Top 10 Harry Styles Songs

Harry Styles Songs

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Reality TV has produced some of the best musicians of our generation. American Idol, X-Factor, and America’s Got Talent have unearthed some incredible musical talent who have been massive successes in their respective musical genres. Harry Styles began as a solo contestant in the British X Factor back in 2010, before he was recalled to join the boy band One Direction following his elimination from the competition earlier in the season.

Harry Styles went on to pursue his solo musical career after One Direction took a hiatus in 2015. Like all other boys in the band, he has had a successful musical career in his own right. The first sign of big things to come for Harry Styles came after releasing “Sign of the Times,” which was his first number-one single. His self-titled debut album, Harry Styles, which was released in May 2018, was followed by a second album dubbed Fine Line, which catapulted him to icon status in the music and fashion industry.

The album contained several hits that surprised many people since nobody knew what to expect from the album. Songs such as “Kiwi” and “Only Angel” gave the fans a glimpse of what to expect from him in terms of style and delivery. However, it was clear that his voice had evolved to something that we had never heard before. With sales of over 1 million copies in 2017, his album, Harry Styles, was named by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry as the ninth best-selling album of 2017.

Several tours, including a theatre tour that sold out in a few seconds, followed. Harry Styles also did a large arena tour where he sang his solo music and even some One Direction songs. In the 2021 Grammy Awards, Harry Styles performed his hit song “Watermelon Sugar,” which also won him his first Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance. In the last decade, we have seen Harry Styles’ musical career evolve from a young boy with big dreams to a Grammy Award winner. His evolution from only doing cover songs to co-writing some of One Direction’s greatest hits and also writing great solo music is incredible to see. Here are the top 10 Harry Styles songs.

# 10 – Sweet Creature

There has been much speculation about who the “Sweet Creature” in this song referred to. According to Harry Styles, this song was about someone he loved, although he could not reveal who it was since it could ruin the listening experience. “Sweet Creature” contains an incredible sound, and most critics praise Harry Styles’ vocal performance in the song. The song was a significant milestone in Harry Styles’s career since it showed his strengths and maturity in his musical direction.

# 9 – Adore You

“Adore You” has one of the most meaningful videos you will ever see for a song. Like most other Harry Styles songs, fans were itching to know the meaning behind the song’s cryptic lyrics immediately after it dropped. The song is about the excitement we have when we start seeing someone. “Adore You” was a commercial success and certified platinum in Britain, Australia, and the USA.

# 8  – Only Angel

When this song was released, many Harry Styles fans were speculating that the song was referencing one of his former flames. Although Harry Styles never confirmed who it was, the word “angel” left many clues on who it could be. The song was released on the album entitled Harry Styles. The album was released in 2017. The song was only released as a single in the UK where it hit number 80 on the UK pop charts.

# 7 – Cherry

It’s incredible how Harry Styles could tell a story of heartbreak flawlessly in just under four minutes. In this song, Harry talks about how he felt during the breakup and what he wishes he should have done differently. “Cherry” is a beautiful song and is one of my favorites from his album Fine Line. The album was released in 2019.

# 6 – She

At sixth place is another song from his 2019 album, Fine Line. Even if you are not a Harry Styles fan, listening to this song will make you want to listen to more of his songs. “She” is a masterpiece that is full of nostalgia, and Harry Styles sings it with a lot of passion. Although we still haven’t figured out who “she” is, many people have interpreted it to be Harry accepting his feminine side.

# 5 – Kiwi

“Kiwi” is one of Harry Styles’ most liked songs ever. The song comes from his self-titled debut album, Harry Styles, which was released in 2017. “Kiwi” is Harry Styles’ most favorite song from the album. The track peaked at position 40 in the US Mainstream Top 40 and has been certified platinum in the US and Australia.

# 4 – Falling

“Falling” is a masterpiece that shows how talented Harry Styles is. “Falling” is the third song from Harry Styles’ 2019 album, Fine Line, which was co-written alongside Kid Harpoon. The song, which runs for about four minutes, is about slipping back into old ways even though you are trying to get rid of the old version of yourself. The song’s video features Harry Styles playing the piano in a room as it slowly fills with water till he is fully submerged and drowning.

# 3 – Golden

Harry Styles doesn’t get enough credit for his all-around creativity and talent. “Golden” has one of the best melodies and will cheer you any day you have a bad day. The song is contained in his 2019 album, Fine Line. The song was composed by Mitch Rowland, Tyler Johnson and Kid Harpoon,

# 2 – Sign of The Times

Some of you may think this is a cover of the famous Prince song. It is not “Sign of The Times” is written from the perspective of a mother who is having complications during childbirth. The mother is told that the child will be fine, but she is not going to make it herself, and she, therefore, has five minutes to tell her child to go and conquer the world. The song has been used as a soundtrack in the second season of Riverdale, a popular drama series. It has also been nominated for various awards and has reached number one in the UK charts.

# 1- Watermelon Sugar

The number one song on our list of the best Harry Styles songs is the Grammy Award-winning single, “Watermelon Sugar.” The song was initially dropped in 2019 as a promotional song for his hit album, Fine Line. However, it was later included as the fourth track from the same album. Apart from earning Harry Styles a much-coveted Grammy Award, “Watermelon Sugar” became Harry Styles’s first number-one single. The song’s video features a 1970’s summer vibe and is Harry Styles’ best song to date.

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