recorded together. In fact, Jake said that the song itself is older than the band itself. With its guitar riff written back in 2010, it proves to be two years older than the band, only to gain fame seven years after it was written. Thanks to the vocal quality and amazing instrumentals that the song topped the Billboard Mainstream Rock and Active Rock charts.

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