Top 10 Lady Gaga Songs

Lady Gaga Songs

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Our Top 10 Lady Gaga songs list looks back at the career of Lady Gaga and presents ten of the best songs she has released so far. Lady Gaga was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. She was born on March 28, 1986. She is a singer, songwriter, and actress. She is known for her trendy and eclectic fashion style just as much as her musical career. Her musical style at times was compared to Madonna over the years.  She started singing as a teenager when she performed at open mic nights. She went to a performing arts school, but dropped out to pursue her singing career. Lady Gaga was originally signed to Def Jam Records, but she was released from her contract. She became a songwriter with Sony/ATV Music Publishing. While she was a songwriter there, she signed a deal with Interscope Records and Akon’s label KonLive Distribution in 2007.

Lady Gaga released her debut CD entitled The Fame in 2008. The CD had two number one singles, “Just Dance” and “Poker Face.” The album was re-released in 2009 and it was called The Fame Monster. The project contains the hit singles, “Bad Romance,” “Telephone,” and “Alejandro.” Lady Gaga released her second studio album Born This Way in 2011. The album went platinum in its first week of release. “Born This Way,” is one of her fastest selling singles. The CD also contained the hits, “Judas,” “The Edge of Glory,” “Marry The Night,” and “You and I.”

The singer released her third CD Artpop in 2013. She decided to change her style and created an EDM sound for the project. She wanted to stray from pop and move towards a dance sound. The album was double platinum and was one of the best-selling albums of 2013. Unfortunately, it didn’t match the success of her other CDs. The CD features the top 10 single, “Applause.” She didn’t want to give up singing. She reinvented herself once again by performing with legendary singer Tony Bennett. The two artists collaborated on a jazz album. The album is titled Cheek to Cheek and was released in 2014. It was a project of jazz standards. It contains two hit singles, “Anything Goes” and “I Can’t Give You Anything but Love.” Lady Gaga went back to her solo work for her fourth studio CD Joanne in 2016. The artist changed her style once again. She decided to switch and create a country, soft rock, dance-pop sound for the project. The CD contains the singles, “Perfect Illusions,” “Million Reasons,” and “Joanne.”

Lady Gaga took a break from singing and tried her hand at acting. She starred on the show American Horror Story: Hotel in 2015 – 2016. She earned a Golden Globe Award for best actress for her role on the series. In 2018, she starred in her first movie, A Star Is Born. She received a lot of praise and accolades for the role. She sang on the soundtrack and scored a number one hit, “Shallow.” She was also nominated for best actress for her role in A Star Is Born. She didn’t win an Oscar for acting, but she got it for singing. She also won a Grammy, Bafta, and Golden Globe in the same year for the movie. She is the first woman to win all of these awards in one year. She went back to working on her music in 2020. She released her fifth studio album Chromatica. It features the hits, “Rain On Me” and “Stupid Love.”

Lady Gaga stands as one of the most original musical talents to come along in popular music in the past twenty five years. We will probably be doing many more top 10 Lady Gaga songs lists over the years as we expert her to continue to release epic pop masterpieces that will bring joy to millions.

# 10 – Love Game

We open up our top 10 Lady Gaga songs list with the grand songs “Love Game.” The song was released on Lady Gaga’s great debut album entitled The Fame. It’s the fourth single from the album. It’s an up-tempo pop, dance, and r&b song. The song is about love and sex. It sounds very similar to Madonna’s classic songs. Lady Gaga is channeling one of her musical influences in the song.  Lady Gaga sings the hook in a higher octave than she does the verses. She sings the verses in her middle register. It sounds like she’s singing with a slight accent throughout the song. It’s as if she’s taking on a different persona with the track. The infectious beat blends in with her vocals. She doesn’t hold any notes or do any runs, and they weren’t needed. She doesn’t over sing the song either. The music is perfectly suited for her voice. “Love Game.” hit number five on the U.S Billboard Hot 100 in 2008. It was a top 10 hit in five other countries as well including France, Germany, Canada, Austria and Australia.


# 9 – TIE – The Edge of Glory / Applause

The song “The Edge Of Glory,” was released on the Born This Way CD. It’s the third single from the album. The song combines pop, rock, and disco music. The up-tempo track is about the passing of her grandfather. The up-tempo beat makes it easy to forget this is a song about death. It makes the song sound more inspirational and makes you want to get up and dance in the light of death. The song is reminiscent of Janet Jackson’s “Together Again.” She showcases her strong vocals throughout the song. She belts in it. She doesn’t do that too much on her tracks and it was a good risk to take. It’s easy to hear the passion in the song. It’s as if she’s yelling out to her grandfather so he could hear her. Clarence Clemons is the musical guest on the track. She requested him to play the saxophone. He makes his guest appearance in the bridge and continues until the song fades out. They are an unlikely pairing, but it worked out beautifully.

The song “Applause,” was released on Lady Gaga’s very underrated album Artpop. While the album did not host as many hit singles as her  previous efforts, it was a record filled with fascinating arrangements, original melodies and to die for hooks.  The album’s single “Applause,” was a top ten hit in 9 countries . It peaked at number four on the U.S Billboard Hit 100. It sold close to three million copies.


# 8 – Paparazzi

“Paparazzi,” is on The Fame CD. The track is the fourth single from the album. It’s a techno, dance, and pop song. The combinations were gold on this track because it worked perfectly. The song is about her stalking the person she loves. She compares what she’s doing to what the paparazzi does to celebrities. It was a bold choice to write a song with this subject, but she made it work. It fits with her style perfectly. Lady Gaga felt this track defined her as an artist and she was right. The second the music starts it’s impossible to ignore the song. She is a combination of Gwen Stefani and Madonna on the track. She sings the hook in a high key. Her vocals are surprisingly soft in the hook. It was a different choice considering the subject matter. It gave her a chance to focus on her vocals and appreciate how good of a singer she is. It’s easy to forget this track was on her debut CD. She sounds as if she’s been singing for a while.

# 7 – Bad Romance

“Bad Romance,” is featured on The Fame Monster album. It’s the first single from the project. The track is a mixture of different genres. It’s a combination of dance, pop, electro pop, house, new wave, and techno music. It sounds very similar to “Just Dance.” There was a lot going on musically, but it was perfect for the song. She took some vocal risks on the track. She sings in her lower register and she growls. She starts the song with runs in her lower key. She goes up an octave for the hook. She sings the song with a growl to her voice. It was a risky move that may not have worked, but she managed to pull it off. The runs she does are melodic and sell the song. She belts the chorus after her spoken bridge. It wasn’t necessary to add the talking bridge. It would have been better if she sang the lyrics instead of speaking them, but it doesn’t hurt the song. Lady Gaga sounds very similar to Madonna on this track. The song could have easily been written for Madonna because it’s similar to the music she used to do.


# 6 – Telephone ft. Beyonce’

At number four on this Lady Gaga songs list is a smoking hot tune from her CD The Fame Monster. The track is the second single from the album. It’s a dance/pop track. Beyonce’ being in the song gives it crossover appeal. “Telephone,” is about someone preferring to dance rather than answering her phone. It’s an unusual take on dancing. The track was originally intended for Britney Spears, but it didn’t work out. It turned out to be a good move for Lady Gaga. She co-wrote the song with Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and Beyonce’.

Lady Gaga’s vocals are different on this track. She sings in a higher octave. She almost sings the lyrics as if she’s trying to rap. Beyonce’ appears in the bridge and towards the end of the song. Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s voices were amazing with the music. They both do an amazing job. They worked well together and it could have been a disaster with two divas on the same track. Beyonce’s verse gives the song a hip hop edge to it because she’s doing a verse rap as well as Lady Gaga. The beat slows down while Beyonce’s does her part. Lady Gaga does use Auto Tune at points in the song, which weren’t needed. Her vocals are good without using it. It doesn’t hurt the song, but it wasn’t needed.

# 5 – Alejandro

“Alejandro,” is on The Fame Monster album. The track is the third single released from the project. It’s a midtempo song with a pop/Euro pop beat to it. The music is very similar to Ace Of Base’s sound. It sounds like Ace Of Base’s, “Don’t Turn Around.” The song is about saying goodbye to her lovers. She names a few guys in the track. She sings the song with a Spanish accent. She’s singing the song as if it’s a story about her lovers. She uses her normal tone for this song. She doesn’t do any vocal tricks for the track. She sounds like Madonna when she sings the hook and the background. Her vocals are reminiscent of Madonna’s in, “La Isla Bonita.” It would have been nice to hear her belt more or hold notes, but the song is fine the way she performed it. It’s not a surprise this song was a hit for the singer.

# 4 – Born This Way

“Born This Way,” is the title track form the album Born This Way. The song is the first single from the same titled CD. It’s an up-tempo dance and pop song. The track is very similar to Madonna’s, “Express Yourself.” It sounds like an updated version of Madonna’s hit song. She also sounds like the legend on the track so the comparison was inevitable. The beat makes it so hard to sit still through it. The catchy tune is about self-empowerment in all communities. She wanted to sing an anthem for people of all races and sexual preferences.

Some argue that the “Born This Way,” track is a freedom song. However, the music is so infectious it may make it hard to get the inspirational message behind the track. She sounds very passionate and it’s easy to tell it’s a personal song for her. She sounds heartfelt as she wants her fans to know they are special regardless of what anyone else thinks of them. She takes vocal risks because she belts to keep up with the hard hitting beat. The only complaint about the song is that some of the lyrics might be offensive to people of color. It doesn’t take away from the powerful message behind the song.

Born This Way,” continued the unbelievable success that Lady Gaga songs had on the music charts.  “Born This Way,” was another big time number one single for Lady Gaga. The song hit number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in 2010. It also hit number one in six other countries and has sold over eight million copies.

# 3 – Shallow ft. Bradley Cooper

At number three on our Lady Gaga songs list we turn to the move soundtrack song “Shallow,” from the movie soundtrack A Star Is Born. The ballad is a combination of rock, pop, country, and folk music. This was a different style for Lady Gaga. She was known for her pop and dance songs and not tracks like this one. This song is about the relationship between their characters in the movie. They are singing the song from their characters points of view. There were rumors that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were seeing each other when they did the movie. They sing the song to each other very passionately. She uses a different pitch for this song. She might be trying to distance herself from her real life persona with this song.

Lady Gaga sounds unrecognizable from her pop songs. The tone works for her. Bradley Cooper isn’t known for singing so it was surprising to hear him sing. Their voices work well together. She vocally stole the song from him. She even holds notes she doesn’t hold in her own songs. Unfortunately, Bradley Cooper gets drowned out in the song towards the end. He basically disappears while she shines. The song would have been even better if she sang it alone. It didn’t need to be a duet. Yet, the duet doesn’t take away from the beauty of the song. It’s no surprise the song won a lot of awards and was well received by the critics.

# 2 – Just Dance ft. Colby O’Donis

Continuing with our top 10 Lady Gaga songs list is another track featured on The Fame CD. This is the song, which introduced the world to Lady Gaga. The up-tempo song is a combination of electro pop and dance pop. It was perfect for pop radio. The track is about being drunk in a club. The song was easy for Lady Gaga to write. Lady Gaga, Akon, and RedOne managed to write an infectious and catchy dance track. Every artist can’t pull off writing a song about being drunk and dancing. There are plenty of songs with the club theme as well as drinking, but she managed to make hers sound different from the others. Just Dance was Lady Gaga’s first number one single. It hit number one on the U.S. Billboard Hit 100 in 2008. It also hit number one in Austria, Canada and the United Kingdom. Not bad for a debut single. Yeah Baby!

# 1 – Poker Face

We close out our top 10 Lady Gaga songs list with one of her most popular numbers from The Fame album. It’s the second single from the CD. The up-tempo song is a combination of dance and pop. The track features the sample, “Ma Baker,” by Boney M. The song is very radio friendly. She uses “Poker Face,” as a metaphor for love. She wants her lover to read what’s going on in her mind. It’s also a song about bisexuality. It could be missed unless you pay attention to the lyrics of the song. Lyrically it sounds like it could be about anything. She sings the song in two keys. She starts the song in a deeper tone and goes up in the hook. The hook is easy to remember and can stay in your head. She’s a little hard to understand because she doesn’t enunciate the lyrics well. She also sounds a little robotic in some parts of it, but that the beauty of it.

Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” is one of the most successful single releases of all time. The song hit number one in nine countries including the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland and The United Kingdom.

Lady Gaga Songs can be found on these CDs  Discography:

The Fame

Released in 2008

The Fame Monster

Released in 2009

Born This Way

Released in 2011


Released in 2013

Cheek to Cheek duet album with Tony Bennett

Released in 2014


Released in 2016


Released in 2020


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