10 Best Rock Songs In Marvel Movies

10 Best Rock Songs In Marvel Movies

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Our list of the 10 Best Rock Songs in Marvel Movies looks at the best rock songs featured in Marvel movies. Marvel movies have utilized music to help tell the stories to the audience. The music helps push key scenes in the movies. The songs range from original to classic tracks. The tracks on the soundtracks elevate the movies so well that they move the plot along. The songs on our list have received new life because of the Marvel movies. Marvel movies will continue to use music to push the stories along as long as fans want to hear it. There were a lot of songs to choose from, but we narrowed it down to 10 tracks. We proved we were up for the challenge.

# 10 – Mr. Blue Sky – Guardian of the Galaxy, Volume 2

The first song on our list of the 10 Best Rock Songs in Marvel Movies is “Mr. Blue Sky” from the Guardian of the Galaxy, Volume 2 Soundtrack. ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) recorded the track. The song is played when the movie opens up to the audience. A character named Baby Groot is shown dancing to the music. His team has to battle a monster, but Baby Groot had other ideas. Baby Groot avoided the trouble by playing around. This was a perfect choice to open the movie. It has a classic rock sound.

Rock is pertinent to this movie’s franchise. This song went well with Baby Groot’s dance moves. The audience gets a chance to see him do his thing to an incredible beat. The song has very little lyrics, but the music is what grabs your attention. The instrumentation sets the tone for the movie. The track helped downplay the violence displayed in the movie.

# 9 – It Takes Two – Iron Man 2

The next song on our list of the 10 Best Rock Songs in Marvel Movies is “It Takes Two” from the Iron Man 2 Soundtrack. Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock recorded this track. This classic jam was popular long before it appeared in the movie. This song was one of the first hip-hop tracks to appear on the Top 40 charts. This song was used in a fight scene with Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) and James “Rhodey” Rhodes/War Machine (Don Cheadle). It’s a battle between Iron Man and Rhodey. Iron Man is celebrating his birthday, but Rhodey wants him to stop being so careless. Iron Man gets his way because he plays the music again.

This version of the song fits in with the movie. “It Takes Two” is a mashup with Queen’s song “Another One Bites the Dust.” The rock music from Queen’s song gives this hip-hop jam something extra. You can dance and rock out at the same time. It intensifies the music and builds up the fight scene between the characters. It looks as if they are fighting in time with the beat. The catchy song has appeared in several movies besides this one. It can also be heard in the trailers for Ant-Man and the Wasp.

# 8 – The Immigrant Song – Thor: Ragnarock

Led Zepplin recorded and composed “The Immigrant Song.” Taika Waititi directed Thor: Ragnarock and wanted the song to be used for the movie. This track is the best way to describe Thor’s character. The song described Thor’s character because he was a playful man. He wanted the song used because it describes where Thor was from in the beginning of the movie. He thought the song was the epitome of Thor. The song tells the audience everything they need to know about Thor and his journey. “The Immigrant Song” appears in the movie two times. The rock song appears in the beginning of the movie and during the third act. Thor unlocks his powers so he’s able to take down his enemies. This was a pivotal scene in the movie so the song was a perfect fit for it. The director felt like the track was just as important to the movie as the movie itself.

# 7 – Come As You Are – Captain Marvel

Nirvana recorded “Come As You Are.” The song was popular in the 90s and was given new life when it appeared in Captain Marvel. The other songs on the Captain Marvel Soundtrack have a 90s theme so this jam fits right in with the rest of the soundtrack. “Come As You Are” was one of the biggest rock songs from the 90s so it makes sense that it would be included on the soundtrack. The song relies heavily on guitar riffs. Captain Marvel takes place in the 90s so this song fit in perfectly. The song can be heard during a confrontation between Carol (Brie Larson) and Supreme Intelligence (Annette Bennig).

The track was included because of the meaningful lyrics. The song talks about people who are supposed to be individuals and think for themselves, but that doesn’t end up happening. They end up being forced to conform to what was considered normal. The song suits the feeling that Carol was facing when she had her confrontation with Supreme Intelligence. Carol ends up rejecting the teachings and thinks for herself. Once again the song fits with the movie because she wants to do her own thinking. “Come As You Are” was given new life once it was included for the soundtrack. Sales and streams for the song increased once it appeared on the soundtrack.

# 6 – Back in Black – Iron Man and Iron Man 2

Most classic rock fans will recognize this track instantly. As soon as you hear the guitar riffs in the beginning of the song, you already know what this song is. Legendary rock group AC/DC recorded “Back in Black.” The song is about coming back from the dead with all of your might. You may be asking yourself how it fits in with Iron Man. The song plays in the beginning of the movie. The movie opens with Iron Man getting attacked by his enemies. People thought he was dead because of the brutal attack. He gets the strength to recover and becomes Iron Man. He wanted to go after the people who grabbed him in the first place.

The movie opens with the popular song playing in the background. Tony Starks appears and this sets up his storyline. It’s foreshadowing that his character isn’t going to die in the beginning of the movie. The song also appeared in the movie Spider-man: Far From Home. “Back in Black” was a hit for the group when it was initially released. The song peaked in the Top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The song peaked at number one on the Hard Rock Digital songs charts. It sold over three million copies.

# 5 – Dear Mr. Fantasy – Avengers: End Game

The next song on our list of 10 Best Rock Song in Marvel Movies is “Dear Mr. Fantasy” from the Avengers: End Game Soundtrack. Traffic recorded the song in 1968 and was given a chance to receive new fans by being included on the soundtrack. The song has incredible guitar riffs that will impress any rock fan. It has an infectious beat. The track is played within the first 10 minutes of the movie. The iconic song blends in perfectly with the movie. The song can be heard when Hawkeye’s (Jeremy Renner) family crumble in front of him. “Dear Mr. Fantasy” is a tribute to Tony Stark.

The Avengers make a plea to Tony Stark because he is clinging to life. Tony Stark is basically on his deathbed at the start of the movie. The heroes needed him alive because they didn’t have much hope of getting revenge on the people who hurt their loved ones without him. The song is important to the storyline. Tony Stark did everything he could to help his team. He’s the glue that held his team together.

# 4 – All the Stars – Black Panther

Kendrick Lamar and Sza recorded the hit song “All the Stars” for the Black Panther Soundtrack. The thematic song was one of the first original songs used for a Marvel movie. Rapper Kendrick Lamar never worked on a movie soundtrack before this movie came around. The song is played during the main end credits of the movie. The track symbolizes the theme of the movie. “All the Stars” helps with the storyline.

The song talks about love and ego. It also talks about doing what you can to make sure your dreams become a reality. T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) wants to change things in Wakanda so the song fits. The emotional track was used for the message that it represents. Director Ryan Coogler wanted Kendrick Lamar to produce the soundtrack because he believes in the message behind his music. His hunch paid off because the soundtrack was successful. “All the Stars” was nominated for an Oscar. The song sold over two million copies.

# 3 – Come and Get Your Love – Guardians of the Galaxy

Redbone recorded “Come and Get Your Love” in 1974. The song appears on the Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack. The song was one of the group’s biggest hits. The track was given a revival in popularity when it appeared in the movie. The song appears when the character of Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) is first shown in the movie. He is shown as an adult in the scene. He is listening to a mix tape that his mother gave to him when he was a kid. She dies when he’s eight years old. He didn’t want to listen to it right away. He decides to listen to it when he’s older.

He danced to the song before he made his discovery. In the scene, he is stealing the power stone. James Gunn made the right choice using this track to introduce the movie to the audience. The song helped shape the tone of the movie as well as the franchise. The song gave the fans a head’s up that they were in for something they hadn’t experienced before. The funky rock song was a great way to introduce the audience to his character. It let the audience know that they were in for an exciting movie.

# 2 – Pray for Me – Black Panther

Kendrick Lamar is back on our list with another song. On this song, he teams up with the Weeknd for “Pray for Me.” “Pray for Me” is featured on the Black Panther Soundtrack. The song was one of the original singles released from a Marvel movie soundtrack. The intense song was a hit for fans. The song has a pulsating beat that commands your attention. The song appears during a scene when T’Challa walks into a casino with Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) and Okoye (Danai Gurira).

The song fits in the movie because it’s told from T’Challa’s point of view. He wrestles with being a king as well as a Black Panther. He is ready for a war to protect the people he loves. He’s dedicated to his country. The sentimental lyrics express how he feels about his country. He plans to fight to keep his family and friends safe. The song fits with T’Challa’s conundrum. He wants to know who will pray for him. He also wants to know who will save his soul and take his pain from him.

# 1 – Shoot To Thrill – Iron Man 2/Avengers

The number one song on our list of 10 Best Rock Songs in Marvel Movies is “Shoot to Thrill” from Iron Man 2 Soundtrack and the Avengers Soundtrack. AC/DC make another appearance on our list. Fans of the band will instantly recognize this hit by the pounding guitars. The guitars really get the song going. The track is energetic so it makes sense that it appears in Iron Man 2 and Avengers.

This song is bound to get the audience pumped for both movies. AC/DC are Tony Stark’s favorite band so we aren’t surprised that it was played for Iron Man in both movies. The song is played during his entrance at the Stark Expo in Iron Man 2. The track is also played when Iron Man interacts with Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in Avengers. “Shoot to Thrill” sold over one million copies. The song was never released as a single, but the fans enjoyed it.

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