Top 10 Lita Ford Songs

Lita Ford Songs

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When the Runaways released their third album Waiting For the Night, the band continued on without former lead singer Cherie Currie. Because of Currie’s departure, the center of attention quickly turned to Joan Jett as the lead vocalist. However, with one less body on the stage, Lita Ford stepped more into the forefront of the band’s performances. When watching videos of the Runways at that time, once could sense that Lita Ford would emerge as more than just a lead guitarist. There was a star developing behind the guitar.There was a presence waiting to be exposed. When the band broke up, Lita Ford began a solo career in the same vein as Joan Jett. However, Lita Ford’s solo career took various paths as opposed to Joan Jett’s solo career. Jett has managed to stay close to her rock and roll 1970’s roots with few exceptions.

Lita Ford has always been rock and roll. However, her recorded output was heavily influenced by musical trends. Lita Ford embraced the 1980’s. Her biggest hits came from the era of big hair, and heavily produced recordings. And we loved her for it. She recently released a new album entitled Time Capsule which revisits some songs and collaborations written and recorded in the 1980’s. Lita Ford has also recently released an autobiography entitled Living Like A Runaway that deals with her life in The Runaways.

We have put together a Top 10 Lita Ford Songs list that explore the various time periods she has released records. Picking only ten can be a real challenge. However, we think we have chosen some great recordings that offer a wonderful  peek into Lita Ford’s long career. We have exempted any of the written material for The Runaways and have focused completely on her solo career.

# 10 – Mother

Starting out the Top 10 Lita Ford Songs list is the song “Mother.” The song was released in 2012 on her Living Like A Runaway album. The song was written for her two estranged sons. We won’t get into the issues between the family and the reasons behind the composition. But we will note that the pain from those issues is quite evident in the melody and lyrical content. It is a haunting song filled with drama and depth. It had to be included.

# 9 – Shot Of Poison

“Shot of Poison,” was released on Lita Ford’s fifth solo album entitled Dangerous Curves. The song “Shot of Poison,”  was nominated for a 1993 Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. The song was written by Lita Ford, Drummer Myron Grombacher, and Jim Vallance. This is probably one of Lita Ford’s most radio friendly recordings. It’s a very keyboard oriented driven song fueled by major chords and sweet sounding guitar work. It’s amazing to listen to the differences between “Shot Of Poison,” and “Mother.”

# 8 – Fallin’ in and out of Love

Lita Ford’s “Fallin’ In And Out Of Love,” is the first of three songs to appear on the Top 10 Lita Ford Songs list from her album Lita. The album was released in February of 1988. It is by far her most successful solo album of her career.

# 7 – Black Widow

The song “Black Widow,” was released on 1991’a Dangerous Curves. The song was written by Lita Ford, keyboardist David Ezrin, guitarist Joe Taylor, and professional songwriter for hire Michael Dan Ehmig. We love the percussive keyboard opening and slamming guitar lines on the attack. Lita Ford’s vocal is sultry, yet hard. A great entertaining track that is well produced.

# 6 – Betrayal

The song “Betrayal” was released on the Winter Wonderland album. The Wonderland album was Lita Ford’s seventh solo album. The album was released in 2009 and was her first album of new material since 1995’s Black album.

# 5 – Gotta Let Go

Lita Ford’s “Gotta Let Go,” was released on her second solo album entitled, Dancin’ On The Edge. The album was released in 1994. Aldo Nova played keyboards on the record. The recording has the great early 1980’s guitar sound. The video is to die for. Don’t miss this one.

# 4 – Hit and Run

“Hit and Run,” was also released on Lita Ford’s Dancin’ on the Edge LP. While “Gotta Let Go,” opened side one of the album, “Hit and Run,” closed out the side. The highlight of the recording is the song’s break in the middle of the track and  the amazing guitar solo by Lita Ford that just defines why she was considered a 1980’s Rock Goddess.

# 3 – Playin’ With Fire

The song “Playing With Fire,” was released on Lita Ford’s Dangerous Curves album. The song’s keyboard introduction that segues into Lita Fords opening guitar lick is somewhat reminiscent of classic Journey. The song’s high production values are in clear contrast with the dark muddied sounds of the grunge movement that was raging at the same time of the release of Dangerous Curves.

# 2 – Close My Eyes Forever

The second of three songs from Lita Ford’s 1987 album Lita. Her duet with Ozzy Osbourne was one of the highlight of the 80’s big hair glam era. The song stands at the top of most fans Top 10 Lita Ford Songs lists. Even Ozzy Osbourne had the big hair thing going on. It’s a great 80’s rock ballad that simply defines the genre of powerhouse metal ballads that came out of the 1980’s  rock and roll era.

# 1 – Kiss Me Deadly

“Kiss Me Deadly,” was a huge hit single that first appeared on Lita Ford’s third solo album Lita. With a head turning opening lyric, Lita Ford proved she took no prisoners. The song was written by Mick Smiley. It was released as the first single from the record. It went all the way to the number 12 position on the U.S. Billboard Top 100 Mainstream pop charts. The song’s fabulous synthesizer opening wrapped around Lita Ford’s opening vocal line which lead the way into a memorable killer guitar lick. Lita Ford recorded many great rock and roll tracks over the past forty years, but “Kiss Me Deadly” has always been our favorite.

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Updated August 20, 2020


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